Hard, Fast Screw Against a Wall

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I went to college at a small, northeastern United States school. The winters were long, the summers were brief and the autumns were beautiful. I was a sophomore, still trying to figure out what I wanted to major in (besides beer and sex), working the overnight desk shift in one of the dorms. The job was easy: from 3 am until 7 am, I sat at the security desk, checking the ID cards of everyone who entered. People who lived in the building got buzzed through, those who didn’t had to leave a photo ID with me, and sign in the register. It was a boring job, but work-study positions usually aren’t glamorous, and this one at least let me watch TV or do homework while I got paid.

Our campus was almost split into to halves by a small hill, with the dorms on the top of the hill, the classrooms and administration buildings on the bottom. There was a waist-high wall that circled most of the top half of campus, broken up only by a series of staircases. Everywhere on campus were trees, large lush lawns, and statues of every size and type. The photography and art majors at school had no shortage of views to use for their projects, and you could always find some out around the school, sketching or snapping pictures. One of my friends, Cassidy, was a photography major, and she was always walking around campus with her camera, shooting candid pictures of people laying in the grass studying or sunbathing, or just taking pictures of the buildings and natural scenery whenever she found something worth preserving.

Cassidy was what everyone pictured when they imagined a college coed. Five-foot seven-inches, dirty blonde hair, round, firm, breasts that seemed ready to burst out of whatever shirt she was wearing, and a nice, high, ass that just begged for you to reach out and grab it. I lusted after her since we met at Freshman Orientation, but she turned me down every time I asked her out. She’d always tell me, “Jake, you’re wonderful. But you know I’m not looking for a escort kartal relationship. I just want to hang out with friends and fuck and suck whoever I happen to be with whenever the mood strikes me. You’re the kind of guy who needs to know he’s someone’s one and only, and I can’t give that to you.” I knew she was right, but that didn’t stop me from wanting her. I even asked her once, after she turned me down for twelfth or so time, “So when are we going to just rip one off and fuck?” She laughed and said “Maybe someday, Jake….maybe someday.”

That little glimmer of hope kept me awake half the time, imagining us fucking like crazy, my cock driving into her tight hole, flipping her over and taking her doggie-style as my balls slapped against her ass, or rolling her on top of me and watching her perfect breasts bouncing up and down as she rode my cock, impaling herself on me as I met her every thrust. Usually I had to jerk off under the covers to relieve the pressure in my balls before I could fall asleep.

One October morning, as I was walking back from my job to my dorm, I saw Cassidy leaning against the wall, taking pictures of the foliage. The trees were in full color, and the rising morning sun lit up the leaves like a stained-glass window. Cassidy looked beautiful, even at this early hour. She had on a short skirt, and a tight sweater, perfect for the mild weather we’d been enjoying all week. I slowly walked towards her, enjoying the view of her ass sticking out, as she was engrossed in her work, when a breeze blew past me. As I tried brushed some leaves away from my face, I saw the wind lift Cassidy’s skirt up to her waist, flashing me her gorgeous ass, and, to no surprise, she wasn’t wearing any panties. Cassidy told me several times that she never wore any underwear – “It just slows me down when I want to fuck” – she’d told me, and for a moment I was transfixed. Her legs had been spread apart to give her balance as she took her photographs, maltepe escort and before the wind died down and she smoothed her skirt, I swear I saw her puffy pussy lips hanging down between her thighs. Just the thought of it got my cock hard, and I walked a little faster towards her.

Cassidy was deep in concentration, and never heard me approaching. I put my hands against the wall, one on each side of her, startling her. As I pressed into her back, I whispered into her ear, “I wish I had a camera too.” She smiled and said, “Oh, did you see something you liked?” I pressed my hard cock against her ass. After over a year of knowing Cassidy, I knew exactly what she liked. “Mmmmmm, yeah…your beautiful ass flashing me.” I felt her pushing back at me, her photography now long forgotten. “Ugh…my ass is huge,” she said. “I wish I could firm it up, but as much as I work out, it’s still huge.” I slipped my hands down to her cheeks. Firmly caressing them, I moaned into her ear. “Mmmmm I think your ass is perfect”. She pushed back into my hands as I squeezed her butt. My cock was straining against my jeans, trying to fuck her through the rough material.

As she rubbed her ass against my cock, I pushed my hands up under her sweater, rubbing her firm breasts in my palms. Cassidy never wore a bra either, and her soft, full breasts felt incredible. Rubbing them more forcefully, Cassidy moaned loudly. We dry-fucked leaning against the wall, thrusting our hips together as I worked her nipples between my fingers. “Ohhhh God, Jake,” she moaned. “Fuck me, Jake….Ohhh Jake…..Fuck me now” She reached behind her, unzipped my pants, and shoved her hand into my underwear. Quickly stroking her hand up and down my cock, I pulled her hand off of me, pushed the front of my pants down low enough to release my member and started rubbing my cock up and down the length of her wet pussy.

Cassidy reached underneath and grabbed my cock again, more pendik escort bayan forcefully this time as she guided me info her. I moaned loudly as half my dick slipped into her with one hard thrust. I couldn’t believe that after so much time lusting after her, Cassidy and I were finally getting together – right outside the dorms – as I pounded my cock deep inside of her. I kept one hand squeezing her tits as I dropped the other down to her wet cunt. I spread her juices up and down, feeling my cock diving in and out of her as she held onto the wall. My finger slick with her wetness, I moved it up to her hard clit. Cassidy moaned louder and shoved her ass back at me over and over, my full length stretching her tight pussy with each thrust as I fingered her clit.

Cassidy’s moans were getting louder as we fucked faster and harder, my finger furiously rubbing her pussy. Without warning, her pussy muscles clenched me hard as her orgasm hit, squeezing me deep inside her. I tried thrusting my cock into her, but she closed her legs, stopping me from moving. Her tight cunt clenched me over and over as she came. I could feel my own orgasm building as Cassidy released her vise-like grip on my cock. I quickly drove my cock in and out, barely pulling back before slamming back deep inside her pussy. I could barely speak, as I kept mumbling “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God,” over and over. My hands on her hips, pulling her back and forth on my cock, as I felt my balls start to boil. As the cum rode through my cock I drove my shaft deep inside her tight pussy one last time, filling her with my full seven-and-a-half inches as I moaned loudly. I came hard, shooting load after load of my cum inside her belly, as Cassidy squeezed me inside her again, milking me dry.

Cassidy shifted her hips, and I popped out of her. Turning around, she took my sticky cock in her hands, and carefully tucked it back in my shorts. Zipping me back up, she kissed me softly on the lips. “That was wonderful, Jake,” she purred. Hugging me tightly she said, “Maybe we’ll have a chance to do that again some time. But now, I have to get back to work, and you need to get to bed.” I smiled at her as I turned to leave, calling out to her “I’ll save you a seat in class!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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