Hot Kisses Hotter Sex

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Balanced between the magnetic pull of the moon and the never ending pounding of the tide. The stars winking in delight of two lovers as we lay under the stars, snuggled together warm and safe on a blanket. You couldn’t keep your eyes off of me, breathing in my sweet scent, feeling the beating of my heart, and the whisper of my soft breath on your neck as I lay my head on your shoulder. I trace slow lazy circles on your nipples with my fingertips, feeling your warm skin, feeling your strong arms around me.

I raise my face up to yours and we look deep into each others eyes. Seeing the depth of our passion shining from within our very souls.

You kiss me softly on my parted lips as I close my eyes, one hand on the back of your head to bring you in closer to me. We kiss slowly and deeply, we knew we had to have each other. Soon the kisses grew deeper, mouths open, tongues doing an erotic dance with the other as we explore each others mouths, hungry for each other.

You reach up to caress my big firm breasts as you feel my nipples grow under your touch. I respond by kissing you harder, my breathing coming faster as I feel you touching me. Kissing your way down my neck, your tongue tracing a wet line as you lower your head to take a nipple into your mouth. I arch my back and gasp as I feel your warm mouth on me, sucking me sensitive nipple into your mouth.

You slowly bring me to the point where you think I’m going to cum, your mouth going back and forth from one nipple to the other, making love to my breasts, bursa escort making me want you more than I thought possible.

You kiss your way down my body, down from my beautiful breasts, going lower, you breathe in my scent, the wonderful musky sweet scent that you crave. I part my legs as I feel your lips along the inside of my thigh, kissing gently my sensitive skin. Smelling and looking at my wet cunt as it opens before you. You could see the love juice coming from deep within me as the swollen outer lips part, my clit standing hard, waiting for your touch. You catch your breath, your desire overwhelming you.

Teasing me you kiss and lick all around the outside lips of my pussy before sliding your tongue inside of me. I moan and raise my hips a little, my hand going to the back of your head as I try to pull you deeper into me. You slowly lick along the inside of my wet slit, making love to me with your tongue, stabbing it into me over and over as I writher underneath you. Using your fingers your spread me open more. I cry out as you wash your tongue over my clit, around and around, up and down, sucking it into your mouth. Stroking first one then two fingers into me as you suck my clit deep into you mouth I cry out, thrusting my hips against your mouth, crying out your name as I shake all over.

You pull me up close to you, I take your hard cock into my smooth hand and slowly stroke you, kissing my way down your body as you had done with me. I kiss down to your balls, taking them into my mouth, I suckle them gently, bursa escort bayan watching as your cock jumps before my eyes.

Taking you deep into my mouth. I begin to stroke my mouth up and down, my tongue swirling the underside of your cock as I suck hard. You pull me up so that I am on top of you, my soaking cunt over your mouth. As you bring me down onto your mouth, taking my clit into your mouth, I moan around your cock, sucking harder, deeper and faster. I move my hips faster as I feel your orgasm build from deep within you. I feel you tense and know you are about to cum. I take you deeper into my mouth, feeling my own orgasm starting as I feel the first hot squirts of cum began to flow from you. Moaning again I swallow, drinking you down, sucking it from deep within your body. Knowing you are cumming sends me over the edge, I came with you, your tongue buried deep inside me.

Laying together catching our breath, but our hands never leaving each others bodies. Soon I hava you hard again and as I want your cock buried deep inside my cunt. I reach down and hold your hard cock, slowly running it up and down my slit, getting it wet with my juices.

Finally you ever so slowly push yourself into me. I groan softly as I feel you slide into me, my wet pussy tight around you. You feel my velvety warmness tighten around your cock, I am so tight, you gently move deeper until you are in me to the hilt. I start moving my hips, rubbing my clit against you, already on the verge of a huge orgasm. “Wait” you whisper escort bursa to me “just feel me inside you.” I try to hold still, I could feel you throb within me.

We kiss, our tongues moving together though our bodies are still. You suck my hard nipples into your mouth as I gasp and moan. We can feel the tension building inside us, becoming almost unbearable. I can feel myself losing control. I hear myself begging you fuck me.

Suddenly I feel myself start to cum, “oh my God…” I cry out. You feel my muscles start to contract around your cock as I start cumming you begin to move in and out of me.

This intensifies it for me as I scream out your name, wrapping my legs tight around your waist as I explode. We found a rhythm moving together, my legs wrapped tight around you, my hands in your hair. You were able to hold off only because you had just cum.

You pull out, roll me over and bring me up on my knees. I moan as you enter me from behind, going in deeper than before. I move back against you, forcing you still deeper into my hot cunt. This time you thrust hard into me, reaching around to pinch my nipples and finger my hard clit, I thrust back against you.

You couldn’t hold back your orgasm any longer, you can feel it building within you. You moan and groan deeply. You reach down and massage my clit.

You start picking up speed as I moan, you can feel the cum welling up inside you, you shot your load into me, groaning as you feel me cum with you, my pussy clenching you, my tight muscles clamp down on your cock milking you dry.

Finally we collapse together, laying in each others arms as we catch our breath. Exhausted, we lay beneath the stars and moon.

Warm hugs,

Hot wet Kisses and

Fevered caresses

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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