Her Birthday Present

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My wife, Janet, will have her 55th birthday in a few weeks. I asked her what she wanted besides a membership to AARP.

She laughed and said, “Well, for starters you can take me out for an expensive dinner and a show at a casino and of course I will need a new outfit.”

This is normal, as we do that every year for her birthday.

“Anything else?”

“I’ve been looking at some stuff on the internet and will let you know what I decide.”

After a week, I asked her if she had made up her mind what she wanted.

“Not yet but I’m close to making a decision. Let you know in a couple days.”

I was getting more curious as the days went on. Janet is not very computer savvy, so I figured she would not have deleted the history of where she had been or found “In-private browsing.”

She went to her aerobics class, Saturday morning, as always. This was my chance to check out the computer.

When I opened “history,” I got the shock of my life. She had been on a whole lot of Bondage and Discipline Websites. After opening a few, I noticed that some of them had chats, that it seemed she had been on. And down further, I saw she had been reading stories on Literotica. I went on the site and read a couple of them. They were all about women being dominated.

What the hell was she up to. Never in our 32 years of marriage had she ever mentioned or suggested anything to do with being dominated.

I decided not to confront her about it and see where it lead.

Was she trying to decide if she wanted to get involved in that lifestyle? She didn’t say anything the rest of the weekend.

Monday, Janet called me at the shop and said she was going to go for a drink with Ann, after work. She would be home by 7 and would get something to eat there.

At seven she walked through the door. She had that glow she gets when she has had a couple, but she was far from being drunk, thank God as she had driven.

“Hi Honey. Did you eat?”

“Yah, but was waiting for you for my dessert.”

“Well, come on then. I haven’t had dessert yet either.”

We were undressing as we went. By the time we got to the bedroom we were down to our underwear and by the time we were in the bed, it too was gone.

“Let’s 69, hon, I want that cock in my mouth and your tongue in my wet pussy.” How could I turn that down.

Her mouth engulfed my cock and her head was immediately moving rapidly up and down my now rigid cock. I had my face buried between her legs and my tongue cleaving into her wet, hot pussy.

After a few minutes of this she pulled her head up and with a throaty order. “Fuck me, fuck me now and fuck my hard.”

This is not something that she hasn’t said before when she is horny but my mind wondered if this time may have something to do with the domination she had been looking into.

“Get on all fours. You want a hard fucking, I’ll give you just what you want.”

Taking my engorged cock in my hand, I ran it down the crack of her ass and then between her now open, swollen pussy lips, teasing her.

“Quit fucking around and put that damn cock of yours in my cunt.” Now there was a word I never heard her say before. She always referred to it as her pussy or “muffy”.

Now as I was getting ready to thrust it into her, I had a thought, I brought my hand down onto her ass cheek. Not hard but enough to leave a little pink mark.

“Ow, what was that for?”

“Because I felt like it.”

“Well, not so hard.” Wow, that is the first time she has responded like that. I had given her a light swat or two in the throes of passion and she later told me she didn’t like it.

As I started to fuck her “cunt,” I leaned forward and reached around and grabbed both nipples and rolled them between my finger tips. She moaned and shoved harder against me.

Pinching and rolling them harder and pulling on them had her in a frenzy. She was thrusting back against me and murmuring, “Oh that feels good but not quite so hard. Let me get used to it awhile.”

This was all it took to make my balls start to tighten.

“Baby, I can’t hold out much longer.”

“Just a couple more minutes, I am almost there too.”

I pulled a little harder on he nipples as she started to sit up. Her mouth opened and a piercing wail came out that must have been heard down the block.

She was grinding her cunt down onto my cock, as far as it would go, she had an orgasm, like nothing I have seen from her in ages.

As I felt her cunt muscles tighten around my swollen cock, I erupted into her hot, sopping love tunnel.

Both of us were sated. I still had my hands cupping her little B cup tits. She reached up and held my hands firmly against them. Meanwhile, my softening cock was slithering out of her spent hole.

“Not that I am complaining but what the hell got into you tonight. Besides me?”

“Let’s get showered and fix a drink. I want to talk to you about something, actually, my birthday present.

I know where this is going. Of course, she has no idea that pendik escort I know. “Besides our usual ritual, for my birthday, I have been checking out some sites on the internet. After talking with Ann and her husband, I want to try something.”

“And what might that be, Janet?”

“Being dominated.”

“What, are you kidding me. There is no way I could treat you like that.”

“Not you, someone to work with me, someone that would know how to test my limits.”

“What limits?”

“Sex and pain.”

“I don’t get it, Janet, you have never been into pain, and what do Ann and Jim have to do with it.”

“They are in the lifestyle, or I should say she is and he goes along with it.”

“So in other words, you want to make me a cuckold.

“No, no. I want you to be okay with letting me try this. We could advertise online like Ann did. They found a “master” for her that they both agreed on.”

“This is just to fucking weird Janet. Do you actually think I would go along with this?”

“I was hoping you would. Once I am trained I would be all yours again. I know you have it in you to take me places we have never been, but I need to know just how far I will go, before we get into it with each other. I need an experienced Dom to work with me.”

“Where besides Ann have you been getting all this info?”

“BDSM sites. I have been chatting with married women, who are into this and with their husbands okay. In fact, most say, he helped them pick her Dom.”

“Let me ask you this, Janet, do you think our marriage, after all these years, could stand up to this?”

“Yes, I do. You have always wanted me to be more adventurous in the bedroom. I have always enjoyed showing off my assets for you. You like me doing that don’t you, you like what it does to me sexually and don’t we have the best sex after I do this?”

I had to admit that I do like when she does that and yah, the sex has always been the hottest and she has always gone a little further than she normally would.

“Yes, babe, you’re right, but this would be a big step up from anything we have ever, even considered.”

“I know, but can we just advertise and see who responds and pick a couple to meet, if they are not to far away.”

“Tell you what. You put the add you want, on the internet but open a new E-Mail account just for the responses and no pics, until we chat with some of the guys who strike our fancy and then we’ll see.”

“Oh thank you, love, thank you. I promise this will be good for both of us. I am not that young. I hope we can find someone who will take on an out of shape, 55 year old woman.”

“Hon, you are not that bad. A bit thick around the waist. You tits have spread out on your chest, but don’t sag down like most women’s do at your age and your legs and ass are still in great shape. Maybe we can work with that midsection to get it firmed up if it bothers you that much. Maybe the guy we pick will think like I do. A bit more to hang onto.”

The next day while I was at work, she put together an online request that read, “Mature, married woman looking for an experienced Dom, to take me and help me test my limits. Husband must approve but will never participate. “

Now we had to wait to see what kind of responses we would get.

It took three days but the responses started to come in. We looked through all of them and as the interest dwindled, we chose two, to communicate with.

One guy was black and had been a Dom for over 20 years. He was 49, years old, 6’3″ and 230. He enjoyed testing the limits of white wives, regardless of age. He wanted a pic. Didn’t have to be a nude. Just full body and face, recent.

The other was a white man, 55 years old and claimed to be a trainer of subs. He was 5’9″, 190. He stated he loved dominating and testing the limits of women, especially if they were married. As they were the most responsive. He wanted a pic of Janet in bra, panties, stockings with garter and high heels.

The black man was in Vegas. We had no problem making the day’s drive if that is what he wanted.

The other guy was from, 30 miles away. We sent him the pic he wanted.

The black guy from Vegas, said he would set us up with a place to stay if we decided that he and my wife decided to play. We sent him a pic of Janet in a pair of short shorts and tank top.

We chatted online with the guy closest to us. We made a date to meet him at a casino lounge there the next Friday night. He understood that he was not the only one we were considering and that my husband would be there also. He agreed.

He wanted to talk to Janet on the phone. We gave him her cell number and he called her two days before the meet. We put him on loudspeaker.

“Janet, my name is Ken, once we introduce each other, when we first meet, you will call me “master” or “sir.” This is so we can establish the proper rapport from the beginning, even if we never get together. I insist on this. Are you agreeable?”

“Yes, sir, I am.”

“Very good then. I like a woman who does what maltepe escort I say. I want you to wear a certain outfit. I see by your picture that middle age spread has set in and I assume your tits have lost their ability to ride high on your chest without support?”

“Yes, sir, that is right.”

“Ok, I want you to wear a dress, loose fitting, chemise style, shorter the better. Exposed stocking tops when you cross your legs would be excellent. I prefer dark colors. The sheerest black stockings you can find and a matching bra, panty and garter set, in black and four inch or higher whore shoes. Bright red lipstick and nail polish.”

I understand, sir, but what are whore shoes?”

“I like the open toe, concept, with a wide strap around the leg just above the ankle, and remember, at least 4 inch heels.”

“Yes sir. I look forward to meeting you.”

We went shopping and found her a dark gray, chemise dress. Low cut, in front. A good six inches above her knees. In Victoria’ Secret, we bought a black demi bra, that barely covered her nipples, a matching high cut bikini panty and lace garter and the very sheer stockings.

Janet will tell the story from her perspective, from here on.


I wanted to look my best for the man who could be my master, for training. First I ran a bath and used my lavender bath beads with aloe. I soaked until the water cooled. Next I took a shower, used hair remover on my legs. I wanted to be totally smooth, to his touch. My pussy hair is trimmed short, but full. I left it that way, but shaved my pussy lips and ass crack. If he wanted me bare, I am sure he would tell me.

My hair which is cut short and close, made for an easy do. I clipped my nails and applied several coats of bright red nail polish, toe nails too.

Once I had gone this far, I put on a robe and went downstairs and opened a bottle of wine. I would have a couple glasses until my husband got home. I wanted him to help me get dressed. He loves doing that.

He brought Chinese take out with him, so we would not have to cook or go out. Just get ready and go.

After he showered and got dressed. I came into the bedroom. Other than one glass, that he drank, I finished the whole bottle. I was very mellow and ready for our evening, with my potential Dom and master.

He removed my robe and I dabbed on Allure, my favorite perfume.

The first thing he put on was the wide lacy, garter belt with six silky, elastic straps.

He took the panties, leaned down and held them open for me. I held onto his shoulder as I stepped into them and he pulled them up my legs and settled them on my tight, round ass, smoothing the silky material.

Next the bra, he held it up as I put my arms through it. He reached around and hooked and made sure my little B cup tits were in place with the nipples just covered but the tops of the areolas were exposed.

My stockings were next, I chose to put them on because of the delicateness of them, I didn’t want his hands to run them. He had my “whore” heels, ready for me to put on. I was sitting on my dressing table chair and he put them on my feet and buckled the strap. The buckle looked like a little pad lock.

I was now ready for my dress but he told me to wait, as he reached into his pocket and came out with a little box, that contained a very delicate ankle bracelet. He put it around my right ankle.

I stood up and kissed him passionately. He told me if we were going to do this we would do it right.

He opened the dress and I stepped into it. The zipper was zipped and I was about ready to go. I put on my bright red lipstick and looked at myself in the mirror. I hoped Ken would like how I looked.

We met Ken at the prescribed place. He was a nondescript man but I could tell that he was an alpha male. He exuded a force that immediately had my full attention. My husband sitting along side of me, was now a shadow.

“Janet, I’m Ken and this must be Paul, your husband?”


“Yes, what?”

“Oh, yes sir, sorry sir.”

“That’s alright. First time and all. But the next indiscretion, will be dealt with, with punishment.”

“We need to get off on the right foot, right from the beginning. Don’t you agree, Janet.”

“Yes sir.”

“So, you are interested in being dominated by a man that will test and push your limits, for sex and pain. Am I right?”

“Yes, Master, I have been having fantasies of being stripped, bound, gagged, fucked, spanked and whipped. I make myself cum thinking about it, when I masturbate.”

“You will not be disappointed if you come to me. Now please get up and stand beside me.”

I did as he wanted.

“Now lift your dress so I can see your stockings, garter and panties.” I just looked at him.

“Just do it, or this meeting is over.”

Looking around I didn’t see anyone paying us any attention. I slowly lifted my dress up to my hips.

“Just as I asked for. Now turn around so I can see how spank able that ass of your’s is.’

As I kartal escort turned he ran his hand over my panty clad ass, crooked a finger into the elastic waistband and pulled them down below my cheeks.

“Very nice. You are one lucky guy Paul, to have such a fine and willing woman, all to yourself. But that will change shortly, once she takes a Dom.” My husband didn’t respond. I could tell he was not happy with where this was going.

“Please Sir, let me drop my dress and sit down. This is embarrassing.”

He just flipped his hand. I got decent again and sat down.

“This is not going well. I don’t think I’m the one you are looking for. You need someone with less exuberance for the lifestyle. Someone who will lead you by the hand, into submission, if that is your desire.”

“I am sorry, Ken. That we wasted your time but you are right. This will not end well, I suspect, if we allow you to train Janet.” My husband commented.

“I hope you find who you are looking for.” With that he stood up, kissed me hard on the lips and left.

We spent the next week, lamenting on what had taken place in that short span of time, with Ken. It was decided that we would call Damian, that was the black guy from Vegas and if he was still in agreement we would go to him in Vegas. If nothing else it would give us a few days away, in Sin City.

We E-mailed him and asked if he would consider talking to us on the phone. He said he would and we gave him our phone number. He called us within the hour.

His demeanor, at least on the phone, was in direct contrast to Ken’s.

“What do you expect from me?”

“To be trained to be a submissive to men, especially my husband. To have my limits for sex and pain, tested and possibly pushed. I would like to be spanked, nipple play, made to worship you.”

“That and more can be arranged. You know I am particular to white, married women don’t you?”

“Yes, sir, I am aware and both me and my husband are okay with it. You know that he has to approve of my Dom.”

“I know that and am fine with it. Don’t call me sir or master or anything but Damian, that is my name and that is what I want to be referred to.”

“Yes, Damian, I am more than happy to comply.”

We talked for over an hour and agreed that we need to take it to the next step and told him we would meet him in Vegas. If it didn’t work out we would at least have a few days of fun in Sin City.

The next day we got an E-Mail from him with a confirmation number for 4 nights at the Bellagio. It was his treat. He wanted us to enjoy our stay also. Even if he didn’t get to have me. He told us to call him when we were in town and he would meet us at the hotel.

We got there Thursday evening and called him. He met us at the hotel right after we finished checking in.

I saw him approach us. He was everything I had imagined. Tall, well muscled in his slacks and tight fitting sport shirt, unbuttoned to his sternum. His head was shaved and he had a goatee. I felt a familiar tingling between my legs. The thong I was wearing was going to be of no use soon.

He introduced himself and kissed me on the lips.

“Come on lets go to your room. I had champagne delivered a short time ago. It should be chilled by now.”

The three of us sat and had a couple glasses. He included my husband in the conversation.

“You don’t strike me as the kind of guy that would hand his lovely, sexy wife over to the likes of me, Paul?”

“This is what she wanted for her birthday, which is Saturday. I know I am taking a chance here but also hope that she will come back to me, still wanting to be married and grow old together and of course submissive. All I would ask, Damian, is that you do not disrespect her or leave any lasting marks on her body.”

He told us that there was nothing unreasonable about that and he had no intention of keeping me. If I wanted to stay, it would all be on me. Also he said, before we start, he would like us to read and agreement he has with each “client” as he called us. He would like both of us to sign it. It would not be legally binding but it usually made all concerned more comfortable.

It was laying on the table by the champagne. It had been delivered with it.

Paul and I read it and basically, it told of what he would do with me and not do with me and the last paragraph, before the closing, stated that there would be no lasting marks, tattoos or piercing without the consent of the client and her husband. We both looked at him and asked him what that meant.

“Some of my women have wanted to be tattooed or have their nipples or clit pierced to go back to hubby with. I don’t want anything to do with this unless he agrees with your request, should you want this. Marks would be, if you progressed to caning, there would surely be some marks that may not fade for some time if ever. Caning sometimes, breaks the skin, depending on the severity of it.”

We signed it and he put it in his pocket.

“Both of you meet me in the lounge after dinner. I will have a table reserved, in the back corner. Guess you could call it my table, my corner when I need it.”

“What do I wear?”

“Your choice but make it short, low cut and sexy.”

We decided that I would wear the same outfit I did for Ken.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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