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Double Penetration

Here’s what I want you to do…

Tell your boy-toy to go away for an hour. I want to be alone with you for a while…

Is he gone?


First, take off your damn panties!!! You should NEVER wear them when reading from, or writing to, me! If you have a dildo or a vibrator or even a washed carrot, zucchini or cucumber, get it! Also, get some body lube (Astro-glide, K-Y, whatever works for you!)

Now, sit back in your chair as you read this… spread your legs a little bit. feel the chair against your bare skin—


is your little pussy slick yet? well it will be soon, i promise!!!

slide your index finger over your little bald pussy. feel the sensations, as your fingers touch your outer lips, softly stroking the sensitive skin. DON’T touch your clitty yet, Lover. just…tease yourself…pretend that i am there with you. as i stroke your vulva. can you feel your juices begin to trickle from between your pussy lips?

good, very good…

now, spread the labia apart with your fingers. take two fingers from your other hand and scoop up as much of your juices as possible.

now, take those two slicked fingers and rub them on a nipple. is your nipple hard yet?


try the other nipple now. concentrate on the nipples, forget your pussy for a moment. just keep massaging your sensitive nipples with both hands. are they tingling thru’ your whole body yet?

very good…

work your wet, slippery fingers down your body. leaving a trail of your pussy bursa escort goo down your chest, down your belly to your belly button. pretend that i’m licking and tickling your belly button with my tongue!!! does it tickle?


now, slide your fingers to your outer lips again… by now there’s probably a slick spot on your chair, but that’s ok. just have mr. fuck-toy lick it up when we’re done here…

feel the wetness on your skin… does it feel warm? cool? sticky? what does it smell like? put your fingers into the outer lips of your cunt, then into your mouth. what does it taste like? sweet? salty? bitter? put those same fingers IN-to your outer lips. spread your outer lips apart with your fingers… there’s probably some more wetness seeping out of your pussy now… let it flow, my love, let it flow…

take your other hand and find your clitoris… is it hard?


lightly, rub your little friend with your finger…not too hard (i don’t want you to cum yet—we’ve got to build up to it.) take note of what your clit feels like under your fingers, does it feel hard? slippery? warm? cool?

what do your fingers feel like to your clit? smooth? rough?

softly rub your fingers, in long strokes, up and down the intensely sensitive nerve endings in your clit. how does that feel? take note of your breathing at this point. try to slow your breathing down a bit.

good girl…

now i want you to grab the surrogate-cock (dildo, vibrator, cucumber, whatever) and gently lick bursa escort bayan it. pretend it’s my cock, “Henry”…run your tongue all over it, get it really wet.

now open your mouth. let the “cock” slide past your lips, raking your teeth over the shaft…GENTLY…my cock is VERY sensitive. take it’s head to the back of your throat. that’s perfect, Pussy-cat… “Henry” just LOVES tight, warm, wet places. what does he feel like in your mouth? take note of all the sensations…

now that the “cock” is slippery, run it down your whole body, leaving a trail of saliva as it glides down your soft, smooth flesh. take note of all of these sensations.

now, move the cock down to your pussy lips. rub it up and down the outer lips. then rub it on your inner lips. how does that feel?

are you ready to be penetrated?

wonderful. here we go…

first, using one hand, frig your clit, now, but don’t cum yet… let you’re breathing settle down… good girl.

now, holding the cock in one hand, begin to insert it into your cunt…slowly…slowly… good girl. feel each inch as it enters your tight, hot channel. keep pushing, slowly, ’til it’s in as far as is comfortable. how does it feel? cold? hot? hard?

how do you feel? cold? hot? full? not full enough? remember every sensation… i want you to write back to me. tell me how often you cum, and how intense each orgasm is, as you do each of these excersizes.

now, leaving the cock in your cunt, i want you to stroke your clit again.

you escort bursa are cumming again, i’m sure…just let the flood gates open, pussy-cat…cum. just remember exactly how your feeling…how intense is this orgasm? keep imagining that i’m with you, fucking you…stroking my cock up into your tight, little cunt.

now that your breathing has come back to normal, i want you to lube up your anus. leave the cock in your pussy, though, for a minute longer…you’ll be using it in another orifice very soon.

how does it feel to have your finger in your ass-hole? how does your ass-hole feel with your finger in it? what is your finger feeling while it’s in your ass-hole?

now that your finger has lubed up your anal hole, i want you to pull the cock from your pussy…slowly, very slowly. you’re probably cumming again. good…just cum a little bit, tho’. save some strength for this next part.

holding the cock, position your ass over it, pointing the end that was just in your cunt, upward. that’s right, sweet-heart, i want you to squat down onto the cock, just until it’s positioned at your anus.

ready? again, slowly let your weight drop down onto the cock. feel it filling up your ass…filling up your very being. you should be cumming at this point. while you’re cumming from the feeling of being full, start diddling your clit again…stick two or three fingers into your gaping cunt, too…that should increase your orgasm, ten-fold!!!

Now that you’ve completely messed up the chair that you’re sitting on, call your boy-toy back into the room and make him clean it, and you, up with his tongue!!!

Give this a try, sometime this weekend, OK? Then write to me to let me know how it went!

We will fuck, soon, Puss-puss!!!


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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