Her Desire Ch. 01

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Editing help by: Angel Love

It was a dreary, rainy day as the Professor pulled into the parking lot of the college. The light Northwest wind blew slightly; his thoughts stuck on the fact that it was Saturday and a special class had to be held today in preparation for an upcoming test. His biology class was approaching graduation and several students were close to failing, so they had studied for an extra hour the day before, leaving them no time for their pre-test.

The Professor pulled his Corvette into the space nearest the building as he remembered again the day. There would be no lot full of cars, so he pulled up to the curb outside his classroom where He could keep an eye on it. He didn’t really think it would disappear. He just liked to look at it. His ex-wife had tried to get it in the divorce settlement six months ago, but was unsuccessful. She was lucky to get the small amount of alimony He agreed to. After all, it was her that had been screwing around on Him. He held the Corvette as more of a trophy of his victory over her and nothing more.

He opened the door to the car and placed one foot on the ground. He dressed almost casually, as it were the weekend, blue jeans and a dress shirt with his tie, loose sleeves rolled slightly to his elbow. He stood at the cars side. his fingers caressed the top above the door as he closed it. He smiled as He walked away slowly, his briefcase in hand toward the school. He unlocked the door to his wing and propped it open slightly. A breeze filled the hallway as a few papers the janitor missed blew across the floor. He went to the teachers lounge to start a pot of coffee. The clock said 10 AM, the pre-test would begin in one hour. He walked to his room after making coffee and unlocked the door, placed a sign on it that read: “Be seated~STUDY! Test starts at 11, promptly!,” then he walked back to the lounge to view the morning’s news.

Bonnie and Carolyn walked into the room to see several students sitting there. Carolyn joked with Bonnie about her crush on their teacher. “You know you want Him. It’s obvious by the way you run that damn pen over your lips when you sit and stare at him.,” Carolyn teased.

“Shut up! The whole class is here for Christ sake!,” Bonnie groaned as she giggled.

She knew her friend was right. She tried to hide it as best she could, but was not very good at hiding it. She had had a crush on him since last year when she saw him in the school gym working out. The sweat was beading on his hard chest. He was a small man but well kept. His body a bit on the skinny side but very well defined. She did not obsess of him, but couldn’t keep her eyes off him when he was around. And her little crush only got worse when his divorce was announced in the local newspaper. Since then, her light flirtation had turned to not so light flirtation. After all: He was single.

The girls took their seats next to each other where they usually sat. Joe, who sat next to Bonnie and had a crush on her smiled and attempted a hello but was shut down in the process.

“Joe, You just don’t get it, do you?, barked Carolyn, she is not interested..”

Bonnie nearly jumped out of her skin as she heard the footsteps coming down the hall from a distance. She jumped up, knocking her books from the desk and went to peer out the door, yes, he was coming. She quickly went back to sit in her seat. He walked in the room, peered around with his deep blue eyes to see who was reading and who was screwing around. He set his coffee cup on the desk then turned to the blackboard and wrote ‘PRE-TEST TODAY! HOPEYOU STUDIED!’

Bonnie mumbled something under her breath. She dropped her pen on the floor as the Professor looked to her and asked, “You have something to share with the class, Bonnie?”

She shook her head ‘no’ and looked back to her books.

He reached into his desk as he asked her again, “Are you sure there was nothing you want me to hear or know?”

A slight smile crossed his face as he threw in the ‘know’ part. He had noticed her flirting. “I could have sworn you said something.”

Again she shook her head, “No, nothing to share with the class.” He reached into his desk and pulled out a stack of papers, his eyes fixed on her legs. “The written part of this test will be completed in 30 minutes or less. The questions are multiple choice and diagram labeling. Have we studied?” he asked as he handed the papers out to the class.

Bonnie leaned an elbow on her desk as she flipped through the papers. She nodded her head as if she were listening as she peered up to meet his gaze. She looked around the room to see if any other students saw him looking at her. Shrugging her shoulders she looked back at the papers, racking her brain for the answers.

She ran the pen over the sensuous pout of her bottom lip as she recalls his words, “Your papers are to be turned FACE DOWN until told to start.” She looked at clock. “You may review for 5 minutes then all text books are to be placed in your bags and pendik escort the test will begin. This is an extremely important part of your goal to become doctors or veterinarians or whatever medical field you have chosen to pursue. Your 5 minutes begin now,” he said as he walked behind his desk and grabbed his coffee cup.

Absentmindedly, he adjusted his crotch in the jeans that fit almost too tight. “I will be right back. You may talk amongst yourselves…quietly.”

Hearing his footsteps move down the corridor, Bonnie flipped through the pages quickly. As she put her papers back in order she noticed Joe staring at her legs. She put her head in her palms as she slipped him the finger. She looked up slowly toward the desk where the teacher sat and wondered if he knew of her little crush. She blushed slightly as she lowered her head again, biting the pen as she thought.

He walked back in just as Joe was looking at her legs. He didn’t know exactly why, but it made him almost jealous, feeling his face redden slightly. “Joe, doing a little extra studying I see! Time to look at your papers flip them and begin. Good luck.”

Bonnie laughed at his words and tried to stop, turned and stuck her tongue out at Joe, then giggled and flipped her ponytail behind her back, slowly flipping over the papers and started to write her name on the top left. Pausing on the end of her name and seductively looked up at the teacher, she moaned slightly in her head and looked back at her paper, smiling as the first few answers seemed too simple to her.

The teacher pretended to not notice her sticking her tongue out at him, but couldn’t hold back a small chuckle. He walked to the rear of the class and peered out the window at the rain. The water was glistening off the windows. He stared out as if in a trance, his mind somewhere else. His hand moved up his neck to his ear, rubbing it as he felt his earring was in. He laughed and figured ‘hell it was Saturday.’ so he removed his tie slowly and unbuttoned the two top buttons of his shirt before heading back to the front of the class. He stopped just behind Bonnie and peered over her shoulder at her paper.

Her breath deepened as she sensed the heat of his body at her side. Her hand trembled slightly, unnoticeable as she flipped the page. She pretended to be thinking, sitting motionless, listening to his breath behind her. Goosebumps formed down her neck and back as the thoughts of him ran through her mind as he walked slowly forward again. He took in a deep breath of her scent as he slowly walked away.

“When you have finished with your test you will bring it to me and I will remove a number from this jar. That number will coincide with your oral essay, which will be conducted in private. You will have 5 minutes to explain reproduction from conception to birth. This essay does not need to be extremely accurate, but MUST contain the major importance of the process. Five minutes left for the written portion. If you are done, bring me your test, get your number and sit.”

He sneakily removed a number from the jar and placed it in the palm of his hand, separate from the rest. His heart pounded his breath quickened as the students began to approach his desk. Bonnie’s fingers ran the length of her necklace as she ran over her test to ensure everything was right. A smile crossed her face as the final answer came to her mind. She wrote it down and again flipped through the papers to ensure proper spelling and quality of answers. Satisfied she stood , adjusted her denim skirt, still looking the papers over as she saw from the corner of her eye, Joe reaching for her ass. She rolled her eyes as she moved from his reach.

From behind her, Bonnie heard Carolyn, “Your answers are near perfect girl!” She smiled at the words of her friend and moved slowly in the line toward the teachers desk.

Having noticed Joe and his attempt to grab a little ass in class, Professor Yantz looked at the student in front of his desk, “One moment, please.”

He then emptied the jar on the desk and removed the number one, handing it to Bonnie. “Would you please hand that to Joe, Bonnie? Thank You.”

She leaned over to hand Joe the number as he looked at her with a dumb stare. She sighed and waited for her turn at the desk. He replaced the pieces of paper and handed them out, never looking to see what he was picking. As Bonnie handed him her paper he slipped the last number into his right palm and reached into the jar as his eyes gazed over her body from her bare knees to her chest. He pulled his hand back out with the last highest number in his hand and placed it in hers after looking at it.

“Well, you will be last, Bonnie. Guess you have time to think about what you might say.” He smiled lightly as he thought of things she might say or things he might have her say!

Her lips parted slightly as she looked down the front of his partially unbuttoned shirt at his chest and up the trails of his neck. As their eyes met she blushed maltepe escort and smiled lightly before turning to walk back to her seat. As she did she saw Joe standing in front of her staring at her body.

She gave him a disappointed sigh and waved him off with, “Fuck off pencil dick, you can’t handle me and I don’t want to handle you!” Her voice low enough as to not attract too much attention.

She sat and studied for her oral essay as Carolyn laughed at her friend’s comment. The Professor laughed lightly as he saw the look on Joe’s face and knew she said something to him.

“OK, class, sit down Joe. You may sit in the class next to ours and await your essay.”

He sat and went through papers as the students filed through the door out of the class.

As Bonnie approached the door Carolyn joined her side and attempted to whisper, “Ooohh you get to go last, you think he knows you have a crush on him?”

Walking faster through the door she looked at Carolyn and said, “Woman!! Jesus Christ, he heard you!”

She sat at a seat in the rear of the room and placed her school bag on a table. She traced the raindrops down the windowpane. She smiled and thought of her fingers running down his chest. She turned to help Carolyn study. He did hear Carolyn and his head had turned that direction with a slight smile before turning to the remaining class walking toward the door and giggling amongst each other about Carolyn’s remarks.

“OK…go, pick up the pace. Joe wipe that look off your face and begin. Explain the reproductive process, if you can.”

As student after student told their version of things, Prof. Yantz looked through the papers. He walked to the door of the next classroom and peered in, speaking in a low voice, “Carolyn, ready?”

He was speaking to Carolyn but had his eyes glued to Bonnie, as his stare moved up her body from her crotch to her chest, to her eyes. He turned quickly and walked from the room.

Carolyn turned to Bonnie with a smile saying. “Did you see that?”

Bonnie looked at Her, confused, “See what?”

“He was looking at your…,” Carolyn said as she pointed at her friends crotch. “Oh hell! He was not.,” Bonnie said as she giggled. “Get going for God’s sake. I didn’t help you study for nothing.”

Carolyn walked from the room as she winked and said, “I’ll save some of him for you.”

Bonnie stared out the window shaking her head and laughing at her friends comment. She watched the other students leaving the parking lot. She smiled as she tip toed and stared at the corvette there, outside the window and returned to her notes with a slight giggle.

The Professor sat behind his desk as Carolyn spoke, but his mind was in another place. He fought inside with wanting to be professional, but losing out to Carolyn’s previous words. His mind changed those words into fantasy as his crotch warmed at the thought of…Carolyn’s voice, “That was all, Sir.”

Shaking his head slightly he looked at the girl in front of his desk, “That was very good. You should do excellent on the test. Would you please send Bonnie in for me?” He knew it would have been a bad time to stand, as his crotch was warm from the thoughts running through his mind, his penis 1/2 erect.

“Boo!” Carolyn yelled as she stuck her head in the door of the classroom.

“Bitch!” Bonnie said in a laugh as she nearly fell out of her chair.

“He WANTS you. You better go, or was that cum?” she giggled as he picked her bag up from next to Bonnie’s. “I’ll see you at home. I have to go feed the dog and stuff.”

“Ok, I’ll see you there after. Grr…I am so nervous about this, you know how I am speaking in public,” Bonnie said.

As the girls hugged Carolyn said to her, “Yeah, well you’ll do better than me.”

Carolyn walked away as Bonnie realized with a smile on her face that it was Saturday. “There will be nobody here to hear me.” She fixed the back of her skirt and picked up her bag. She walked slowly into the room and sat at a desk directly in front of his and awaited his response.

“I haven’t actually graded papers but I have looked over them. Yours looked great. I see you did study.”

He looked up to her as he stood. He then realized that his cock was not quite calmed down, there was a slightly noticeable bulge and he turned to erase the blackboard.

“OK, You have 5 minutes. Relax. Begin.” he said as he walked slowly to sit on the front edge of the desk and look at her as she began to speak.

She smiled and took a deep breath. Standing to take the edge off she began, “OK, the reproductive system is made up of two parts; male and female. The female and her infinite trails of ovaries and eggs can only be made fertile by the age of 14-15, but usually only in the early stages of menstruation can she properly conceive a child. The male can be active with his sperm by the age of ten and grows into his manhood slower then a female.”

She paused and prepared for her next kartal escort sentence. She swallowed the lump in her throat and continued. “At this time in life, both male and female must pursue intercourse, the erotic pleasure of sex.”

His eyes gazed at the sound of her voice sputtering the words ‘erotic sex’. He grinned and she continued. “The male ejaculates into the female when his pancreas and sperm sacks feel ready to release causing it to flow into the woman and join her trails. On the other hand the sperm must be quick on its journey to the egg because the woman’s natural defense system kicks in and absently destroys most of the sperm on contact.”

She paused and looked up at Him, drawing her vision from his stomach then began again, “Once the sperm has found the egg, its molecules begin to form a child. Each one duplicating at fast speeds until the ninth month when the woman delivers the child.” She took a deep breath and looked down at the floor, tracing over her words as she slowly sat on the desk top behind her, slowly looking up at him, wondering if she said too much, or not enough.

“Erotic, huh? And just what would you describe as ‘erotic’?” he knew he had pushed the boundaries with this question, but he had to hear her answer. In his mind maybe she would show him. He looked directly to her eyes and awaited her response.

She peered up from her downward stare as she took a deep breath, her face blushed her foot shifting slightly along the waxed surface of the floor. “Ummmm…erotic…I’m sure you have had ‘erotic’ sex before, sir. And, I am also aware of the fact that some women get pregnant from non-erotic sex. I was just giving my…” she stopped mid sentence licking her bottom lip seductively as she stared directly into his eyes… “opinion on things, as you requested.”

The look on her face and the tone of her voice now too much for him, he would make this come to be. He could see her intentions, and the fact that she seemed too nervous to follow through on them. He too was nervous, but not that nervous. He placed her test paper on the desk before her, leaning on it, his fingertips touching hers.

Her hand moved to cover his, softly caressing his skin. A small gasp escaped her lips as she shivered excitedly at the touch. Her eyes lowered as she listened to his breath and scooted her ass forward sitting deeper in the chair, allowing herself to relax. He walked slowly around her left side to just behind her and placed his hand on her shoulder. He leaned toward her ear looking at her bare neck, the thought of his tongue on her skin made his crotch harden…followed by the thought that she was not explaining erotic well, maybe she wanted to be shown.

He whispered into her ear, “A pretty girl like you is in not in need of attention…however…”

She shivered lightly to his warm palm on her shoulder and moved her hand to slowly draw over a line under her necklace, his words made her blush. She kept looking down, in shock that his touch could move her the way it did. She started to breath in rhythm as all sorts of thoughts ran through her mind. She parted her lips in an attempt to breath quietly, only ending up in a smooth sensual sigh.

He moved his lips to her ear again gently whispering, “You want to see what I think is erotic? Carolyn said you might?” His hands moved slowly down her chest as his tongue dragged lightly down the skin of her neck. “Do you?”

She gasped lightly as she felt her heart jump to her throat. Her eyes closed in pleasure the moment his tongue touched her flesh. Too turned on to speak she turned her face slightly to look deep into his eyes, giving her non verbal approval. Her hands held tight to the chair. She tightened the pressure of her knees together as she felt a warm sensation run through her already wet panties.

He licked slowly across the back of her neck to her other ear and whispered, ” I take your reaction to be a yes.” His hands moved to her breasts as he kissed the warm skin of her neck, his tongue traced a line between kisses stopping only to speak again, “I think tongues are erotic.” His hands reached the bottom of her blouse and he found the skin of her stomach, “and smooth skin, that is erotic.”

Her eyes closed as her trembling lips whispered ‘Oh my God!’

She nearly fell back a bit as she gave in to his warm tender touch and the divine tingle of his tongue. Her legs crunched together tightly as she breathed ever deeper, her eyes half closed in extreme lust as she had never known. He crouched slowly behind her, his hands moving slowly back up her chest to her shoulders then down the sides of her arms to her hips and around to her belly. He placed his hands under the bottom of her blouse and stood slowly, taking her top up as well. He gently lifted it over her head as he returned to kissing her skin…shoulders, neck, down her back slightly.

He dragged his tongue back to her neck and softly told her, .”..and I think the way you look at me in class…that is erotic.,” before nibbling softly upon her earlobe.

Her hands moved to the sides of his head , as he spoke, pulling him to her and violently kissing him. Her passions burning out of control now, she stood to face him, never losing their lip contact.

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