Happy Birthday Sweetheart

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Big Dicks

As we wished him and sang for him on his birthday, the only thing I could think of was what would follow that night. Clutching my drink tight, I bit my lip thinking of clutching other things later on. As the night quietly came to an end, with people leaving and dish washing, we retired to the bedroom. The party was a surprise! The man wasn’t even allowed to get freshened. He walked in and was dragged into hugs and wishes and alcohol. As he approached the bedroom, I held him back. Taking out a blindfold from my pocket, I tied it around his eyes and guided him to the bedroom.

He questioned over and over again with a big grin on his face, following my footsteps with his blindfolded eyes, absolutely confused. I lit the candles I had arranged around the room. I took off my clothes one by one. When there was nothing left to take off, I glanced into the mirror, checking myself out in the candlelight. Running my hands up and down my body, lightly touching myself to get in the mood. Realizing my husband was getting rather impatient, sitting there blind, I opened the cupboard and took out my white mini skirt, strapless top and silver belt, putting it on in a hurry. I glanced at myself in the mirror one last time and walked up to him. His hands held my butt.

I switched the player on. As the seductive beats of Black Velvet began, I unfolded his eyes and began to move slowly leaning into him. He looked up dumbstruck with his mouth open, only to shut seconds later with a kiss. As I danced around him, like he was my pole, he tried to grab me. I lay down on his lap several times tilting my head back. He leaned in, kissing my neck and rubbing his hands on my breasts. When I’d lift my leg, he’d reach out for my pussy. But I wanted to tease him, so I got up and continued dancing. He got impatient now and then, always wanting more and tried to grab me. But I was quick with the step. When I ran out of moves, I threw in the last best one, I rubbed by butt against his body and descended lower grinding against him. And that’s when he got me. He slid his hand up my skirt and started to touch me.

I stopped grinding and sat on one of his knees leaning back on him. As he kissed my neck, he fondled my breasts with one hand and stroked my pussy with the other. I was wet, like I was the first time we made out in a bathroom. As the juices flowed out of me, he began to rub my pussy slowly from top to bottom, now and kartal escort bayan then inserting his finger in. He loved to lick me, he said he’d crave to taste my pussy when he took long tours away from me on business. Tonight, his cocktail was strong and ready to be tasted.

He stopped and whispered softly in my ears, “I need to taste you…”

We stood up. Passionately kissing we walked towards the bed. I stopped him as he hurried to lie down. I took his shirt off and kissed his chest as he lied down. He played with my hair as my lips approached his belt. As I kissed him and ran my hands over his manly torso, he took his belt off. I reached for his button and he pulled me closer.

Slapping my ass he said “I want this here. Now!”

Sheepishly I moved my pussy close to his lips. Putting one leg around his neck, I made myself comfortable and continued unzipping his pants and pulling them off along with his boxers. As I pulled his dick out, I felt a sudden cold lick on my pussy. He’d always start slow, softly licking and kissing my pussy. It made my legs shiver. I put his dick in my mouth, sucking it very slightly. He continued to lick my pussy, spreading it with his fingers, stroking it now and then. I loved to spread my pussy for him. With his dick still in my mouth I spread my pussy for him with my fingers. He ran his entire tongue up and down my pussy. His cold wet tongue buttering my warm juicy pussy even more – more than half the reason I married him.

He started slowly like he always did and gradually speed-ed up. I was still spreading my pussy for him. He pierced his tongue into me several times reaching out for my juices even more, he always told me that was where i tasted best. As his tongue had reached my pleasure spot, I let go off my pussy lips and went back to stroking his cock. Rubbing it’s base and stroking the tip with my tongue. Sometimes, sucking his cock while doing so. Little spurts of pre-cum shoot into my mouth, salty, making more saliva to wet things up.

He pulled me on top of him. I loved this position. I could suck his cock and watch him lick my pussy at the same time. Watch his tongue reach out for my wet pussy. Pink meets pink. I move to his balls and start to suck them. I sometimes tug at them a little hard by mistake hear a little ‘aah’ from him. His balls feel so good in my mouth, like marbles to play with, that sometimes I escort maltepe get carried away. I liked sucking on his balls, so they would hang loose later and bang against my pussy when he fucks me from behind.

I continued sucking his cock, playing with his balls on the side. Rubbing the base of his cock, I felt it harden in my mouth, so hard I could feel the veins. I slid my tongue on his veins as i played with the tip of his cock with my finger. With every move of my finger, little drops of pre-cum flowed out. I licked them before they got any lower. I used my saliva to dampen things even more. Soon his cock was as wet as sponge. I continued sucking his cock harder, from top to bottom, swallowing the pre-cum. I slowed down a bit in the middle and started to kiss his now hard as steel cock. After the mellow break, I gave it one hard suck only to have his legs shiver in thrill.

He licked me faster and held my pussy closer to his lips by holding my ass. He inserted his finger in my ass now and then. His goatee tickled my pussy whenever it touched it. His tongue began to race up and down my pussy.

I let his cock out of my mouth and tell him, “Suck!”

And then I feel this force pulling my pussy as he sucks hard. I feel the juices flowing into his mouth, the aroma of my pussy filling the room. I lose control. I begin to move my body up and down, from side to side. I grip on to his thighs, the bed sheet and everything in sight trying to control this raging feel of euphoria come over me. He alternates between sucking and licking at the speeds of lighting. I finally shiver to bursts, moaning my orgasm.

I loved to kiss him after he had licked me. My warm, swollen, wet pussy just had to have him in me now. I continued rubbing his cock as we got up.

“Get on your knees!” he said.

I was thrilled. I couldn’t wait to feel his balls bang against my pussy. As I got on my knees, he pulled my top off and began to fondle my breasts. He then slapped my ass a few times. Squeezing my ass, he inserted his cock into my pussy. I felt a sudden gush of juices inside me as he got further. He began to push it in and out slowly leaning towards me. He continued fondling my breasts with one hand. Sometimes he’d stroke my pussy too. The sounds turned me on. Bodies slapping each other, juices flowing sounding like an orange being squashed. I pushed my ass against him so I could pendik escort feel his cock hit me deeper. He began to speed up squeezing my ass even more, holding his hands back like a pro. As he pushed deeper I was reaching for my second orgasm. His balls were stroking my pussy repeatedly, it was a double treat. As he got faster I couldn’t control it anymore and moaned my second orgasm as I reached for his hands which were on my ass.

Realizing I had cum again. He pulled his cock out of me and lied down. He asked me to get on top. I put my legs around him and sat on his cock. I loved being on top. I could feel his hard cock deep in me. I let out a moan as I sat. I leaned in towards him holding his arms and moved up and down. The bed began to creak. I loved watching him grit his teeth enjoying his cock in his cocktail shaker. As I moved up and down leaning in, he suddenly started ramming his cock in me by thrusting his pelvis upwards. This is the most euphoric feeling in the world. I squeezed his butt as he continued to thrust his cock deep inside me. I could feel his strong veins inside me. I began to grind with his cock inside me. With intervals, he thrusted his cock in me ramming me harder. I tugged his hair as I approached another orgasm. It was a hatrick. He was ramming me really hard and I was jumping like a bunny on him. My breasts were dancing too. He squeezed my ass and slapped it more. I hit my third orgasm and bit into his arm hard. He put his hand on my head to make me stop. I stopped but the orgasm didn’t. I moaned and grit my teeth in pleasure watching him smile at me. I continued humping him, slowing down a little after the intoxicating orgasm he had just given me.

After a little slow love making. He said he was going to cum. My adrenaline had just stopped rushing when he began to ram his cock into me again. This time there was no stopping him till he came. I held him close to me, our bodies were covered in sweat and rubbing against each other. He had one hand around me and the other on my ass. He thrust into me so deep, moaning slightly into my ears. He always buried his face in my hair as he approached his orgasm. He held me closer, I could feel his breath on my ears, hear his slight moans. As he raced his cock into me faster,

“I’m gonna cum!” he said

“Me too,” I whispered as I leaped into euphoria yet again.

As we both reached our orgasms, We held each other closer. We were seconds apart. I felt his love juice hit me with warmth. I stayed leaned into him until our pulses returned to normal. When they did, I lifted my head up.

Kissing him softly as he played with my hair, I whispered, “Happy Birthday sweetheart!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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