Goldie Pt. 05: Man with Golden Penis

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(All sex is consensual and all participants are over the age of 18. Some of the English is Texas dialectic)


Well, time marches on, most likely on flat feet. I was hoping my lawyer could get an appeal going but that looks like a dead end, as dead as my end is going to be without an appeal.

I was looking at my golden cock last night and stupidly I spoke to it as if it were a separate entity and could hear and think. I said,

“Cock, my dear golden cock, it looks like time has just about run out for us. I won’t be finding you pussy any more because I will be dead, you will be too. To think I’ve done something wrong that has caused your demise makes tears come to my eyes. Of course I might stroke ya a bit before tomorrow morning but unless the Governor pardons us, and there is slim chance of that happening, so we are finished; no more wanking, jerking, cuming and most of all none of that most delectable of all things on earth,—- no more puss… puss…. pussy.”

I was so overcome with emotion I’d begun to stutter.

Tomorrow at 2 pm, after a last meal, they will strap me down and inject me and twenty minutes later it will all be over. In those moments before I die, I’m told my golden penis will fill with blood and stand erect for the last time while my mind will no longer be able to function and life as we know it will be no more.

I keep trying to figure out why I am here. If you read part one, you know Mr. Bentley asked me to stand in for him at his wife’s birthday fucking. I did my best. She certainly was satisfied, she gave me a $20 tip. The next morning Mr. Bentley showed up at my house and asked me to drive him in his old Ford pickup truck out to highway I-10 and drop him at the truck stop, then he asked me to drive the car back to his home and leave it there. I didn’t ask a lot of questions, I figured his brother, who was a long distance trucker, was meeting him there. So I did what I was told, he tipped me $10 and I headed out on the back run to drop off the truck. What the hell went wrong?

Oh yeah, his old truck stopped on its own accord out near that honky tonk on Burton Way. I know Mr. Bentley liked to go out there and drink and listen to the country music, but what I didn’t know was there was not only country music out there, there was cunt.

When I got to the honky tonk the front door was barred, I knocked but when no one opened the front door, I went round back and there I saw three women, all nude in their birthday suit, except they were all wearing sunglasses. Oh yeah, one had on some short-short shorts that made her ass cheeks a real pleasure to look at when she turned round.

There they was, a’ sunbathing on old canvas chairs. There was also one of those kiddy pools and a hose and when they got too hot they’d stand in the pool and one of the gals would hose the other one down.

I recognized Pamela, as one of the waitresses I’d seen before, but the two other gals were new to me. They greeted me as if they were all dressed, real natural like and Pam introduced the fat one as her sister and the other gal, Olga, who was a Russian girl, a real looker with high cheek bones and them big eyes like the photo models sometimes have, and two really beautiful big erect tits, so erect I couldn’t figure out how they stood up. She must be doing them chest exercises I read about in one of them ladies magazines my Mom would read. That Russian lady was the only one hiding her pussy but show’in off most of her back side.

“Well Goldie, we is all a’ sit-in here in our birthday suits, why don’t you take a load of, drop your draws and keep us company. “

“I’d sure like that but I gotta take Mr. Bentley’s truck on back to his place and it done run out a’ gas.”

“Well, why don’t you just wait a bit, the postman will be by soon and he’ll give ya a lift a two miles down to the A&M store where they got a gas pump, meanwhile, have a seat partner.”

So I striped off my work duds and stretched out on the hammock which was tied off one of the mobile homes out back and then to a tree.

“Pamela seemed to have dosed off, while the Russian gal, Olga, got up and took a cold beer out of the ice chest and offered it to me. She laid it in my lap you might say and just about froze me.”

The sister of Pam, who went by the name Brenda started a’laugh’in and her fat belly just jiggled.

“She gotcha that time Goldie, just about froze your dick off.”

They all had a good laugh on that and I just smiled and started drinking the Lone Star beer. It was a hot day but the puffy clouds ataşehir escort bayan would come and go. When they’d go the sun would come streaming through like someone turning on klieg lights and fortunately there was a bit of shade off the old oak tree. After a bit I started to dozed off.

I thought I was dreaming about that Persian girl and how good a cock sucker she was when I realized I wasn’t dreaming. That there Russian girl Olga was leaning over me with those perky tits of hers grazing my chest as she swirled her tongue around my cock’s head and then dove down to give my balls a good lick and suck.

The fat girl was watching and commented, “Olga, you got that down right sweetie, most gals stop short at the dick, ya gotta’ not forget them balls and hey Mr. Goldie, you got two of the biggest balls I’ve seen outside of Horse Johnson and that fucker is herniated.”

“Yeah,” joined in Pam,who had woken up, “but old horse can still bust a nut when he’s sober.”

“Yep,” said Brenda, “he’s old but not the worse fuck in the county.”

Meanwhile as their conversation kept on, Olga, who was just getting started she stopped abruptly.

“You’re getting ready to shoot your load golden penis guy, weren’t you.

“How’d ya know?” I answered.

“I know cause a gob of your pre-cum was starting to leak and it was coating my tongue. Why you in a rush golden penis guy? You gotta satisfy all of us.”

“Yeah,” said the fat girl, “you drink’in our beer, using our chair and getting a good browning from our sun,” and then she cracked up as she raised up on her two elbows.”

While Brenda was struggling to get off the canvas lounge chair, with some difficulty, I could see that her belly fat hung down like a skirt over her pussy. She got one knee off the chair and kinda jerked herself up and walked over to me.

“Wow, that is some cock you got there young man, I never seen one that color,” she reached out and grabbed it with her left hand and petted it a bit, then with her right hand she grabbed my dick and balls between her thumb and forefinger and started pulling on it.

“What are ya doing Brenda?” asked Pam.

“I’m a stretching his prick out to see how long it is, I’ve been constipated for two days since we went to that Barbeque place over in Sioux City and a right good butt fuck with this here dick might just do the trick, let me get some sun tan oil to use as a lube and we’ll see if this long dick will break through the barrier and work its magic.”

That sure didn’t sound like something I was interested in, but she had a note of distress in her voice.

“You help her out,” said Pam, “I’ll be grateful. Give him another beer Olga.”

So, while Brenda squirted copper tone up her fat ass I drank down the second beer and burped and that made them all laugh.

By now Brenda was unfolding a thick blanket onto the dusty ground and once it was stretched out she kind knelt into an all four position with her enormous sun tan oiled ass reflecting in the sun. Olga pulled me up to her, tugging on my cock and pushed me right up next to her ass in a business like manner, positioning me behind Brenda. I hunched over her wide shoulders and not knowing her ass hole from a wrinkle but she reached back with her left hand and fitted me in the right space.

“Push,” shouted Pam. But to my surprise that fatty’s ass hole was tight, as tight as a young woman’s twat, but Olga kept pushing on my ass and smacking my ass cheeks and little by little I got my dick wedged inside her and was giving her a few minutes of the old in and out.

Brenda shouted, ” Harder,” and I tried to hammer my manhood ever deeper and Olga was busy smacking my ass red when I finally reached that point of no return and a high pitched animal noise came out of me at the exact moment that I came.

The fat girl, she kind’a pushed me off and hauling her ass cheeks together with both hands she waddled off into the mobile home as fast as she could, slamming the door behind her. We could hear her shouting and grunting and then a long pause and a subsequent howl as she cut loose with her bowels with a giant fart and I imagined she expelled my gooey cum shot along with all her constipation pain and suffering.

Olga pulled me up from where I lay and pulling my hand she maneuvered me over near the water hose and putting her finger over the cut tube she sprayed my cock and balls and my belly and thighs real well, then flung me a dry towel. I wrapped the towel around me and laid down to let the sun dry me and rested a bit.

But before I could doze off, there was Olga escort kadıköy with her thick Russian accent ordering me to roll over, ” I’ll give you a massage.”

She handed me another beer which I drank down greedily.

I didn’t argue with her, but the bright sun had come out from behind the clouds so I covered my eyes with the towel. I soon realized Olga had finished massaging my arms and shoulders and was back playing with my cock. She stuck her finger in my mouth playing with my lips. I didn’t think much of it as she was working my cock so well that it was standing up and hard again, and then she grunted and her finger went deeper and I realized she was hovering over my face, still busy jerking my jerkin when my mouth was flooded with what was gooey and had a faint taste of mashed potatoes. I pushed

her finger away and it was then that I realized it wasn’t her finger at all but her tiny tranny cock. I know some trannies have giant cocks but I was thankful this one was manageable.

“What the fuck, you came in my mouth you bitch,” I mumbled, trying to speak and get rid of the cum in my mouth, part of it went up my nose and then Olga slapped me hard across my face and struggling with the shock of her slap I swallowed all the cum before I could spit it out.

“Don’t be fresh to a lady,” she said.

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t expect all that come from such a tiny penis.”

“You are a dumbo, it ain’t the cock size that makes the milk, it’s what you got up in yo’ ball sack.”

That was when Pam came over and she was a big girl, and she had alway treated me nicely.

“Goldie Honey, let bi-cums be bi-cums. I had no idea of what she was talking about but I guessed it was her way of joking about Olga’s coming in my mouth..

“A little bit of sugar makes the medicine go down,” said Olga.

That was when I realized that not only cum had passed my lips but Olga must have slipped something else into my mouth as well.

All of a sudden I felt woozy and warm, my dick was standing up and my balls were sweating and Pam was seated on my chest facing away from me and her big ass was creeping over me as she placed her crack right on my mouth and shouted,

“Now lick my ass you cock sucker,” I had never licked ass and was in some sort of a daze.

For some reason, maybe because of whatever they’d put in my mouth, her command felt like the most natural thing in the world. I felt mellow and agreeable and I’ll guess my attitude was probably due to whatever Olga had stuffed down my throat with her cum shot.

I started in licking and I licked on and on deep into Pam’s ass hole and she was surely enjoying it by the sounds she was making, and then she slid forward so I could work on her pussy and at that moment that seemed to me like the most agreeable nice idea.

How long this went on, I don’t really know, but her big clit centered on my face and at that moment her vagina was the moon and the stars to me. I just could not get enough of it.

When she finally lifted off me with a hoot, she was quickly replaced by the fat girl, her sister Brenda, who jumped on board, pulling up her belly skin skirt and sliding my cock not into her ass this time, but into her twat which was somewhere there under a mass of hanging curly tangled hair.

She humped my cock until I thought she’d broken one of my ribs, but she would not stop until I came inside her. When she finally had enough and lifted off of me I just laid there feeling like a squashed pancake, but so relaxed and happy that I welcomed the cold hose water when Pam started spraying me down.

Finally Joe Rivers, the Postman arrived with the mail for the place. When he saw me laying there he must have gotten excited as well. Joe was kinda feminine I always thought, but if I’d known then what I know now I’da pegged him early on for being gay,.

I was still out of it, but I could hear him asking the girls permission for something and they all shouted back something and then there was his blue postal shirt coming over my face and his big head came into view and that goatee mustache thing of his just swooped down like an eagle grabbing a mouse and my dick was into his mouth before I even knew what was happening.

He blew me for a while till I dribbled out a weak cum squirt and even so he seemed quite content and he swallowed it down without complaint. As far as I was concerned, this mother fucker’s mouth was like a hairy pussy and all the more welcome for my dick to slot into.

After that the girls got me dressed and walked me out to Joe’s jeep, they opened the passenger door and seated bostancı escort me next to a stack of mail. Everybody waved goodbye and shook my unsteady hand as Joe and I drove off to the dry lake bed where Joe stopped the jeep and got out. He came around to my side of the vehicle and opened the door, then very slowly and deliberately he unzipped his pants and shook out a long fat dick that I wouldn’t have imagined he was hiding in there.

“Where I come from, ” said Joe, “if someone sucks yo dick dry you owe them one in return.”

I was still woozy and smiling so I didn’t say much.

“Now you plan’in on taking it in your mouth or your ass?” said Joe.

And strangely that idea didn’t seem repellant at all and my jaw dropped open without a word being spoken. He raised up on his toes, jammed that big mother into my mouth and had his way with me. Not being used to such stuff I couldn’t swallow his huge cum load and most of it dribbled down my shirt. It was over pretty quick and he pulled out and walked around to the drivers side, started up the jeep and within a few minutes we had arrived soon we had arrived at the gas station.

Joe borrowed a gas can, filled it up at the pump and was nice enough to drive me back to where the truck was still sitting. By now I was pretty well recovered, at least enough to drive the old Ford over to Mr. Bentley place, even though there was a kind of foul taste in my mouth.

The next few days I rested up, gargled a lot and did some chores for Mom and when the Police came by and picked me up for questioning I was more than surprised. I did answer all their questions but left out any of the sex stuff with the three girls and any stuff about Joe blowing me and visa versa.

I told Officer Flanagan and later Detective Cody that I’d dropped off Mr. Bentley and walked over to the honky tonk and waited until the Postman Joe Rivers came by and helped me get gas.

The next day while I was sleeping, in the real early morning, before it was even light outside, three cops burst into my bedroom and put the cuffs on me, read me my rights and dragged me off to jail. It seems they had witnesses that saw me that morning with Mr. Bentley but the waitress girls and the postman totally denied ever seeing me. The cops were sure I was a liar and booked me for the murder of Mr. Bentley, a man who was like a father to me.


It’s now the morning of my execution by injection. It is scheduled for 2 p.m. I had a nice lunch, a fried chicken plate from the Chicken Palace, some buttered grits and an ear of corn, a bottle of Crown Royal Cola and a paper ice cream cup of those half and half chocolate and vanilla jobs.

The priest gave me a benediction, whatever that is. Being raised a Baptist I don’t speak the Latin lingo. About one o’clock my shrink came by, asked for a little privacy, the guard stepped back a bit, she reached under the dinner table, to undo my pants but knowing what to expect my cock was already out. She rubbed some oil on my cock and gave me the last good tugs I’d ever know.

I was grateful for that. Now I could meet my maker without feeling nervous. When I cum she caught it all in a paper towel, said her goodbyes and then three guards came in and suited me up for the killing. The Warden came in and said,

“Son, it’s too late to matter but I’d like you to admit to me that you killed old man Bentley and I’d like you to tell me where you buried the body. That way you will go in grace to the next world having done the right thing and relieved me of any guilt I’d feel if in fact you were innocent.”

Being a good Christian I realized I had a duty here to perform.

“Yes, Warden, you don’t haft’a feel guilty on my account, yep, I killed the old guy who was like a father to me, all for a lousy $10 bill. Where did I bury him? I don’t rightly know, it was somewhere out in the desert, sorry bout that.”

The executioner came in, they tied me to a table, shot me up with an injection of what burned like hell and…..


And so ended the life of Goldie, the man with the golden penis.

Two weeks late Mr. Bentley arrived back in town. Seems he’d gone on a Korean War Veteran’s holiday in South Korea and failed to tell anyone about it.

He’s probably the only one who visits Goldie’s grave other than his mom. Mr. Bentley is suffering from kidney disease and sometime pisses while he’s there grave side praying for Goldie’s soul, and it ricochets off the side of the tiny grave stone and spatters on his pants leg. He is unaware of it but when he gets home his old hound dog sniffs at his pants leg like he grew a new leg.

Goldie’s Mom comes out every month to clean off the weeds that quickly grow around the grave site and can’t understand why the place always smells like piss but she figures the dead have their own mysterious ways.

T h e E n d…

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