Gail’s Gambols Ch. 05

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Chapter Five

This is part of a series. This Chapter does not stand on its own. Please read from Chapter one.


They took me to what seemed like a very exclusive cocktail bar first. The drinks were London prices, but they wouldn’t let me buy any. I only had one. We then went to a restaurant that didn’t have prices on the menu. At least mine didn’t, but I think Tommy’s did. The boys were recognised and given very good treatment. I wondered just how many girls they’d brought here. Did they bring their respective partners, or was this a bit-on-the-side place only? I was curious, but I didn’t really care. I chose something with salmon in it. I wanted a light meal if sexual athletics was on the menu for later. When the food arrived it looked like you could put it on the wall in an art gallery. There wasn’t much of it, but it certainly tasted good. Darren was effusive about the quality, Tommy was predictably fairly scornful; “I’d be just as happy with fish and chips”, but I noticed he was very careful to tell the head waiter how good it had been as we left. We went to a club. We walked straight in, past the queue, straight to the VIP area.

“The owner’s a mate. I built this place,” said Tommy in explanation, “we come here a lot.”

That was obvious from the number of people who spoke to them, mostly females. They introduced me around, but I didn’t get many names. None of the girls seemed jealous or possessive. After an hour or so, and a couple of dances with Darren, they suggested it might be time to leave. I agreed readily; I’d enjoyed the evening, but I wanted sex. It seemed clear that I was going to have both of them tonight. Remembering our first encounter I was getting very aroused at the thought of a repeat. In the taxi Tommy asked,

“Have you enjoyed yourself, luv? Friday night is our lads’ night out. We’re not expected home till very late.”

“I’ve had a lovely time, thanks, guys, ” I dropped my voice to a whisper as the taxi driver was showing quite a lot of interest in us via his rear-view mirror, “I’m assuming it’s not over yet?”

Darren chuckled quietly, while Tommy squeezed my thigh. I pressed his hand but turned and gave Darren a big sloppy kiss. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the taxi-driver’s eyes widen. Tommy’s hand went further up my leg, Darren nibbled my ear. My panties were getting very wet. We ankara ucuz escortlar arrived home at that point, luckily, I think, as I’m not sure how far we’d have gone in the taxi. As soon as I closed the door behind us I began stripping, turning to face the boys whose eyes were large, like their grins.

“Come on boys,” I said huskily as I removed my knickers and headed for the bedroom. They were naked and in bed with me in no time flat. There was a great deal of squeezing rubbing and caressing on all sides for quite a long time, before Tommy eased me up on to my hands and knees and entered me doggy-style. He began long, slow thrusts. My arousal level soared. Darren lay alongside, stroking his cock, looking a little uncertain. I took his cock and tugged gently at it. He got the idea and manoeuvred himself so I could get my mouth on it. I sucked him gently as Tommy slowly fucked me. I was in heaven. As in our previous threesome, they changed places after a while. The break kept me from coming. It was delicious. I’ve no idea how long we kept it up; it felt like hours. Eventually, Tommy speeded up enough to finish himself and me off. Darren took his place behind me while Tommy lay back to watch. I was free to concentrate on my pussy as Darren gave me his best technique. I had two more orgasms, before he exploded inside me. Three seemed to be some sort of magic number.

I lay between them afterwards, even Tommy kissing me occasionally.

“Jesus, Gail, you really are something special,” he said.

“I can say the same about you two. I’ve never had it so good.”

After a few minutes silence, Darren said very tentatively, I noticed, “Gail, about tomorrow afternoon. We have a couple of hours free. Are you free?”

“I’m always free for you, boys,” I said without embarrassment.

“The thing is,” Tommy continued, “well, we were wondering…”

He trailed off.

“You were wondering what, exactly?” I asked intrigued. It wasn’t like them to be circumspect.

“Well,” said Darren, “you’re not like any other girl we’ve ever known, Gail. We were wondering if we could try things, tomorrow. Unusual things. Experiment a bit.”

“I see.”

“Only if you want to. And you can always say no, obviously.”

“What sort of things?” I asked, very curious. The things we’d already done were pretty unusual for me. I wondered what they had in mind.

“Well, ankara üniversiteli escortlar we don’t know where it might lead. It’ll be new territory for us as well. But we thought we might..well… tie you up, perhaps, or, or other things. Exotic things. Gently, like. But only if you want to.”

I looked at them.

“Tie me up? Maybe.”

“You will?”

“I said ‘maybe’. I’m not sure. I’ll think about it and let you know tomorrow.”

“Fair enough,” said Tommy.

They left soon after. I wondered if they’d ever stay the night. I wasn’t too sure I wanted them to. I liked our arrangement.

I had a long lie-in on Saturday morning, then ate a light breakfast before preening myself for them for the afternoon. I wondered what they had meant by ‘experimental’. They arrived at two.

After some small talk and fetching of beers, they sat on the three-seater settee in front of the telly. I’ve never liked football, so I was a little miffed that they’d turned it on. I was hoping they’d turn me on.

“Gail, love,” said Tommy as the game kicked off, “strip off, would you?”


“Strip. Undress. Please.”

I was a bit taken aback, but I was also intrigued. I remembered my promise to myself to always do what they wanted so I undressed slowly, their eyes on me as much as the football. I could see the combination of my body and the footie was to their liking. I stepped out of my knickers to stand naked in front of them.

“Sit here, love,” Tommy said breathlessly, patting the settee between them. I sat. He slipped his hand between my legs, squeezing my mound gently. It felt good. Darren’s hand found my left tit. Darren’s an expert nipple manipulator. My nips were hard in seconds. Tommy was caressing my cunt, but his eyes were on the screen, as were Darren’s. I found their indifference arousing. I moved my hips forward to press against Tommy’s hand. He slapped my cunt! Gently, but it was still a slap.

“Keep still” he ordered. I was astonished, firstly by him ordering me and slapping me like that, and secondly by the fact that I obeyed him and was even more aroused. Darren said nothing but continued fondling my tit.

Tommy’s hand continued with its caressing the pressure increasing slowly as was my arousal. I began moaning.

“Quiet!” Tommy ordered and slapped my cunt again. It wasn’t a hard slap, but it nearly made me come ankara vip escortlar there and then. I stifled my groans, feeling…what? What was I feeling? Humiliated, certainly. But horny as hell! This continued for the first half of the match, Tommy working on my cunt and Darren on my tits. Every time I tried to hurry them up or participate I had the “Keep still!” and the light slap from Tommy.

Half time came. Darren went to get more beers, Tommy went off to the bathroom both without a word. I sat there like a lemon, my cunt sopping wet and my nipples sticking out like acorns.

Darren handed me a beer when he returned.

“Are you ok, luv?”

“I’m not sure. So far Ok, I guess.” He kissed me and relaxed with his beer.

Tommy returned, kissed the top of my head and sat down again.

The second half was much like the first half. Between them they fondled, tweaked and rubbed me almost to a climax, stopping me every time I tried to move the process on, with an order and a slap. They didn’t actually hurt me once, but my level of arousal was astronomic. If one of them didn’t fuck me soon I was going to explode. I needn’t have worried. As soon as the final whistle blew, they both stripped, hauled me gently into the doggy position and spit-roasted me with Darren taking the cunt end and Tommy shoving his huge cock down my throat. Because I’d held back for nearly two hours I had an orgasm almost instantly, but the boys were up for a longer session. They spent the best part of an hour just changing places, fucking me from behind at varying tempos and degrees of penetration. While one was fucking me the other would be working on my tits or my clit, or would have his cock in my mouth. They were definitely using me, but there was no doubt that it was hugely enjoyable despite or because of the humiliation.

I don’t know how long we were doing it, but it was getting dark when they finally sat back, Darren holding me in his arms, Tommy smiling at me.

“Well, love, how was that?”

“I’m not sure, yet.”

“Oh, come on. It worked didn’t it? You nearly burst.”

“Yeah, ok, but I’m not sure I want to repeat it.”

“Well, I certainly do. You’re just amazing, Gail. But it’s up to you of course. Any road, I’ll see you Monday, yes?”

“Yes, ok, luv.”

I’d enjoyed the afternoon; it had widened my experience which is always a good thing. I’d never submitted like that before, I sort of liked it, but it left a slight feeling of embarrassment; that I’d let myself down a little. I didn’t know if I’d want to do anything like that again. The boys certainly went off very happy. I had a long bath. A nice meal and an early night.

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