Grey Days

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It’s Friday, it’s wet and miserable and you’ve had a hectic week at work. You manage to finish early which is a relief, you’re pretty tired and pissed off.

You’re surprised to see my car on the drive when you get home because I’d usually still be working. Coming inside, the house is quiet and you call for me but don’t get a response and as you can’t see my shoes or handbag lying around as they’d usually be, you assume I’m not at home.

You feel like you need to wash away the day so you kick off your shoes, drop your keys and head upstairs to the bathroom where you quickly strip off for a shower. You’re throwing your clothes in the washing basket when you realise that you left your towel in the bedroom this morning.

The sight of me snuggled up in the bed makes you jump. I had been disturbed by you coming home but barely registered it before falling back to sleep again. You do your best to be quiet, gently walking around the bed to collect your towel, wrapping it around your waist and then head back towards the bathroom.

“Hey you, where do you think you’re going?”

Smiling, you turn back around “hey you!”

You perch on the edge of the bed, bending over to kiss me on the forehead before replacing your mouth with you hand, gauging my temperature. I tell you that I felt ill at lunchtime so took the afternoon off but assure you that I feel much better now I just don’t want to get up. I move over in the bed gesturing for you to get under the duvet with me. “Wanna catch up?”

You lose your towel and get into the bed next to me, feeling the warmth on the sheets from where I’d been moments before. We cuddle up and you tell me what you’ve been doing and how crazy busy you’ve been all day. You lie flat with your arm around me, my head on your shoulder and my hand rests against your chest held in place by yours. As we talk, you start to relax a bit and in between sentences you pause to plant quick kisses bostancı escort bayan on my face pulling me towards you. We stay like that for a long time. Your hands lazily stroke my bare shoulders and lower back in the gap between my knickers and my vest until you think there’s a danger of me falling asleep again. You demand to be kissed properly but as I move up, you take the opportunity to pull me ontop of you, making me giggle. We kiss slowly but your arousal is quickly evident, pushing against me. I shift slightly making room for your erection between us. Just that sweeping contact and knowledge of your arousal sends huge tingles between my legs. I instantly feel more awake.

It doesn’t take long until we’re kissing with slightly more intensity and instinctively my hips rock a little, increasing the pressure of your naked erection pushing against the thin material of my knickers.

I know where this is heading and I have no intention of stopping it, but I do want to delay it a little. Turning your head, I kiss your neck and shoulder which I know you love. Very slowly I move down to your chest and take first one then your other nipple in my mouth, flicking my tongue over the hardened buds, grazing them with my teeth and turning you on further. I want to ignore your cock for as long as possible. I allow you to take off my vest so you can feel my breasts against you as I move south, brushing over your groin when I’m kissing down your chest to your stomach.

After what feels like an age, I kiss and lick the very tip of your cock making it flex and twitch. I know it won’t stay still of its own accord so I gently take you in my hand. You moan and bring your hands to my head, encouraging me to take you in my mouth. For a while, I resist you, sticking to my original, infuriatingly slow pace before taking pity on you and dipping to take a huge mouthful and tightening my grip a little. Your heart rate is rising ümraniye escort but your breathing is still slow and controlled. I’m careful not to let you speed things up. I return to gently teasing you, licking down the length of your cock and running my tongue over your balls making them tighten, before working my way back up again, repeatedly.

I can feel my arousal leaking between my legs making me desperate to be touched, but decide to concentrate on you. I circle the head of your cock with my tongue, flicking occasionally over the tip and use my hand to maintain a steady grip around the base, holding you still. I can feel you’re anxious to touch me. I begin a slow return upwards, pausing to kiss your hips, stomach, chest, nipples, shoulder, collar bone and neck before my lips are forced back to yours as your patience runs out and you pull me in. In this position only the wet material of my knickers is preventing you from pushing into me. The pressure is delicious and my pussy feels heavy and aching.

Your hands reach around me, holding my ass firmly before hooking your finger inside my knickers. I move a fraction to create a little space between us and you pull the gusset aside. I expect to feel your fingers slide into my wetness but instead you lift your hips so I can feel the head of your cock gently nudging against me. Your tongue is in my mouth, I catch my breath and push against you, driving your cock deep inside me, my muscles flexing involuntarily. I want to ride you, my arousal is already high and I know you won’t complain if I fuck you quick and hard but this is supposed to be slow, lazy screwing.

I barely move, sitting up to feel you filling me to the hilt and allowing free access to my swinging breasts and perfect nipples, which you take advantage of.

Your Squeezing and pinching encourages me to move a little more and I lean forward to present each breast to your mouth in turn and take opportunity kartal escort to quickly remove my knickers. You suck on my stiff nipples with your eyes closed. You love the feel of them in your mouth and mumur in protest when one is withdrawn and exchanged for the other.

Watching and feeling you working on my nipples spurs me to reposition myself. I move still slowly, pushing onto the head of your cock and smoothly sliding down your full length. I position my weight back so you are so as deep as possible and I feel a slight jolt as your glans hits my cervix each time I repeat the motion.

Unusually today, you’re more than happy for me to dictate the pace, lying back, luxuriating in the sensation of slow love making and long deep kisses. For me, this is something of an exercise in self control, the urge to build towards orgasm is ever present. Your cock is as hard and hot as always and this long slow build up is delicious but I know I could come quickly if I allowed myself to and clit hasn’t received any attention at all yet.

I decide to treat myself a bit, building speed slightly which I know you appreciate too but at the point when you feel your body responding, I slow again. This time though, with my left hand held by yours, I bring my right hand to my mouth sucking on my fingers a little before sliding them between us. As I suspected, the additional lubrication isn’t really necessary as my sex is wet and slippery. Nonetheless, I start to gently rub circles around my throbbing clit and you feel my muscles squeezing your cock getting stronger, more rhythmic.

You love to watch me doing this and have no intention of closing your eyes now. You whisper your encouragement, telling me you want me to cum on you, telling me how you love watching, how turned on you are by my boobs bouncing up and down as I move with more urgency. Your talking is having the desired effect on us both until all you can manage to say is “fuck me” between short breathes. My nails dig into your hand, and I’m rubbing my clit and riding you harder. I tell you I’m going to cum. You buck beneath me and explode just as the wave of my orgasm overtakes me. I feel every throb, twitch and pulse as we cum together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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