Jen’s Family Four Years On Ch. 04

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This story follows on from Jen’s Family Four Years On Ch 01 to Ch 03, which themselves follow on Jen Finds Jeopardy! and Herself, 1 through 4.

Jen and Christine are happily married, Jen’s sister Jackie has come out as lesbian too, and is involved with a girl from university, and now shares a dorm room with her. Jen’s mum. Meg, widowed about a year ago, spent a weekend with Christine’s Mum, Sandra, and was introduced to lesbian sex. She has since started a relationship with the Vet who bought her husband’s riding and stable business, and now she and Yvonne are partners who have offered jobs to Jackie and Betty. After discussing with Yvonne and Meg, Jackie and Betty have decided to accept in principal the offer of shares in the company and fiscal management jobs when they finish university. The summer is coming to a close, and Jackie and Betty have met up with a lesbian couple slightly older than themselves, soon to be married. Dinner with Meg and Yvonne and the two girls, Helen and Eve, led to all six having an enjoyable evening of sex, and pairs sleep-overs afterwards.


It was a couple of days after the dinner and sex with Helen and Eve, and Jackie and Betty had finished at the stables for the day. They grabbed a couple of glasses of white wine as they passed through the kitchen on the way to their bedroom, stripped off and lay on the bed, trying to find the energy to take a shower.

“Jackie….” said Betty hesitantly.

“MMMM?” questioned Jackie, eyes closed.

“We need to talk.” Betty sat up. “I need to talk, rather, and you need to listen. As you know, I slept with your Mum when Helen and Eve were here, and I don’t just mean we slept. We had great sex. Enjoyable sex. Good sex. Different to having sex with you, but good.”

“I expected you would, wasn’t that the point of going to bed with her?”

“Yes, but….” There was a long pause. “After, we had a long talk, about family, about the four of us who live here. About how we feel about each other. And she said she realized that I was effectively a daughter to her.”

“You are.”

“She said she had no regrets about us – she and I – making love, even though I feel to her like a daughter and we act like mum and daughter.”

“Good. I’m not jealous, and I give you my blessing to have sex with Meg any time you both want.”

“Thank you, but that’s not the point. She has realized that if she can have sex with me, an honorary daughter, so to speak, then she could feel the same about having sex with you….”

Jackie sat bolt upright. “You mean my mum came right out and admitted to wanting to make love to me?”

“Yes, but she really stressed it had to be both of you wanting it. Emotionally, love-wise, she is more than satisfied with Yvonne, but she has come round to recognizing some hedonistic pleasure in sex with others, and that includes you. It might even include Jen and Christine, but I don’t know for certain.”

Jackie stared into her almost empty wine glass. Then she emptied it, and continued staring into it.

“I think the point is that for Meg – er, Mum – and I…. for us to have sex, it would have to be something that came about naturally. I can’t just march into her bedroom naked and demand she fucks me, can I?”

Betty laughed, “I think that would depend on how much she had had to drink. And I think she is thinking of something more romantic and affectionate than a wham, bam fuck, if you want my opinion.”

Jackie smiled, “Yes, I guess that is true too. As a matter of curiosity, how would you feel about sex with Yvonne?”

“Actually, I think she is quite hot and very experienced. I think I would enjoy it. And learn from it.”

“Well, when she and I were with Eve the other night, I must admit she was quite hot and knew what she was doing. We’re going to have to put some thought and planning into getting this to happen. Meantime, we are supposed to be going over to Helen’s tonight for cards, the two of us, so we should start to get ready.”

Later that evening, after supper at home and cards at Helen and Eve’s, Jackie and Betty were sitting back on the sofa with some of Helen’s good scotch.

“We have a new business idea.” said Helen, suddenly. “Can we ask you what you think? We were thinking of those soirees that your sister’s mother-in-law throws, and we wondered about doing a “Hedonistic Naked Weekend” here at the B&B. We have 8 rooms, and we could open it up to lesbian couples – no singles – to arrive Friday evening for a clothed dinner, followed by an explanation session. Saturday would be totally naked, all day, including dinner. We’ve found a catering company that would do the food and could handle being in catering uniforms while their clientele is naked. All their staff would be female.

We were thinking your sister Jen and her partner, having some experience, could sort of MC the first evening to get the ball rolling. We would give them the week-end free, and your family the week-end just for the cost of escort london the food.

We joined a lesbian group on Reddit and floated it on there, and got loads of people asking for details, so filling the 8 rooms with 16 people should be easy. We have our own personal guest room, not part of the B&B, so with three couples from your family, we still have 6 rooms to ‘sell’. Twenty people in all, counting Eve and I. There would be a dressed breakfast brunch on the Sunday and then people would leave.”

There was quite a discussion between them as to how to pull this off. Should there be a defined age range? Should it be first come, first served? But the consensus was it sounded like an excellent way to enhance business for the B&B and provide a clearly wanted service, given the flood of questions on Reddit.

On their way home that evening, with Jackie driving, Betty said, “We may have discovered the opportunity for you and Meg,” to which Jackie replied “I was just thinking that.”

Next day, Jackie phoned Jen to see if she and Christine would be willing to participate in Helen’s soiree, and they said they would like to talk to Helen and get more details, and so it came about, after several phone calls, that the soiree was set up for mid-September, when the weather could still be quite warm, and the B&B normal business would have essentially wound down.

In late August, Jen and Christine came up for the week-end, to meet Helen and Eve, and dinner for 8 was held in the Swan. It was purely a business meeting, and there were no activities afterwards. When they got home, Jackie and Betty invited Jen and Christine into their room, to talk.

At the first soiree that Jackie and Betty went to, Christine and Jackie had paired up, as had Jen and Betty, so as to teach the younger girls about using sex toys. Jackie referred to this, and then asked Jen if she thought of Betty ever, as a sister.

“I suppose so, to be honest,” said Jen after thinking about the question. “Maybe not initially, but now she is clearly a functional member of the family, with all the privileges and responsibilities of being part of the family, so maybe I do now.”

Jackie went on to recap the conversation about her and Meg, and the aspect of incest, and where did the practical line occur as opposed to a purely blood-driven one?

Jen looked at Christine, who looked back at her and said “Say what you need to say, be honest. That’s all you should ever be, is honest.”

Jackie looked confused. “What are you two saying?” she asked.

Christine simply looked at the ceiling, and said, “I shouldn’t, and won’t answer. Jen has to put it in words herself.”

There was a long pause, the type often referred to in suspense novels as a ‘pregnant pause’, and then Jen whispered “Okay, okay.”

She took a deep breath and said, all in a rush, “If the truth be known, I have wanted Meg, and I have wanted, you, Jackie, ever since the soiree. I loved being with you, Betty, that time, and yes, it did occur to me after that you are like a real sister, and if I could accept that, then why shouldn’t I accept how attractive I find Jackie? Or Mum?”

Christine spoke up. “There’s one thing that has to be recognized. If a parent and child of different sexes commit incest, or siblings of different sexes, then there is potentially the possibility of children, and of children with deformities or other issues, or at least that’s the story.

But two lesbian sisters do not face such a risk, so if no-one is coerced, if it is completely consensual, what’s the problem? What issue is solved by making two sisters loving each other illegal? Or two gay brothers, for that matter?”

Jackie sat there, stunned into silence. Then she stood up, pulled Jen to her feet, and hugged her hard, before kissing her directly on the lips. Then she stepped back.

“We should not just rip our clothes off and have sex now. We need time for it to sink in, what we have just admitted. You by what you said, and me by kissing you. You’re leaving in the morning, but will be back in a few weeks for the B&B soiree. When we are there, it will be que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be. Nothing promised or pre-planned, but if I find myself naked in bed with you, I promise I will take full advantage of the situation.”

Jen smiled. “I consider myself duly warned. But I may not wait to get you into bed!”

Soon after, Jen and Christine went to Jen’s old room, and Betty and Jackie undressed and got into bed. As Betty lay with Jackie’s arm around her, and her head on Jackie’s shoulder, Jackie said “Can I ask you a question?”

Betty replied “Of course,” and Jackie asked, “If I have sex with Meg, how do you feel about having sex with Yvonne? About spending a whole night with her?”

“I think I would like that. She is sexy, and got quite the body, and in those suspender belts she wears, she’s really hot. Maybe she can help me shop for something like that to tease you with. You remember that old song Sinatra used to sing about dubai escorts ‘It’s so nice to go travelling but so much nicer to come home’? Well, making love with other people is the travelling, but laying here, like this, naked and in your arms, that’s home.”

Jackie moved her face slightly to kiss Betty, choosing to ignore the tear she felt on her shoulder as it dripped out of the corner of Betty’s eye. “Good old Betty,” she thought, “I always know where I am with you, and, yes, it’s home.”


Meanwhile, in Jen’s room, she and Christine were laying on their backs side by side, just holding hands.

“Well, that’s out in the open. I just hope we won’t regret it, that’s all,” said Jen.

“Not wanting to be vulgar, but I screwed your sister with the same strap-on you use to screw me, and I have to admit I enjoyed it. She’s attractive and bright, and almost as sexy as you. Might have been a close thing in the club that first evening if she’d have been there with you!”

Jen poked Christine in the ribs. “Behave yourself. At that point she was too young for you, and probably still should be, even if you’ve had her already. But it is funny how the people I find the sexiest and most physically desirable are the ones I find the smartest and with the most personality. And, for me, you are still top of that list…”

“Perhaps as well,” said Christine, “now can we get some sleep?”


And so the Hedonistic week-end finally arrived. Jen and Christine, together with Jackie, Betty, Meg and Yvonne, arrived in the morning to help get things ready. They had actually managed to obtain some lesbian porn mags with reasonable class that they placed in the night-table drawers of the rooms, in sealed plain brown envelopes, and Helen had ordered some sex toys on consignment that would be offered for sale on the Saturday. They had set up a bar in the library with cold white wine and some decent red wine, in boxes, and were planning to give people a number of tickets for the Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening periods, so that people could drink, but in moderation. Guests could also buy a bottle of wine for consumption in their room.

The caterers were installed in the kitchen, together with a mobile truck mounted immediately outside.

The house was an old Manse from early in the days of the industrial revolution. The family made money by running coal mines, and by having their own ships to trade the coal around the world. Later, they got into the slave trade, and that was what had paid for the big house, until it no longer did!

In the right hand half of the house was a large room that was now used as the dining room for the B&B, and a smaller room that, in the old days was the real dining room, and was now used as a library and sitting room. Upstairs in that part of the house were two floors each with 4 bedrooms, that were the B&B area. In the house’s heyday, the big room could have been used as a ballroom.

The ground floor in the left half had several rooms, now used for running the B&B and for for Helen and Eve’s private quarters, as well as the kitchen. Above that were two bedrooms, Helen and Eve’s room, and their guest room.

For this special week-end, the library was converted back to the dining room, with three large tables and a serving table, and a small bar in the corner. Guests could swap the tickets they were given for drinks, which would be added to their account on check-out. The basic fee for the week-end was pre-billed via credit card.

The old ballroom now had an area for dancing, together with some clusters of seating for informal groups to chat and socialize. A table in one corner would be used to display the sex toys available for sale on the Saturday. Helen and Eve would ‘woman’ the bar and the toy sales as required. Helen had decided that to avoid any apparent favoritism, each couple would be allocated the next room, in sequence, as they arrived.

So now, with everything in place, Helen and Eve, Christine and Jen sat waiting for their guests. Jackie, Betty, Meg and Yvonne were sitting with a glass of wine each in the ballroom. Their two rooms were numbers 1 and 2 above the ballroom, while Christine and Jen were in Helen and Eve’s guest room in the other half of the house. For this week-end, the connecting door between the two halves of the house, upstairs, had been unlocked.

As the four chatted, Jackie kept looking at Betty. Both could feel a tension in the air. Jackie had decided, and Betty was well aware and had agreed, that she was going to try to seduce Meg that evening. So Jackie and Betty were pretty quiet and Meg and Yvonne were filling them in on how well the business was going now that George was out of the picture and they had the city clinic back as well as the new one coming online at the stables in the fall. They were looking for two new vets and some support staff.

All of this business talk spared Escort Dubai Jackie from driving the conversation, and soon there would be loads of people around to cover over the tension until the time came. She knew what Christine and Jen, both in on the plan, had planned for the evening, so just needed to wait and go along with it.

The outside door opened and two older ladies came in, and they checked in with Helen at the desk as Rose and Rosie Chambers. After checking in they asked if they could talk to the organizer, as “we’re not sure we should be here.” Helen sent them to talk to Christine and Jen.

Jen asked them if they were married, and the pair looked at each other, and then smiled. “Actually, we are sisters-in-law. We married a pair of brothers in a joint wedding, and were married for 35 years before the pair were killed, together. So, now, we are widowed, and each live rattling around in a semi, next door to the other, and spend much of our time together, ” said Rose.

Then Rosie chimed in, “I’m also Rose, but for convenience I go by Rosie. Well, my daughter, Sally, shocked us the other day. She suggested we should sell both semis and buy a nice new bungalow, and live together, and become lesbians so we can have a sex life again!”

“Seems a plan” said Jen.

“Well, we are very fond of each other, we almost effectively live together, but we’ve never had sex with each other or with another woman. We’ve never shared a bedroom, let alone a bed. My daughter is gay and has been with her partner for quite a while, and we love them both dearly, and, yes, it seems a plan, but is it our plan – I mean, is it the right plan for us?” said Rosie.

“The point is,” said Rose, “we can hardly ask Rosie’s daughter and partner to teach us to be lesbian or how we work out if we like just each other or other women as well, or, well, we’re just confused.”

Rosie added, “So my daughter is paying for us to be here to see if our love and life together could lead to us being romantically happy as well as economically happy by such a scheme.”

Christine looked at the two ladies, sitting close together on a sofa, and got the feeling they wanted to be together but needed somehow to have the first move happen, and each was a bit too scared to act first. “Tonight, after dinner, we will gather in the ballroom, and all guests will undress and put their clothes in a bag. All at the same time. Have you ever seen each other naked?”

The ladies shook their heads. “We’ve changed in the same room, but never been completely naked, or touched each other while naked.”

“Well, tonight you will strip naked. There will be some music and you will dance. I suggest you don’t bother, this evening, about the other guests and meeting or chatting with them beyond casual chit-chat. Just get used to holding each other close while naked and dancing. Personal question, do you masturbate?”

Christine knew the answer immediately as a red blush went up the necks and across the faces of both women.

She smiled. “Good, so after a few dances and some wine, go to your room, lay next to each other and touch each other as you yourself like to be touched. Some things you will both like, but there will be some different things that one of you likes more than the other. For example, Jen here, my wife, likes me to bite and suck hard on her nipples whereas I prefer my nipples played with more gently and sensuously…

You need to find these similarities and differences and go from there. I do believe from meeting you that you want to be together, but don’t want to risk blowing up what you have enjoyed all your adult lives.

As you grow more comfortable with each other, you may find you’re not truly lesbian, just a happy same-sex couple. Or you may find out you like having sex with other women as well as with each other. It doesn’t matter, as long as you find yourselves, together. The important thing is to treat each other as equals and not to be afraid to fall in love. It seems to me you’ve been putting off truly loving each other for a long time. I certainly don’t believe you’ll break up.”

The two Roses stood up, and smiled down at Christine and Jen and then reached for each other’s hand.

Jen said, “Go put your stuff in your room, and then go outside and enjoy the afternoon sun and the garden until it is time for drinks. Hold hands, maybe even kiss, but no sex until after you’ve danced, ok?”

The Roses smiled again, and kissed cheeks, and took their stuff up to their room, number 3. As they went, Christine smiled and said, “If they were 40 years younger they would have skipped out of here like kids. They were so pleased that someone broke the ice for them about the two of them having sex.”

“And,” said Jen, “what’s this about you not liking your nipple bitten and sucked. You love it, and the harder the better!”

“In my defense, I was making an example for them, although I suspect this week-end you will be more interested in some other people’s nipples than mine.”

They looked up and were surprised to see two people they knew checking in. “Hey, it’s the M&Ms,” whispered Christine. They walked across to say hello and promptly received a hug from Martha and Muriel, who they knew from Sandra’s soirees.

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