MIL Sits on My Lap in the Car

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I never thought that it would ever happen. I was now feeling sorry for Anne, my Mother-In-Law. I was even feeling guilty for all the horrible things that I’d wished would happen to her. And that was a long list!

I met Rachel three years ago, and for some reason, that I still don’t fully understand, her Mother took an instant dislike to me. Yes, I wasn’t the doctor or lawyer that she might have hoped for, but I did have my own business, and being only twenty years old, I thought that she would be impressed with that. But she wasn’t, and she didn’t try to hide it.

“So Jake, you’re an antique dealer?”

If Rachel had warned me that her Mother was a snob, I would have lied and said yes. But she hadn’t, so I was truthful.

“No, it’s not as grand as that. My shop just recycles things that people no longer want.”

Then I did something that with hindsight, could only be described as a big mistake. I said, “I own a junk shop.”

For a second or two, she looked horrified, and then she regained her composure. She was now stony-faced.

That set the tone for our relationship. From that first meeting, she’s always looked down at me. Don’t get me wrong, she’s never openly rude. That’s not her style. It’s always subtle put downs and innuendos, that to the casual observer, might seem innocent.

When, a year later, we married, I thought that Anne would now accept me, and that our relationship would be better. But it wasn’t. However, there was a change. I’d gone from being her Daughter’s unsuitable boyfriend, to being her unsuitable Husband!

If only she’d treat me like Harry does, then we’d get on like a house on fire. He’d welcomed me into the family with open arms. And when I’d told him that we were going to get married, he’d given me a big hug.

“That’s wonderful news. And I know that you will always look after my Daughter. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

And it was definitely ‘I’ rather than ‘we’, because all I got from her Mother was a forced smile and, “Congratulations,” said through gritted teeth. And it must have pained her to say even that single word.

So why is she now getting my sympathy? It’s because Harry has left her. And it was sudden, without any warning. When Rachel told me, I wasn’t surprised. She treated him like a dog. The only surprise was that he’d stayed with her for so long. At first, I’d been pleased. I knew that I shouldn’t gloat, but I couldn’t help it. But when she came to our apartment, and I saw the hurt in her eyes, and the tear stains on her cheeks, I felt ashamed of myself. And I vowed that I would make amends. From now on, whatever help she needed from us, she would get.

And that’s why, six months later, we were taking her to her Sister’s place. She’d sold her apartment, but she hadn’t yet found a new one. Until she did, her furniture was going into storage, and she would be living with her Sister.

That evening, I confirmed the arrangements with Rachel.

“So tomorrow we have to be at your Mother’s apartment at ten?”

“Yes, and she’s told me that we mustn’t be late.”

“And the storage firm will be finished by then?”

“That’s what they’ve said.”

If they weren’t, then I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. Anne would tear a strip off them, and she would enjoy doing it.

“Did you warn your Mother about what she can take with her?”

“Yes. She knows that if she has too much stuff, then some of it will have to be left behind. Now is that everything? It’s late, and I’d like to go to sleep.”


In less than a minute she was asleep. And it wasn’t long after, when I felt myself drifting off.

Despite getting up early, we ended up being fifteen minutes late. When we arrived, I expected her to be critical. Perhaps to suggest that for my next birthday, she would buy me a watch. But surprisingly, she didn’t say anything. She must be cutting me some slack, because I was driving her to her Sister’s place. Or perhaps it was because she now liked me? That thought nearly made me laugh, because her liking me, was never going to happen.

The storage firm had been, and all that was left in her apartment was what we were taking with us. And I was pleased that it wasn’t a lot. It was in a corner of the room. Two large suitcases and a small box.

“You’ve done well. I thought that you’d have a lot more stuff.”

“There is some more in the bedroom.”

When I went into the bedroom and I saw it, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It wasn’t ‘some’, it was a lot. It was way too much, but I was determined to stay calm. Blowing my top would not help. Anne was fragile because she still hadn’t got over Harry leaving. If I was to shout at her, she would probably burst into tears. And then Rachel would shout at me. It was best not to say anything.

It didn’t take me long to get over it. I’d now gone from being annoyed, to seeing it as a challenge. And I’d realized that with some creative thinking, I might be able to get all of it into the car. I now had a plan, and I was explaining it bahis firmaları to them. When I’d finished, Rachel was the first to speak.

“No, that won’t work. It’ll take us at least three and a half hours to get there. If it was just a short journey, then it would be OK.”

When I looked at her Mother, I was expecting her to agree with Rachel, but thankfully she didn’t, and she was surprisingly upbeat about what I’d said.

“It will work. And there isn’t any other way of doing it. I’m sorry Jake, it’s my fault, I should have put more of my things into storage.”

Shocked? You could have knocked me down with a feather. My Mother-In-Law wasn’t just being helpful, she had actually apologized!

When I started loading the car, I was optimistic that I could do it. And eventually I did. However, it took me an hour, and there was a lot of rearranging. But there was even more cursing and swearing. It had been difficult, and it had tested my patience.

“So what do you think?”

Anne was smiling, obviously pleased that I’d managed to fit everything in. Then I looked at Rachel. She was frowning, so I knew that she didn’t like it. I was about to ask her why, when she spoke.

“It’s too claustrophobic for me. You know what I’m like in confined spaces.”

My plan was a good one, but I hadn’t taken that into consideration. The car was so tightly packed, that there were now only two seats available. The driver’s seat, and the back seat that was behind it. I was going to drive, and Anne was going to sit on her Daughter’s lap. But now Rachel was objecting to it. Plan A wasn’t going to work, so it was time for plan B. However, there was a slight problem. I didn’t have a plan B!

But fortunately, my Mother-In-Law did. And it was a good one.

While looking at Rachel, she said, “What If you drive and I sit on Jake’s lap?”

“I don’t like driving.”

Then, after she’d realized that it was either that or being in the back seat, she added, “But I’ll do it.”

When I got into the car, I could understand why Rachel had decided to drive. There wasn’t a lot of room. To the front and side of me was a wall of boxes, suitcases, and plastic bags that were so full, it looked as if they were going to burst. I wasn’t claustrophobic, but I would be glad when we got to our destination.

Then Anne got in. She wasn’t heavy, and it wasn’t uncomfortable having her sitting on my lap. But we had a long way to go. After a while, her weight on me might become a problem. And it was, but a lot sooner than expected.

We’d set off at eleven thirty, and it was all going well, until the road got bumpy. It was over in less than a minute, but it had given me a problem. A big one.

I’d said earlier that it was surprising that Harry had stayed married to Anne for so long, but he was getting something out of the marriage. And, up until now, it had been enough to stop him from leaving. But he had put up with a lot.

She didn’t like me, but she did her best to hide it. However, with Harry, she’d often humiliate him in front of others, and he always took it without fighting back. And I knew why he had put up with it. If you were to see her, then you would know why as well.

She’s forty three, but she has a body that a thirty year old woman would kill for. Her breasts are medium sized, but because she is only five feet tall, they look impressive on her small frame. And her hips and bottom are equally impressive. But it’s her face that gets your attention, especially when she is smiling or laughing. Think Audrey Hepburn, but prettier.

So what was my problem? Isn’t it obvious? The woman on my lap was my Mother-In-Law, but as far as my cock was concerned, that was irrelevant. Sitting on it, as I’ve just explained, was a very attractive woman with a nice ass, and the rough road had ground that nice ass into it. And that’s why my cock was now doing its best to burst out of my trousers.

I tried everything, even digging my nails into the palm of my hand, in the hope that it would be a distraction. That was painful, but it hadn’t worked, because my cock was still growing. I’ve always been proud of my big cock, more than happy to have eight inches. But now, for the first time, I wished that it was smaller. If it was, then she might not have noticed it.

“Is that what I think it is?”

Thankfully, she’d kept her voice down so that Rachel couldn’t hear. Of course she knew what it was, but should I make a joke of it? We would both then laugh, and that would be the end of it. Nothing more would be said, and eventually my cock would go limp. Something like, “No, it’s a banana in my pocket.”

But I knew with certainty that she wouldn’t find that funny. It was best to admit it and hope that she would be understanding.

“Sorry, it was the bumpy road. I just need a few minutes to get it under control.”

“Make sure that you do. It’s pushing against my pussy.”

I couldn’t believe she’d said that. In all the time that I’ve known her, she’s never said anything kaçak iddaa that was even remotely sexual. And I wasn’t touching her pussy. My cock was against her bottom. However, now that she’d said that word, there was only one thing on my mind. Her pussy. Without realizing it, she’d said the worst thing that she could have. There was now no way that my cock was going to go down.

“Are you OK in the back?”

That was Anne’s opportunity to complain. But thankfully she didn’t take it.

“Yes, it’s a bit cramped, but we’re managing.”

We were managing, as best we could. I had a large bulge in my trousers, and she was ignoring it. That was until we hit another rough stretch of road. I say road, but was there actually one? It was so bad that I had to hold onto her.

When it was over, Rachel shouted out, “Are you two still alive,” and then she laughed.

She might think that it was funny, but I didn’t. At one point, I’d been worried that Anne’s things might come crashing down on us, but thankfully they hadn’t.

“You can let go of me now.”

When I realized where I was holding her, I was horrified, and I quickly removed my hands. They had been around her waist, but they had ended up against her breasts. And I had been holding them so tight, that I’d felt her nipples against my palms. They were impressively large.

Could this get any worse? My cock had been pushing into her for at least half an hour, and I’d now just inadvertently groped her tits. But surprisingly, she hadn’t shouted at me. And there was something that I was trying to understand. Her nipples had obviously been erect. We weren’t cold, so did that mean that my Mother-In-Law was excited?

At first, my bulging cock had been a problem for her, but now it seemed that she’d got used to it. However, it was now a problem for me. It had been trapped for so long, that it was now very uncomfortable, almost painful.

In a casual voice, so that it would sound as if it wasn’t a big deal, I said, “Will you please lift yourself up so that I can adjust myself?”

She did, and without saying anything. It didn’t take me long to sort it out.

“Thanks, you can sit down now.”

After doing that, she briefly moved her bottom about. Stopping when she’d found a comfortable position. This was a lot better, and given some time, my cock might even go limp.

A few minutes later, it was going down, but then, when Anne started moving her bottom again, it quickly got back to its best.

“Jake, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course you can.”

“How big is your cock?”

Shocked, stunned, even amazed. You can take your pick of how you want to describe how I was feeling, because they were all applicable.

“Tell me, I want to know.”

Just because she’d asked, it didn’t mean that I had to tell her. But I wanted to, and I wanted her to be impressed with my answer.

“It’s eight inches.”

And she was, because she gasped.

“And how thick is it?”

I didn’t know. Every man measures the length, but do any ever measure the girth?

“Thick enough to stretch even the biggest pussy.”

I’d no idea what had prompted her to ask such intimate questions, but now that she had, I was going to make the most of it.

“It’s my turn now. How big are your nipples?”

“I don’t know, Perhaps half an inch.”

Rachel has nice nipples, but they were only half that size.

“Touch them and tell me what you think.”

What we’d said so far, could, at a stretch, be classed as flirting, but doing what she’d just asked, was beyond that. And she must realize that when my fingers were on her nipples, and I’d determined their size, they would be staying there. But she was my Mother-In-Law, and she wanted me to do something. It would be bad manners to refuse!

When my hands were on her tits, her nipples were easy to find because they were so big. And they got even bigger as I was inspecting them.

“I think you’re right, but to be sure I need to go inside your clothes.”

I’d said it calmly, in a matter of fact way, but I was anything but calm. My heart was pounding in my chest, and there were butterflies in my stomach. I couldn’t remember the last time that I was as excited as this. But was it going to end up being an anti-climax? I was still waiting for Anne to answer me. And that was a bad sign. I was about to ask again, when she responded. Not with words, but with her actions. She was now pulling her top out of her skirt.

As soon as it was out, I took over. Lifting it up to her breasts. Then, after putting my hands inside it, I pushed her bra up. Her tits were now exposed. I couldn’t see them because she had her back to me. But that didn’t matter, because I could touch them, and that was enough to get me excited.

At first, my hands were all over them, but then I concentrated on her nipples. I’d been wrong, half an inch was an underestimate. They might even be three quarters. And they were thick. You could definitely hang your hat on them!

They were kaçak bahis everything you’d want nipples to be. Harry was a fool. If I was him I wouldn’t mind being humiliated during the day, because at night, feasting on her magnificent tits would more than make up for it.

“‘We’re stopping in two minutes.”

That startled both of us. We’d been so engrossed in what we were doing; we’d forgotten that she was there.

It didn’t take me long to pull her bra back down. So shortly after, when the car stopped and Rachel opened the door, there was nothing to see. Then Anne got out, and there was. My cock had lost some of its length, but if Rachel was to look down at my crotch, then she would notice it. And that might happen, because she was standing close to the open door, and I was still seated.

“Take the keys, I need the Restroom.”

After handing them to her Mother, she hurried off. We had got away with it.

We hadn’t just stopped so that we could use the restroom, we also needed to eat.

Bobs Burger Bar. The best burgers in town!

That might be true, but only if the town didn’t have another place that sold burgers. The food was greasy, and the coffee, if it was actually coffee, had a strange taste that was difficult to describe. But it had one redeeming feature. It had filled us up.

As we walked back to the car, Anne and Rachel were talking, but I didn’t join in the conversation. I was thinking about something, and it was important. When Anne was back on my lap, was anything going to happen? I’d enjoyed her tits, especially her big nipples, but for only a brief time. I wanted to continue what we’d started, but did she?

While we were eating, I’d kept looking at Anne. She hadn’t ignored me, but she also hadn’t responded as I’d hoped that she would. I wanted some acknowledgement from her that we had been intimate. Perhaps a suggestive smile or a knowing look. But disappointingly, that hadn’t happened.

So now, while I was in the back seat, waiting for her to sit on my lap, I wasn’t optimistic.

“I think I might be able to sit in the back. Jake you can drive.”

Before, I hadn’t been optimistic, but it had still been a possibility. Now it was dead in the water.

“No Rachel. I will be too heavy for you. It’s better if we stay as we are,” then, while making eye contact with me, she said, “Jake, don’t you agree?”


Now my pulse was racing, because her look had said it all. It was game on!

As soon as the car was moving, she was wiggling her bottom. And I knew why she was doing it. She was doing it to arouse my cock, and to tell me that she wanted my hands back on her tits. It wasn’t a subtle gesture, but it was effective. My cock was now swelling at an alarming rate, and my hands were going under her blouse.

This time, I didn’t push her bra up, instead I unhooked it. If we were to stop suddenly, as before, then getting it back on quickly might be a problem. However, that was unlikely, because we’d just eaten, and we’d all visited the Restroom. Nevertheless, it was still a risky thing to do, but it was a risk that I was prepared to take. I didn’t want her bra to get in the way while I was enjoying her magnificent tits. And she didn’t seem to be concerned. She had even bent forward to make it easier for me to unfasten it.

I was now enjoying her impressive nipples, and she was responding in the same way that Rachel does, by moaning.

“Are you OK in the back?”

That got a quick yes from her Mother.

“Good. Do you mind if I put the radio on?”

This time I answered her.

“No, and put on whatever you want.”

“I will. House rules. The Driver always gets to pick.”

Then she laughed. On another day, I would have pointed out that we were in a car, so it should be car rules. But today I didn’t, because I didn’t want to get into a discussion about it, I just wanted to get back to servicing her Mother’s tits.

The first song was by the Eagles. And you’ve guessed it. It was Hotel California!

This was good. I had my fingers on nipples, that for length and thickness, were the best that I’d ever had. And there was plenty of time to enjoy them. But it wasn’t long before I was frustrated. I desperately wanted them in my mouth.

“I need to turn you around.”

“No, Rachel will notice.”

She wanted to do it, but she was worried that we might get caught. Hopefully, I could persuade her to change her mind.

“It’s OK. We can’t see her, so that means that she can’t see us. We can do it safely.”

And we could, but we would need to be careful. The bags and boxes to the front and side of us were our cover. But if we disturbed them, they might come crashing down onto us, and Rachel would definitely notice that.

“Should we do it?”

I held my breath as I waited for her answer. And when I got it, it made me smile.

“Yes. You only live once.”

So, my Mother-In-Law, who at times I’d thought was quite dull, was actually adventurous.

We managed it, but only just. Her weight wasn’t a problem. I’d easily been able to lift her up, but turning her around had been difficult. Her legs had almost dislodged one of the boxes. She was back on my lap, but now she was facing me.

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