Good Things Come in Big Packages

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Come on guys and girls, let’s have a show of hands. When you were in college did you pick your friends based on how they looked? Were there people who you’d talk to in class or when passing each other in the dorm but who you wouldn’t want to be seen with socially because you were concerned about what you thought your friends would say? It’s okay, you can admit it. If we’re being honest here, we were probably all that way to one degree or another and I bet a lot of you still are. So why do I leave my self out of that last statement? Well, let’s just say I had and epiphany.

I’m not going to tell you that I was a BMOC or some kind of a campus stud because I wasn’t. I was pretty outgoing, and consequently, knew almost everyone on our small New England campus. Depending on the day or the hour, I might be hanging around with the jocks playing basketball and flag football or drinking beer, the long hairs smoking a joint, the minority kids playing cards, or the preppies playing hackysack. I could also always be seen hanging around with the best looking, hottest girls on campus and it never looked like I was trying to get their attention. They just seemed drawn to me. The thing was, everybody assumed I was getting in their pants. Fact was, I wanted to but was really too naive to know how to get from being buddies to getting laid on a regular basis. The irony in the whole situation is that more than one of them told me she liked hanging out with me because she didn’t have to worry about me hitting on her and she could just relax and have fun without sex getting in the way. Great huh?

Anyway, that was the public me. But, like I said, I knew almost everyone on campus and that include the bookworms, social misfits, and, for the lack of a better way of saying it, the ‘normal’ kids who just didn’t stand out in the crowd. I was not and am not a snob and had no issue walking to classes or sitting in the dining hall with any of them. They were my friends just as much as the others, I just didn’t socialize with them much because, well I had a reputation to live up to.

And this brings me to Cindy. Cindy fell into the category of people I was friends with but did not socialize with. The reason was simple – at about 5’ 6” and 250 pounds she was considerably overweight. I always thought it a shame because she was quite pretty and despite her weight she still had a figure. She once described herself as having an hourglass shape – if each hour was about a day long. I’d always admired her for her brains and her ability with languages – she picked them up as easily as I could pick up a beer. I also liked her because she was good company, laughed easily and didn’t seem to take herself too seriously. She was a year ahead of me and we’d lived in the same dorm for two straight years so we had become pretty friendly.

Like just about every other college, the weekend social life at my school revolved around partying. Hanging out with as many of the different social cliques as I did, Friday and Saturday night usually meant making a tour of the various events until I either found the hot spot or stumbled back to my room, alone more often than not.

A few weeks into the fall semester, one of the dorms was throwing a party that promised to be the highlight of the weekend, complete with a live band and more to drink than the whole school could possibly hope to consume in the available time. Needless to say, it was the talk of the campus.

One afternoon before the big weekend, I happened to run into Cindy as I was leaving the library (yeah, I admit it – I was studying) and we walked back towards the dorm together. She was in a particularly good mood having just finished the outline for her senior thesis and was in the mood to celebrate for the weekend. She asked if I was going to the party on Saturday and I said yes. Then she asked if she could go with me because the other kids she usually hung out with were going away for the weekend and she didn’t really want to go by herself. At first I though of making up an excuse but something about the look in her eyes wouldn’t let me. Besides, like bostancı escort I said, we were friends and I don’t treat my friends that way so I said okay. She made a joke about “oh, goody, a date” and we both laughed, though mine was probably a little less enthusiastic.

I’m not going to lie here. I spent the night trying to think of how to deal with this unexpected turn of events. Call me shallow, but I was concerned with how people would look at me, the guy most often seen in the company of the hottest woman on campus, with a woman who was considerably overweight and who didn’t move in the popular social circles. In the end I decided that her friendship was more important and that if anyone had anything to say I’d deal with it then.

Saturday night came and I went up to Cindy’s room to meet her at the appointed time. When she opened the door I was stunned. Where her normal attire consisted of loose fitting clothes that hid her ample physique, that night I was looking at an entirely different person. She was wearing a very snug red V-neck knit top with the top buttons open to reveal enough cleavage to get lost in and a pair of tight fitting jeans that really emphasized her curvaceous butt. I could smell the just a hint of perfume in the air. With her slightly longer than shoulder length brown hair set loose from it’s typical ponytail and a little make up on her dark eyes, I had to admit it, overweight or not, she looked hot. She laughed at my shocked look.

“So I take it you approve?” she asked coyly, looking me straight in the eye.

“Approve might not be the best word.” I replied. “I don’t think I ever knew this side of you existed.”

“There’s a lot about me you don’t know.” she answered raising her eyebrow suggestively “Yet.” It was hard not to catch the implications in that single word.

“I’m ready to party tonight.” she said “Hope you can keep up!”

And with that we were on our way.

The evening went quite well. We got a couple of beers at the bar and mingled with my friends. I could tell by the looks on their faces that they were as amazed as me at the transformation from Cindy the bookworm to Cindy the voluptuous sex bomb. Clearly, she was enjoying the guys reactions as well, laughing and kidding with them. The girls were mostly okay to though I’m guessing they weren’t all that pleased that Cindy’s cleavage was winning the attention battle.

After a while she pulled me out onto the crowded dance floor. The band was great, playing a combination of R&B and danceable rock and roll and we must have danced for a half and hour no stop. With so many people in a confined space the room got hotter and hotter and so did Cindy’s dancing. Damn could she make that body move! And I wasn’t the only one who was noticing. Watching her shake her big butt and seeing her boobs bouncing in that tight top even a monk would have been tempted to break his vows. I noticed some of my buddies watching her and they smiled and gave me a thumbs up.

I’m not sure which of us started openly flirting with the other first but it wasn’t too long into the evening that it became abundantly clear that we were both interested in the same thing – ending up naked in the same bed. Maybe it was the way she put her head on my shoulder and pressed against me during our first slow dance or didn’t flinch when I let my hand slide down to caress her butt on the crowded dance floor. Maybe it was that she didn’t object even a little when I brushed some crumbs out of her cleavage and off her rather ample tits as we leaned against the wall. Maybe it was the wink she gave me as she brushed ‘those other crumbs’ out of my lap as we sat outside getting a breath of air. Perhaps it was the constant innuendo in our conversation or the way she leaned over to give me a better look when she caught me staring down her shirt. Whatever it was, we soon left the hall and headed for her room.

No sooner had we closed the door than we grabbed for each other and began to kiss passionately (I think I’m still trying to catch my breath 30 years later!). Our hands were all over ümraniye escort bayan each other’s bodies, groping, squeezing, and fondling whatever we could reach. Slowly, I backed her towards the bed where she lay down and pulled me on top of her. It felt so good having all that soft flesh as a cushion, totally unlike anything I’d ever felt before.

After a few more minutes of kissing and petting, I pulled away and told her to get up. With a puzzled look she did as I asked. I told her to go stand in the middle of the floor and to slowly take off her clothes because I wanted to see her naked. From the way her eyes lit up, clearly she liked the idea. I knew she didn’t get a lot of male attention and I think that the thought that a guy wanted to see her body made her feel sexy.

Looking straight at me, she smiled and began to unbutton her top, slowly revealing her deep cleavage, red lace bra and soft pudgy stomach. Pulling the top off her shoulders, she uncovered what looked like acres of olive colored skin. Her tits were huge with large nipples that poked through the bra in their arousal. I was in lust. The bulge in my pants was getting downright painful!

Next came her jeans. Turning her back to me, she pulled down the zipper and with a suggestive wiggle, provocatively pulled them over her broad hips, down her ass and off of her legs. She was wearing low rise panties that matched the bra. Still bending over, she looked back towards me, shook her butt, and asked if I enjoyed the view. Silly question/obvious answer. When I reached out to touch her she laughed and gently slapped my hand away, clearly intent on teasing me more. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her body. Even at her size there wasn’t an ounce of cellulite to be seen. Just soft rolls of smooth flesh and curves to die for.

Cindy moved towards me where I sat on the bed. Standing between my knees, she reached for the front clasp of her bra. Releasing it, she slowly, tantalizingly revealed two of the most magnificent breasts I have ever seen to this day. I know you aren’t going to believe me, but imagine two watermelon halves that were firm enough to combat the laws of gravity and you’ll get an idea of what I was faced with. I couldn’t help rubbing the bulge in my jeans. She watched me and laughed.

“So I guess you do like me!”

I was speechless. This time when I reached for her she didn’t resist. I pulled her to me and began rubbing and sucking her tits. She pulled my head to her and just moaned as I took first one big nipple and then the other into my mouth. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

After a few minutes, she pulled away and lay back on the bed with her arms stretched over her head and her legs open. She told me that now it was my turn to do some work and that I should remove her soaking panties. No way did she have to ask twice! Kneeling between her plump thighs, I grabbed the waistband and peeled them down her legs. She lay there in front of me, totally naked save for an ankle bracelet and earrings, with her legs boldly and invitingly spread for me. As wet and open as her pussy was, the little striptease she had done had obviously turned her on as well.

I couldn’t get out of my clothes fast enough. Once naked, I jumped on top of her and we got right back to the kissing, groping and fondling, only this time with no clothes in the way. She asked (more like demanded) me to lick her pussy which I was more than willing to do. What I lacked in experience as a college boy, I more than made up for with my enthusiasm. She clearly loved it as she squirmed and moaned on the bed. Placing her hands on my head and her feet on my back she pulled me face first into her steaming pussy. I couldn’t have escaped even if I wanted to. As I licked and sucked her, I must have been hitting all the right spots because her movements became more and more frantic and her grip tighter and tighter. Suddenly, her whole body went tense and she clamped her huge thighs so tightly around my head I thought it would pop. She came so hard and for so long I was afraid she’d smother me. I’d never kartal escort made a girl cum that way before and was quite proud of myself.

With fire in her eyes, she pushed me from between her legs and rolled me on my back. Straddling me and pulling my wrists over my head, she began to lick her juices off of my face, not missing a spot. Pinned beneath her weight (and loving it!), I let her have her way. When she finished cleaning my face with her wet tongue, she began to work her way down to my neck (where she left me an obvious hickey that would be the subject of conversation for the next several days!) to my nipples. What a rush! In my limited experience, no girl had ever paid any attention to my nipples. Cindy assaulted them with her fingers, tongue, lips and teeth sending lightening bolts straight to my cock. It felt so good I cried out and tried to push my little nubs harder into her.

Her nipple play felt so good I was almost disappointed when she stopped except that she continued to lick, kiss and nibble her way lower down my body. When she reached my crotch she decided to tease me some more. Running her fingers through my pubes, licking and kissing the sensitive insides and backs of my thighs, touching me everywhere except my cock and balls, she practically made me cry in frustration.

“Are you trying to make me beg?” I gasped.

“Begging is good.” she smirked “But it might not help yet. You can try though.”

“God, you are so cruel!” I moaned as she dragged her fingernails up my thigh and across the sensitive area behind my balls.

“Told you there were some things you didn’t know about me yet.” came her reply.

“Please” I begged “if you don’t touch my cock I’m going to go insane!”

“That’s all? You just want me to touch it?”

I felt her fingertips gently teasing my cock head and nearly jumped off the bed.

“If you want more you are going to have to ask for. I’ll do whatever you tell me to!”

The way she said it I believed she would with every fiber of my being.

“Your mouth. Take me in your mouth and suck me. Lick my balls and suck me cock PLEASE!” I practically screamed.

“Well if that’s what you wanted, why didn’t you say so sooner?” she giggled and gave my cock a lick from my balls to the tip.

I would guess that everybody out there has a memory of the best oral sex of their lives and well, this is mine. I can’t even begin to tell you how good her hands and mouth felt as she proceeded to play with me. Where she learned to give head like this I’ll never know. Maybe it was the alignment of the stars or maybe she was just a natural but what that woman did to me that night was absolutely beyond description. She brought me to the brink so many times and then brought me back. I thought she’d never let me cum.

This exquisite torture went on for I don’t know how long when she stopped and moved herself up so she was again straddling me. Reaching between us with one hand, she took hold of my rock hard cock and began to rub it along her slick pussy, masturbating herself. It felt incredible. I knew I would cum in seconds if she didn’t stop and warned her. She told me not to worry; she wanted me to cum now to ‘take the edge off’ because then, when she brought me back to life (spoken with a lewd and wicked grin) I could fuck her for longer. Her words, along with the rubbing, sent me over the edge and I shot what felt like the biggest load of my life all over her hand and pussy. She continued rubbing herself with my softening cock and came again herself seconds later.

The rest of the night went on like this, sucking and fucking with breaks only to catch a breath and clean ourselves up until we finally fell asleep as the sun was coming up. I’m sure we disturbed her neighbors because she was a really loud and vocal fuck. It was mid afternoon the next day before we woke up, satisfied, tired and sore.

We both agreed that the night had been incredible but she told me she wasn’t interested in having a ‘relationship’, she just wanted someone who was able to get by her weight and would be a ‘fuck buddy’ (first time I’d heard the term) when she needed it. I spent several more nights with her before graduation and don’t regret a single second of any of them. While the saying may be that good things come in small packages, my experience says they also come in big ones!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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