I Didn’t Mind Being a Bridesmaid

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NC-18 — No characters under the age of 18 are depicted in this story.

This is a copyrighted original work of erotic fiction. All rights reserved.


Someone once told me that that all the really good stories don’t start with “once upon a time…” but rather with “so there I was…”


There I was.

Sitting by the pool at a resort motel somewhere in the upper Midwest to be a bridesmaid for my brother’s wedding.

Yeah, that’s me. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. It was bad enough when I was bridesmaid to a bunch of my friends, now I was being a bridesmaid to my family members’ significant others!

At least I knew her. We’d spent a lot of time together since she moved out our way and had become pretty good friends in our own right, so I didn’t really mind being her bridesmaid.

I won’t tell you the name of the place, or even the state to protect me from being found out.

OK. I’ll give you a hint. The name of the state has at least one vowel in it.

What’s that? You want a better clue?

OK. The vowel is “I”. That’s all I’m going to give you.

Anyway, I was lying on a lounge chair by the pool – in the shade.

Yeah, I know. Doesn’t really make sense, does it?

I had gotten to the resort well before anyone else since I less distance to travel and had arrived before check-in time. When I asked about an early check-in, I was told that it would cost extra, but that if I was willing to, I could leave my luggage in the car, use the women’s locker room to change and hang out at the pool until after check-in time.

After grabbing my music player and ear-buds from the car, I grabbed a towel from the locker room and headed out to the pool. I’d been out there for a while and realized the sun block I had put on had probably been washed off by my frequent dips in the pool so I decided just move to the shade.

It was such a hot day that even in the shade it was still a little hot, so I took to occasionally plunging in the water to cool off. I had just gotten back from my most recent dip in the pool and the cooler water soaked up in my bikini top combined with the slightly cooler temperatures in the shade had combined to make my nipples just a little perky beneath my red bikini top.

I was lying there, loving the feeling of my stiff nipples and contemplating how to describe how it feels when your nipples are all tingly like that when a guy walked out on the other side of the pool where the sun was still shining.

He walked into the pool area with a towel draped over his shoulders. As he walked, he scanned the area like he was looking for something. I was trying to figure out what he was looking for when it occurred to me that since my brother had recently left the military, this might be one of the guys he had invited to his wedding.

Anyway, he scanned the area from under his ball cap and from behind his sunglasses as he walked, stopped, looked around, then pulled a regular chair and a lounge chair together over in one corner so they were still in the sun, but so the chair back and the head ends of the lounge chair were up against the wall. Coincidentally, it put him straight across from where I was laying.

Even though he had sunglasses on, I was pretty sure he hadn’t noticed me since I was in such dense shade and the sun was in his eyes and sparkling off the water into his face.

He sat in the regular chair, set the e-reader he was carrying on the lounge chair and scanned the area one more time. Then he grabbed the ends of his towel and pulled it tight across the top of his shoulders.

Wow!! He wasn’t all “cut and ripped” like you see in those bodybuilding magazines, but he definitely had some muscles going on.

His abs weren’t “washboard” but you could make out a six-pack in there. His pecs weren’t huge, but were pretty well defined. His shoulders and upper arms were pretty well developed, too.

As I watched, he used the taut towel like an exercise bar and began to slowly rotate his torso first in one direction, then the other. He did that a few times, then flexed the muscles on one side of his torso, then relaxed them and flexed the ones on the other.

Then he twisted around and ran the towel through the top of the chair back and pulled one end over either shoulder. He twisted his ankles behind the front chair legs and began pulling forward on the towel end held in either hand.

Damn!! His abs began getting much more pronounced now.

He did that for a while, then pulled the towel through the back of the chair and out toward the pool. As he did, he did something with it that made it snap! It scared me a little and I jumped, but he didn’t look my way and didn’t change his expression.

He flicked it around the back of the chair and again taking it in both hands began to push the ends forward, like he was doing bench presses or something.

Watching him working out like that and watching his muscles start to grow was beginning to turn me on and my nipples were getting stiffer, but not from the cold bursa escort this time.

I reached up and grabbed the shoulder straps of my bikini top and pulled upward on them both. As I did, my breasts shifted upward. I released them and my breasts slid back to rest on my ribcage. It felt good. Really good.

I kept doing that for a short while until I felt I needed to do more.

I moved my elbows slowly out to the side and grabbed the side band of my bikini and began pulling backward on each side. When I did this, it pressed my tits against my ribcage and I could well imagine the man’s strong hands massaging my boobs, squeezing them firmly then releasing them.

I squeezed them both at the same time; I squeezed first one side, then the other.

I slid my hands inside the top from the sides and began to squeeze them directly. I had slid the middle and ring fingers of each hand on either side of my nipples so I could slightly pinch my nipples as my fingers and palms kneaded my breasts, first gently and then more firmly.

By this time he had gotten to looking more and more like the “cut and ripped” guys I mentioned earlier.

And I was probably starting to look more like the girls in those glossy magazines. My hands were shoved into my top, my nipples were stiff and big enough they were probably pushing out past the backs of my fingers, I was breathing heavily, and my eyes must have been wide.

He stood up then, quickly bent at the waist with his legs straight — facing me, damn it — and hooked his fingertips underneath his toes, stood there like that for a few seconds, then stood back up. Then he walked over to the edge of the pool, sat (and I hoped for a peek of his cock when the leg of his shorts pulled out to the inside for a split-second) and then slid into the pool.

He stood there, perfectly still for a few minutes, then reached up and took off his sunglasses and ball cap and tossed them to the chair he had just left.

As he turned back to the pool I got a good look at him just before he squinted against the sun and reflection and dropped straight down into the water.

I was waiting for him to re-surface when he surfaced at the far end of the pool only a few seconds later. I hadn’t seen so much as a ripple so he must have dove deep and then swam deep under the surface. That was probably about a 30 meter swim, all underwater. How had he held his breath that long?

I thought he might do the underwater thing again, or do the crawl, but he flipped onto his back and began to do a backstroke. Not the kind of backstroke where the arms come out of the water like a backwards crawl or freestyle, he just floated on his back and pushed water down toward his feet. Which weren’t kicking by the way. And he didn’t kick off. Just arched his back and began pushing.

I watched as he went past and his pecs jumped through each stroke until he got to the end. No fancy flip-turn/push-off. Just a slight pause when his fingertips hit the wall, then a slow turn, float, and off again.

He hit the end he had started from and I thought he might get out — I was hoping he would get out. If his legs and torso looked like that, I seriously wanted to see his ass now that his shorts were wet!

Nope. Touch, turn, float, push.

I started counting and he took about 12 strokes to get from one end of the pool to the other. I quickly did the math — 50-meter pool, 12 strokes, four or so meters per stroke. So twice his body length, plus, per stroke with no leg action.

Down he went, then back again. OK. That’s 200 meters.

When he hit a 500 meters I took advantage of the opportunity to flip from my back to my front and end-to-end so I was now lying with my head closer to the pool and facing it again. He kept going, steady strokes like a metronome — granted, a slow metronome.

As he did, I found myself slowly rocking from side to side. I lifted up a bit and bunched my towel together beneath me until I had a little ridge under my pussy.

I reached around behind my back and untied my bikini top, but left the neck string tied.

As he pushed down with his arms, I began to imagine he was pushing into me and I pushed my pussy backward on the fold of the towel.

As he drifted while he brought his arms up over his chest and then reached his arms over his head I slowly slid back forward.

And of course, as I did this, I held my torso off the lounge chair a bit so my nipples grazed the coarse terrycloth of the towel.

Fuck me, but I was getting hot. Seriously. And not because it was hot outside. I wished I could figure out a way to get him to fuck me.

He finally quit after swimming about forty passes. Yeah. Four kilometers.

He quit at the end he had started from then side-stroked back to where he had dropped into the pool. He did that slowly, too. It didn’t appear he had his eyes open, though I was hoping to get a closer look at his eyes since I still hadn’t seen them clearly.

He stopped at the side and I have no idea how he did it or what he did. I had expected he might bursa escort bayan either push himself up and spin around to sit on the edge or even to push up and then put one foot on the side — yes! I was going to get a look at his ass! — but I was disappointed. Or impressed. Whatever.

He put his hands on the edge of the pool, dropped into the water a little and then lunged upward and somehow he was suddenly standing fully upright on the pool deck.

I was still gawking at that (but still rubbing my cooch on my towel) when he walked over to the chair.

Facing away from me, he stretched his arms up over his head and I was treated to the sight of a pretty nice “vee” of his chest and shoulders tapering down to his waist and what looked to be small, tight ass cheeks. Luckily for me his wet trunks were sticking to it now and it definitely looked nice.

He grabbed his sunglasses and put them on, then stretched first to one side then the other with his arms still overhead.

I kept rocking.

He bent slightly, grabbed his towel off the chair and quickly dried his hair, then slowly began to wipe it across his body, down his arms, down his chest and across his stomach. He finally pulled it up and flipped it across his back and slowly dragged it back and forth from his shoulders to the top of his swim trunks.

I rocked with each drag, watching the muscles of his back and legs moving under his skin, and his ass moving slightly back and forth.

He pulled the towel out and snapped it to flatten it, and I thought I’d get a good look at his ass when he lifted a foot to the seat of the chair to dry a leg.

Again, disappointed/impressed/pleased/what-the-fuck-ever.

He spread his feet about a foot, wrapped the towel around one of his thighs and slowly bent at the waist again. This time I was able to check out his ass as he bent all the way down to dry the top of that foot.

He stood back up then dried the other leg the exact same way. He paused a little as he finished drying his foot, then stood up, dried his hands, folded the towel and set it on the ground and picked up his e-reader and ball cap.

He sat down, flicked the ball cap up onto his head and started reading with the e-reader in one hand and his other hand just resting on his thigh.

He sat for a while and I tried to get a look at the size of his package, thinking the wet swim trunks would show it off, but couldn’t get a good look.

He sat almost motionless as he read and I was impressed with his stillness. Most of the guys I knew would have lasted about 30 seconds, then been fidgeting, bouncing a knee, whatever.

It took me a few minutes to realize his free hand wasn’t perfectly still after all. It had slowly made its way down his leg and I could see the two middle fingers of that hand slowly flexing and extending, running the pads of his fingers slowly up and down the front of his knee, almost as if they were caressing something else. Something else, like, ummm….

I slowly shifted my balance to support my torso with one elbow and oh-so-slowly slid my other hand down my belly and into the top of my bikini bottoms. And that’s not all my hand slid into.

I spread my legs a little and used the back of my hand to re-adjust the towel, then slid my fingers and fingertips into my drenched slit.

I really began to wonder what he was reading that was making him rub his knee subconsciously like that. Then I realized I didn’t care, that I liked the rhythm he was setting and I was once again rocking slightly forward and backward on my fingertips.

After mimicking the motion of his fingertips with mine, his on his knee and mine in my cunt, I was disappointed when I he moved that hand up and grabbed the other side of his reader.

I waited for him to release the other hand and start using the fingers of it to go back to “our” rhythm, but I was disappointed. Instead, he rested his wrists on the inside of his thighs and focused on the e-reader.

He was almost perfectly still for quite a while when I noticed the reader was moving slightly.

At first I thought maybe he had finally gotten to fidgeting.

Then I thought maybe he was trying to adjust it to get some glare off the screen. But I realized the sun was still hitting him head-on.

It looked like he was moving it in small forward and backward motions and I thought maybe he was trying to get it at the right distance to focus on it.

Then I caught on.

It took me a few minutes to realize the side of it was touching the leg of his shorts on the side where his cock must be.

As I watched, the length of the swipes of the e-reader slowly lengthened. They started out right up near his crotch, but as he used it to stroke his cock through his shorts, the motion slowly spread from there to almost halfway down his thigh.

I slowly slid the tips of those two fingers inside my lips and began to push my pussy slowly down onto tem in time with his strokes.

I rocked in time with his strokes, now imagining that it was his cock that escort bursa was buried up my cunt while the other grazed both of my nipples at the same time as they dragged across the towel.

He began to pick up the speed of his strokes and I waited and hoped that the head of his cock would extend that last half inch and peek out at me, or that he might drag the leg of his shorts back with the e-reader. I was just disappointed this time.

But as the speed of his strokes picked up the speed and force of mine picked up as well.

He slowly tilted his head back so I knew he wasn’t reading any longer, but the e-reader kept its slow motion.

He paused then and the e-reader hovered right there at the head of his cock and I pressed my clit right onto the fleshy pad at the base of my fingers and ground on it.

Suddenly from across the pool I heard a deep rumbling groan.

That was all it took, and I pushed over the edge and began to cum.

I dropped my head and tried not to make any noise as my orgasm tore through me.

I lay there through the aftershocks while trying to think of a reason to approach him.

Maybe ask if the emblem on his ball cap meant he was in the service my brother had been in and if he was one of his friends come into town for the wedding? Just friendly-like, not hitting on him or anything?

I was still lying there and had reached around to tie the back of my bikini back up when I heard a squeal from the other side of the pool and a blond woman ran over to him. He stood to greet her and wrapped his arms around her and she wrapped hers around him as they twirled slowly around with her feet off the ground.

FUCK!! It figures a guy like that would already have a girlfriend!

They eventually released each other and he grabbed his stuff in one hand and her hand in the other and they walked away.

Then it dawned on me that I recognized her!

It was my soon-to-be sister-in-law! The one I was supposed to be here as a bridesmaid for! And that definitely wasn’t my brother!! (How weird would that have been huh?)

FUCKING BITCH!! How dare she do something like that? I mean, I haven’t always gotten along with my brother, ‘cuz, well, he’s my brother. But still!

I started to get up and confront her and I was trying to decide whether to just give her a piece of my mind or snatch her bald-headed. Then I realized my bikini top was still undone in the back and was flying in the breeze. By the time I got it re-tied, they were gone and I couldn’t find them.

And of COURSE, the front desk wouldn’t tell me if she which room she was in or if she had even checked in or not!! FUCK!!

I checked in and took my stuff to the room and took a shower. I got dressed in what I had planned to wear for the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner (you know, in case there were any hot guys there) and went looking for the bitch.

I saw her across the banquet room, standing and talking to someone in a suit and started stalking across the room toward her.

When I got about 20 feet away I started saying, “Jessie, I’ve got something I need to say to you!”

I timed it right and I finished saying that just as I got to her.

She had turned toward me with a huge smile and threw her arms around me as she said, “Becky!! I am soooo glad to see you could make it!!”

I started to push her back to give her a piece of my mind when I heard her say, “I want you to meet my dad.”

I turned to her dad and threw off a quick, “Pleased to meet you,” and started to turn back to her when I caught sight of that smile.

Which broadened as he looked directly into my eyes and said, “Oh! We saw each other a little earlier. But we haven’t been properly introduced.”

He took my hand in his and lifted it to his lips as he bent slightly to kiss the back of it, as lightly as a butterfly. And stared straight into my eyes with prettiest hazel eyes I’ve ever seen. But more than the color was the humor and warmth in them.

Suddenly everything was going a little white around the edges of my vision. I could feel my mouth working, trying to form words, but nothing was coming out.

My mind was gibbering at me from inside. Sweet holy FUCK, girl!!! You mutually masturbated with her DAD!?!?!?

The next thing I knew I was looking at him and something seemed wrong. Then it occurred to me. I was lying on my back and he was cradling my neck in the crook of his left elbow while holding a bottle of water to my lips.

I slowly began to decipher the buzzing I was hearing and realized it was rumbling up from his chest and through his mouth. He was asking me if I was OK?

I mumbled something about not eating properly or drinking enough water lately.

He handed the bottle of water to Jessie and grabbed my left boob with his right hand. I inhaled to scream (or at least protest — a little bit) when he said, “Just grabbing your room key, kiddo,” as he moved the plastic card into my view.

Then he lifted me into his arms and stood up. I wouldn’t call it effortless and I did hear him groan a little. I thought about complaining about that and telling him I wasn’t that heavy, but he shifted me a little and my face fell naturally into the hollow of his neck and throat. It smelled really nice and felt really good there.

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