High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 14

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I relaxed on the sofa awaiting Kay’s return thinking about what had just taken place. She always seems to find a way to keep our love making fresh and exciting and the session we’d just shared was just that.

“Only be a few more minutes.” Kay said from the bath. Like I was going anywhere. Our Friday night sex fest had only just started and I was staying for the culmination. If the fireworks yet to come were anything like the start the grand finale would be spectacular.

Kay returned to the living room looking even sexier than before. Her hair now dry was perfectly teased around her lovely face a broad smile accentuated the rich amber lip gloss she’d applied. She had buttoned up her satin lounge shirt and her breasts again swayed seductively as she walked in front of me.

But Kay had slipped out of her lounge pants exposing her long shapely legs which were enhanced by the sexy five inch heels she now wore. I gazed down the length of her incredible legs to the shoes a platform affair made entirely of clear plastic including the band over the front of her foot. They had open toes and heel. These were definitely prime fuck me shoes and I told her so.

“Love the shoes.” I said.

Kay smiled and replied. Somehow I knew you would.”

Her lounge shirt extended below her waist covering her ass from behind and pussy in front. I resisted the urge to reach out and flip the bottom up to see if she was naked underneath. She held a tightly wrapped wash cloth in one hand and moved between me and the coffee table then knelt down between my legs.

The warmth of moist cloth felt good as Kay slowly cleansed my loins carefully wiping my flaccid cock and scrotum then turning the cloth over and folding it in half she cleaned up my abdomen. The wash cloth was folded and placed on the glass part of the coffee table behind her.

Kay looked up into my eyes and asked. “Feeling better now?”

“I feel incredible.” I replied.

“Let’s step out on the balcony and have a smoke.” Kay suggested.

I grabbed my pajama pants and slipped them on loosely tying the strings in front but not bothering to close the button below.

“Want a refill on your wine Kay?” I asked.

“Oh yes please.” She answered then added. ” I’ll wait on the balcony.”

I grabbed our wine glasses and walked to the kitchen as Kay got a pack smokes from her purse.

Filling both three quarters full I slipped a cigarette behind one ear and headed for the balcony. The spectacular sunset was over and the last tiny glow in the sky was quickly being replace by the twinkle of stars overhead. Kay was leaning against the railing facing the sliders as I stepped out on the narrow balcony.

“Certainly has cooled down a little.” Kay remarked.

The cool evening air felt good on my naked chest and apparently it affected her also because her nipples were now hard and poking at the satin covering again.

I walked across the balcony and said. “Looks like you’re enjoying the cool air.”

Kay glanced down at the twin erect points in the front of her shirt then offered. “I’ve been afflicted with this all my life. Every time I go into a cooler temperature my nipples get rock hard.”

I reached out and touched her wine glass to one taut nipple.

Kay took the glass from my hand and said. “Oh great now one is harder then the other.”

I giggled and touched my glass to the other nipple and said. “Let me even them out?”

I would have rather taken care of the problem with my lips but I knew I get to that later.

Kay’s sexy smile assured me of that.

She removed a Virginia Slim from the pack and I reached out and took her lighter. The harsh glow of the lighter’s flame lit up her face as she inhaled deeply lighting her smoke. In the dim light on my balcony Kay’s eyes still sparkled as bright as the stars popping out in the ever darkening night sky. Her warm complexion a glow and the shimmering amber colored lip gloss both enticing me and heightening the anticipation of the remainder of this evenings sex play.

I lit my smoke then moved beside her leaning my hip against the railing and facing her. Kay’s sexy silhouette was outlined perfectly against the lightly painted wall that separated my balcony from the unit’s next door.

She turned her head toward me and said. “I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. I haven’t been on a real date for so long Allen.”

How fortunate I thought to have Kay bring up tomorrows company picnic making it even easier to speak about meeting Francine.

“We’re gonna have a great time.” I said.

Kay smiled her usually sexy smile at me and said. “I’ll get to check out all the ladies you work with and see if there’s any really competition among the girls.”

I figured there was no better time then now so I said. “Actually Kay there is one girl I’d like you to meet.”

“Is that right.” Kay remarked then continued. “And who might this girl be?” She asked taking a long sensual drag on her cigarette.

I knew I needed to handle this conversation pendik escort delicately or risk the chance of ruining the remaining fire works tonight.

“Her name is Francine Phillips.” I said searching Kay’s eyes for any sign that she might not be too keen on meeting Francine.

Kay looked away from me exhaling smoke toward the doors to my living room.

“I suppose this Francine is your secretary?” Kay asked.

“No no she’s just one of the office staff. I don’t have a secretary Kay.” I replied adding Kay’s name for effect.

Kay took another drag on her smoke then turned her face toward me. As she spoke she exhaled smoke in my face. “And why is it that you want me to meet her?”

She was toying with me and I knew it or at least hoped she was.

“Well you’ll recall my fantasy about a menage a trios.” I said.

Kay smiled “Of course I do. And I suppose this Francine is the trios?” She asked.

“Yes that is if the two of you click together.” I said leaving Kay know it was up to her.

She turned to face me and flicked her cigarette over the edge of the balcony. I decided this was not the time to mention that is littering. I took one last drag on my smoke then dropped it in the coffee can behind me.

Kay started firing questions as fast as I could answer them.

“Is she hot?”


“Is she bi?”

“I don’t think so.”

“How old is she?”

“Thirty seven I think.”




“Not totally.”

“Has she done a threesome before?”


“With you?”


Kay moved closer to me and asked the most important question of all. “Have you fucked her?”

“Once.” I answered.

“And you’ve told her about me?” Kay asked lightening up a little.

“Of course I have.” I answered.

“And you’re sure she’s hot?” Kay repeated her first question her eyes watching mine closely for any sign I was lying about Francine.

I paused a moment and then said. “On a one to ten scale, you being a ten Francine is about an eight and a half.”

Kay’s wide smile acknowledged that my answer was perfect and while I may have fibbed a little on the eight and a half number I was being honest when I said Kay is a ten on the hot babe scale.

She moved closer to me, actually she moved against me and ran her fingernails up through my hair turning my head away from her lovely sensual face. “I’d love to meet her Allen.” Kay whispered.

I was fairly certain that for the rest of the evening Kay would be asked me exactly what sexual technique made me rate her a point and a half higher then Francine but I figured that would be the price I’d have to pay to fulfill my fantasy with two sexy vixens.

Kay smiled again and slid her hand down and through the opening in my pants. Her soft hand captured my flaccid cock and pulled it back through the opening.

“Let’s see if we can concentrate on just you and I for now.” She whispered.

I was relieved that Kay wasn’t going to keep me on edge all night waiting for the next question about our possible third lover. She’d have ample opportunity to find out tomorrow assuming Francine actually showed up at the picnic.

Her hand slowly began stroking the length of my cock and I decided it was time to discover if her pussy was naked under the satin shirt that hid it from me.

I lifted one hand and lightly stroked a taut nipple then slid my hand down off her shirt and between her shapely thighs. Kay moved one foot spreading her legs and my fingers slipped over a tiny triangle of satin.

“I should have known.” I said.

Kay’s skillful fingers slowly stroked my cock as she asked. “Known what?”

I grinned and said. “Known that you would cover it with something sexy.”

My middle finger slid across the satin gently massaging her vulva and the hard nub of her clit at the top.

“Hmmmmm.” Kay moaned under my soft caress.

She pressed her soft tits against my chest moving her shoulders slightly so her erect nipples would slide sensually across the satin fabric covering them.

Kay slid her head along mine and moaned again. “Hmmmmm. It’s getting hard again.”

Her delicate fingers were working their magic and soon enough by cock stood at attention once again prepared for round two of our Friday evening sex party.

“Let’s go inside.” I suggested.

Kay giggled and said. “What you don’t want to be an exhibitionist and have me suck your cock out here?”

“We’ll be more comfortable inside Kay.” I mentioned.

Kay agreed and released my erection but let it extending from the opening of my pants.

Inside she moved toward the fireplace and pushed the ignite button. The small gas flames instantly came up around the ceramic logs. She moved across the room while I stood and watched my rock hard cock extending straight out of my pants.

Kay turned off the one light on the small table inside the entry door. The room was filled with a warm glow from the flames maltepe escort in the fireplace and I smiled as she tossed a throw pillow on the thick carpet in front of the glass doors.

She moved seductively toward me reaching for my erect cock as soon as she could. Her free hand pulled the draw string of my pants and they fell to the floor around my feet.

“Lay down and get comfortable baby.” Kay said.

I got down on my knees then reclined with my head on the throw pillow my rock hard cock extending straight up from my loins.

Kay stood with me between her and the flickering light coming out of the fireplace. Her hands began to move exploring her body above the waist. Unlike before her fingers made short work of the half dozen buttons on the front of her satin shirt and it fell open revealing her soft breasts. The satin slipped over each shoulder then fell to the floor behind her.

“Fucking incredible.” I uttered as the sensuous mature woman posed before me. Her lovely face framed perfectly by shards of red hair. Her sparking eyes piercing mine. Those sensual lips coated with amber lip gloss all enticed my senses.

She moved her hands to cup both soft ripe breasts and held them for a moment before sliding soft palms up to cover her hard nipples. The creamy softness of her flesh glowed in the flickering light.

Kay dropped her hands to her hips and after stretching the satin straps higher over her hips she began to move sensually to the beat of unheard music.

“So sexy!” I exclaimed as her hips swayed one way causing her breasts to sway the other.

Her shapely legs standing on sexy platform stilettos spread apart slightly giving me an incredible view of her satin covered vulva.

Kay smiled and lifted the satin letting me peak at the soft moist folds it covered.

Turning to face away from me she slowly bent at the waist stretching the muscles in the back of her legs. Her fingers touched soft thick carpet then she reached around and grabbed the five inch heels she was balancing on. Her full lush breasts pressed into her thighs and it was all I could do to resist the urge to quickly stand and impale her wet fuck flesh from behind.

“You like this view don’t you?” Kay asked.

“Absolutely!” I exclaimed.

Her fingers released their grip on those sexy plexiglass heels and slowly slid up the back of her calves gently massaging the soft skin as the rose. Slowly they rose through the kink behind her knees then along the tight flesh of her thighs.

“God damn woman.” I exclaimed my cock now twitching involuntarily.

Her skillful digits finally reached the top of her thighs then up and over the stretched creamy flesh on her ass cheeks.

I watched as two fingers hooked into the satin straps high over her hips and slowly began to peel the smooth fabric off her loins. As slowly as she had slid her fingers up she now slid them down even slower.

The satin thong being removed no longer mattered I was staring intently at the incredible view of her moist vulva and tight ass hole.

Finally the satin under garment was pulled tight around her heels she lifted one sexy heel and the stretched material snapped front the other flimsy strap follow suit.

Except for her clear platform stilettos Kay was totally exposed to my lustful gaze.

She straightened up so that her upper body extended from her waist at a forty five degree angle. Her soft melons of lust dangling away from her chest.

She looked around to make sure I was watching or to watch my expression closely as one hand circled behind and spread her vulva open to my view.

“Yes!” I exclaimed extending the “s” in word.

Her moist flesh glistened from the flickering light and when one delicate finger dipped into that moist flesh she moaned softly.

“Please come down here.” I pleaded.

Kay straightened up turned to face me took a step forward then stepped over me. One sexy clear platform stiletto on either side of my hips.

She smiled gazing down at my body and the flag pole erection at my loins. “Sixty nine?” She whispered.

I just shook my head yes.

Kay turned around and stepped back so her shoes were next to my elbows.

I reached up and caressed the back of her shapely legs.

She started to bend at the knees keeping her back straight. Her incredible ass slowly dropping down toward me.

“Oh yeah.” I said as her knees bent completely and her sweet ass was hovering just above my chest.

Her delicate hands moved to my knees to steady herself as she dropped to her knees straddling my reclined body. My hands slid over her tight ass as she inched back toward my face.

“Gimme that sweet thang.” I remarked.

As she moved backwards my raging cock slid between her soft tits.

She settled in over my face her moist glistening vulva only inches above my hungry lips and tongue.

I slipped my hands to her hips and applied downward pressure.

Her delicate fingers guided my cock to her lips but kartal escort before it slipped between those soft amber twins of oral pleasure she whispered. “Tongue fuck me.”

My cock head touched her moist lips just as my tongue touched her vulva. A moan of passion escaped our throats in unison.

I lifted my head slightly off the soft pillow so I could slip my tongue between the swollen lips and into the sweltering moist folds of sweet pussy beyond.

Her tongue circled my cock head sliding slowly around the soft flaring corona more times than I could or wanted to count.

“You taste so good.” I said as my taste buds sent the sensation of her sweet tasting pussy to the core of my brain.

Her mouth now holding my erect cock firmly freed her hands to lightly scratch at every sensitive square inch of twitching flesh on my thighs and scrotum.

I pulled harder on her hips drawing that sweet pussy tighter against my mouth. My tongue dove deep inside her slit gathering as much honey as it could from the wet folds of tongue fucked pussy.

Kay’s head began to bob up and down on my cock letting the flaring head bounce off the back of her throat tickling the scars where her tonsils once were.

I slid one finger between her ass and lightly rimmed her tight little ass hole eliciting a deep sensual moan from her throat.

She lifted her mouth off my cock and said. “Please go deeper.”

I slipped my middle finger in beside my tongue to coat it with her juice then withdrew to lightly coat her sphincter with her own fluids. I pressed my finger tip into the tight ring of flesh.

Kay moaned again. Her body twitched as my finger pierced her ass.

Her mouth continued riding up and down on my solid fuck tool. After several times she’d let me slip from her oral grip licking and kissing the slippery length of my shaft and the flaring head.

Kay moved back just a tiny bit so I could lap at her hard clit between plunges of my tongue inside her swollen pussy. My finger slipped in past the second knuckle.

I began slow sensuous licks from her clit through the wet lips of her vulva then onto the tiny bit of sensitive flesh that separated her pussy from her ass.

She dropped her mouth over my cock and pressed the throbbing head into the back of her throat.

I pushed my finger in to the hilt bending my other fingers under so I could impale her ass as deep as possible.

Kay moaned deeply then pressed her mouth harder over my cock. The cone shaped head bent and slipped deeper into her throat.

I groaned with pleasure as she took all I had swallowing to massage my cock head and the sensitive corona buried deep in her throat.

My tongue dove into her sopping wet pussy and I licked her internal fuck flesh over and over again. I reached up with my free hand and pulled her waist down hard trying to drive my tongue deeper inside.

We twitched and convulsed over and over again coupled together mouth to loins in a lusty oral fuck.

In an instant Kay lifted her mouth off my cock and quickly crawled down so her knees rested beside mine. She dropped her shoulders to the carpet pressing her full ripe tits into the plush nap.

Turning her head to the right so the flickering light from the fire lit up her glowing face. She whispered “Doggie fuck me.” As her hands slid around and pulled her loins open for me.

I didn’t have to be invited twice. My knees drew up and almost as fast as she’d crawled away from me I was kneeling between her sexy legs. My hands came to rest on the soft mature love handles of her hips . My raging cock pointed at the bulls eye of her pussy.

She whispered again. “Fuck my pussy then my ass.”

With one almighty thrust I slammed my cock into her. The searing heat and dripping wet fuck flesh of her pussy surrounding, no engulfing my raging erection as it hit home pressed against her tight cervix.

“Oh god Allen!” Kay exclaimed.

I withdrew and drove my cock home again.

“Hmmmmm.” Kay moaned.

Her internal fuck muscles grasping at my rock hard cock each time I pulled back trying to keep me buried inside. Then relaxing to happily accept my next assault back to the steamy depths of her incredible pussy.

Every time I slammed inside another audible sound was expelled from her throat.

Oh’s Ah’s Yea’s and some sounds that I didn’t understand were forced from her throat by my impaling cock.

Kay slipped one hand between her thighs and spread two delicate soft fingers on either side of my invading cock letting the shaft slide along her digits as I slammed into her my balls slapping against the back of her hand each time.

Kay removed her hand and lifted her shoulders straightening her spine kneeling before me on all fours.

She tossed her head to one side than asked. “Now my ass.”

I fucked into her once no twice more then withdrew. My cock glistening with her fuck juice in the flickering light from my right.

I brought my hands into the middle of her ass and pressed them apart spreading her ass and exposing the tight flesh of her sphincter. My cock curved up over her soft ass and as I moved forward I let it slide over the tiny ring of puckered flesh coating it in preparation for my imminent invasion of her hot ass.

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