Getting Rid of the Blues Ch. 12

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Jake moved towards the two women. He enjoyed seeing the looks on their faces as passion took over their bodies. Sue was lovingly touching Alex’s breasts with her tongue and hands. Alex had let go of some of her inhibitions. She raised one hand and curled it into Sue’s hair. She was holding the woman’s mouth to her breasts, encouraging Sue to play even more than before. Her own head was tilted back in pleasure. She continually licked her lips as she panted and moaned.

Jake touched Sue’s shoulder. The woman looked so playful as she glanced up at Jake. She still had her teeth wrapped around one of Alex’s nipples. She smiled and sucked the nipple back into her mouth. For a few moments, she increased the suction until Alex was moaning aloud and asking for more. Then, she let go of the nipple with a popping noise. Alex’s breast bounced back into place. Alex staggered, and Jake placed a hand on the small of her back to keep her steady.

Sue moved back over to John, and he stopped stroking his cock and pulled his wife onto his lap. His large cock wedged itself between her ass checks. It was a feeling the John has come to love. He pulled Sue back against his chest. She relaxed into his lap and allowed his hand to find its way down the front of her body. It rested between her legs. His large fingers found her clit and began pinching it lightly. Sue started grinding on his lap, enjoying the feelings of warmth running through her body. It continued as John began rubbing her clit firmly and vigorously. Sue was moaning. Her hands found her own breasts. She pushed them together using her arms. Her own fingers grazed over her nipples, stopping a few times to actually pull and twist her nipples. The pinching and twisting sent a bolt of energy down to her clit. She begged John for more.

Alex felt Jake move behind her. She heard a soft rustling sound and then felt body heat against her back. It dawned on her that he had taken off his shirt and pants. She felt his chest against her back. She also felt his cock resting between her ass checks. He felt long. At first she tensed up and tried to pull away.

However, Jake spent a few moment massaged her arms and back. She decided to snuggle closer to that feeling of him. His arms wrapped around her body. Alex could smell his musky scent. She felt like she could breathe his body into her own and hold it there, just like he was holding her at that moment. She wrapped her arms into his.

“Are you watching?” he whispered in her ear. The hot feeling of his breath sent shivers through her body. He pulled her closer to him. Alex nodded her head slightly and let her eyes drift back to John and Sue.

Alex could see that John was whispering something in Sue’s ear. The woman moaned even louder than before. Her body tensed. Alex could tell Sue was moving into a strong orgasm by the way Sue’s hips bucked back and forth. A scream came out of Sue’s mouth as John pushed two of his fingers into her pussy. She tossed her head from side to side as the orgasm shook her body. The walls of her pussy clamped down on John’s fingers. He was massaging her g-spot, knowing this would make her incredibly wet. Her juices covered his hand as he pushed further into her. They were dripping from his hand onto their legs.

“She is a rainmaker just like you,” bostancı escort whispered Jake. “When she cums, she gushes.”

Alex blushed slightly. She knew he was referring to the events in the parking lot with the valet. By the time she hastily drove away, her pants were soaked and so was Jake’s hand. Alex refocused and brought her attention back to John and Sue.

John pushed Sue forward. She leaned into more of sitting position. She planted her feet on the floor and stood slightly. Alex saw John’s cock pop into view. Sue grabbed it by the shaft and positioned it next to her pussy lips. She had a look of concentrated delight on her face. It was then that she lifted her head and glanced at Alex. Sue gave Alex a wink and pushed her hips down, forcing John’s cock into her. Her eyes widened incredibly large. She began gasping for air.

Alex could tell how immense the feeling was by simply watching the woman’s face. John placed his hands on Sue’s hips and pulled the woman up. She whimpered and shut her eyes. However, when John forced her hips back down the shaft of his cock, Sue’s eyes popped back open. She let out a low groan and bit down on her lip. More of John’s cock disappeared into her pussy. With a few more thrusts, John was completely buried inside of his wife. The large head of his cock and girth of his shaft were stretching Sue’s pussy wide open. She squirmed in his lap, shifting her hips to accommodate his size. Alex could appreciate the sight of Sue’s pussy lips wrapping around John’s huge cock. They looked like they were made to hold one another.

Sue went back to her laying position onto John’s chest. His hand moved back to her clit; he began furiously rubbing it. Sue could not keep still. She forced her hips forward to meet his fingers, but John used his other hand to pull her back. These motions providing the sliding his cock needed within her pussy. Both of them were panting with the effort and pleasure they were experiencing. Sue’s pussy lips strained and pulled as John’s shaft continued to move in and out of her. After a particularly hard orgasm, Sue pulled John’s hand away from her clit. She directed his hands to his breasts. He began by holding each one and squeezing it. Then, he moved onto pinching her nipples. Sue was mumbling constantly. She mumbled about fucking, cumming, and loving John’s cock. When John timed his pinchings with the thrusts of his cock, Sue was screaming.

Alex noticed the amount of juices coating John’s cock and still flowing out of Sue’s stretched lips. The sight was completely intoxicating and mesmerizing. A small thought in her head brought up the idea of her sitting in John’s lap like that. She smiled for a moment and pushed her hips back against Jake. He responded with a small push of his own.

Alex heard a growl come from John. His own legs had tensed. Alex could see that his scrotum had shrunk, pulling up against his body. John was using his hands to pinch Sue’s nipples and encourage her fucking pace. The growl grew louder as Sue slid down to John’s base. His legs began to jerk. Sue yelped and began bouncing heavily on John’s lap. She wanted to get ever last drop of cum out of his cock.

“Fuck!” yelled John as his body trembled from the strength of the orgasm. His hands büyükçekmece escort dropped from Sue’s breasts, and they hung limply at his side.

“Are you ready?” asked Jake as he began to walk Alex backward. Alex turned her head and was about to ask him what he meant. She noticed he was moving towards a chair. Jake sat back in the chair and sat with his legs slightly spread apart. He pulled Alex onto his lap. She felt his cock lodge itself back between her ass checks. She hesitantly leaned back against his chest.

“Did they start like this?”

Jake’s hand moved to her clit. His fingers felt like fire against her body as she immediately responded with her hips. She pushed against his hand, wanting to increase the speed he was using. Her heart pounded as the feelings of tightness spread through her legs. The only thing that entered her mind was the need for an orgasm. Actually, it was her need for an orgasm with Jake.

“Play with your nipples like Sue did,” Jake whispered against her neck. Alex’s hands drifted to her nipples. She began pinching them roughly. Her orgasm was so close to the surface. Her body still remembered being teased earlier, but this time it really wanted to let go. Everything within her tightened in anticipation.

“Do you want to cum?”

Alex nodded her head furiously. Jake’s began pushing his fingers into her, and she yelled out loud. The orgasm washed over her body. She twitched and fidgeted on his lap. Alex felt Jake’s fingers graze her rough g-spot on the front wall of her vagina. She rocked back into him as the gush of cum squirted from inside of her. She panted as she pinched her nipples again. Her body arched, and she lost all control of herself.

“Fuck me!” she gasped as she continued to spasm around Jake’s hand. Alex’s cum covered Jake’s hand and was running down the crack of her ass onto his lap. It felt like a steady stream of her juices.

Jake’s hand slipped easily in and out of Alex’s body. He could feel the walls of her vagina collapsing on his hand each time a wave of her orgasm rode through her body. She was riding his hand, and her ass was massaging his cock with each rocking motion. He grit his teeth in order to maintain some control over his erection. His hand was covered in her juices, and she wasn’t stopping. He pulled his hand from her, and she whimpered loudly. Jake moved her back to a sitting position on his lap.

“Stand up for me.”

Alex couldn’t concentrate. Her orgasm left her feeling overly sensitive and ramped up. Her heart was beating out of control. She couldn’t seem to catch her breath. She really didn’t hear a word that Jake had said.

Jake helped her put her feet on the floor. He pushed her hips up and forward. His cock moved between her legs. It was like his cock was a spring. It was wound up and tight. He was ready to feel her on the inside. He couldn’t wait any longer.

“Slide me inside of you,” he muttered over her shoulder. Alex had heard him this time and reached between her legs. She felt the shaft of his cock lying against the lips of her pussy. She wrapped her hand around the base. For a moment she used his cock to rub the lips of her pussy. His skin felt so soft and inviting. Finally, Alex moved her hips upwards. çapa escort His head was resting against her lips. Before she could more any further, Alex grabbed her hips and pulled her down. She screamed in pleasure as he impaled her. His cock pushed open her vaginal walls, touching her completely everywhere. Jake enjoyed the soft touching, but his need to orgasm was too great. He needed to get off and fucking her pussy would definitely help.

Alex dropped her head forward and bit her bottom lip. It took her a few moments to realize the man she so desperately wanted was actually inside of her. Jake eased her back towards his chest. She snuggled against him with her hips moving to each side. They both could feel his cock shifting inside of her. Jake adjusted and lifted his hips, and Alex felt more of him slide into her. The head of his cock was resting against her cervix. She felt an incredible amount of pressure, but it also felt wonderful. She shivered against the feeling and pushed her hips down further. Alex groaned against that pressure feeling.

Jake wrapped his arms around her and held her close. Their breathing matched one another. Once their bodies has settled from the over-stimulation of entry, Jake used his hand to brush Alex’s hair away from her ear. He placed a small kiss to the side of her neck. With that, he used his hands to push her hips forward.

Alex cried out and grabbed onto his arms. In their tight embrace, they rocked their hips. The motion allowed Jake’s cock to stroke in and out Alex’s pussy, but that stroking was only for a few inches of his cock. He truly wanted to feel his entire cock enter and leave her body multiple times; however, he knew that would bring him too fast. This time, the short strokes would be enough.

Alex’s pussy walls clamped down on his shaft and pushed on his cock. She whimpered as another orgasm worked its way through her body. The stretched and full feeling was increasing with each of Jake’s hip thrusts. Alex felt one of his hands let go of their embrace. That hand found her clit.

She cried out as he began to rub her clit fast and rough. The orgasm bowed her back. Alex broke the embrace and sat forward. She needed more penetration, more movement. She planted her feet on the floor on either side of Jake’s legs. She grabbed his knees and began bouncing on his lap. Jake’s cock plunged in and out of her. Her moaning was constant and loud.

Jake couldn’t handle the sensation. His balls pulled close to his body and his legs clenched. Seeing Alex bouncing on his lap was too much. Her head was back and her hair hanging loose. It was swaying with the motion of her body. Her pussy clamped down firmly on his cock, and he buried himself to her cervix. She let loose another scream and bounced harder.

Jake pushed his own hips up and let out his orgasmic yelp. His cock throbbed and swelled as his cum raced out of him. It felt like he wouldn’t stop. He kept spraying strand after strand of it into her. She worked her hips up and down as if she was trying to milk it all out of him.

Finally, when he was done, he had to pull her close. The bouncing motion was too intense for his cock especially just after cumming. He could handle being inside of her if she remained still. She laid back against him panting and gasping. Her body was incredibly warm and covered with sweat. An occasional pulse moved through her pussy, squeezing him gently. Jake sighed and nuzzled his head into the crook of her neck.

When he could speak, he whispered, “Stay with me.”

The surprise of his own words made Jake catch his breath.

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