Homestead Holiday Highlight

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Back in the ’90’s we spent a month in America every year on vacation. We’d just pick up a car rental and hit the road, nothing planned, nothing booked, no contact with home, free as a bird. In the Spring of ’92 we flew into Orlando and hit the road, first stop the Kennedy space centre. Over the next week we worked our way down the Atlantic coast, never stopping more than one night in any motel.

Wanting to spend a bit more time in Miami we opted to book in to a motel in Homestead and use the monorail to travel into the city. My wife always did the deal with the motel front desk, checking out the room and agreeing the price while I sat in the car minding our luggage. After checking out a couple of motels that didn’t come up to expectations we pulled up outside The Fairlawn and she went to check things out.

Ten minutes later she returned with a big grin, gave me a thumbs up and pointed to drive through the archway and held up seven fingers, room 7. Walking down from the office with the key and paperwork in her hand, the grin still plastered across her face, she met me at the door. ” This one’s different” she said throwing open the door to reveal a room covered from floor to ceiling with mirrors. There was even a massive mirror fitted on the ceiling above the bed. “Popular with newly weds apparently, but I guessed you would like it”

“You guessed right” I said, “We’ve been married 3 years but I’m sure we can dream up some way of having fun in here” She winked at me and nodded her head, already planning our evening seemingly. I brought the bags in and we unpacked enough to see us through our stay and headed out pendik escort for some food. An hour later we were back in the room and my wife disappeared into the bathroom. I heard the shower running and she sang loudly, ” You were always on my mind”, our wedding dance number.

When she reappeared I was surprised to see she had on a one piece lingerie outfit with a peep hole design feature for the top and a split crotch for the bottom. ” Go get cleaned up” she said “then come back and be as dirty as you can”. That was probably the quickest shower I’ve ever had. I didn’t bother getting dressed, there’s no equivalent to sexy lingerie for men and if there was there’s no way I would’ve got my stiff cock into it. We were both nicely tanned and athletically built so the all around reflections showed a positive view from every angle.

“You don’t think there’s a one way mirror among all these do you?” she asked. “Don’t know, but if there is let’s make sure and give them an evening to remember” I said. Pulling her into a tight embrace I got two handfuls of butt cheeks and massaged her, spreading her cheeks to enable me to touch her pussy lips with my finger tips. She moved her feet wider apart and reached down to bend my erection so it rode between her legs, rubbing through her parted lips. The bell end slipped back and forth as I held her agape and was soon coated in love juice.

Looking over her shoulder into the mirror I could see the tip off my cock every time I thrust forward, the shiny coating clearly visible. I took a step back and she immediately dropped to her knees and began licking her cream off my twitching cock. escort pendik Watching in the mirrors I rocked forward, half my length disappearing into her mouth. I commenced a slow face fuck, seeing her cheeks bulge as I varied the angle of my thrusts. She poked her tongue out and licked the underside of my cock as I used her mouth, going deeper until she gagged and pulled back.

Now I forced myself to remain still and let her take me in and work me over with her tongue and lips. No other part of us was in contact and the sensations were concentrated on my prick as she gave me an epic blow job. Seeing the action from every angle in the mirrors heightened the pleasure and she soon had me coming to the boil. I withdrew and guided her onto the bed, getting her to lay on her back with her head hanging over the foot of the bed. This was her least favourite, pornstar, position but she knew it was my ultimate turn on and she allowed me to use her this way occasionally. I lined myself up and popped into her gaping mouth, the lump in her throat evident in her reflection as I deep throated her.

I leant forward and took hold of her legs, pulling them up until I could grasp her ankles and spread her legs. She knew exactly want I wanted and slipped a hand between her thighs so she could rub her clit and insert two fingers into her sopping fanny. We hit the peak at the same time, my load filling her mouth and her vaginal walls contracting onto her hand as she vibrated through her climax. As the apex passed she withdrew her fingers and offered them to me to lick clean.

Although I’d just orgasmed my hard on held firm as I pendik escort bayan suctioned her juices from her fingers. She tongued my cock as she swallowed the last of my spunk and then wriggled into kneeling position, offering her open pussy lips for my erect cock to penetrate. It was like starring in an X rated film as I watched in the mirror while my wife eased back and engulfed my erection. Her lips were smeared with her juices as she accepted all of my hard cock into her then proceeded to titillate her clit, causing her vaginal walls to contract around and heighten the intensity again.

Not wanting to come too quickly I backed off and used my fingers to massage her lips as she continued to concentrate on her clit. I plunged two fingers into her and was rewarded by her pushing back to spread herself fully and let me see her bubbling juices coat my hand.

Eager to finish our session with a memorable moment I moved to lay on the bed and pulled her to lay on back on top of me. As she guided me into her pussy we were both able to look up and see the tableau in the ceiling mirror. I brought one hand down so my finger tips could excite her clit, which was easily accessible due her spread eagled pose. Careful not to block our view in the mirror I stroked her as she worked her hips, soon her climax came and as she tightened around me I pumped my second load into her.

My cream seeped out around my cock as my erection flagged and she swivelled around to lick me clean,. I didn’t know where to look as her gaping lips oozed more come in the mirror and she hoovered me clean.

As holiday memories go that was top of the list. Unfortunately when we returned for a hoped for repeat a few years later we discovered Hurricane Andrew had flatted the property a few weeks after our vacation and a modern high rise had been built on the site.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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