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In the afternoon heat, the shapes wobbled and reformed into wavering creatures that no one could make out behind the car window. Not that anyone cared. All the cars on the street were trying to fill up the most suitable spots for the fireworks later. Almost as an afterthought, one more car came onto the street, stopped for a second as if hesitating, then summoning its courage, leapt into a parking spot. The figures behind the glass did not seem remotely concerned with their great spot, however. Inside, a simpler scene was taking place.

“Happy birthday, Zoee Anne,” Dominic said, holding a small bag out to her. She looked sideways at him, an inquisitive stare dripping off her eyelids, but she suppressed her reflexive refusal long enough to accept the bag. He held her wrist as she was going to open it. “Now I know that you don’t normally do the gift thing, but I thought that you would like the things I got for you here. At least look at them before you decide.” She nodded, now genuinely curious. She dipped a slender hand into the plastic depths and came up with-

“Really? Hello Kitty earrings?” she laughed.

“Yeah, and they have ruby accents on them. I figured that would work, since that’s your birthstone and all.”

She looked sharply at him. “How did-“

“I looked it up,” he smiled easily. “Didn’t take long, and I figured you were worth it.” Their smiles faltered a bit as their hands met and fingers locked firmly. “I didn’t know what else to get you, so I went into the store and had these made. So,” he breathed as his face came inexorably closer to hers,”happy birthday, cherie.”

Their eyes closed as their lips exchanged greetings, and soon his hands were roaming all over her as she let her fingers walk all over him. They parted reluctantly, and his shirt was already over his head when he stopped abruptly.

“What?” she asked, confused, a thumb stuck in and pushing down the edge of her short shorts. This was what they had come out for, after all. THIS, waiting in the back seat of the car, here, as sunlight surrendered his tyrant grip on the sky and left muttering, was all she wanted for her birthday. Her lover, here, with her, making her body light up. Now, however, he seemed to have other things on the mind. “Why don’t we watch the fireworks? They start soon, bostancı escort after all. Make a date out of it. Then, when everyone is still out here on their blankets, we come back here and…” he deliberately trailed off, but the smile in his eyes told her all she needed to know about that. She reluctantly agreed, but in her brunette head, wheels turned and plots bubbled. She decided to break his resolve to stay outside in the easiest way possible.

They took a blanket out as the sun disappeared completely, and in seconds they were surrounded by throngs of people all looking for a place on the grass. Old, young and children alike flocked to the grassy slopes gently leading down to the water where the fireworks would launch into the sky. The pair found a likely spot, not too crowded in by other sightseers, and took a seat on the short green. She flapped the blanket out, and as it descended, it came down on her thighs and floated up to her breasts, sweating slightly in the halter top. He noticed the shortage of fabric on his side, however.

“Hey, I protest the division of blanket here. We, the under warmed, demand equal rights!”

She smiled. “Well, sir, I guess we’re gonna have to deal with that before there’s an uprising. Scoot closer.”

Side by side, the blanket covered them both. She grinned inwardly. The stage was set. Slowly she let her right hand creep from the cage of his fingers into his lap, and from there she inched slowly to his cock. Not hard, she thought. Yet.

He felt her talented fingers working at him and looked at her, surprised. She refused to meet his eyes at first, however, and instead greeted everyone who walked by. Dominic could only smile and nod as the multitudes passed him by, no one noticing the fingers that had gotten into his sweat pants and were now sliding up and down his now fully erect shaft. One finger rubbed him at the back of his dick head where he was the most sensitive, and now she was looking at him directly when she wasn’t greeting people, her eyes staring into his as she worked that dick into a frenzy. A thin sheet of sweat broke out on his forehead, and finally he moaned softly right as a man and his wife were passing. Zoee smiled thinly with satisfaction as Dominic turned the moan into a hasty yawn.

As büyükçekmece escort the family moved away, he leaned over to her and said, “Fine, baby girl. You want it that bad, you can have it.”

She grinned in triumph and finally released his hardness, preparing to stand, but he placed a firm hand on her shoulder. “No, this is what you want,” he murmured.

She stared. “Dominic, we’re parked right there. It’ll take twenty seconds to get to the car,” she protested weakly.

“Well,” he murmured, “what if I dont want to wait?”

He pushed at her shoulder ever so gently, but insistently, until she was lying on her shoulder with his forearm making a pillow for her head. Her hair showered over it, and she felt his other arm snake over her underneath the blanket. It shot to her breasts and swirled patterns around her eager nipples and before she knew it they were stiff as bullets. She felt the first telltale signs of wetness between her thighs and twisted her head to tell him so, and a blast of purple light hit her full in the face.

The fireworks had begun.

The people oohed and aahed as the lights made fantastic shapes in the air. In the midst of the crowd, in sight of everyone, Zoee oohed and aahed as she felt the hand of her lover tease her body relentlessly. Behind her ass she felt him, stiff from her ministrations, now sliding up and down between her ass cheeks. She knew he was doing this unconsciously, and the thought that he wanted her so bad made her pussy start to drench itself with longing. His fingers played over her body, and edged into the top of her shorts. The dozens of people around them had no clue, and she could hear his breathing ragged in her ear as he played with her, bringing his right hand up to muffle her cries. She shook on his fingers as they touched her clit, and before long he had to clamp down tight on her mouth as she shuddered and came on his fingers, trying not to convulse too much. She felt him twitching against her ass as her shaking subsided, and knew it was only a matter of time until he came. But she wanted that feeling, that sensation deep inside her, so she turned to where she knew his ear would be and purred, “Now, daddy, Put it in my tight ass. Do it now while all these people çapa escort are around. I need it, Daddy, please.”

He slipped a finger in her mouth, and she sucked on it as he moved his other hand, freezing for a second as two people walked right by them, oblivious to the proceedings at their feet. To outsiders it seemed like mere spooning. On the ground, his fingers pulled away the patch of cotton that separated her ass from the cool night air, and he touched her pussy once more, feeling her jerk at his touch, and used the moisture to rub the head of his dick. This needed to be smooth. He poised himself at the entrance to her ass, feeling her nudge backward in anticipation, then pushed into her ever so slowly. He paused when the head was in, feeling her body tense, and whispered “relax, cherie” into her ear. God, she felt good. So tight on him, he could barely see straight. When her ass relaxed a bit and he could feel the muscles loosen a tiny bit, he slid deeper into her dark crease and felt her bite on his finger involuntarily. He pumped into her slowly as the light show reached its height, feeling her trembling body push back onto him, and his breathing he tried to quiet by putting his face at the nape of her neck and kissing her. She said his name softly, and the sound of that pushed him out of the house that his self control had built. Fuck if they got caught. He started pumping into her ass faster and faster, and eventually with the noise of the people cheering as the fireworks hit their crescendo, no one noticed as his thighs stiffened and his thick cock started blasting hot cum deep inside her ass. She felt it and her pussy started gushing as she went off the edge with him, crying out each other’s names as the crowd cheered and the explosions masked their panting breaths. “I love you, Dominic,” she moaned, and he felt a fluttering in his stomach even as he grew stiff and shot even deeper into her as his eyes rolled back.

When they came down from their high, they realised that the show was over, as people were rising, some malcontents even saying it was the worst show ever.

“Not me, I loved those fireworks,” he smiled as he stroked the hair out of her face.

She elbowed him, but not hard, rolling her eyes as she did so.

“I love you, Zoee Anne,” he said.

“I love you too, Dominic, ” she responded. “Which is why I dont feel bad about this.”

He looked at her. “Feel bad abou-“

She snatched up the blanket and ran to the car, giggling as he tried vainly to cover himself from the crowds passing him by.

A grand birthday, all told, and totally worth it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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