Fluffed 02

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She’d done it. She’d once again put together the fee for the personal fluffing service, dumped the guy she’d been using as her plaything, and booked herself in. In the last few months she’d taken out her piercings and the hole liners, letting the flesh grow back over the modifications to her flesh. Her body was back to its original shape, and maybe a bit more in trim, as she’d been able to keep herself very active since her first visit to the ‘Hotel’.

This time she was booked in for four weeks. She’d taken a ‘month off’ contraceptive pill so her body would be available for the whole time she was away. Her hair was grown out longer than ever, almost down to her waist. She’d also been practising wearing higher and higher heels, getting herself ready for her current adventure. She had some definite ideas of what she wanted to happen…

Her arrival at the ‘Hotel’ was as before. In traditional hospitality mode, she arrived after the 11 AM room vacating point. The ornately appointed building had been recently cleaned and repainted. The fluffing business was clearly a good one to be in!

Checking in was the same, handing over all her personal possessions for secure storage for the duration of her stay. This time however she was told by the receptionist “The Director would like to meet you before you get started. Please follow the bellboy.”

She did as she was asked, not sure why the change, or the more ‘personal’ treatment. It did not matter to her, as long as she got the release she was craving for.

The office she was led to was absolutely as she expected it. Wood panelled walls, leather bound books on fitted bookcases. A big oak desk at one side with a leather faced chair. And the windows had fantastic views out over the manicured gardens, seen through their multi-panelled glass, that went all the way up to the high ceilings.

“Ah, come in my dear, and do please sit down. You may call me professor – there are no names here, as we take your confidentiality seriously.”

She sat down as he bade her do, looking at him inquiringly, not knowing how to start the conversation. Fortunately, he did.

“I’ve asked you for this brief chat for two reasons. The first is administrative. Due to how far you went last time you were with us – nono, no need to blush…” She had turned crimson thinking the grey haired gentleman knew of her previous visit – “I don’t know the details, just the relative levels! Anyway given the level you reached on your first visit, we feel that you should sign an extended consent form, which will allow us to fulfil your requirements, but keep us all, yourself included, protected. The form is on the desk there, but I would like you to hear the second reason for this visit before you sign the form…

“If you’d come to us just a week ago for a second visit, we would have refused you. We aren’t in the business of creating, for the lack of a more descriptive term, nymphettes. However as you are back here relatively quickly, I’d like you to make sure in your mind that you are in control of yourself.”

She sat there for a minute or two, reviewing how she was feeling. Eventually she told him “Thank you for your concern. But although I am looking forward to my month, I know it will be a buildup. If I was getting that addicted, I would be straight in there, demanding satisfaction! I am however intending to have a really great time, and not just the fluffing – I intend to enjoy some of your other facilities this time.”

“Good, I’m very glad to hear you say that – In that case please sign the form, and I hope we meet your expectations and that we’ll see you again… Just not too soon!”

He handed her a pen with a flourish and a big grin.

She signed the form after reading it, realising that it just confirmed what she wanted and that it was of her own free will. She got up and was shown to the door, where the bellboy escorted her to her bedroom. The same one as before.

Her time had started.

It began the same way, with her logging on to the computer by the bed in the bedroom part of her suite. The cameras that were recording her every move in that room were running already. And she could feel the wet warmness of her pussy juices where they had dripped down her legs. The body she was wearing under her dress provided no barrier to their flow, and they pooled under her on the seat as her first session began.

Her personal fluffer suggested an outfit and the toys she would be using. She quickly agreed, going to stand by the dumb waiter as the first of the items shot up to her access point. It was a sexy, sheer bra and panty set, in red with some satin panels in strategic locations.

She went to her en-suite, and undressed, dropped her clothing down the laundry chute. First off she used the douche shower attachment to give her pussy and ass a good thorough clean-out. It took several goes of filling her rectum with warm water and expelling it before the water came out clear. Having seen to her erogenous cebeci escort zone preparations, she proceeded to a leisurely shower and went through the body air dryer. Now she was clean and ready she headed back into the bedroom.

While she’d been getting cleaned up, a new load had arrived in the dumb waiter. A sexy shiny black butt plug, an internal vibrator and a couple of vibrating nipple patches were ready for her. She stuck the pads to her nipples, slipped the vibrating egg into herself, and with some effort and a couple of squirts of lube got the plug into her back orifice. She put on the bra and panties, keeping the wires that trailed from her toys out. After sitting on the chair before the computer terminal, she plugged the cables into the appropriately marked sockets on the chair. This provided continuous power and gave control over to the computer and her fluffer, should they wish to interfere.

Her fluffer soon had her directed to some of the facilities’ porn, which had an appropriate track to control the toys attached to her body. The film she was watching was a particularly raunchy one, with two lesbians on screen, one pleasuring the other. Each time a nipple was licked, the vibrating patch on the same nipple went off. Stronger for a suck, and stronger still for a nibble.

The vibrator in her pussy and the butt plug in her ass behaved similarly. The intensity proportionate to the events on screen, and the strongest pulses reserved for the pussy and ass fisting the on screen star was receiving.

The orgasm came upon her quickly. She was grinding her pussy and clit into the padding of the chair to bring herself off harder. The sensations were powerful and all her bits incredibly sensitive. The toys didn’t let up, driving her to a second, then a third orgasm. The third one took hold of her and kept going for a good minute before the action on her monitor stopped, leaving the stimulators to die off.

It took her at least quarter of an hour before she could find the energy to unplug herself from the chair, then wobble off to remove her personal pleasure tormentors.

She took the rest of the afternoon off, watched a film, wandered the grounds and investigated the communal areas. There were very few people around, clearly preferring their private rooms. One or two did however lounge around the pool, and one was in the bar. All very casual, but no eye contact.

Before going to bed that evening, she had a light meal, needing the energy to replace what she’d spent earlier. Back in her room, she signed back on to the service, wanting a little treat to settle her in. Instead she got what was to be the beginning of her personal desire.

To help her to bed a package was sent up by dumb waiter. In it was a small pill pack, some toiletries and a purple all over catsuit, with some strange protuberances and some thicker parts of the material in unexpected places. Ignoring the strange parts, she took it, the talc and a bottle of lube to the bathroom.

A quick shower and dry later, she was faced with the latex zentai, some trepidation as she did not know the functionality of the suit and a lot of anticipation of what she knew would be incredibly erotic, kinky and fulfilling.

She took the pills, the first identified as a muscle relaxant, and the second as some kind of hormone.

She lubed up her pussy and ass, applied talc to the rest of her body, and tied her hair back into a ponytail. Then she slipped her legs into the suit, through the hole in its back. After making sure it was properly seated, the rubber nubs and protrusions touching her pussy, the tight rubber riding up her ass crack and touching her bum hole, she walked, hips swaying, over to the bed to sit in the middle of it.

She attached the suit’s plumbing connector to the attachment plate on the side of the bedside cabinet, slipped her arms and head into the top of the suit, plunging her into darkness, and lay back.

The gentle, almost subtle vibrations that started up were as good as she hoped. What happened next however surprised her.

The latex began to inflate in strategic areas. The gloves stiffened and compressed up, forming into mittens. Ribs the length of the arms and legs inflated, stiffening out, shaping her body into an X on the bed. As the vibrating pads on her pussy, ass and nipples sped up, rings inflated around the base of her breasts, followed by a second one just above that. The one at the base deflated, followed by a third one inflating… all the way to the tips of her tits. The highly sexy feeling was of her breasts being skillfully milked outwards.

A small nodule inserted itself into her well prepared ass, inflating and deflating in regular pulses.

Into her now dripping wet pussy, a tube of latex inserted itself, and as the ribs in it inflated, her pussy walls were stretched out, giving her a delightful feeling of fullness.

Her mouth was not free of the sexual torture now engulfing her. A similar procedure çeşme escort to her pussy was going on, but thinner and longer, swelling in her mouth and deep into the back of it. Fortunately the nose holes in the head of the catsuit allowed her to breath!

The invading members pulsed, and vibrated. And they kept her going through a good couple of orgasms, keeping her right on the edge for ages each time. Then the vibrators shut off.

She was kept in this state of bondage all night. Every once in a while the invaders moving up a notch. The pussy tube enlarging and lengthening, the ass one enlarging and the mouth one dipping down her throat and back out again. Her breasts were stretched out by the milking, but occasionally the cleverly crafted latex would stiffen into a cup, which was then evacuated, sucking her breasts out into them.

This was to be the pattern of her treatment for the first two weeks. A day spent in relaxation and orgasmic bliss, trying new toys and clothing and fluffing sessions, followed by a night of bondage bliss. Even after the first week she could feel the effects of the nightly session, along with the drug combo. Her breasts were slowly inflating, becoming firmer and more toned. Her ass and pussy could take bigger and longer toys than ever. And she had almost completely lost her gag reflex.

Her experiences in the day with the toys told her she’d be stocking up on a sybian when she got home.

At the end of the second week, she was back to where she was at the end of her first visit, at least in terms of being able to take a 3 litre fizzy bottle into her stretched depths. The slow training leaving her flesh more elastic than before, her lips returning to their normal tight configuration after the removal of the largest pleasure toys she was sent by dumb waiter. Additionally she was able to take fist sized toys as well as her own fist up her ass. Her throat was able to take a pounding she gave herself with a foot long dildo, without so much as a twinge of gagging.

That however was just the start of the changes she was to go through.

The first day of the third week, her fluffer gave her new instructions. Her dumb waiter provided her with a waist cincher corset, gloves, a pair of ballet boots, some elastic, some large bulldog clips, a massive vibrator and several black boxes the size of a pack of playing cards. She put on the boots and the corset, leaving the tapes hanging loose. She attached the ends of the tapes, one set to into each black box, then put on the gloves. There was a brief whirring sound, and each of the boxes wound up the slack in the ties. And then clicked up an extra notch, pointing her toes straighter and grasping her waist a tad tighter than she was used to.

She bent over, clipped the bulldog clips to her pussy lips, causing her to gasp out in pain. She tied the clips to the two black boxes on the boots using the elastic, which then pulled them taught, leaving her lips extending a good inch out from her pussy. The feelings knocked her back on to the bed, where she grasped the massive sex toy, and plunged it into her obscenely exposed pussy.

She continued to wear the restrictive garments during the day that week, enjoying the sensations of having her waist compressed and her feet held in bondage, even though it took her two days to learn to walk properly in the ballet boots. And every hour the control boxes would wind on a fraction, tightening up her waist, stretching out her lips, and straightening her feet into the boots.

Her experiences with the fluffing service those days were ever centred around her current restrictions, and involved a lot of self bondage, usually with a toy in her pussy, and a plug up her ass.

In the evenings, the latex suit, already at the maximum of its capabilities just maintained her modifications… She could have stopped wearing it, but enjoyed the feelings as she tried to sleep at night.

In the fourth week, the main reason for her attendance at the ‘Hotel’ started.

The first day of her last week began with a large box arriving in the dumb waiter. On seeing its arrival, she went and had her morning shower, then came back to the bedroom to open the box.

Inside the box was a large collection of bondage gear, a large dildo and butt plug.

Knowing what was expected of her, she took off the towel – her only apparel, then took the box and tipped it on to the bed. She then started to put herself into the tight bondage that had been arranged for her. First she slipped her feet into the PVC thigh high ballet boots, zipping the tight gripping material all the way up. Next came the skin tight mid bicep gloves which she inserted her hands into, left side then right. Before proceeding to the self tie, she lubed up the foot long, coke can sized dildo and the beer bottle sized butt plug. Placing the dildo upright on the bed she knelt above it, unable to crouch on her pointed feet. She lowered herself on to it, feeling it slip cim cif yapan escort easily into her dripping, stretched pussy. The muscle relaxants she had been taking since her arrival allowing her to grab the base of the invader and push it with her fingertips until the whole thing vanished into her amazing cavity. Falling on to her side, a mini orgasm hit her as the dildo pushed against her G spot and stretched her sensitive pussy walls.

Recovering quickly from the lovely sensation she rolled on to her back and grabbed the plug. Nerving herself she put the tip at the entrance to her ass and slowly slid it in, having to give a hard push as the thickest part invaded her hole. It slipped into her, the base coming to rest flat against her crack. The feelings of having her holes stuffed thus were delightfully wicked.

Then came the gear. She started with the leather harness that slipped up her legs and lay tight up between them. Once buckled up, the panty like construction locked her invaders into place. Then came a leg harness, with 6 leather bracelets around each leg, attached to a strap that went between her legs. She pulled the bracelets tight, causing her legs to stretch out parallel down the bed. The last bracelet at the top of each leg had a clip to attach to the leather crotch harness on the outside of her hips.

Her pubis and legs constricted, she progressed on to her upper body. She began this with the bondage bra that had been provided. Two leather straps with ratchet tighteners went around her chest, one above her recently expanded bosom, one below. The top one had two straps that went from the top of her tits to a halter/collar which she put around her throat and clipped tight. The bottom one’s straps went to the top of the leather crotch harness. She tightened the ratchets up until they started to constrict her rib cage. Then she moved on to the breast straps and nipple adornments.

The breast straps were ran up each side of both breasts and were buckled. This allowed them to be tightened, wrapping the base of her breasts, making them stand out straight from her body as she tightened them. Lastly came the pair of elastic bands which ran from points all the way around the base of her breasts to rings that sat around her nipples. These rings were tightened like tie wraps until her nipples also were caught in the bondage and standing hard and proud.

She knelt to put the latch-able arm binders on next. First was the metal strip which she hooked to her collar and then let hang down her back between her shoulder blades. Next were the eight arm bands, four for each arm. One mid bicep, one at her elbows one mid forearm and one around her wrists.

Moving on to her head, she put on the form fitting blindfold. Over the top of the blindfold went a gag harness. The gag provided was a two inch plastic coated ring that barely fitted in her mouth. The muscle relaxants helped though and allowed her to open her jaws wide enough to slip it in. The harness ran back behind her head, and from cheek rings it had a buckle under her chin and two more strips of leather which went from the hollow of her cheeks to the bridge of her nose between her eyes where it joined into a single strap which ran to the back of her head. The buckles done up tight, the ring gag was held immovable and the blindfold was also locked in place.

Finally she plunged her hands into the mittens which were held ready for her in a small rack. The top of the mittens latched on to the bands around her wrists. She put her arms behind her back, where the top binders latched to the metal strip running down her back via stalks to hold her upper arms apart. By forcing her elbows together they too latched to the strip, almost touching each other. The forearm and wrist straps snapped together on the solid strip with no further effort.

Held thus in tight self bondage, she fell back on to her side on the bed, to allow herself a breather.

Unbeknownst to her though, there were powerful remote controlled vibrators buried in the plugs in her pussy and ass. As she lay there, they came slowly to life, building her to an orgasm totally out of her control.

Once the shuddering of her recent completion had left her, she expected to have the first visitors of her stay arrive in her room to take her for the next stage of her treatment. Instead a slight hissing came from the ventilator grille in her room and she felt herself becoming sleepy…

When she woke up again, she was still blindfolded and ring gagged, but was now in a kneeling position. As she tried to move, she realised she was back in the steel frame from her last visit. She was attached in a sphinx position, kneeling with her arms forward, her legs back, all bolted to the metal frame. Her feet were pointed, the top of each foot held flat against the bars, each toe held in place by a hoop. Her wrists were held flat on the bars, her hands with the fingers individually tied down. Around her waist was a tight metal ring, with bar jutting from the sides holding it in place on the frame. A similar neck ring held it in place. The ring gag also had steel rods protruding from the sides, trapping her head immobile. Her hair had been tied into a pony tail, which went through a ring and tied the back of her head to the frame.

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