Hot Sex Even After Eleven Years

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I got nailed as soon as I got home from work on Friday. I was horny after a long day of ignoring work at my office job and instead reading erotic literature on my cell phone. So, as my husband showered after his long day at work (he’s a mechanic) I waited on our bed, wearing a very sexy orange bra and panty set from Victoria’s Secret, kneeling, with my ass angled towards the door to our bathroom.

When he walked out and saw me waiting, he paused, simply raised one eyebrow and the corner of his mouth, dropped his towel to the floor, then got behind me and rubbed his cock on my pussy through my panties.

We’ve been married for 9 years and together for 11, and throughout that time our sex life has gone from red hot, to lukewarm, to flat-lining, and fluctuates between all of those, but for the past few months it’s been at lava flow temperature, and life has been good.

Being together this long means that we don’t always need lots of talking to be on the same page, and neither of us needed much dialogue this day. His hands moved around me to grab my tits, but the pretty colors and bra padding weren’t doing anything for him, so he took my bra off and ground his cock against me once more before telling me to take my “damned panties off.”

I told him that I like it when he takes them off of me, so he yanked them off of my ass and, though he was moving quickly, I savored the feeling of the fabric coming down over my thighs as he exposed me. I was one step closer to the orgasm I’d been anticipating all day.

I stayed kneeling on the bed and, now that I was accessible, he stood behind me and immediately sank into me. There isn’t usually a lot of foreplay between us because I’m almost always ready to go. Between the two of us, he is the one that requires cuddling, foreplay, and lots of talking.

The first few strokes were slow because, though he is not huge, he’s above average, and doggy style is a super deep position, but it didn’t hurt so I told him that and he started pounding bursa escort me. I like it hard, fast, and a little painful when I get really horny, and I was over-the-top horny that day.

After enjoying more than a few deep thrusts, I put my face on the bed with my ass in the air, and sliding my arm between my legs I reached back and stroked his nuts. He was moaning at the feeling of every part of his manhood being stimulated.

Not wanting him to cum before me, I stopped handling his nuts, put both of my hands on the bed and started rocking my pelvis back into him and somehow he managed to not immediately cum, though neither did I. Then, however, he grabbed my hips, lifted me up and slid me back down and his hard cock pushing into my g-spot sent me over the edge and I felt the orgasm pulse out from the center of my body all the way into my fingertips.

Because the feeling of my pussy tightening around him started to send him over the edge he quickly pulled himself out of me

“No!” I cried out, because my orgasm was only just fading. But, he quickly pushed me forward, got on his knees on the bed behind me and pulled me backwards by my hips so he could hit it hard and deep. He was pulling almost his whole length out and then sliding it in fast and deep, and his balls were smacking into me, and it didn’t take long before he blew his load into me; the feeling of him releasing into me made me start cumming again.

We both fell forward and collapsed onto the bed, though thankfully he held some of his weight off of me. We panted and slowly caught our breath. I smiled and wriggled underneath him, enjoying the feeling of his skin all over mine as our orgasms subsided.

Not much later we were laying on the bed, talking about things that we like the other one to do, and he started stroking my clit with his fingers. After a few minutes of this, and my moaning increasing, he slowly stuck one finger in me and then pulled it out again. He continued to slowly and gently rub me for a while, bursa escort bayan then he put his face between my legs, and it turned me on that he was willing to do that even after we’d already had sex.

He was gently licking me and he was doing it painfully slowly, though it was definitely getting me closer to orgasm. I told him to look at me and and as he did he slid one finger in and got me even closer. I found myself scooting my butt down farther on the bed, trying to get him to lick me harder, to push his finger in farther, or to use more, but he was taking his time and it was torture.

He was enjoying being in control of my satisfaction, but finally relented and slid a second finger in me. He purposefully curled his fingers upward and continued moving his fingers against my g-spot. The feeling of his fingers almost coming out of me, then being pushed back in to caress my g-spot, along with his mouth and tongue on my clit, made me cum so hard and strong that my clit became incredibly sensitive and he had me writhing around the bed because he just wouldn’t stop licking me. Usually I make him stop because it just feels too intense, but he was really riled up and I was enjoying him being so controlling.

He finally stopped flicking me with his tongue, got on his knees between my legs, and slid his hard cock through my pussy lips, luckily avoiding my clit for the first minute. Once he started including my clit on his push between my legs I started getting frustrated that he wouldn’t put it in me. Instead of getting irritated though, I decided to be a little devious, so I licked my hand and pressed his cock into my pussy lips and slid him back and forth. As he felt the rubbing on both sides of his cock he shut his eyes and his face turned serious.

He pushed my hand away, grabbed his cock and slid it easily into me. He then grabbed my thighs and, running his hands from my thighs to my ankles, he pushed my legs up so that they were laying against his chest and he sank himself escort bursa deep inside of me.

Because I had just cum a few times, I was fairly tight, and we both felt every bit of him against every bit of me and it felt amazing and intense for both of us. After a minute, I bent my legs at the knee, grabbed my thighs to my chest and in one slow and steady push he thrust into me as far as he could. As he pulled back then pumped into me he kept telling me he didn’t know what he was hitting but damn it felt good.

I told him that he was as deep as he could possibly go, that his huge cock was filling up my pussy and I enjoyed seeing the look on his face, telling me how much my talking to him was turning him on.

“You are so tight,” he told me between rapid breaths.

“You like fucking my tight pussy?” I asked him, in as dirty a voice as I could muster.

“Fuck yeah I do!” he said, ramming himself into me. Then, “Tell me you like feeling my cock inside you.”

He started fucking me harder as I said to him, “I love your hard cock fucking my tight pussy.” Not only was breathing harder, but he was definitely feeling harder inside of me.

I let go of one of my legs and started rubbing my clit and almost immediately I told him that he was going to make me cum.

“I want to feel you cum in me right now!” I told him desperately, and he almost immediately obliged.

His eyes shut tight as his orgasm started and as he hit his peak and found it hard to move I lifted my ass off of the bed and moved for both of us, grinding myself against him enough to initiate my own orgasm. Just as he was coming down from his, he took over the motions again and pushed himself into me, making me cry out as my own orgasm peaked. He jerked his hips forward into me several times, surprising me with this sudden movement, and he sent me into a final orgasm that throbbed from the remnants of the previous one and slowly subsided in gentle waves.

As little foreplay as I require, I require as much attention after sex, and as he got up to shower for the second time in the space of a few hours, I rolled over, pulled a sheet over my naked, wet body, not even bothering to clean my husband off of me, and I fell into a blissfully deep sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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