Friend Helping a Friend

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I’m Kala. I’m 18 years old and I’m writing to tell everyone about the most wonderful sexual experience that I have ever had.

My best friend name is Amber. We’re both 18 years old and just about to graduated high school. Last Friday night was one of those hot muggy nights. Our doorbell ranged at just after midnight. My Mom opened it to find Amber standing there crying. Her “Date” just threw her out of his car.

To get through the boring part, she asked to spend the night. That meant she had to call her Mom, who had to talked to my Mom…and on and on. You know how parents can be.

Finally, I got her up to my room. I had to find out what happened!

Amber was wearing a long leather coat, her favorite super tight jeans and a silk blouse.

“Kala!” She began excitedly, “We were in the back seat of his car kissing and humping. I was lying on top of him, grinding my pussy into his thigh. I could feel his hard cock against me. He was as hard light pole! I almost burst while grinding myself against his leg.” (“Burst” is her word for orgasm.)

She continued, “Then he wanted to screw but the dumb jerk didn’t have any condoms. I told him no sex without a condom. When I said that, the bastard got mad! He tried to force my jeans off. I had to punch him in the face a couple of times before he got the message.” She held-up her right hand. Her knuckles were bruised and swollen.

“Then, he threw me out of his stupid car and I walked over here. If I wasn’t already on top of him, I’m not sure I could have stopped him.”

“Are you all right?” I asked. “Did he hurt you?”

“I’m okay. I think I broke the bastard’s nose. But I’m so damn horny I could cry.” She said. Then, with a laugh, she said, “I was going to pull his cock out and suck him off, but the bastard never gave me a chance. I almost creamed my jeans while I was on top of him! I feel like I’m going to burst”

I notice that she hadn’t taken off her coat. She was pacing around my room like a caged animal.

“Before we started fighting, I thought I was going to come. I was so close! I almost had an orgasm while I was on top of him!” She exclaimed, “My hips wouldn’t stop moving. I almost wore a hole on my jeans ’cause I was humping him so hard. One more second and I would have came in my pants.”

I was beginning to understand her problem. My poor friend Amber was left high and dry and she had no idea how to handle-it. Well, there wasn’t much I could do about that. I’m sure that if she didn’t share her bedroom with her two sisters, she’d be home taking care of her problem with her fingers.

I thought about going down stairs to give her some privacy, but my Mom had several of her friends over and they didn’t need me hanging around while they complained about their lazy husbands.

“Take your coat off and lay down on my bed.” I said, “We’ll watch a boring movie on HBO. That should calm you down. If that doesn’t work, there’s always a cold shower. That’s what guys do, don’t they?”

“I need much more than a cold shower Kala. I was so close to coming! I was right there…right on the verge of bursting!” She repeated for the tenth time.

When Amber took her coat off, I could see how close she must have been. The crotch of her jeans was soaked! It looked like she had pissed on herself. She blouse was open. She had her bra stuffed into her jeans pocket.

With an embarrassing look, she said, “I need some dry panties. And No, I did not pee on myself. I just got incredibly wet.”

I get pretty wet myself sometimes. Especially when I’m masturbating. But I’ve never gotten that wet!

I didn’t want to embarrass her by saying something stupid. So I said,”take everything off. I’ll wash them in the morning”

As I handed her a pair of cotton panties and said, “It too hot for anything more than panties tonight. That’s all I’m wearing under my housecoat.”

I was standing by the television as Amber started undressing. I could smell the musky scent of her sex. Her scent caused my head to spin. Her scent was so…natural…so earthy.

She took her blouse off first. I saw that her nipples were erect. Her large breast seemed swollen. Then Amber turned her back to me. I saw in my mirror that she was pinching both nipples.

She saw me looking at her in the mirror and said, “I’m sorry but I feel like I’m going to explode.”

My heart went out to her. I have never been left on the edge like she had been tonight. I’ve never been that horny. I could only guess at how she felt.

Amber unbuttons her wet jeans and pushed them down to the floor. The crotch of her panties and jeans was drenched. So was the inside of her thighs. Her golden blonde pussy hair, glisten with sweat and wet lust as she slide her underwear to the floor.

I took off my housecoat and laid down on my bed. Clad only in panties, I looked down at my small breast as I felt my nipples becoming erect. I resisted an urge to pinch them…like Amber had been pinching hers.

I look up at Amber. She stood there…completely casino şirketleri naked. Her pubic hairs glistened with wet lust. I could see that her pussy lips were swollen and wet. Her labia were an angry pink and hung down from her sex. I could see that her clitoris hood was large. It parted her thick pussy hair. That told me that her clitoris was erect with unfulfilled desire.

She looked like she couldn’t make-up her mind as to what she wanted to do next. Finally, she put on the dry panties I gave her and laid down next to me on the bed. We were both dressed only in panties.

Amber was laying on her back with a pillow under her head. She was breathing hard, like she’d just ran up a flight of stairs. I was laying beside her. I wanted to talk but I wasn’t sure what to say. I guess that was because Amber wasn’t saying a word.

Again, I could smell her womanhood. Her sex smelled like mine, after I’ve been masturbating. When I inhaled her scent, I felt something stirring deep inside me.

Then Amber started to cry. She wasn’t balling out loud. She was crying silently…to herself. Tears rolled down her face. She wiped her tears away and kept saying, “That bastard. That bastard.”

I felt so sorry for her. I gathered her in my arms and pulled her close. That made her cry even harder.

“I love you Amber.” I whispered in her ear. “I love you my sweet baby.” As I said this, I felt my own eyes fill with tears of love.

Amber wrapped her arms around me and held me tight. With a start, I realized that our nipples were almost touching. I could feel her soft breast against mine. Her nipples were hard against my smaller breast. I knew she could feel it to.

I laid back down on my back and closed my eyes. I was starting to sweat. We both were. I was becoming sexually aroused and that really worried me. It seemed that some of Amber’s sexual energy was beginning to flow through me.

Amber laid her head on my shoulder. Her hard nipples were still pushing against my breast. She was half was on top of me. I felt her thigh lying across my thigh. I absolutely did not want her to know that I was getting turned-on from her closeness. I was afraid that the crotch of my panties was becoming wet, so I kept my legs closed.

“Kala,” she said in a pleading voice, “I really need a friend tonight. I can’t stand being like this.”

As she said this, her mouth was against my ear. Her hot breath caused erotic current to run through me. I felt myself getting wetter. My clitoris started screaming to be touched. I could actually feel my pussy lips swell with arousal as her hot breath touch my ear.

“I just need you to hold me.” She was saying, “I just need you to be my friend tonight…please Kala…please.”

I open my eyes and said, “We’ve been best friends since kindergarten and you know that I’m not a lezzy. What do you want me to do?”

Even as I utter those words, I knew that she was turning me on. I wondered if this was some sort of, latten homosexual desire, that I didn’t know I had or if I was just being effected by the circumstances. “I’m not either!” Amber whispered in to my ear. “I just need you to hold me in your arms. I’m not asking you to make love to me…just hold me…please.”

I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around my best friend. Amber was begging me. In all the years that I’ve known her, I’ve never heard her beg for anything. But she was begging me now. I felt my heart warm with love for her. There was no way that I was going to turn my back on her now.

She wanted…no, she desperately needed relief from the sexual pressures that were threatening to drive her insane. The least I could do was to hold her and try to comfort her.

“Amber,” I began slowly, “I’ll hold you forever if you need me too. I love you with all of my heart.”

Amber wrapped her arms around me and held me tight. As she did this, she moved further on top of me. Her body was hot and sweaty. I felt her hot pussy on me thigh. The panties I gave her, were now wet with the lust that flowed from her vagina. I could feel her wetness on my leg. And I knew that Amber knew that I felt her wetness.

She began to slowly grind herself against me. Not fast or hard, just slowly. Her mouth was against my ear. Her hot breath was causing me to become even more sexually aroused. I had and urge to hump back but I did not want to encourage her. I was trying to hold back.

I began to move my hands gently up and down her back. When I did that, she moved completely on top of me. My legs parted and I felt her thigh resting against my sex. I wondered if she could feel how wet I’d become. Again, I felt an erotic current run through me.

Using her arms, she lifted herself up just far enough so that she could look into my eyes. I felt her nipples brush against mine as her naked breast swayed in front of me.

“Promise you won’t tell anyone about tonight.” She said as she looked into my eyes.

“I’m your best friend and I love you Amber.” I said, “I won’t tell a soul.” As casino firmaları I said this, I reach-up and ran my fingers through her soft blonde hair. Then I pulled her down for a long hug.

Now the gentle movement of her hips was becoming more noticeable. She was grinding her clitoris against my pelvis bone. I could feel her wetness soaking through her panties onto my upper thigh. I had know idea that she got this wet when she was aroused!

My own clit was pressed against her muscular thigh. The urge to move my hips became unbearable. I arch my hips up. The deep, erotic wave of pleasure I felt caused me to moan softly. I knew she heard me moan. And I knew that she could feel my hips moving under her.

Amber mouth was still against my ear. As I struggled to control myself, I felt her tongue touch my ear. She slowly traced the outline of my ear with her tongue. From the top of my ear, she ran her hot tongue around to my ear lob. Then she gently started trace the inside of my ear.

Then she sucked my ear into her mouth. A wave of sexual pleasure overwhelmed me. I moan again as she continued sucking my ear. I knew that my hips were rocking back and forth against her thigh. I could not stop myself from humping back.

Her tongue left my ear and began traveling down my neck. She was beginning giving me little kisses as her mouth reached the top of my shoulders. I turned my head and she started kissing her way up the other side of my neck. When she reach my other ear, she began tracing it with her tongue.

I have never in my life felt anything so wonderful. She was driving me insane with her soft gentle kisses on my neck and ears. My legs were open even wider. I could feel the bed sheets under me getting wet from us.

Amber hips were grinding against me lot harder and fast. She was masturbating herself against me. I knew this. The thought of it added to my arousal.

I parted her legs by slipping my thigh between her’s. Then I lifted my leg so that her pussy rested comfortablely against my pelvis bone. If she needed to masturbate herself against me, then I was going to make it easy for her.

Fear seized me for a second when I realize that if anyone saw us like this, they would think that we’re a couple of lesbians. We were not…were we? What was going on?

I gentle held Ambers head in my hands and lifted her from ear. Her hips never stopped grinding against me.

I looked into her deep blue eyes as I whispered, “Amber, Lets think about what’s happening. Do we really want this?”

“Want what!?” She cried. Then, as her eyes filled with tears, she said, ” I don’t know what I want. I’m going crazy. I feel like I’m going to burst any second. I need you to help me…before I go insane!”

I used my thumbs to wipe away her tears. Then I whispered, ” I want you to do whatever you need to do tonight and I’ll do whatever you need me to do. Just don’t cry.”

With that said, I surrendered myself to her.

Amber looked into my eyes for a long minute. Then she said, “I need to do this.” She then lowered her mouth to mine.

Her kiss was the softest, most passionate kiss that I have ever experienced. Her soft tongue parted my lips. Then, she very softly let her tongue danced with my mine.

I allowed her kiss me. I opened my mouth and accepted her. She moaned in my mouth as she realize that I was her’s. Her hips rolled faster as our kiss became even more passionate. She was riding me hard. My old wooden poster bed squeaked in protest. Amber started pounding her sex against me.

I knew she was closed to coming. She just need a little help to get over the peak. So I started pushing her up. She lifted herself up with her arms and looked down at me. Before she could say anything, I pulled her right nipple to me.

Her angry nipple was purple from excitement. It was rock hard as I pinched it between my fingers.

Sweat was dripping off Amber’s face. She was breathing really heavy.

I sucked her nipple into my mouth and rubbed my tongue against it. Then I sucked in her other nipple. As I did this, she began moaning and groaning with pleasure.

Between my poor wooden bed squeaking and her moaning, I felt sure my Mom and her friends would hear us and come running into my room.

I pulled Amber’s ear to my mouth and whispered, “don’t moan so loud. We’ll get caught.” Then I began kissing her neck and ears.

While I kissed her neck, Amber began saying, “Oh God…Oh God…I’mmmm…Almost…I think…I think I’m…I’m going to…OOOOHHHH!!”

Then she burst into orgasm. Her hips went wild against me. I felt hot lust pour through her panties onto me

as she rode the waves of orgasm.

Her orgasm touched off a fire in my soul. I knew that I had to come. I was grinding myself against her as hard as I could. I felt like I was almost there when she suddenly rolled off of me.

I looked at Amber and saw that she was taking off her panties. Then she quickly yanked my panties off too. I didn’t even think about stopping her.

Then güvenilir casino she laid herself down on top of me again. I immediately felt her wet hairy pussy on my thigh. She started masturbating herself against my thigh like a mad woman.

Amber was actually grunting. Sweat poured off of her. In less than two minutes, she burst into orgasm again. I felt her hot oil squirting out of her and running down my thigh. She groaned so loud as she came that I thought everyone in the house would hear her.

Then she began to calm down. Poor Amber finally had some relief from the sexual pressure that almost drove her insane.

“That was incredible Kala. I’ve never had two orgasms in a row like that. God that felt good!”

I was lying under her. I was wet with the sweat that poured off of her body and the hot oil that squirted out from deep within her vagina when she came.

Then Amber sat up and wiped the sweat from her lovely face. Then she looked down at my pussy. My legs were wide open. I knew that my pussy lips were swollen and wet. I knew that she could see how erect my large clitoris was. This was the first time that I have ever allowed anyone, except my doctor, look at my open sex like she was looking at it now.

Then she took her fingers and gently touched my naked pussy. My hips automatically raised up to meet her fingers. I groaned as Amber began to slowly rub my pussy.

“You’re really wet Kala. Did I turn you on?”

“Yes.” I moaned

Her fingers found my hard clitoris. “Kala!” She exclaimed, “I didn’t know you had such a large clit. It’s almost as big as mine.”

My hips began rolling with the movement of her fingers. She was rubbing her fingers gently in an up and down motion against my sex.

Then she gently held my swollen clitoris between her thumb and forefinger. She began rolling it between her fingers.

The erotic currents that roared through me were incredible. I began bucking against her. I felt my orgasm reaching the breaking point.

Then Amber leaned over me and kissed my on the mouth. Again, her tongue played with mine. Her fingers never left my pussy as we kissed.

My mouth opened wide to let her in. My legs were also wide open as her fingers did magical things to my clitoris.

Then she began kissing her way down to my nipples. At the same time, her fingers eased inside my vagina. As she sucked on my nipples, she began to finger fuck me.

She used her forefinger and her middle finger to fuck my vagina and she used her thumb to roll my clitoris around. I could hear the wet sloppy sounds her fingers made as she plunged her fingers in and out of my pussy.

That was more than I could stand. I grabbed her arm and forced her fingers deep inside me. I held them there as I exploded in orgasm!


Her thumb never stopped moving against my clit. Then she did the most amazing thing. She leaned over my pussy and sucked my clitoris into her mouth.

I went wild! I grabbed her head with both my hands and held her head on my pussy as I burst into another intense orgasm.

I could my wetness seeping out of me and dripping down between my buttocks. I felt her tongue on my clitoris as lost myself in the incredible sensations. I thought masturbation was good. In no way did it compare to what Amber tongue was doing to me now!

Then Amber began finger fucking me as she sucked on my clitoris. I could feel her fingers plunging deep into my vagina as her tongue dance on my clit. I was going mad! I couldn’t breath! I started grinding my sex into her mouth. Then I blasted into a third orgasm!!

I could hear myself moaning and groaning but I could not stop myself. I threw my head from side to side trying to control myself. But I was lost in orgasmic ecstasy

Then I felt something wet dripping on my face. When I open my eyes, I saw that Amber was on top of me in a 69 position. Her pussy was dripping wet…and it was dripping on me. I saw that her sex was wide open.

I could not stop myself from pulling her pussy down to me and suck her clitoris into my mouth.

She started humping my face as I sucked her clit. I felt her hot oils running down the side of my face. Then I slipped a finger into her piping hot vagina as I continued to suck her clit.

She wasn’t touching my sex any more. She just wrapped her arms around my thigh. She was concentrating on what my tongue was doing to her swollen clitoris.

She was fucking my face…hard. I sucked her swollen clit into my month and attack it with my tongue. I eased my middle finger into her vagina and searched for her g-spot. I could tell that she was on the edge of another orgasm. She was groaning really loud as her grinded pussy into my mouth. I started sliding my finger in and out of her vagina as I sucked on her clitoris

Then she came. I felt her vagina muscles contract around my fingers just before a torrent of hot oil squirted from deep within her vagina. I let her oil pour over me as I whipped her clit with my tongue.

Then it was over. Amber turned around and lay down next to me. Her head on my shoulder. We were both covered with sweat and breathing like a couple of racehorse. My tiny bedroom smelled heavily of sex and sweat.

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