Jet Lag

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Most of my stories have a nodding acquaintance with believably. The exception is the character of Helen Pollard. She’s a sex-crazed cartoon.

This is a one-parter. Continuing action is implied but I won’t be going down the rabbit hole.


Helen could see in her husband’s eyes that he was exhausted. And it wasn’t just their drooping lids and heavy bags. Frank’s usually broad, square shoulders were slumped and his step barely more than a shuffle.

The flight (flights, actually) from Seoul had been brutal. And it came on top of a tedious medical conference in a time zone where it had usually been tomorrow. The man was dead on his feet.

Without thought, Helen slipped into a mothering role very foreign to her. The forty-something heart surgeon was not the nurturing type, really. But love makes some things universal and instinctive.

She rose on her toes to peck him on the chin and pulled his carry-on off his shoulder. She didn’t know if the faint smile that answered was for the kiss or eased burden but she was glad to see it. “Come on, big guy, let’s get you home.”

As it happened, she’d used that exact phrase many times in their relationship. Normally, it meant something a bit different. Normally it meant a retreat for some private debauchery.

And so it proceeded. Helen led Frank through baggage claim. She picked up his checked bag as well and led the way to the car. It was a bit incongruous; the little five foot, ninety-five-pound woman carrying the bags while the big ranch-hand looking dude trailed behind. It actually brought a smile again to Frank’s face, watching her. More than once, she had to wait for him to catch up.

It reminded him of how he would often watch her work out in the nude. His wife was no body-builder but her whip-thin frame was wonderful for showing the interplay of muscle, tendon and bone.

Yes, it was good to be home. Well, nearly home. Truth be told, he zoned out most of the drive home and had to blink and rub his eyes after they pulled into the driveway.

Once inside, Helen got them both stripped and into the shower. She behaved herself and did nothing more than clean Frank’s back and rub his shoulders a bit. If she had seen any sign of life at all in his wonderful manhood, things may have gone differently. But that chaste shower was the final proof that Frank was a spent man. He tumbled into bed without so much as squeezing Helen’s naked ass.

Oh well. There’s a first time for everything. It was only eight so Helen puttered around for a couple hours, not nearly ready for bed yet. But when she did slide under the covers, Frank didn’t stir. Sighing but still resolved to be patient, she turned her back to her husband and went to sleep.

Let the record show that Helen Pollard let her man sleep a full ten hours.


Frank’s hand was already wrapped around his wife’s head before he was even awake. He palmed her skull so naturally. After so many years together, he could swear his fingers had pressed grooves into the bone.

He didn’t know how long he’d been dream-fucking her throat but his balls were drenched in her drool. He ground himself into her face and groaned.

He never grew bored with his tiny wife’s improbable ability to effortlessly swallow nearly ten inches of fat cock.

Helen let her man use her skull. bahis firmaları She knew the moment he woke. He took control, smothering her face into his groin. She huffed and snarled through her constricted airway. He lifted her head for a split second and then shoved her back down around his throbbing cock.

One of the things the Pollards’ marriage was built on was how unique Frank’s understanding of his wife was. While she doesn’t consider herself a masochist, the extreme acts that excite her seem brutal to most people.

And while Frank is no sadist, he had long ago learned that Helen’s boundaries were miles beyond average. He continued to skull fuck her despite the gagging and coughing, using her like the nastiest whore in five states. In addition to being a rewarding, guilt-free way to indulge his male aggression, he knew that kind of treatment got his wife off hard.

She screamed around his manhood while she came hard all over the foot long dildo she was cramming up her cunt.

Frank could tell from her posture that she was fucking herself with something. Watching her grind away through her climax sent fresh surges of blood through his body and into his swelling cock.

“Oh god! Swallow it all you crazy cunt!” he yelled and his massive balls released over a week of pent-up need.

The first surge went straight into her stomach but she jerked her head off his erupting log and let it spray her face and neck. “Fuck, Frank. Look at all of it,” she whispered with glee. It had been many years since Frank had gone so long without release.

If the surgeon had drowned in his cum right then, she would have died a happy slut. The hot, slimy feel of the massive load made her own orgasm reverberate inside her even stronger.

Frank crammed his twitching cock back down his wife’s accommodating throat. He was still as hard as ever and his cock’s pulses made Helen moan. She ground her sperm-covered face into his groin and probed his tight ball sack with her tongue.

She started wishing she’d used a bigger dildo. Or maybe two.

Frank was breathing deep, nostrils flared. The tip of his cock was so sensitive after his climax, he had to fight to not pull away. But watching Helen’s writhing ass kept him motivated and harder than a fence post.

Without warning, the big man pulled his petite, boyishly-built wife off his cock and up his body. She giggled uncontrollably while her perverted husband licked his semen from her face. A minute later when he showed it to her sloshing around in his mouth, her cunt gushed anew.

Helen wasn’t the only shameless, perverse freak in the house.

He rolled and shoved her back down the bed until she ended up on her hands and knees. He got behind her, put his lips against her rear-end and gave her anus a spermy french kiss.

Helen pressed her face to the bed and her toes curled. While her husband spread their home-made lubricant up her back passage, she started deep-stroking the fake dong in her pussy.

“Fuck, old man, that feels amazing. But stop teasing and dick me already!”

He was in no mood to delay any longer either. Straightening up on his knees behind his wife, Frank Pollard towered over her. His massive cock jutted out over her ass to the small of her back. It was an absolutely obscene sight all around. Her ass was so tiny and slender kaçak iddaa he could almost hold both halves in one palm. It shouldn’t be physically possible for his huge thing to fit in any part of her.

Frank guided his rod into position and popped the spear-shaped head past her sphincter. Helen moaned and twisted the rubber dong in her snatch. She tried to push back and take the rest of him but he held her at bay for a moment. “I said stop teasing me,” she whined.

“Fuck, crazy bitch. You’re so horny this morning. Don’t tell me you didn’t get any action while I was gone,” he teased.

“You were gone ten whole days!” she whined again, her voice becoming more girlish by the moment. “And I only fucked, like, five guys while you were gone.”

He teased her ass with a half-thrust and said,” They must not have been very good for you to still be begging so hard for my cock.”

“Come on, old man. You know no one else has the equipment and sick mind I need. No one else treats me like a piece of meat the way I like.”

He bent low over her back and whispered harshly, “And don’t you ever forget it, psycho cunt!” And with that, he lifted and jerked her by the hips and buried all ten inches of his lust up her eager ass.

For the next ten minutes, Dr. Delen Pollard climaxed continuously. Frank power-fucked her whore ass, never even letting her knees touch the bed. His little wife was so doll-like and she loved being used like a toy.

A very adult toy. “God I love you, you perverted bitch,” he growled.

“You say the sweetest things when you’re pounding my greedy ass,” Helen said. Or tried to. Her voice was chopped up by the constant physical impact of their bodies.

She still had a lot of his load on her neck and running down her girlish chest. She gathered what she could up with her fingers and then drank it down. She began to scream and ground her clit on the hard rubber balls of the fat toy, extending her orgasm.

Cock hard as ever, Frank did begin to tire. Which was not really a problem. Laughing, he snugged Helen’s ass hard against his hips and fell back, pulling her along. He plopped onto the bed and just like that, she was crouched on top of him, bouncing like a mad woman on two fat phalluses.

Climaxing again, Helen twisted herself around to face him. She ground her ass hard on his sopping groin. She leaned back with one hand on his leg and the other pummeling the rubber clone into her frothing cunt.

“Oh fucking god, you greedy bitch. Look at your slut-holes take all that cock,” Frank groaned, watching it all with his pulse pounding in his ears. “How many fucking guys am I going to have to call today to come fuck your crazy holes?”

Helen didn’t answer. Instead, she locked eyes with her husband while she slowly pulled the dildo from her hole. Her tan, hairless mons were covered in her churned girl-cum and they remained gaping open after the toy popped free.

Helen watched her husband watch her pussy twitch and weep while she worked intensely on his cock in her ass.

“You maybe want three more guys, whore? Like that time in Miami when we passed you around like a joint?”

Helen smiled at the memory but shook her head. She pinched her clit hard and shuddered.

“Five then. We must have had that many studs here in this very room a dozen times. You want to kaçak bahis get fucked silly by five other men and covered in their cum?”

She slowly pushed the fake cock back in her hole, still shaking her head.

“Fucking cunt, you want ten guys, don’t you? You want us to run a train on your for two days straight like that time in Denver.”

She shuddered, remembering how she kept passing out that weekend, awakening each time with a different cock inside her. But she shook her head again.

“No. Just you big guy.” She pulled the dong out of her pussy again and caressed her swollen, gapping mound. “You’re just going to have to find ways satisfy me all by yourself.”

The couple’s eyes were locked. Frank swelled hugely in her ass. She moaned appreciatively. Her flat ass cheeks were sealed tight to his groin and she could feel every one of his ten fat inches. “You like the sound of that? Just you and me. My only goal to be so hot and nasty that you stay hard for days. Your only goal to find some way to slay the fucking Beast.”

The Beast was their name for her psychotic sex drive. In the past, the Beast had torn through frat a house full of twenty cocks, leaving the men spent and Helen angry for more. It had drunk seas of cum and stretched around scores of obscene, vaguely phallic objects. They both knew Frank alone had no hope of defeating the Beast once awakened.

Not with his cock alone, at least.

Frank stared at his wife with bright, hard eyes. He felt her clench his cock with her ass and let the smallest smile pull at the corner of his mouth. He still had the taste of his own sperm on his lips. He passed his tongue across them. “You poor, nasty little whore.”

He slid four fingers of his broad hand in his wife’s gaping cunt and caught her prominent clit in the crook of his thumb. He squeezed, staring into her eyes as she shuddered. “Babe, I’m going to kick your beast’s ass!”


Only two hours later, Frank lay gasping for breath, soaked in sweat. He wiped perspiration and other fluids from his eyes and stared at his wife’s distended cunt wrapped around his wrist.

He’d had to resort to brute force. When she was still screaming for more after twenty minutes of fist fucking, he’d stuck a high-power vibrating butt plug up her ass and ground his knuckles against her cervix until he was sure something would rupture.

She finally passed out.

He turned off the plug but left it in place. There was no way to gently pull his massive fist out of her oozing hole but he did his best to go slow and easy. If he could keep her unconscious for just a couple minutes…

He needed Gatorade. He needed a big Dagwood sandwich. He needed more batteries. He needed time to recover and get ready for the next onslaught. Because there was no doubt in his mind that this would continue. Power-fucking Helen Pollard into unconsciousness was a good way to get a breather (or to escape) but when she woke, she would be just as crazed for more as when she’d forced herself onto his balled fist.

The real question was whether he should just get on the phone and call reinforcements.

He looked down at his spent cock and felt a twitch. Hmmm. Maybe he’d lock her into a collar and chain and he could order her to pleasure herself while he watched and recovered. Helen didn’t have a submissive bone in her body but loved putting on a show. And the chain would keep her off him for a while

He smiled to himself. Yes, let her tire herself out for a couple hours while he watched and then he’d take her again.

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