Getting Married! Dream Come True? Pt. 02

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This is a second chapter of hopefully many. I hadn’t originally planned subsequent chapters for this story, but with the positive feedback and a little time, the ideas started flowing easily. Also, while my stories have sex, they are not all sex front to back. I think mindless sex is the job of porn. But because you’re reading it means that the situational and romantic part of sex is what thrills you as much, if not more, as the actual act. I hope you enjoy.

Hi, My name is Tricia and I’ve had an interesting month! My boyfriend Josh has been stringing me along about marriage now for quite some time. Everyone tells me that he won’t propose cause he’s just too scared. I have so much invested in this relationship and have probably passed on so many better suitors to be with him. But I know that I can count on him. He’s safe. And while I may never be upscale, I just want to be with someone who worships me and don’t have to worry about leaving when the new has worn off and the children start taking over our lives.

But what I didn’t expect was a chance encounter with a business man at my place of work. In my previous telling, I told of how Sean wooed me and had me. And now I’m pregnant with his child. But my boyfriend Josh owes me. I’m not even going to feel bad about keeping this baby and not telling him. This feels like it was meant to be.

I had decided that I wanted Josh and I wanted to proceed normally like the baby was his. We could be happy and live it out in ignorant bliss. This could be a one time thing and the infidelity would also one time thing. Or was it?

On that day that I discovered the father Sean’s number in my phone, I had tampered with my boyfriends condom. It took a little bit of coaxing because that day Josh just wanted to be gaming with his friends, but when I finally got him to fuck me quickly, he gasped upon pulling out with the broken condom and showed me that it happened. I told Josh not to worry about it and gave him a hug and said it was fine and not to worry about it. There was little chance anything would happen. but what he didn’t know was that I was already pregnant with Sean’s child.

When I finally told Josh I was pregnant, he was stunned. Like he couldn’t talk for a day from being frozen with fear. When he finally could talk again, I asked him if he was going to propose soon. He just kind of looked side to side and said yeah. I knew Josh well and the situation. That situation was that I was his first serious girlfriend and he wasn’t ever going to have a chance like this with someone of my quality ever again. When he proposed I was a little disappointed with the ring. I made him change up the diamond for something a little bigger. It was still a bit smaller than I like, but I let it go. I knew Josh was worried about cost with a baby on the way, but I think the guilt him prompted him to take on a 2nd job.

Our families were very understanding when we told them about the engagement and the baby on the way. We decided to get married in a few weeks with just a small family ceremony on the nearest beach.

I had just been having some small talk with Sean by text over the next few weeks. Just talking about how his job was going, and what Josh and I were doing. Meanwhile Josh was working all the time to afford our first apartment ataşehir escort and everything. It left me with a lot of time. For that reason, I found myself texting Sean more and more. I told him about the engagement and the pregnancy and he congratulated profusely. It never came up about the baby being his, but it was assumed, I am sure. He said that he wanted to get together to see my new baby bump and to give me some gifts. I told him over and over that it wasn’t necessary but he insisted.

When we met for dinner, we talked about everything that happened and how happy I was to have my baby on the way. But instead of saying “my”, I said “his” and he smiled. Sean said he knew and was happy for me. We never talked about support or any need for it. This was something I wanted Josh and I to do for ourselves, but I began to sense right away that he would always be around to watch over me. As dinner was over, he told me he had something for me in his car. I was excited and went with him to see! Upon arriving at the SUV, he opened the back and showed me a top notch stroller and play set, but it occupied the entire back of the vehicle. He said that he could leave it with his hotel and I could pick it up or… he could take it somewhere for me.

Because I knew that Josh would just be starting his 2nd evening job right now, I knew he wouldn’t be at home. So I asked Sean to bring it over to our new apartment. Sean hadn’t made one sexual advance tonight and I was elated that this could become a long term platonic relationship after a one-time fling. He followed my car to my apartment. it had just one flight of stairs. But I couldn’t help but watch Sean as he easily put the gifts on his shoulders. One gift at a time and ascended the stairs easily. He was still forty something but probably in even better shape than the last time I saw him. And the whole act did have the effect on me. That reminder of the one night we spent together and my pussy feeling it all over again and becoming wet.

When we’d finished we stopped for a glass of water and Sean commented at how nice this was for a starter apartment. We really didn’t talk about Josh too much but I said that he was working hard to afford it. The conversation wound down and Sean said that he noticed I was starting to show and looked beautiful. I pulled up by t shirt to show him and laugh. I should have known that this was an invite and Sean’s hand moved to feel the baby bump. Just then his mood turned very serious and he told me that he meant it when he called me beautiful and still sexy.

He moved next to me and his other hand grabbed my ass and then moved down between my legs. At that moment he knew I was wet and it showed in his eyes. He grabbed me harder and moved his hand from my baby bump under my shirt to knead my breasts.

If I had any resistance left, it melted away just then. we kissed for what felt like five minutes before parting. And as the kiss ended I felt Sean’s hands on my shoulders. He started pushing down and I consented.

I reached my knees just then as Sean undid his belt as I watched. He never asked and I never said to stop. Sean slowly separated the belt and his top button. I could hear the zipper slowly being pulled down. As it reached the bottom and I watched, avcılar escort Sean hooked his thumbs over his pants and boxers and slowly pushed them to his knees. As he did I saw his cock again. Although not the first time, I had not fully realized how much bigger it was than Josh’s. As I slowly admired it, I felt Sean’s hand come to the back of my head and pull it towards him. As I got closer i grabbed his shaft and guided the tip to my lips.

I started moving my head back and forth under my own power then. Sean’s hand leaving my head to his hips as he stood upright. His little groans of pleasure escaping from his lips. It felt so natural at the time that it never occurred to me till later that here I was in the apartment that I shared with my future husband. And I had my lover’s pants down giving him oral. It was so wrong but felt so right.

I could not fit the entire shaft in my mouth so I had started moving my hand up and down the rest of Sean’s shaft as my mouth bobbed over the tip. Making him so hard I thought he’d knock my teeth out if I’d slipped up! I hadn’t even realized that I was stroking him with my left hand until Sean grabbed it and stopped me. He turned the engagement ring to face up.. It’s band touching the skin of his hard cock. He mentioned how beautiful it was and how beautiful of a bride I was going to be. I blushed as he pulled me up by the hand and walked me to the bedroom.

When we were standing next to the bed, Sean removed my top as i Removed his. I dropped my pants to the floor as we watched each other. When we embraced again the kissing was intense. I could feel Sean’s hard cock pressing against me as we kissed harder and harder. I could feel Sean pressing me toward the bed and I turned around to pull the blankets down. Just then Sean grabbed my panties with both hands and ripped them from me as I stood there. He pushed me into the bed as I felt his lust overtake him.

Now on my back and him pushing up one leg and then the other on to his shoulders. I felt the head of his cock touch my wet pussy and gasped just then. He pushed in a few inches at a time until again touching my cervix like he did the last. Here I was being taken like this in the bed I shared with my fiance. And still somehow it felt right. Though it reminded me that my fiance would be home before too long and told Sean that we couldn’t be here for long.

Sean didn’t need any more encouragement and before long was working up the pace into a near frenzy. I could feel his cock slide in and out quickly as his balls pounded my ass over and over.

We hadn’t even taken the time to turn down the photos of Josh and I on the night stands. I caught a glimpse of them once. They were beginning to shake as Sean pounded me and the bed was knocking into the night stand and walls. Soon the photos had toppled and a few had even fallen to the floor.

As one of the photos fell, I came for the first time that night. Sean could sense it and started to thrust even harder. Which I didn’t even know was possible. I was cumming for the third time when Sean slowed his thrusts. He gave me 3 hard thrusts… Slap, slap, slap. And froze. As his cock started to throb, he let out a loud groan without any fear of who heard. The throbs of his cock were accompanied avrupa yakası escort by a warm feeling and spurting sensation as he again exploded inside of me. I also felt the baby kick for the first time just then. Everything was just so perfect in this moment. He just stayed froze like that for a minute as we both cooled down.

We collapsed right there and he asked about my wedding plans as we talked a little longer. Then Sean gave me another long kiss and started gathering his clothes. One more kiss and he exited. I was so in full bliss, that I slipped off to sleep until I heard the keys in the door for Josh’s return.

At first I didn’t feel the need to move as Sean had collected my clothes and put them in the bedroom. But then as Josh entered I noticed the ripped panties on top about the same time and moved off the bed to collect them and straighten the photos before he could get closer. I often laid down naked so that was not out of the ordinary.

Josh said that he’d join me but it was then that I noticed my second problem the large wet spot on the bed where Sean’s cum and mine had joined and run out of me as he thrust and later pulled out. I had no second set of sheets so I just apologized to Josh saying that I had set down a wet towel on the bed earlier after my shower. Sean and I were so in the moment then that I hadn’t noticed we were on the side of the bed where Josh slept.

But he crawled in and turned on the bedroom telivision and gaming system to play a little before retiring. I had no complaints of course as I had a full evening and was ready for sleep.

While falling asleep I thought about how I’d gotten here. My fiance sitting next to me happily gaming while sitting on my lover’s wet spot. But somehow it seemed right. I’d probably have left my fiance by now. I don’t think that he was capable of proposing or starting a family without the issue being forced upon him. I’d threatened to leave in the past. Then he’d cried and begged not to leave and so I stayed.

And then my lover. Who although twice my age, could have me any time he wanted. And he knew it, and knew that if he said the word I’d follow him wherever. But I also knew that wasn’t going to happen. As messed up as this was… maybe it was perfect. And soon I was off to sleep.

The next day we both exited the apartment at the same time to go to our respective jobs. One neighbor lady was outside with a grin so wide that I knew she was being cute. Her comment to us was that she asked us how soon the wedding was going to be as she smiled again even wider. When we told her it was soon, she responded that it was a good thing because it was obvious that we were crazy for each other. I just smiled and told her how true that was.

As I was driving away I even thought about her words and wondered if I was doing something wrong. I felt guilt just then but then I re-wound what she had said. It was then that I realized what she had said was prompted by how loud Sean and I had been the night before. We were careful not to let anyone see him leave through the back entrance.

That day passed with a smile on my face having been fully satisfied the night before. I even had the energy to plan a small private wedding in 2 weeks with our families and have a nice evening. I called Josh briefly to tell him the date and where to send money for everything. He just sighed and said yes.

I sent a very short text to Sean just then. Just “Thank you” and send. One short one back from him of “Welcome and thank you!” was the last I heard from him…

Well, for a while. More to come…

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