Her Girlfriend’s Father Pt. 05

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This is the 5th part of my story series “Her Girlfriend’s Father”. If you haven’t read the previous 4, then I suggest that you start there. This story contain scenes of lesbian sex, as well as straight sex. I also feel that I must warn readers about some of the content. If you remember the previous part, there was a dabbling of incest. This part mentions it, but thats all there is. I know some people are weird about it, so I thought I’d offer a warning. I wasn’t trying to create an amazing masterpiece with this, but rather just writing about some dirty, sweaty, naughty sex. If you enjoy this story, please leave a comment.


It had been about a month and a half since the “event” with Fawn, her girlfriend Claire, and Claire’s dad, Mark. If you need a refresher, Fawn and Mark were in the middle of a hot afternoon romp in Mark’s bed. Claire had returned home and snuck in to watch the show, and eventually joined in on the action. There was a point in time during the threesome that almost led to Mark and Claire crossing the line between a father and his daughter. That line was not crossed however. Claire had dealt with it just fine and acted like it didn’t happen.

Mark, on the other hand, was a bit more conflicted. He was ashamed that the thought had even crossed his mind. As if he wasn’t already torn about the fact that he was having sex with his daughter’s girlfriend, almost having anal sex with his daughter was just too much.

Mark felt that the whole situation was out of control. He thought about what he could do to distance himself and came up with a plan that he was sure would benefit everyone.

One Month Prior-

Claire and Fawn had just returned home from their intern jobs. It was a Friday afternoon, and it had been a week since their threesome. Mark was in the front room, glass of scotch in hand.

“Hey, girls. Can I talk to you for a bit?” Mark asked.

“Yeah, Dad. Sure.” Claire answered.

Claire and Fawn walked over and sat on the couch together. Both girls felt a sense of uneasiness in the room. Fawn reached over a gripped Claire’s hand.

“Uhm, I’ve given this a lot of though and… what happened last Friday was…it’s been weighing heavily on me. I feel like lines were crossed and that this whole situation is just…it just feels out of control and I’m afraid it’s going to negativity affect our relationships. So…and please, don’t take this as I’m kicking you out or that I don’t love having you around, but I think we could use our own space. I’m so happy for the two of you, and I think what you have is very special. Being here with me may be hindering your “quality” time, if you know what I mean? So, if you want it, I’d like to offer you the rental house on Bixby St.

I’m not talking about renting it, but it would be your house. It’s paid for, it’s been totally updated, has new appliances, and I’ll even throw in furniture. Think of it as an early wedding gift.” Mark offered.

The girls were stunned. They looked at each other with a look of disbelief.

“Mr. Hampton, I don’t…I don’t know what to say?” Fawn said.

“Dad, are you sure? That’s an awful nice house and its going to sit empty while we’re at school.” Claire stated.

“Claire, you two are only an hour and a half a way from school. Come back on weekends and holidays. Rent it out on Airbnb, or leave it empty and I’ll go check on it.” Mark said.

The girls both agreed that they would take it. The reality hadn’t set in yet that they were now homeowners. They thanked Mark repeatedly.

“Now, we have something else to discuss. I don’t think we need to uhm…be together anymore, like we were. I just can’t be having sex with my daughter’s girlfriend, especially with you involved, Claire.” He told them.

The three were silent. Claire and Fawn nodded their heads in understanding. Fawn new it was likely for the best, and she felt that moving out of Mark’s house and living with Claire would finally help her with her ‘addiction’.

Claire hugged her dad and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She told him that they’d gather some stuff up and head over to the house. Fawn told her she’d be up in a few. Once Claire was gone, Fawn spoke to Mark.

“So this is it?” Fawn asked.

“Fawn, please… my god girl, you’ve made this old man feel things that I never realized a person could feel. It’s just…I’m sorry, Fawn. I just can’t do it anymore. I don’t hate you and you are still very much a part of this family. You mean a lot to me. I just don’t want anyone getting hurt.” Mark explained.

“I get it. I just wish…I’d love to have one more time.” Fawn confessed.

“I’m sorry, Fawn.” Mark said.

“Ok.” Fawn sat down next to him and hugged him. Before she stood, she leaned in and pressed her lips to his. The kiss was passionate. If this was truly the end, then she wanted him to remember her lips as well as feel his one last time. Without another word, Fawn broke the kiss and walked away.

The girls went to Claire’s pendik escort room to pack, and later that night, they were officially in their new house.

Their new house was very nice. It was a two bedroom, two bath house with a basement and a two car garage. It was in a nice, quiet neighborhood and wasn’t terribly far from their intern jobs downtown. The master bedroom featured a walk-in closet and master bath with a walk-in shower. It was nothing compared to the large walk-in shower at Mark’s house, but there was enough room for both girls to take a shower together.

“I can’t believe that this is ours!” Fawn said.

“I know. Now that we are on our own, I can’t wait for us to get married.” Claire replied.

“Me too, my love. Just a few more years, then I can tell my parents about us. We’ll be done with school and be able to let the rest of the world know how much we love each other.” Fawn exclaimed.

“So true, baby. But, this will do for now. It’s going to be like we’re married anyway. We can do whatever we want, when we want…and where we want.” Claire said seductively.

“I hope my parents don’t throw too much of a shit fit about this. They’ve been cool with me staying at your house, and we’re roomies at school too, so they should be cool.” Fawn said.

“Well, lets not worry about that right now.” Claire said as she leaned in and kissed Fawn.

“We are in our own home,” Claire said as she lifted her shirt over her head, revealing her plain, but sexy white cotton bra. “We are alone,” she added as she unfastened her shorts and slid them down to the floor, revealing matching panties. “And we can spend…” she continued, unclasping her bra and letting her ample breasts free. “…all of our time…naked.” She said as she removed her panties.

Claire moved to Fawn, embracing her with one arm, while her other was free to caress her lovers still clothed body. She cupped Fawn’s breasts, and squeezed each one gently. She then gripped the bottom of her shirt and tugged it upwards, exposing her lover’s sexy stomach. Fawn had no more than removed her own top, as Claire unhooked the bra that concealed her partner’s breasts.

Claire kissed down Fawn’s neck, marking a trail with gentle pecks to her awaiting nipples. She sucked the enlarged nubs until they were sufficiently coated. Fawn’s fingers raked through her lover’s hair as she kissed further down her body.

Claire was now kneeling before her half naked girlfriend. She unfastened the button on her shorts and moved the zipper down. Fawn’s shorts fell open to reveal her panties. Claire grinned as she kissed the skin she exposed as she lowered the shorts and panties at the same time.

Claire inhaled deep as Fawn’s erotic fragrance was released. The scent made her mouth water. Claire peppered her lover’s mound with soft kisses, which excited and teased the recipient.

“Oh fuck, Claire! I can’t believe we get to do this whenever we want. I love you so much!” Fawn exclaimed.

“I love you too, baby! There might be a no clothes rule when we are home.” Claire replied. “I’m going to fuck you in every room of this house.

Claire slid her tongue into the tiny gap between Fawn’s thighs, gathering a taste of the tart fluid that seeped from her love’s tiny opening. The excitement of being fully nude and on display for her partner, in the middle of their living room, had caused Fawn’s juices to flow. Claire lapped at Fawn slowly, taking full advantage of the freedom their new home afforded them.

Just as the sensation between Fawn’s thighs had started to rise, Claire rose to her feet, taking her lover’s hand in hers, and leading her to the kitchen.

The kitchen featured a large island in the center. Claire suggested that Fawn should sit up on the edge. Fawn placed her bare ass on the countertop, facing Claire, and spread her legs wide. Her fingers slid between her slick folds as she anticipated what Claire was about to do. With a hand on each thigh, Claire fell to her knees between Fawn’s legs, then buried her face in her girlfriend’s awaiting pussy.

Her tongue swirled over every inch of her lover’s wet sex, bringing her so very near the edge of climax once again. Yet, just as before, she stopped just short of pushing her over the edge.

Claire stood and helped Fawn off of the island, embracing her and kissing her deeply, allowing Fawn to taste herself.

This same scenario replayed again and again as the two women ventured from room to room. The guest bathroom, the second bedroom, the floor of the entryway, the rear mud room, even the garage. Claire had upheld her promise to Fawn.

Now the two lovers stood at the foot of their bed. Fawn was a quivering mess from being teased and tortured by Claire’s experienced tongue. She was desperate for release and was begging Claire to show her mercy.

“Please, baby! I need to cum so bad. Please give me what I need…please?” She pleaded.

Claire stood with her naked body pressed to Fawn’s. Their hands and lips maltepe escort exploring the other’s smooth flesh.

“Yes, baby, I can give you what you so badly desire.

Fawn smiled and kissed her girlfriend before moving to their bed. She laid back against the headboard and spread her legs wide. Claire crawled up from the end of the bed and settled between Fawn’s legs. She glanced at Fawn and their eyes locked briefly. A smile spread across Claire’s face as the thought of what she was about to do to her love filled her mind.

Claire placed soft kisses along the inside of Fawn’s inner thigh. Each peck brought her closer to the fountain of nectar at the center. Fawn was breathing heavy at the continued teasing, anticipating the moment when Claire’s mouth would finally bring her much needed relief.

Claire kissed and licked at the tiny valley that formed between Fawn’s thigh and sweet pussy. The other woman’s scent was intoxicating, and it drew Claire in like the strongest of spells. She couldn’t help but to stop and admire her lover’s achingly beautiful flower. No matter how many times the two women had made love, Claire always felt so full of joy that she was lucky enough to be the one to pleasure the magnificent woman before her. She truly loved Fawn with every bit of her being.

With a teasingly quick swipe of her tongue, Claire made contact with Fawn’s most intimate area. Fawn gasped loudly and her body tensed at the sensation. Before she had a chance to calm, Claire pressed her tongue firmly into Fawn’s wet slit, spreading her nether lips apart and savoring the juices that coated them. Her tongue slithered in between the walls of her lover’s entrance, gathering as much of the tart liquid as she could. Fawn’s hands clenched the bedsheets tightly in their grasp as Claire continued to bathe her pussy with her velvet tongue.

There wasn’t a fraction on an inch of her sex that hadn’t been loved by Claire’s mouth. Her pussy lips were swollen and her clit was engorged and throbbing. Claire used her fingers to spread her lover’s folds apart, and swirled her tongue around the excited little nub. Fawn was crying out in ecstasy, no longer having to worry about being quiet.

“Oh my…fuck! Don’t stop, baby…I’m right…ah, ah, ah!” Fawn’s voice squealed out.

Claire continued her assault on her girlfriend’s tiny button, each tongue lashing bringing her closer and closer, until…

“Oooooooooo fuuuuuuuuck! Oh fuck, baby…fuck! ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod oh…my…gaaaah!” Fawn cried out loudly.

But Claire wasn’t done. Just as Fawn’s massive orgasm was subsiding, she pulled Fawn’s clit between her lips and began sucking on it, bringing her right back into the throes of another powerful orgasm.

Claire was able to keep Fawn writhing and spasming through another two climaxes before her love was capable of no more. It took Fawn’s several minutes before she was able to speak.

“I think I’m dead.” She uttered.

“Hahaha! I could think of worse ways to go!” Claire exclaimed.

“I love you so much. I can’t believe the things you do to me.” Fawn said.

“I love you too, baby.” Claire replied, crawling up next to her girlfriend. Her face coated in the other girls cum.

“Do you want to taste yourself?” She asked Fawn.

Fawn nodded and the two girls kissed deeply.

“Give me a few and it’s your turn!” Fawn informed her partner.

“It’s ok, Fawnie. I’m fine. I really just wanted to have you tonight.” Claire told her.

“What? No way, I …” Fawn started to protest.

“Hey. We have this whole house to ourselves now. We aren’t in any rush. Close your eyes and rest. I’m going to stay right here with you. I love you.” Claire said.

The two women cuddled together and soon fell asleep for the first time in their new house.

The next day was Sunday, and while they spent a majority of the day getting settled in to their new place, there was still plenty of flirting, touching, and licking to be had.

Thankfully, Claire’s dad had just decided to purchase some new furniture, so the two girls were given his old stuff, which was still in great shape.

Over the course of the next few weeks, the couple had gotten the house set up exactly how they wanted it. Living together, on their own for the most part, had brought them even closer together. They really felt like they were married, even though neither one was totally “out”. Fawn was still afraid that her parents would quit paying for school and abandon her. The two kept a pretty low profile at school and when out in public. They hoped that they appeared to just be the best of friends, which they were as well.

Since they both worked downtown for their summer internships, they almost always drove to work together and often had lunch with one another. Occasionally though, the group of interns from their respective jobs would suggest lunch as a group. Today was one of those days.

“What’re your lunch plans today?” Claire texted kartal escort Fawn.

“Ugh. The group wants to go get lunch across the street. I could easily ditch them though!” Fawn texted back.

“Don’t do that. Go and have fun. You may value these relationships once your career gets underway. It’s not like I won’t see your sexy little ass this afternoon anyway.” Claire texted.

“Mmmm. So true! Ok, I’ll see you this afternoon, my sexy ‘wife’!” Fawn replied.

When the clock hit noon, the group of interns started gathering. So far, the group comprised of 6 interns, with Fawn being the 7th. They’d pick up the other 2 on the way out.

On the way to the elevator, one of the interns, Tyson, moved to walk next to Fawn. He had been stopping by her desk rather often since the start of their summer internship. He’d usually tell her good morning or stop and make small talk. Fawn felt that he was just being friendly, and didn’t put much more thought into it.

As they waited for the elevator, Tyson told Fawn about his day. He made a few jokes that Fawn laughed at, and she told him about how her morning had been. The elevator opened, but there wasn’t enough room for the entire group. Tyson announced that he and Fawn would take a different elevator and meet them in the lobby.

The second elevator opened and the pair stepped in.

“You don’t often go to lunch with any of the rest of the group, do you?” He asked.

“Nope. I usually meet my friend Claire.” Fawn answered.

“Oh. Well, you should go with us more often.” Tyson said.

“Maybe I will. Maybe I’ll bring Claire.” Fawn replied.

“Yeah, I guess you could. We could always go by ourselves too.” He stated.

“Yeah, I’m not…” the elevator dinged, then the doors opened and the rest of the group cheered their arrival.

The group made their way over to the restaurant. Tyson made sure to pull out a chair for Fawn, and then sat right next to her. All through lunch, Tyson chatted with Fawn. He’d teasingly bump her arm, or brush his hand against hers. Then, when the waitress placed their checks on the table, Tyson grabbed Fawn’s and offered to

pay for it.

“No, Tyson, I’ll pay for my own.” She told him.

“No way. A lady shouldn’t pay for her own meal.” He claimed.

“Really, Tyson. I’ve got it. I insist.” She stated.

“Nonsense.” He replied and made his way to the cashier.

Fawn was pretty sure she had figured out what he was up to. She’d love to be able to simply tell him that she was only interested in women, and that he didn’t have a chance. The fact that she didn’t have a boyfriend had already came up in an earlier conversation. She’d just have to let him know that she wasn’t interested.

On the way back to work, Tyson was once again by Fawn’s side. This time though, she felt a hand grip onto hers.

“Tyson…” she began as she pulled her hand away.

“Fawn, you’re so beautiful. Would you like to go out to dinner with me this weekend?” He asked.

“Listen. You seem like a nice guy, but…I’m just not looking for anything right now.” She told him.

“It’s just dinner, Fawn. Let’s just see what happens. You never know, you may like me once you get to know me…better.” He said with a smirk.

“Please, Tyson. I’m just not interested, ok. It’s nothing personal, it’s just…I’m not looking to date or anything right now.” She said.

“It doesn’t have to be a date then. We can just hang out!” He offered.

“I don’t know.” Fawn said.

They had just stepped through the lobby door and the group was holding the elevator for them.

“Go on, we’ll catch the next one.” He told the others.

“Nope, hang on! I’m going up with you guys.” She told them.

Tyson followed as Fawn stepped into the elevator. Neither of them spoke on the ride up 5 floors to their company’s floor.

Later that day, Fawn was craving a snack. As she made her way to the vending machines in the break room, she heard her name mentioned in the supply room.

“So, you going to hook up with Fawn this weekend?” She heard Brad, a fellow intern, ask.

” I don’t know man. I mean, she’s so fucking hot, and I’d definitely love to fuck her, but she said she’s not looking for anything.” Tyson replied.

“Yeah, man. That bitch is fine as fuck! Who cares if she’s not looking for anything serious?! It’s just fucking. Get a few drinks in her and that pussy is yours. Yo, have you seen that other chick she’s friends with? The fine ass blonde? Hot damn, that bitch is smokin’ too!” Brad said.

“Yeah! Claire, I think is her name. We should tag team that shit!” Tyson added.

Fawn shook her head and walked by, acting like she didn’t hear their conversation. Claire would definitely laugh when she told her later.

Fawn had a few things to finish up and wouldn’t be getting off work right at 4:00. She texted Claire to let her know. She told her girlfriend to come up to the 5th floor and let the receptionist know she was here to see her.

At about 5:10, Fawn got the call that she had a visitor. She went up front to greet Claire and walked her back to her little cubical. They chatted about their day and Claire looked around as Fawn finished entering some data.

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