Her Internet Fantasy

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That sick feeling was at her stomach again. Her body wanting to fall over but her legs stay planted and not giving. It was so strong she could barely concentrate on making sure she looked presentable. That was the feeling she got every time she was in Vegas. Also the possibility of meeting him came up. This time, she would make sure she would meet him. “ No “ was not an answer she was going to take this time.

It was Sunday morning, around 7am. Way too early, but she had to make sure that she was looking alive and fresh. She showered, dried her hair, fully appreciating the job her hairdresser had done in accentuating the red her hair. “ No make up today. “ She thought to herself. Not that she needed it, she had great skin, and her friends were all envious of her complexion. She chose her outfit carefully, not that it mattered that much, but women can be obsessive about that sort of thing. A nice fitting pair of jeans and a white shirt, short, sweet and too the point, with some sandals. Not too much, she wanted to impress, to be wanted but not to look like a slut.

She tried explaining it to her friend that was with her, but it was pointless. Trying to explain the merits of not acting as a slut to a full blown and accomplished whore is like driving 90 mph into a brick wall. She took a glance at her friend still asleep in bed and chuckled. That girl could sleep through anything, even Linkin Park that Nora was listening too that morning. Nora picked up the CD-man, grabbed that CD, and went out to take a walk. It was only 8 am, and breakfast with him wasn’t till 10. So she filled her ears with music, donned her sunglasses and headed out.

The strip looked the same as it had the night before, just with more light. She thought about the sneaky move she had done last night. She was hoping that when she met him this morning, that he wouldn’t recognize her. It wasn’t like she had talked to him or anything, but she had seen him watching her when she was scanning the Voodoo lounge looking for him. She guessed right that he would be there, but she was in Club Gear last night, not the clean and polished outfit she had on now, so she did not want to approach him, not like that. She felt like two totally different people sometimes, depending on the clothes she wore. And last night she felt an animal. Besides, she had just wanted to confirm that he was real, and after doing that she had conveniently disappeared to hunt elsewhere.

She sat down at the Starbuck on Las Vegas Blvd and sipped her Carmel latte. 8:15 She started to obsess. That’s what happens when you have idle time on your hands. She knew that he knew what she looked like. She knew that he knew she wasn’t a Barbie, and normally she was pretty overly confident about the fact that she had wide hips, a small waist, and ample pendik escort breasts, but for some reason, she felt like every eye was on her while she was sitting there. And in her world, she felt that she was being criticized for her size.

She thought, “Maybe I should run back to the hotel and put on some make up!” NO, that would kill what she was going for. She got up and started to walk some more. A man smiled at her, and when she turned to see if he was still looking, sure enough he was. OK, egos back to normal. At least someone liked what they saw, so she rationalized that she couldn’t look that bad. The coffee was kicking in and she didn’t feel so sluggish anymore. She walked a bit faster, had a spring in her step, and felt again like the Princess she fancied herself to be. And her mind hoped that he could see that when she saw him in a mere 1hr and 30 minutes.

She had talked to him online for months, she couldn’t quite remember when she decided to IM ‘Lord Shatter” on yahoo, and she couldn’t quite remember where she had seen the name and started to talk to him, or why. Maybe it had been the “Lord” part; after all, she did fancy herself as royalty. Maybe she though great minds think alike. But she was off a bit. Their relationship online had gone from him being aloof and silent to him opening up, than her life went to shit at that point and she acted it out on him. Sad, she thought, I actually miss the ‘good morning sweetheart’ that he used to send me in the mornings.

“Ruined that pretty well, didn’t you?” she thought to herself. That’s what happens when your life goes to shit and you take it out on other people you really don’t know. And she really didn’t know that much about him, just little insignificant things. She knew he worked for a big Internet company, and that he worked long hours, a serious workaholic in her book. She knew that he lived in a suburb of Vegas, and that he was taller than her, but then again, almost everyone was taller than she was. She knew that he looked good. That pic of his told her that much, and even though they had conversed about his insecurities, she knew he was hot. She was completely right when she had seen him in the club. He was her version of an Adonis.

9:00 AM “Ok Nora, get it together” she thought to herself. She chanted her mantra on the walk back to the hotel “If he doesn’t like me, it’s his loss. If he doesn’t like me, it’s his loss” Her ego laughed at her insecurities. It wasn’t like he wanted her, for a relationship, he just wanted sex. He was never anything but blunt about that. And she knew that no matter what she wanted from him, sex was all that she would be able to handle fro the moment, anyways. If he didn’t like her that really was his loss cause she could have any man she wanted. That was never maltepe escort a concern. Nonetheless she wanted THIS man.

At that point, her insecurities were gone, and by the time she got to the Hotel, her sex drive, her animal instincts were out and ready to pounce on her prey. Betsy saw that look in her eyes when she got up to the room for the keys. All she could do was shake her head and say, “I’ve seen that look before, and it was nothing but naughtiness, but at least you look confident.” Confident was what she was, she knew what she was looking for, and she knew just how to get it.

She flipped through the CDS in the car, Trainspotting…no….Family values tour…no….Techno that she burned of Napster, yeah, that’s it, something internet related, something sinful that reminds her of fucking. Hard and fast and thumping, that’s appropriate. A smug smile crosses her face as she pulled out into morning traffic.

10:00 AM There he was, sitting in a booth at the IHOP. She was wishing now that she has dressed more of how she felt at the moment, cause the plain clothes could not convey the raw lust she felt. She chuckled at herself, so like a man in her sex drive. She confidently walked over to him, and sat down. The conversation went on quite well, they talked like they had online, but this time it was real. The conversation never lagged. They spent their day together, he showed her the sights, and amazingly as the sunset, they ended up at his door.

“Convenient” She thought, “don’t have to kick my friend out of my room.” The urge to throw him down and fuck him right there was overwhelming, but she kept her cool, she couldn’t quite read him, so she didn’t know if he wanted her as much as she wanted him. And she wanted him bad, that much was evident, she could feel herself get wet. Soaking wet.

They snuck through his house, careful not to let his roommates know he was home. And the next thing she knew the door to his room was closed and she was flat on her back in his bed. Now, he was in control. She was soaked, and her nipples puckered painfully simply at the thought that he would be naked and inside her soon. No games here, he was going to take what ever she was going to give. The thought of that excited her more.

“Strip woman” was all he said, and like that, her clothes were off, and she was lying there in her panties and her see through bra, thanking herself that her underwear matched. He seemed to be appreciative of it evident by the massive bulge in his trousers. Her mouth watered, and even though she wanted to feel that inside her puss, she was aching to wrap her lips around it too.

“Your turn” she said. She loved the way his muscles rippled when he pulled his shirt over his head. Strong-armed. A flat soft six pack. VERY NICE, kartal escort she thought to herself. Then, his pants were down, and there was the most beautiful cock she had ever seen, straight, thick and proudly standing out right in front of her. And it was all for her. She got up to scoot closer, to get it near her mouth, so she could lick it and suck it and worship his cock, but he pushed her down again and knelt down to kiss her.

She realized that this was their first kiss. Full of fire and a forceful kiss it was, invading her mouth as his hand invaded her bra and fondled her breasts. Then her bra was off and his mouth trailed down to her breasts leaving bites down her throat, and kisses till his mouth was on her, warm and wet and soft. She reached down to run her fingers through his hair but he didn’t want that, and he pushed her arms over her head and continued to ravish her skin with his mouth. His mouth seemed to her to be everywhere that she wanted it, and all of a sudden, slowly her panties were being pulled down, and she shivered as she felt his breath on her pussy. She forgot all about having him in her mouth, and wanted him to lick her, and kiss her and touch her down there. He just took a deep breath and kissed her gently right in the center of her being, leaving her wanting for more.

And suddenly she wanted to suck his cock again, to feel that velvety hardness in her mouth, and this time, she grabbed him, forcing his cock in her mouth. Completely filling her up. His hands were on her head, and she backed up, tasting the full hard maleness of him. She latched on to his prick and sucked hard at the head, reveling in the taste of his pre cum dripping out, she swirled her tongue around the head, and ran it up from the base to the tip and the groan he emitted told her she was doing what he liked.

She got lower, and took his balls in her mouth, and sucked gently, taking them both in her warm wet mouth, licking that special place right under them, and all of a sudden he lifted her up by the hair and flipped her on her back. He rushed up to her, lifted her thighs, opening her up for his invasion, kissed her gently and with one strong, hard thrust, filled her up. She gasped, almost shrieked. To be so completely filled. She could feel herself opened up almost painfully, his hips slamming into her, his hands on her thighs, his mouth on her neck, his teeth biting into her, and her arms around his back and her hands on his ass demanding that he go faster.

“You like me fucking you like this don’t you?” he whispered. All she could do was breathlessly answer “Yes.”

The harder and faster he would fuck her, the most she wanted it. Her nails dug into his ass, she lifted her hips to feel more of him inside her, She began to feel her pussy throb, she was going to cum. She was going to cum cream wetness all over him.

“Cum for me Nora, now.” And with those words she exploded.

* * * * *

She woke in the morning, in her own bed. Maybe someday it will happen, she thought. And hit the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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