House Party Backyard Fun

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Liam sighed as he pulled his car to the curb and parked it a few houses away from the massive house party he was pressured to go to by his friends. It was a Friday night and they were getting together to celebrate finishing their economics midterm.

He didn’t want to go out because he was tired. The night before, he had stayed up pulling an all-nighter to ensure a passing grade. Liam finished the last sip of his Red Bull and got out of the car and started walking towards the party.

He swam through the bodies in the house and walked into the massive backyard. He wasn’t even sure whose house it was but he soon found his buddies hanging out by the pool smoking a massive joint. Liam suddenly found a beer in his hand and the doob in his mouth as he resigned himself to a night of fun.

The music was blaring and Liam soon downed four more beers and his seal broke. He walked into the house and started looking for a bathroom. He walked upstairs and down the hall until he saw a girl standing there with a beer in hand, leaning against the wall near a door.

“Bathroom line?” Liam asked as he walked up.

“Yeah.. at least it’s better than downstairs. I saw a massive lineup!” She smiled. Liam thought she had a gorgeous smile.

“I’m Liam,” as he stuck his hand out.

“I’m Noelle.. nice to meet you, Liam.” Noelle took his hand and shook it. Their handshake lingered for a minute as they just stood their grinning at each other.

The bathroom door opened and a drunken frat boy stumbled out.

“Catch you on the flip side!” Noelle winked as she disappeared into the bathroom. Liam felt his cock stir in his pants as he caught a glimpse of her ass in the smallest denim shorts he had ever seen in his life. A few minutes later, Noelle came out of the bathroom.

“All yours sailor. See you around the party, Liam.” Noelle winked again as she started walking away. Liam could have sworn that she was purposely shaking her ass as she walked away. His eyes were fixated on her beautiful ass and the small glimpse of her bare ass with each step she took.

Liam hurried into the bathroom and locked the door. He unzipped his pants and finally relieved himself into the toilet. He flushed, washed his hands, and walked back into the party. Without reason, the house had gotten even more packed with people and he had to swim his way back to his friends again.

When Liam finally got to the pool side, his friends were nowhere to be seen. He pulled out a cigarette and lit it as he started walking and exploring the vast backyard.

“Oh hello there!” Liam turned to his right side and saw Noelle appear out tuzla escort of nowhere.

“Hey! Where did you come from?”

“I can’t find my friends. I’m sure they’re all getting stoned somewhere, which sucks because I was really hoping to relax tonight.” Noelle glanced around again but to no avail.

“I think mine are doing the same except I do have some if you want to go smoke one together?” Liam grinned as he saw Noelle’s mood perk up.

“Okay but let’s not do it right here.. then everyone will want some. Let’s go find a secret smoking place in this backyard!” Noelle grabbed Liam’s hand as she pulled him along the path farther away from the house. She continued to pull him until they were in the middle of a few trees and saw a small shed and a tractor parked out front.

“Must be the garden shed. This seems good.” Noelle walked over to the side of the house off the path and Liam followed. He pulled out a joint and lit it, then passed it to Noelle who took a long haul.

“Shit! This is good shit!” Noelle coughed a little. Liam watched this incredibly hot girl blow smoke rings in his face and he enjoyed it. It was dark but the glowing house that had every light fixture turned on still seemed to reach them just enough to illuminate their illicit activity. ?”I’m going to inhale and I’m going to pass you the smoke to blow out.” Noelle took the joint and took a big puff. She stepped close to Liam and looked up as he leaned forward for their lips to meet as she opened her mouth a little and started to gently blow smoke into his mouth. Electricity ran through him as Noelle’s soft lips pressed against his. Regretfully, he pulled away and blew out all the smoke in rings.

They looked at each other and continued to smoke in silence. Noelle took the last puff and leaned against the wall of the shed. Liam took a step closer and let his hardening cock lead his actions. Despite their intoxication, the heat between them was growing with every second that passed.

Liam pressed his body against Noelle and made sure she could feel his bulge through his jeans. She moaned softly as he reached around her waist in an embrace and started to kiss her. They started to make out feverishly like the college kids they were. Noelle reached down and without any foreplay started rubbing Liam’s crotch with her hand until she started to feel it stirring in her hands.

Noelle continued to kiss Liam as she reached down with her other hand and started undoing Liam’s jeans. She pushed them down and started to grope at his now almost fully hard cock through his boxer briefs. Liam trailed his hands down to grope her ass while they made tuzla escort bayan out. He started undoing her shorts as she continued to rub his length making a wet spot of precum start soaking through the grey fabric. He pushed Noelle’s shorts down her slim legs and discovered she wasn’t even wearing underwear.

Noelle readjusted her position and spread her legs a little to allow Liam’s hand to slip in between to touch her hot sex. Liam’s fingers were completely soaked with her juices as soon as he started stroking her smooth pussy. Noelle had rubbed Liam’s manhood to its full length as she yanked his boxer briefs down and let his stiff prick spring out into the cool night air.

Liam’s swollen mushroom head was leaking precum down his thick, veiny shaft. His nine inch boner pointed straight up in the air as Noelle continued to jerk him off, using his own precum as lube. With her other hand, she groped his balls and massaged each one at a time.

Not wanting to be the first one to climax, Liam slipped two fingers into Noelle’s tight hole and started to finger her. Noelle started to pant and moan as she bucked her hips to meet Liam’s finger fucking rhythm. Her pussy walls clenched down on Liam’s fingers as her sopping hole was expertly pleasured and her clit rubbed with his thumb. Noelle didn’t want to cum just yet but Liam wasn’t letting up as he continued to finger bang her harder and faster. She picked up speed as she frantically jerked Liam’s massive meat stick with her hand.

Suddenly, she pushed Liam back away from her. He gave her a look of surprise as his wet cock had a thick stream of precum dangling from his cock head. Noelle winked at him as she turned around and bent over, resting her elbows on the shed window ledge. She spread her legs and exposed her drooling pink pussy to Liam.

He walked back over to her and started rubbing his mushroom head all over her wet crotch. He felt the warmth radiating out of her hole as he glided his tip lightly over her opening. Mixing their juices together, he reached down and started to lube his cock up, pushing lightly against her clit. Noelle’s pussy continued to leak wetness as she began to squirm to try to get Liam to stick his cock in her.

“Fuck me already! Stop teasing me, just fuck my pussy! Put it the fuck in! FUCK!” Noelle begged Liam.

Liam continued to rub his tip all over her squirming pussy and without warning, slammed his entire length into Noelle’s hot hole. He pulled out the full length of his wet cock and pushed in all the way to the hilt again. Liam started to pick up his thrusts until he settled into a good rhythm. His balls were slapping escort tuzla her ass and loud wet sounds filled the cool night air.

“Shit, I think there are people.. come over here!” Liam pulled out of Noelle suddenly and pulled his pants up. They quickly walked around to the back of the shed and saw a picnic table. Liam sat down and Noelle straddled him with her tits in his face.

She reached down and slid his juicy sausage back into her dripping hole. Noelle started to grind her hips into Liam’s lap and began to pick up speed until she was frantically riding his dick. Liam reached down and began to rub her clit in circles. He felt her pussy walls began to tremble and clench down on his member that was steadily leaking precum inside her wet box.

“Fuck I’m going to cum!” Noelle started to moan as her pussy spasmed and began to leak her nectar juices all over Liam’s thick tool that was still buried inside of her. He slowly pumped his dick in and out a few times as her juices leaked out of her pussy. Liam began to pick up his speed as Noelle began to near another orgasm.

“Shit babe, I’m going to blow in your cunt!” Liam began to furiously slam his hard dick into Noelle’s drenched pussy. His balls were so tight and he knew he was only a few more thrusts away from emptying his balls into Noelle.

“I’m going to cum again!” Noelle moaned as she furiously ground her hips to meet Liam’s frantic thrusting. She reached down and began to rub her clit. He was in a state of oblivion as he watched his dick disappear in and out of Noelle. She threw her head back as another orgasm washed over her and her pussy walls tightened around Liam’s boner.

At the same time, Liam’s cock erupted as jets of his hot seed coated the inside of Noelle’s pussy. He couldn’t believe how much semen was coming out of his dick. Noelle lifted herself off his cock that was still dribbling cum and rock hard, pointing straight in the air. His mushroom head was red and engorged and his entire cock was lathered with a mixture of their cum.

Noelle quickly got on her knees and started to suck Liam off, trying to suck out the rest of the cum spurting from his veiny member. Liam’s balls were twitching as the last few drips of spunk dripped out of his dick. He looked down at Noelle’s cum covered mouth and chin and smiled. He pulled her up and kissed her, tasting himself on her tongue.

They broke their kiss and got dressed quickly. Liam pulled out a cigarette and handed one to Noelle. They lit them and started walking back to the party. They walked in complete silence until they reached the remainder of the crowd in the backyard near the pool.

“Liam!” He turned and saw a group of his buddies waving at him.

“Looks like you’ve found your friends,” Noelle smiled at him. “I guess I will see you around. Thanks again for the smoke.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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