Girls Do it Better Ch. 01

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Lesley and Toni sat in the restaurants parking lot just as dusk was closing in drinking sodas, and listening to the latest CD to find its way into in Toni’s collection from the record store she works in. The two women pass a joint between them as the begin feeling a little high and far too horny for this early in the evening.

“It is always nice to get away from the children and the husbands.” Toni remarked just before taking another puff on the joint breathing its smoke in deeply and holding them there for as long as she could before exhaling as Lesley started to comment on how delicious dinner at Mikes had been and how the chardonnay citrus sauce made her trout so moist in her mouth.

There joint finished, Toni drove the car while Lesley rested her hand on Toni’s thigh, or tweaked her nipple, or rubbed her shoulders. Toni was succumbing to this loving touch and asked “Are you sure the airport road the right place to go?”

“It’s the lovers lane in this town. It’ll have to do till next time, then we’ll get a hotel room Honey,” Lesley promised in a sexy voice. Toni gulped and could only wonder what was in store for her. As they watched planes take off, a few other cars approach the dead end street and parked up discreetly for casino şirketleri there usual Saturday necking sessions.

“Come on Toni, I want to kiss you.” Lesley Pleaded as she flashed a smile in Toni’s direction. Toni leaned over towards Lesley and their mouths met for the first time soft little baby kisses at first just there lips meeting but in seconds this escalated to desperate open mouth kisses, with there tongues exploring and rubbing together, in each others arms so tight. Lesley’s hand went to Toni’s crotch, feeling her up through the fabric of her jeans. Lesley was very tender but secure in what she was doing. Without warning Toni whispered “I want to get on top of you.” She moved over in the darkness of the car positioning herself over Lesley’s petite body and breasts that Toni was dying for. Toni’s Jeans and knickers had slipped a little on her hips. So Lesley ripped them down pulling them off Toni’s legs allowing them to fall to the car floor in a heap.

Lesley although small was quite strong and it didn’t take much effort on her part to hold Toni up so she could slipped her soft thigh between Toni’s legs, then she forced Toni’s pussy and clit to make skin-to-skin contact with her skin. Toni got very excited as Lesley casino firmaları started rubbing Toni’s clit against her intrusive thigh. “Cum Baby, let go, and feel good you know you want to. Let your self feel good,” Lesley directed.

“Right here???” asked Toni.

“Yes Toni, right here and right now. I’ll help you feel good. It’ll be alright.”

Toni’s arms were trapped behind her and she couldn’t get free and it excited her. She knew what Lesley wanted her to do. It was forceful, and it turned her on. Lesley let go of Toni and reached around and played with Toni’s pussy from behind, getting her fingers all wet, she then rubbed the outside of her tight rectum and Toni screamed as Lesley dabbed her index finger in her tight anus. Toni soon cried out again as she franticly began rubbing her clit rubbing on Lesley’s thigh, as her first anal penetration sent tiny shocks through her body, she soon felt an orgasm building and was helpless to stop it. She rested her head on Lesley’s shoulder and tried to catch her breath as the overwhelming waves of passion swept over her. Lesley hugged Toni so tight. Toni put her hand around Lesley’s neck very lovingly. Lesley’s long silvery hair softly covered Toni’s arm.

Toni licked and güvenilir casino nipped on Lesley’s ear and began to circle Leslie’s clit. They kissed again passionate and loving. This time Lesley felt the rising tides of passion building in her loins. Toni had slipped her hand inside the waistband of Lesley’s shorts and found her clit without prompting. Natural feelings pulled her along, and a flood of sex juices came with a huge orgasm. Moaning and crying softly, Lesley was satisfied. The sexual tension had gone. Relaxation settled upon them. With slow tender kisses they quietly enjoyed the peaceful feelings that the after glow of passion had brought and the sent of there love wafted around the car like the warm spring air.

Toni pushed up Lesley’s flowered blouse. It was a very soft material. She wanted to see her breasts. With no bra to remove, they were quickly exposed in the dim moonlight. Toni took one breast in each hand and rubbed the nipples till they were hard. “May I suck them?” she asked respectfully. Lesley smiled and gave her permission. Toni slowly sucked, chewed, and flicked each nipple. She went from breast to breast, savouring them, having the time of her life. Lesley loved this attention and supported Toni’s head. The two of them sat like this a long while, listening to music playing on the cars stereo. As Lesley lay her head backward on the seat her hair fanning out as Toni her lover suckled Leslie knowing full well that obviously had never had this treat before.

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