Give Me an Ohhhhhhh!

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Mary Lou follows the veteran cheerleaders out of the tunnel onto the sidelines of the football field. The roar of the crowd felt like a gust of wind, hitting her body. The waves of cheer flowed through her body and made the hair on her arms stand on end. Her body felt alive, even though she was nervous. This was her first time as a cheerleader at a college football game. The months of practicing could not prepare her for the environment she was now submersed in.

Standing next to Brittany, a senior captain, Mary Lou turned to face the crowd of home fans with a huge smile. She waved the pom poms in the air and did two toe touches in the air. After completing a chair, the football team rushed out of the tunnel. The roar of the crowd became ten times louder. She did not know why, but the intense roar of the crowd excited her. Her nerves were causing her body to tingle.

Mary Lou turned to face the field and watched her team run onto the field, led by her new boyfriend, Pat Somerville. She cheered as loud as her voice would allow. She was so proud to be dating the starting senior quarterback of the Seminoles.

The two of them had met in the library a few weeks back. Mary Lou was doing research for a term paper and Pat was being tutored for the classes he missed because of the away game the previous week. Pat finished his tutor session and watched as Mary Lou walked past his table. He jumped up and introduced himself. The relationship took off from there.

After the kickoff, Pat took the field with the offense and drove down the field. The crowd was cheering wildly after a long pass down the field. Mary Lou could feel herself starting to get moist, caused by the intense roar of the crowd. She wondered why her body was reacting in such a manner. She had never experienced anything like this before.

The Seminoles were at the 20 yard line and looking to score. The cheerleaders decided to form a triangle, preparing for a score. Mary Lou was on the second tier of the triangle. Mark grabbed her by the hips and propelled her up into the air, like they had done thousands of times before. He held her foot with his right hand and placed his left hand on her left thigh. His hand sent chills up her leg, toward her vagina. She was so shocked by the sensation that she almost fell. The sensations had caught her by total surprise. She had never felt excited by his hand placement before.

The crowds’ cheer reached another level and brought Mary Lou back to the present moment. She saw the fans giving high fives and hugging. She knew her team had scored. She concentrated on holding Betsy, who was standing on her shoulder. Mary Lou knew she had to stand firm or the triangle would collapse.

The opponents drove down to the middle of the field before eventually punting the ball away. Mary Lou watched as her boyfriend led the Seminoles toward the goal line once more. She helped cheer her team on. In five plays, the Seminoles scored a second touch down. Mary Lou cheered and did a jumping toe touch. As ataşehir escort her leg was up in the air, she felt a cool breeze on her spankies. She wondered for a second why the air felt cool. It suddenly hit her, her spankies were damp. The continued roar of the crowd had gotten her overly excited. She fretted, knowing that the crowd would eventually see her wet panties when she faced the crowd and cheered. There was no way she could keep from showing her spankies to the crowd throughout the rest of the game. Several of their cheers required her lifting her leg while facing the crowd.

She instantly became horrified and excited at the same time. For some reason, the thought of others seeing her excited gave her a thrill. She hoped this would be a one time thing and that her body would not react this way every game. If her body did, she would be in for a long season.

Somehow, she made it through the rest of the game without exposing her wetness too often. The two plus hours of prolonged excitement was driving her mad. She was so turned on and desired to feel Pat deep inside her. She knew he would be in a great mood after winning the first game of the season. The down side was that she would have to wait awhile until she could get him alone.

Mary Lou followed the other girls into the locker room. She quickly showered and changed into a pair of blue skinny jeans and a school t-shirt. She slipped her feet inside her track shoes and waited for Pat at the edge of the tunnel facing the parking lot. She congratulated the football players as they walked past her.

Pat walked out of the locker room with his duffel bag thrown over his right shoulder. He saw Mary Lou waiting for him and approached her with a giddy smile. He gave her a quick kiss and put his arm around her waist. They walked to his car and headed back to his apartment.

On the car ride home, Pat gloated about the success of the team, while placing his right hand on her leg. His hand rested just above her knee. The normal action that usually made her feel comforted, had more of a reaction today. After hours of being excited by a roaring crowd, her body was on the edge. Her nerve endings were wired; she felt as if she had put her finger in an electric socket.

Mary Lou put her hand on top of his hand and held it tight. She could feel her palms sweating. Finally, Pat pulled into the apartment parking space. She hopped out of the car and grabbed her duffel bag. The two of them headed up the sidewalk to Pat’s apartment. She wondered if Pat could smell the pheromones her body was putting off. Her question was quickly answered.

Mary Lou stepped inside the apartment and turned to face Pat, who was closing the door. She was about to take a step toward him when her turned around and quickly moved toward her. His quick movements caught her by surprise; she squealed.

Pat aggressively grabbed her by the hips and pulled her close to him. She could see lust and passion in his eyes. She grabbed his shoulders sternly kadıköy escort and felt his hands shift. He grabbed her tight ass and squeezed them, while kissing her deeply. She returned his kiss with the same passion. She felt herself become instantly moist, all over again.

He pulled back a half step and palmed her breasts in his hands, then pushed her a few steps backward until she was against the wall. She loved the feeling of his hands aggressively fondling her breasts. Mary Lou rested her elbows on his shoulders and pulled his head toward her mouth. The sexual passion flowed through her lips. She kissed him hard and felt her lips separated by his tongue. She felt his tongue dance with hers’.

She normally preferred slow passionate love making, but today was different. She wanted to be taken with force and passion. Pat aggressively grabbed her buttocks once more and lifted her off the ground. Her hips raised up to his waist. She wrapped her legs around him and held on tight, her back pressed against the wall. His strong body pressed against her and pinned her to the wall. She could feel his hard chest pushing against her. She looked at his strong arms that held held her in the air. His biceps were bulging. She was more turned on than she had ever been before.

Pat pulled her away from the wall and carried her into the family room. He lay her down on the couch and fell on top of her. His weight against her felt so good. She could feel his crotch pressing against her spread legs. She wanted him so bad.

“Take me now you stud.” She proclaimed.

She watched as he lifted his body off her and adjusted her body. Her legs were now hanging over the couch, her head resting against the seat of the couch. Pat unbuttoned her jeans and quickly unzipped the zipper. Within seconds, the lower half of her body was naked. He lifted her legs and grunted. She leaned forward and unzipped his jeans. She could feel his manhood pressing against the jeans and struggling to become free. Pat kicked off his shoes and socks as she dropped his draws to the floor.

As Pat removed his jeans, Mary Lou pulled her shirt and bra over her head. Pat grabbed her legs behind the knees and pulled her forward. Her head fell backwards and rested on the seat of the couch once more. She begged for his manhood as he stepped between her legs. He put her heels on his shoulders and pressed forward until her ankles were just inches from her face. She craved the force and animalistic passion he was exhibiting. She wanted to feel the brute, raw passion of his manhood deep inside her.

It didn’t take long before her wishes were granted. Mary Lou gasp as she felt her insides being spread by his hot dick. She loved the way he filled her. She had created enough lubrication that his dick was able to slide deep inside her within a few thrusts. All the teasing and build up of the last few hours had come to this moment. She reached down and held the back of her legs while Pat thrust his hips against her body.

The bostancı escort room was filled with the sounds of skin smacking against skin, heavy breathing, grunts, groans and moans. Mary Lou had never been in this position before. She could not believe how deep he could go inside her. This position felt great, though she was having a hard time breathing with her body folded up. She did her best to thrust her hips against his body.

She could not help but moan over and over as he pounded her vagina with feverish passion. She had an intense desire to have an orgasm. His hips were moving faster and faster. The feeling of his skin smacking against her ass was almost too much. The heat of his body was radiating against her body. She could feel herself starting to overheat.

Mary Lou felt his sweat dripping onto her stomach. Her body was glistening. “Ohhh yessssss. Give it to me. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” She exclaimed.

His body stopped and froze against her for a moment. She groaned, not wanting him to ever stop. Pat slid his hands down the insides of her ankles and spread her legs out wide until they were pointing in opposite directions. He moved his hands to her knees and held her apart, open and vulnerable. She let out a loud moan when he started thrusting his hips against her once again.

Her mind and emotions were spinning like the hand of a steal weather gage in the middle of a wind storm. His moans joined her. Together they were singing the archaic song of passion. She felt her orgasm build stronger and stronger as it rushed toward the area where he was thrusting his dick inside her. Mary Lou arched her back and put all the weight of her body on her shoulder blades. She thrust her hips against his hips as fast as she possibly could.

Pat made a few final thrusts as deep as he could, sending her over the proverbial cliff. She began to twist and shudder as he shot his semen deep inside her vagina. One final thrust and he dropped her legs to the floor and collapsed on top of her.

Mary Lou was not finished and said, “No! Don’t stop yet.”

Pat grabbed her butt cheeks and thrust his dick inside her for another minute until she stopped squirming. She could not think of anything. All she could do is smile and laugh. He held her close. Their bodies a puddle of sweat and a mixture of juices. She pulled his face to hers and kissed him over and over, taking deep breaths between each kiss.

A few minutes later, she felt him growing hard again. She reached down and began stroking him for a few moments, urging him to give her more. Her planned worked. Pat lifted his body and said, “Roll over.”

She did as he instructed and felt her legs being spread. Within seconds he had reentered her begging vagina lips. He held her by the hips and slowly pushed his dick in and out. She could feel her inner walls milking him, urging him to give her more. For the next several minutes he rode her like a cowboy before pulling out and spraying her ass with his seed.

They showered and cleaned the leather couch, then cuddled under a blanket and began to watch a game of college football. Mary Lou held him close. She loved the smell of his body. It was like a drug. She snuggled up against him and fell asleep in his strong arms before halftime.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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