Hotel Hospitality

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Writer’s Note: This is a story for adults over eighteen years of age about adults over eighteen years of age. While the story line is true the dialog has been compressed for the sake of time and space. Safe sex was not an issue in the early seventies but should be a concern for everyone today.


It was late on Friday afternoon when I checked into my hotel room in Columbus, Georgia, just outside the main gate of Fort Benning. As a thirty-six years old Army Reserve Master Sergeant my monthly drills were spent preparing for ROTC training during the summer; summer was here and I was ready to assume the job of Senior Operations Sergeant for the next eight weeks.

For a year I stayed at the same national hotel chain every month for my weekend reserve training; the hotel was convenient to the post and restaurants in the area. I had gotten to know the employees, mostly women, and they always made me feel at home; they put up with my flirting and joking around.

Julie, was a cute, thirty-something, dirty-blonde who worked as a front desk clerk; even in her ill-fitting business suit style uniform you could tell that she had a nice figure even though it was a bit heavier on the bottom than on the top. Her figure was perfect for me since I am more of a butt man than a breast man; I love sweet, round asses, always have. During my monthly stays I learned that Julie was a single mom with a much older sugar daddy; I had no doubt that one day we would wind up in the sack.

Joyce was the hotel manager; she was probably in her forties with short, curly red hair and lots of cinnamon colored freckles. Her figure was more balanced than Julie’s; she was blessed with a very ample top and bottom. Judging by the imprints across her hips and the clasps on the back of her thighs I was able to discern that Joyce wore a garter belt to support her stockings; there is nothing more erotic than a woman wearing stocking and a garter belt. Julie, on the other hand, probably wore pantyhose since there were no panty lines to be seen; I hated seeing women in pantyhose with everything packed tight and distorted and they don’t get the needed air to keep everything smelling fresh.

Joyce and I had the same last name; mine by birth, hers by marriage. I never hesitated to flirt with her and she seemed to like it. She was married with a couple of almost grown boys but from some of the comments she made from time to time it was not a happy union. During one stay, Joyce was alone at the front desk when I checked in. As usual, I complimented her on how pretty she looked.

She replied, “Thank you but I just feel old and not very pretty.”

“Well, I’m an expert in the field of pretty women and I can attest to the fact that you are indeed a very pretty and a very sexy woman.”

That got her to smile; she patted my hand, “Thank you, I needed that; It has been ages since anyone has given me a compliment like that. Who knows, flattery may get you everywhere.”

Then there was Rose; she was a retired civilian employee who had worked at Fort Benning since she was a young girl. Even in her mid fifties she had a very nice figure on her five foot two inch frame; her hips were wide, her stomach was absolutely flat, and in jeans she had that little open space between her thighs when her legs were together. Rose was one of those women who had always picked the wrong man and they had sucked the life out of her and drained her bank account so she had to work after she retired. Her job at the hotel was to set up the complimentary breakfast for the guests; she was there from about five until nine seven days a week.

I always went out of my way to say “hello” and give her a compliment; I usually completed my morning run about the time she was setting up the serving line so I often helped her carry a few of the heavy pans of scrambled eggs or hot syrup from the kitchen. One Sunday morning after returning from my morning run I noticed she was complaining about the pain in her lower back. I told her I had some cream I used on my pulled muscles and that she should stop by the room after she closed the serving line.

About nine-thirty Rose knocked on my door; I answered it wearing just a pair of shorts.

“Hi, come on in. How is your back feeling?”

“It still hurts; I hope your cream will help some.”

I handed her the tube and asked, “Do you want me to rub some on you.”

She read the label then replied, “Please if you don’t mind.”

As usual Rose wore jeans and a fashion tee shirt under the white uniform top furnished by the hotel; she lifted the back of her tee shirt to show me about where the pain was then bent over and placed her hands on the low dresser where guests usually put their luggage. She shivered when the cold cream touched the skin on her lower back; my fingers kneaded the muscles just above and below the waistband of her jeans.

After several minutes of rubbing she commented, “Oh that feels good; can you go a little lower?”

“Sure but you will have to unfasten your jeans.”

I moved behind her bursa escort as she unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. I pulled her jeans down to the elastic top of her bikini panties then used my thumbs to massage her tight muscles across her hips and along the bottom of her spine. I added more of the cream and rubbed it in as my fingers pressed into her aching tissue; I pulled her sweet ass tight against me; she moved her hips in unison with my massaging hands. As my hands covered a larger area of her hips and lower back they pushed her jeans and panties further down her firm, round cheeks.

“That feels so good I hate for you to stop, but I don’t want to overwork you,” she said with a chuckle.

“Don’t you worry about that, I love every minute of it.” I was fairly certain that she could feel my cock as it pulsed against her bare butt from time to time.

“I have always admired your sweet bottom so it’s a pleasure to see it bare and to hold it in my hands.”

“Then you can lower my pants more if you want to.”

I pushed her panties and jeans to her knees then knelt to shower her sweet ass with kisses. I first inhaled the scent of lavender body powder until I moved my face between her cheeks where the aroma was that of pure woman. The light brown pubic hair along the sides of her vulva did little to hide the brownish, exposed, wrinkled labia which hung upside down like a wilted flower bloom. I captured them between my lips and gently tugged them; my nose pressed in to her warm, wet slit when she pushed against my face.

I slipped off her sandals and pushed her jeans and panties over her feet while she lifted her top over her head; her firm “B” cup breasts were decorated with half dollar sized, brown areola and long hard nipples. I dropped my shorts to the floor and bent Rose over the bed to continue massaging her back but this time I slipped my hard cock in to the warmth of her juicy cunt. She moaned as I pulled her hips backward impaling her with my shaft. My hands massaged her back before slipping underneath her torso to her firm breasts and hard nipples. Rose began to coo like a dove as my fingers gently pinched and rolled her hard nubbins between them.

We spent most of the day fucking and sucking. By the time she was ready to leave I had massaged every muscle in her mature body and kissed every square inch of her skin; my cock probed both her front and back orifices. Rose and I found some time for each other during every one of my training weekends for the rest of the year. No one else knew about our trysts until Julie walked in on us one morning; but that’s another story.

It was late in the afternoon when I checked into the hotel; Julie had finished her shift and had left for the day. Joyce was at the front desk training a new clerk and checked me in; as usual I checked her out as she checked me in. I carefully looked to see if she was wearing a garter belt; she was, I saw the imprint of the arch it made above the cheeks of her sweet ass and the imprint of the clasps that held her stockings up. I also saw the lines of her French cut panties. Finally, she gave me the key card and I no longer had a reason to stand there and stare at her sweet ass.

Once in the room I went to the window to open the drapes and adjust the air conditioner. I noticed the carpet was wet to the point that the water pooled around my feet as I took a step; it probably came from a backed-up drain in the air conditioner unit. I called the front desk and Joyce answered with a somewhat irritated sounding voice. I explained the problem and she quickly apologized for not answering with a more pleasant tone.

“I’m sorry I thought you were a crank caller calling back.” she added, “I’ll be right there and move you across the hall.”

A few minutes later there was a soft knock on the door. Joyce apologized again for her unpleasant voice and I followed her across the hall. We checked the room and saw no problems so she helped me move my stuff into the new room.

Joyce didn’t seem to be in a hurry to leave as I hung up my uniforms so I asked, “What had gotten you so upset when you answered the phone?”

She chuckled slightly, “I got a call just before you called and some heavy breathing, wise-ass asked me what color panties I was wearing.”

We both chuckled then I asked, “What color did you tell him?”

She quickly came back with, “I didn’t tell him. That information is not for strangers.”

I smiled with my best flirting smile and teased her, “Well since we aren’t strangers and we have the same last name, what color of panties are you wearing?”

She blushed and smacked my arm lightly then answered, “Light blue.”

I lifted my eyebrows and replied, “Humm that color would certainly go nicely with your pretty, red hair and freckles.”

She blushed deeper so I pushed a bit more even though I knew the answer, “Are they full cut, French cut, or bikini cut?”

Again she gave me another light smack on the arm saying, “You certainly are nosy.” But she answered any way, “They are French bursa escort bayan cut.”

She still made no move to leave so I added, “I’m sure they show off your small waist, round hips, and sweet ass perfectly.”

She quickly came back, “How do you know so much about my figure?”

I smiled, “When you are checking in I’m always checking you out. I do have one other question though.”

She rolled her eyes then added, “Go ahead, but I may not answer.”

My eyes lit up as I asked, “I have always wondered, since you are red headed, does the carpet match the drapes?”

She laughed and smacked my arm again but a bit harder.

It took several minutes for her to regain her composure then she informed me, “Yes, they match but the drapes are custom dyed to hide the gray.”

I smiled, “Humm, that sounds like it would be a beautiful sight to see.”

Joyce cocked her head to the side, looked me in the eyes seriously for a moment then began to slowly lift the skirt of her baggy, business suit. I took a step back to give me a full view of the attractive forty something redhead sprinkled with freckles.

Once the hem of her skirt was almost up to her crotch I could see wisps of curly, carrot colored pubic hair peeking out around the legs of her French cut, powder blue panties. Her cinnamon colored freckles were sprinkled over the soft, creamy white skin of her hips, thighs and tummy; they blended perfectly with the wisps of curly pubic hair.

Joyce’s eyes were fixed on me to see my reaction. I did not disappoint her expectations; I immediately dropped to my knees and kissed her panty covered pubic mound. She moved her hands to my head, opened her legs a bit wider, and pressed my face firmly into her crotch.

I looked up to see her eyes closed and her chest rise and fall slowly as she breathed deeply. I kissed her skin along the legs of her panties where they rose toward her hips and across the line of her waist band. My hands caressed the firm cheeks of her ass as I pressed my nose into her crotch to inhale her scent; I felt the hard sheath of her clit on the bridge of my nose.

“I cannot stay or they will start looking for me. I could get fired for just being here.”

I stood and let her skirt fall down her legs hiding the beautiful sight I had just seen then I took her hand and pressed it against the bulge she had caused in my pants; her eyes widened as she smiled a sexy smile.

I held her in my arms for a few minutes telling her, “I hope we will have another chance to spend more time together.”

She replied, “I’ll try to plan something for us real soon, I promise.”

She kissed my cheek then left the room. I rubbed the bulge in my pants for a moment and thought about the beautiful sight I had just experienced then started reviewing my training schedule. I quickly settled in by stripping down to my boxers and tee shirt then grabbed a cold beer out of my cooler as I read over my notes.

About seven o’clock I called a nearby Chinese restaurant and placed an order to be delivered then turned on the evening news. About 7:30 PM I heard a light knock on the door. I grabbed my wallet and looked through the peep-hole to verify who it was; I saw a short person in a jacket wearing a blue ball cap pulled down low but I could not see the face. Since I had ordered food I was certain this was the delivery person so I opened the door.

The person quickly rushed in past me and said, “Quick close the door!”

It was Joyce dressed like a boy with her hair tucked under a ball cap. She tossed the cap on the bed and gave me a big smile.

She said, “I told you I would plan something for us real soon.”

I looked her up and down, “Now I can see what that baggy uniform has been hiding from me all this time. You look hot in jeans.”

I reached out to the waistband of her jeans and immediately unbuttoned them and slid the zipper down.

“If I’m going to be in my underwear you have to also.” I told her.

She reached up and gave me a quick kiss and a very sexy smile. I bent over and began to slide her jeans over her full hips and firm, round ass. She removed her jacket and tossed it on one of the two queen sized beds with her cap. Her hard nipples pushed against the soft, silky fabric of the blouse which covered her full, obviously unharnessed breasts.

Once her jeans were below her knees she readjusted her panties which had slipped lower as I pulled off her jeans. She had obviously showered and changed into an off white pair of panties but still French cut which showed off her beautiful, smooth, thighs, hips, and wisps of curly, carrot colored pubic hair.

As I untied her tennis shoes to slip her jeans over her feet I pressed my face into her crotch and inhaled her aroma; her stronger musk aroma of earlier was replaced with the scent of fresh, spring flowers but there was still a hint of her natural feminine aroma.

Once she stepped out of her shoes and jeans she stood in the center of the room in just her silky top and almost matching escort bursa panties. I was about to reach out to her when there was a loud knock on the door. Joyce’s jaw dropped and she almost turned white in panic.

She blurted out, “Oh my god! I’m going to get fired.”

I chuckled, “Relax, it’s just someone from Liu’s with dinner.”

Once the transaction was complete Joyce came out from hiding in the bathroom. I set the food down and took her into my arms and kissed her neck, lips and face.

“I thought I wanted Chinese food for dinner but now I’m not so sure. I think maybe I now want sweet n sour redhead”.

“Why don’t we save that for desert and have Chinese for the main course.” She said with a quick kiss. Then she added, “I’m starved.”

We sat cross-legged on the bed and fed each other lemon chicken with chopsticks as we talked more about our personal lives; there was plenty of touching and sexual innuendos. We were hot and ready to fuck.

Joyce admitted, “I decided this afternoon that I was tired of competing with the television, golf, and fishing for my husband’s attention. I really need some good loving; I hope you do too because I have lots of it to give.”

I replied, “I can always use good loving.”

Joyce suddenly got serious, “I need to ask a big favor.” She paused, “Would you go to the front desk and tell them you need a tooth brush. I really have to brush my teeth after eating.”

“I think I may have a new one in my bag but if not you can use mine.”

She quickly replied, “I couldn’t use someone else’s tooth brush. Just think of the germs.”

I chuckled and took her face in my hands and gave her a kiss, “I’ll bet that sometime this evening you will have my dick in your mouth and I will have my tongue dancing around your ass, licking your pussy, and kissing your mouth. Do you really think we need to be concerned about germs on my tooth brush?”

She immediately began laughing until tears were running down her cheeks.

As she stood in front of the mirror putting tooth paste on the extra toothbrush I had she smiled, “You were right; I will have your dick in my mouth tonight and I swallow too.”

I leaned against the bathroom door frame and admired the beautiful sight before me. Joyce stood in front of the mirror in her silky blouse and panties, as she began to brush her teeth the motion of her arm caused her unharnessed breasts to bounce and sway; I watched her hard nipples dance behind the silky fabric of her top. My swelling cock created a well defined ridge against the inside of my thigh and began to push against the fabric of my boxers as it tried to stand up for the occasion.

Once she completed her oral hygiene task I moved behind her and raised her top over her head. She pushed the cheeks of her ass against my swollen cock then moved it from side to side teasingly. As we viewed each other in the mirror I slipped my hands into the top of her panties so my fingers could explorer her warm, wet cunt for the first time.

Once my fingers were wet and slick with her creamy juices I pulled them out of her panties and took each finger into my mouth and licked it clean. My hands went to her firm, full tits, my fingers played with her hard, dark pink nipples. Joyce closed her eyes and began to moan softly as my fingers pinched and pulled at her hard nubbins.

After a few minutes of nipple playing I moved my hands to the waist band of her panties and began lowering them over her flared hips and sweet, round ass. I dropped to the floor as they moved lower down her shapely legs. My lips began kissing the smooth, white, freckle-covered skin of her firm ass as she stepped out of her panties.

She watched me in the mirror as I lifted the lace fabric to my nose and inhaled her scent. Once I began kissing her sweet ass again she lowered her elbows to the counter and opened her feet wider so my lips and tongue could explore the secrets hidden in the thick, carrot-colored, curly hair.

My tongue danced around the tightly, puckered, pink hole several times before the tip tried to dip inside. Louder moans escaped her mouth and she pushed backward hoping for deeper penetration.

Joyce looked over her shoulder saying lustfully, “That’s a wonderful feeling; I’ve never experienced it before.”

I replied, “Then you might even enjoy something larger and firmer than my tongue probing you.”

“I usually enjoy new things.” Then she added, “I know I’m ready to feel you in me someplace, any place.”

I stood and watched her face in the mirror as my engorged cock slid completely into her slick, wet cunt; she smiled a big sexy smile looking back at me in the mirror. Her full tits swayed forward with each stroke, her nipples slid along the smooth counter top. With each thrust the cheeks of her sweet ass jiggled. Joyce moved her hands to the mirror and pushed backward then began humping her hips up and down to the rhythm of my thrusts.

I moved my right hand beneath her so my fingers could play with her clit. Her moans grew louder as I flicked my index finger over the long sheath of her clit. Soon she was swept away on a wave of intense pleasure which surged through her body, causing it to quiver and spasm. Her moans became grunts then cries as she gave up control of her body.

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