Heather is Hot at Our 25th Reunion

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I grudgingly went to my high school class’s 25th reunion. My wife Pam had looked forward to it until she was killed in an automobile accident, so I went for her. She and I graduated from high school together. We didn’t start dating until our sophomore years at State college.

The schedule was cocktails at 6:00, dinner at 7:00 and dancing until 1:00 AM. The cash bar would be open all evening.

I arrived shortly after 6 to be met by my old pal Bill. He and I played baseball on summer league teams from little league thru high school varsity. He was the class clown as well as a good friend. We were standing away from the bar when a gorgeous lady walked up to us, said hi Tom and Bill and gave me a huge hug. Bill responded with you are way too young to have graduated with us and I don’t recognize you, so you must have married a classmate. She chuckled and said you always were a kidder Bill. She then said that she was sorry to hear about Pam being killed. That’s when it dawned on me that this was Heather. I gave her another hug and told Bill who she was.

Heather and Pam were both cheerleaders in high school and friends. Heather and I also dated for most of our senior year. Heather and I had many passionate make out sessions during the school year and we gave each other our virginity after the prom. We had sex a couple of more times before the year ended. After graduation Heather had moved to California to make her fortune. I was heart broken. They say you always will love your first lover, and I guess I did then. I felt deserted. I stayed in Ohio and went to State college.

The Heather in front of me was a much better looking version than the one I dated and that version was plenty hot. Heather had been thin, with small breasts, about 5’5″, very pretty and with the biggest smile in the school. This version had added some weight where it was needed, she had done a very professional job on her hair and make up for tonight and wore very expensive clothes that showed she had succeeded in making a lot of money. When I told her she looked great I found out that she still has the best smile in school. Bill couldn’t think of anything funny to say or do so he excused himself and left to get another drink.

I asked Heather if she would like to get a drink, on me, and sit down and tell me about her life. She agreed and said make mine a margarita. Heather and I moved to a quiet corner and talked. She had been married, divorced for years, no children, and lived in Arizona. She worked for a manufacturing company as a customer service manager, made good money, and was happy with her job. She dated occasionally, but no one serious, and traveled a lot, for work and for pleasure. I filled her in on my life, my daughter Melody, and so on. They called every one for dinner and we sat together.

After dinner a disc jockey started playing music and the crowd started to mingle. Heather and I were constantly interrupted by classmates wanting to catch up on our lives. Most of the music was loud and fast so Heather and I went outside to chat some more and to get away from the interruptions. She had written to me a few times from California, but the letters ended rather quickly. I told her how hurt I was when she left and she apologized. She said she just had to get away from our town, and she was tired of being poor. I understood the poor part, because my family had little when I was growing up. She had married in less than a year after we graduated, to a guy who was a jerk. They divorced when she got the job offer in Arizona and he wanted to stay in California. She had her own small house, a nice car, and 3 weeks vacation a year.

We noticed that the music had quieted down and gotten slower so I asked Heather if she would like to go inside and dance the slow ones. She said fine, but I haven’t danced in years. I found out that she was still a great dancer and it felt good to have my arm around her again. She pulled in close to me like she had when we danced at the prom. This time her tits were much bigger and I loved the feel of them against my chest. Her hips swayed seductively to the music and she put her head on my shoulder. Flashbacks of 25 years ago ran through my mind and I vividly remembered having sex our first time in the back seat of my family’s old car.

My cock twitched and started to grow a little at the thought. Heather had been quiet for the whole dance and I wondered if she was remembering too.

She whispered in my ear, “I’m thinking about the time after the prom, too.”

I leaned back so I could see her face, and saw a very pretty smile from the girl with the biggest smile in the school. She snuggled back into my chest and said take me with you when you leave tonight. I of course said yes.

When the dance was over we sat at a table and had another margarita. Old friends kept coming over to talk to us. The cheerleaders from high school were glad to see Heather and the baseball and football team members were glad to see ataşehir escort me. About 11:00 the crowd started to thin out so I asked Heather if it was time to leave. She gave me that big smile and said yes. I opened the car door for her and she gave me a look at a lot of her still shapely leg. I closed the door, got into my side, started the car and asked Heather if she was sure about going back to my hotel room with me. She leaned across her seat and gave me a passionate kiss and said that she was absolutely sure.

The Heather I remembered had her own mind. You rarely could convince her to do anything until she had decided to do it. Sex after the prom was a decision she made, not something I convinced her to do. That made me feel good about her coming back to my hotel room. I knew she wanted to do it. Heather asked me if I regretted having sex with her as a teenager. My reply was not at all. My only regret was that I couldn’t figure out a way to get you into a real bed, so that we didn’t have to use the back seat of my car. Her response was that a bed would have been nice, but the car was the best we could do, and the sex was good. Then Heather said tonight we will be in a bed. We arrived at the motel and went straight to my room.

As soon as the door to the room closed behind us I gathered Heather into my arms and gave her a long deep, passionate kiss. My hands immediately reached down and cupped her ass cheeks and gently kneaded them. That had always turned her on as a teenager, and I found out it still did. She was pressing against like she was trying to get inside of my clothes. I moved a hand up to feel those impressive tits of hers while still playing with her ass. Heather broke the kiss and asked me to undress her. I agreed so she resumed kissing me. I found the zipper in the back of her dress and lowered it to her waist. I slid the top of her dress off of her shoulders so I could caress her bare back. I realized that I could no longer unsnap a bra with one hand, but got it done easily with two. Heather stepped back and I pushed her dress and bra to the floor.

Her breasts were amazing. They were at least 36 “C” with hard pink nipples and bronze colored areoles. I had never seen them in good light as a teenager. I leaned in to take one of those glorious nipples into my mouth while I caressed the other breast with my hand. I sucked as much of that tremendous tit into my mouth as I could and circled the nipple with my tongue. I rolled the nipple of her other breast between my thumb and forefinger at the same time. Heather was moaning. I broke the kiss so I could get her white thong off. I slipped it down her smooth as silk, tanned legs. Heather stepped out of the thong, gave me another huge smile and did a slow turn so I could see all of her hot body. She had trimmed her pubic hair but not shaved it.

Heather said, “do you like what you see, Tom?”

What was there not to like? Great tits, slim, tanned and silky soft legs, an awesome ass, topped off with a huge smile.

I responded, “I love it, especially the bush.”

Heather replied, “I remembered that you liked my pubic hair.”

I quickly stripped and moved over to Heather for a “bare” hug and a kiss. This was the first time I had felt her entire body nude and pressed against me. Heather grabbed my very hard erection and purred.

“It’s just like I remembered it, hard, long and thick.”

I answered, “You are not at all like I remembered you. You have grown much more beautiful with the years.”

Heather remarked, “Flattery will get you every where.”

My only response was to lead her to the bed and lay her down in the middle. I told her I wanted to enjoy all of her great body in ways I hadn’t when we were teenagers. I started with another kiss. While we were locked in a very passionate embrace I ran my hand down to Heather’s inner thighs. She loved to have them lightly tickled in the back seat of my car, and I found out she still loved that. Slowly my finger tips traced from behind her knee to her bush. Then down the other smooth thigh and back up to her bush. I broke our kiss and moved my lips to Heather’s large breast and started sucking on one of her large, pink nipples, while still caressing her inner thighs. The nipple was rock hard. I moved a finger to Heather’s pussy lips and felt her wetness. I slipped a finger inside and parted her inner lips. Heather started to squirm. I slowly moved my finger in and out of her pussy and sucked harder on her nipple.

Heather said, “Damn that feels good, but I need fucked bad.”

I released Heather’s nipple and said, “In due time, lovely lady. Right now I am going to enjoy your fabulous female form.”

I slipped another finger to Heather’s pussy and looked for her special spot. I knew I had found it when she started bucking and thrashing around on the bed. Her heavy tits were bouncing on her chest and those lovely legs were squeezing my hand. I applied more pressure and massaged kadıköy escort bayan that spot until Heather was breathing hard. Finally she went over the edge and had a climax. Heather went rigid and gurgled low in her throat. Her face and breast turned pinkish red.

When I felt Heather relax I trailed wet kisses from her tits to her full bush, then down to her engorged pussy. I had to taste her juices so I pushed my tongue in between her pussy lips and started to lick. She tasted fantastic. I tongue fucked her for a awhile, then pulled out my tongue and went for her clit. That little nubbin was sticking out and was very easy to find. I gave her just a few licks on the clit and Heather was building up to another orgasm. She was back to squirming and moaning. I worked on her clit until I thought she was on the edge then I moved my body over hers and told her now we will fuck.

I easily slipped my steel hard cock into her soaked love tunnel. Heather had an immediate climax that was more intense than the first. She bucked and thrashed, turned beet red, gasped for breath and went extremely rigid. Her pussy muscles gripped my hard cock in a vice like grip so I couldn’t move. I lay there quietly, flexing my cock every once in a while and that seemed to turn her on even more. I reached around her back and kneaded her ass cheeks to add further movement to Heather’s pussy. It seemed to take forever for her to come down from this big cum.

Heather said, “Tom, you always have been the best for me. I waited a long time for that.”

I replied, “We’re just getting started.”

I began long, slow, strokes with my cock. I made sure I bottomed out every stroke. I wanted this one to last a long time after the “quickies” we had as teenagers. When Heather began matching my thrusts I increased the tempo a little. When she started moaning I got on my knees and lifted her ass into the air and slid my knees under her so that she was lying on her shoulders, with her feet straight up in the air, and I was buried deep inside her. I pulled her legs into my chest and started to pound away at her pussy. Heather looked startled at first but relaxed quickly as I slammed into her. Her moaning increased in intensity as her orgasm built. I wanted to make her cum often so I moistened my finger and gently began massaging her clit. In a matter of moments she went over the top. Her orgasm exploded in intensity and her fluids ran all over my cock.

When Heather came down from that orgasm I slid my body around behind her so we were lying on our sides and I was buried in her pussy from behind. I lazily played with one of those tremendous tits and slowly working my cock in and out of Heather’s pussy. Her nipple was hard and her pussy soaking wet. She was just lying there. Not moving or talking. I asked her if she was OK.

“I’m fine, Tom, I was just thinking about all of the good sex I have missed over the years because I left you.”

I responded, “Now it’s my turn.”

I began slamming my cock into Heather as hard as I could. My orgasm was just starting to build and I had a long way to go before I could cum. I got her up in the doggie position and banged her hard. My balls were slapping her pussy lips. I felt her tits with both hands. When I moved a finger down between Heather’s legs she started cumming continuously. With a finger on her clit I grabbed her by the hair with my other hand and pilled her head back. The change in the angle of my cock in her pussy caused me to go over the edge. I pushed deep into Heather’s pussy and exploded. I spurted string after string of hot cum deep inside Heather.

Heather was still cumming and muttering, “Oh my God,” over and over again.

We collapsed on the bed, with me still inside of her, drained of energy, and enjoying the afterglow of great sex. Heather moved away from me so she could go to the bathroom and clean up.


I followed Heather into the bathroom and turned on the water in the shower.

“Would you like to join me?” I asked Heather.

“I’ll be right there,” she responded.

I got the water temperature where I wanted it, grabbed a big, fleecy washcloth and climbed into the shower. Heather was right behind me, looking fabulous naked. He body was a picture of sexy health. There was no fat anywhere, her tits were absolutely magnificent, her legs looked like they did in high school, her ass was to die for and it was all tanned!! I guess in all of the excitement a few minutes ago I had missed that. Heather was wearing that great big smile of her and that was the icing on the cake.

I asked Heather where she tanned in the nude. She said she has a privacy fence around her back yard and sunbaths nude all of the time. The neighbors don’t live close enough to see me, she continued.

“You look great,” was all I could say

Heather asked, “Are escort maltepe you always that good in bed?”

My response was, “I try to be, but I was greatly motivated tonight because I was with a beautiful woman.”

Heather pulled me close and gave me another long, passionate kiss. I asked her if I could wash her. She replied only if you want to. I soaped up my wash cloth and started with her face. She looked so cute as she scrunched up her face and closed her eyes so I didn’t get soap in them. I carefully washed off all of the makeup that she had been wearing. I re soaped the cloth and did her neck. I washed her back by pulling her against my body and reaching around her. Her slippery, nude body sent electric sparks up and down my spine. Her tits pressed against my chest, her pussy grinding against my cock and her legs pushing the full length of mine had my cock growing again. She is one really hot lady and I had her in the shower with me.

Heather felt my cock growing against her abdomen and said, “Already, big boy?”

I answered, “You bring out the best in me.”

I continued washing down her back to her ass. Without letting her move away from me I re soaped the wash cloth and started washing those very delectable ass cheeks. As I said earlier Heather loved having her cheeks massaged and having them washed must have been even better for her. She began grinding her pubic bone against my leg and moaning. I got the cloth covered with soap and slid it between Heather’s cheeks. I really thought she was going to have an orgasm in the shower. I slid my erection between her legs so she could hump it. Heather jumped up against me trying to impale her self on my rod.

The lady was in distress so I lifted her up, positioned my cock at the entrance to her love tunnel and let her slide down onto my cock. She immediately was out of control. She was bucking and jerking on my cock so hard that I had to be careful not to slip and fall. With her wet and soapy I had to hold on to her and couldn’t grab a tit, finger a clit or anything else. She was crazy wild. I was glad that I worked out enough to hold this bucking beauty in place. Heather had a hard orgasm that stopped all of the wild gyrations. Again her face and breasts turned as red as a beet, she went rigid, and she was mumbling incoherently. I pushed her against the wall of the shower so I could get some control of the situation and not drop her.

When Heather regained her senses I told her we needed to finish washing and then continue the sex on the bed. I gently lifted her from my still hard cock and put her feet on the floor. I picked up the wash cloth and soaped it. I resumed washing her legs and then her feet. When she lifted up her left foot I found out she was very ticklish on the bottom of her foot. I turned her around so her awesome as was pressed against my groin and began washing her chest and tremendous tits. Heather started moaning when I slipped the wash cloth over her nipples. I wanted to stop and play, but I needed to finish the job so we could get on the bed and fuck, so I continued down her flat stomach to her lower abdomen.

At the first touch of her pussy Heather began to grind her ass against me. Boy did that feel great. Her warm, wet, soapy body and fine ass sliding against my hard cock was making my orgasm begin to build. I really wanted to fuck her in the bedroom, not the shower, so I backed away and leaned over to finish the front of her legs. Heather showed her displeasure with a muttered curse but I continued finishing my job. When I was done Heather moved under the water and rinsed herself off.

I immediately began to wash myself off while she stood under the warm water. When I was completely soapy I moved under the water with her and rinsed off. We stepped out of the shower and I gently dried her beautiful body without lingering too much on the most delicious parts. When we were both dry I led Heather into the bedroom.

Heather said, “You have learned a lot about sex since we graduated, and so have I.”

With that she dropped to hers knees and sucked my huge erection into her mouth. Her lips and tongue felt as smooth as silk as she sucked and licked my purple cock head. She slipped a hand around the base of my cock and started to pump up and down.

I warned her that all of that attention might get her a mouth full of cum.

She removed me from her mouth long enough to say, “Good, that’s what I want,” and went back to sucking and licking. I was in heaven. The gorgeous creature was giving me one of the best blow jobs of my life and she wanted to do it. My orgasm was building and I had to start pumping in and out of her warm, wet mouth. I grabbed a handful of hair on the back of her head and pushed her head back and forth in time with my thrusts. I was really getting close and Heather must have realized it because she removed her hand from my cock and I got pushed deep into her throat. I could feel the sperm starting to move towards my cockhead when Heather gulped all of me down her throat. It felt great to cum deep inside of her throat. Stream after stream of my hot sticky cum went down Heather’s throat as she was milking my cock with her throat muscles. She did a first class job of deep throating me.

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