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It’s only been five days since I’ve seen you, but it feels like a lifetime. I’ve been wandering streets alone for too long, and now all I want is to curl up next to you in bed and feel your warm skin against mine. I close my eyes and take a deep breath as the train ambles by yet another station, willing myself closer to home.

When the train finally pulls into the station, I can see you standing on the platform, still dirty from work, but to my eyes you’ve never looked so good. It’s all I can do not to leap off the train straight into your arms, but I restrain myself and wait my turn to alight behind the other passengers. I’m almost upon you before you see me, and your face spreads into that gorgeous grin you’ve got. You step forward, hugging me tightly, and kiss me gently. A kiss filled with a longing that makes my toes curl.

In the car on the way home, you hold my hand tightly, looking into my eyes every so often, reminding me how much I missed you. For now, I simply enjoy the touch of your hand. You help me lift my bag up the stairs and settle it in my living room. I flop down on the couch with an exhausted sigh. You’re looking at me with a hunger, and I can tell you want to rip my clothes off right there. But you look down at yourself, and with a consideration that’s typical of you, tell me that you’re going to have a shower and you’ll be back. I feel as hot, dirty and dusty as you look, the mention of a shower makes me want one too, and I say so. With a cheeky grin, you suggest that if I’m too tired, you could wash me as well, which makes my skin tingle in anticipation – so – into the shower we go.

My clothes are off before we even make it too the bathroom, and yours come off as I’m running the hot water. The sight of your dirty clothes on my bathroom floor stirs something in me, the contentment of simply having you there, and I stare at the image in the mirror of bursa escort our naked selves pressed together until steam clouds it over. You gently lead me into the stream of hot water, and I stand with my back against your chest, letting the streams of heat run over us. It feels so good to be in your arms again. After a time we break apart and take turns washing each other’s hair, massaging scalps and easing tensed neck muscles. When the last of the suds have washed away, you lean down and kiss me, deep and slow, making my belly twinge. I press against you harder, eager for more.

You break away from me, dragging a thumb over my lips and teasingly tell me not to go so fast, you haven’t been washed yet. Impatiently, I grab my cleansing gel and washcloth and wash you very thoroughly. The sweet smell of the gel fills the air around us and you inhale deeply as I methodically work down your body. I admire the way the water runs down your smooth chest as I drag the cloth over it, then your belly. I scrub your arms and back, watching the skin turn pink under my care. I pay particular attention to your buttocks, using firm strokes and kneading motions as I work down towards your thighs. As I drag the cloth up the front of your legs, I can see your cock, hard as it has ever been, hovering inches from my lips, and long to taste it. You notice me looking, and tell me that I can’t touch it until I’m clean.

Gently taking the washcloth from me, you turn me to face the wall, and lather up my back first. Once you’re satisfied that’s clean, you work up my legs to my buttocks, your fingers brushing the insides of my thighs and making my knees turn to butter. You pull me back against your chest, and start to lather up my front. Your hands knead my stomach first, then up to my breasts. You work in slow, concentric circles, and by the time you reach my nipples, they’ve been aching for you to touch them so bursa escort bayan long that electric shocks run through my body. Your hands follow the tremors down to my stomach again, where you start kneading downwards. As you massage my inner thighs, I can feel your mouth on my neck, and I turn to kiss you.

This time, you are kissing me hard, forcefully, and your hands possess my body. You kneel down and take a nipple in your mouth, teasing it ferociously, until I can’t take it anymore. I slide my body down yours and sensing my intentions you sink to the floor and rest your back against the wall as your cock slides into my wet pussy like an arrow that already knows its way to the bullseye, all in one unbelievably fluid motion. The sensation of having you inside me feels so amazing it takes me a second to adjust, but then I slowly start sliding up and down you, rivers of water covering us both, caressing our faces as our lips taste each other again and again. Your hands grasp my buttocks firmly, helping to guide me and keep me steady, and my nipples brush up and down your chest as I ride you with desperate need.

There is no slow build-up as I come, just a sudden explosion like fireworks and then waves of pleasure rocking my body. My cunt muscles massaging your cock is more than you can bear, and you lift me off you, letting me slide across to the other wall as you kneel over me and come over my breasts.

By the time we are able to move again, the water has washed us clean, and you draw me in to rest on your chest, then turn the water off, reach around to pick up my towel, and gently wrap it around me.

After we dry off, we lie on my bed in the light of my bedside lamp for some time, simply enjoying the feel of each other. We drift off to sleep. I wake an hour or so later, but don’t want to disturb you. You look so peaceful, lying there like that. My eyes caress your face, escort bursa your still naked body, down to your cock, standing up hard and long, pulsing. This time, I can’t resist the urge, and sliding down the bed, position myself over you and take it in my mouth. You still smell of water and shower gel, and there is the faint taste of my pussy lingering. My tongue flicks the underside of the head, and you moan in your sleep. Of course, this turns me on, and I find myself licking and sucking you with abandon. I feel your hand run through my hair, and know you’re awake.

I can feel you writhing around the bed in pleasure as my tongue and hands tease you, and I feel you tense beneath me, knowing you are close to coming. You pull me up towards you and flip me on to my back, burying your face in my pussy, swirling your tongue around my clitoris, spreading my pussy lips with your fingers. When you feel me about to come, you pull away. In a husky voice, you ask me what I would like you to do. Desperate to have you inside me again, I moan for you to please, oh god, make love to me. Not needing any more prompting, you slide your cock into my pussy, and as my legs wrap around my waist, start slowly grinding against me. My feet press against the backs of your thighs, urging you deeper, but you refuse to go faster. This time I feel it building up, and waves rush over my body as I come like my insides had turned to liquid chocolate. Your lips press down on mine as the waves subside, sending shivers down my spine and pushing a second orgasm through my still liquid insides. I wrap my legs around you tighter, I can feel you tensing up, and you come with powerful bursts, muffled groans escaping your throat though your mouth is still kissing mine. You collapse on top of me, spent. We lay like that for some time, before rolling onto your side and pulling me into you.

Eventually, we drift off to sleep again in a tangle of limbs. Some time later, we’ll get up, talk about what to have for dinner, and you’ll listen to the excited chatter that accompanies my holiday photos, but for now, it’s enough to be back in your arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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