Finding Her Way in a Storm Ch. 01-02

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Chapter One

Skyler Grace was walking along next to her boyfriend of the last year, listening to him needlessly drone on about how great it was to be starting college in the fall. She was only half-listening; he’d been rambling on endlessly for the last two blocks about a subject she’d had to hear about ad nauseam over the previous six months.

She’d mentally checked out of the relationship in recent weeks, giving him enough attention to keep him interested, but not enough to make him think it was anything more than what it was, a high school romance.

They’d been together a little more than nine months when Skyler turned eighteen. The couples time up until then left her with an unsettling sense of dissatisfaction. She didn’t feel the giddiness about Jacob that most of her female friends conveyed when talking about the boys they were dating. For Skyler, she’d realized that she felt no excitement or passion when she thought about her boyfriend, which bothered her.

Jacob was by all accounts a catch. He had a full head of thick dark hair with a handsome face and square set jaw. The good looking young man was six inches taller than Skyler at six foot two and broad at the shoulders with a narrow waist. Jacob’s olive-colored skin always seemed to glow with health from all the time he spent in the sun. There were girls lined up out the door waiting for Skyler to mess up so that they could step into her spot by his side.

Of course, Jacob was with Skyler Grace for a reason.

The male population of Skyler’s school hardly seemed to see the pretty teen as chopped liver. She drew more than enough attention from interested boys to show her that they highly desired her. Skyler learned early in middle and high school that the male of her species could hardly help themselves when it came to their undeniable need to flirt with a pretty girl shamelessly.

And Skyler Grace was a beautiful girl. She was above average height at five feet eight inches and had a slim yet curvaceous figure that topped out at a hundred and twenty-eight pounds. Adding to that package, Skyler was blessed with her mother’s wavy auburn-colored hair, which hung down just below her shoulders and framed a beautiful face. She was the classic American beauty, both wholesome and sexy.

What made her so sexy? Any male that had ever laid eyes on Skyler in her modest two-piece at the Riley Aquatics center could have answered that particular question quickly. Her thirty-four C breasts sat high on her chest, as yet untouched by gravity and womanhood’s rigors. They appeared bigger than their actual size thanks to Skyler’s tiny waist and the swell of her very feminine hips. Her heart-shaped and voluptuous backside could readily bring to mind the olds saying, “I hate to see her leave, but I love to watch her go.”

So, bewildered by the lack of enjoyment she felt at being with Jacob and searching for answers, Skyler had given her virginity to her tall, dark, and handsome boyfriend in the hopes it would light her fires.

Just three days after her eighteenth birthday, Skyler had nervously lied to her parents about going to a movie with Jacob. The attractive teen had knocked at her front door and been allowed inside to talk with her parents briefly. He’d brought a single rose with him that he’d given to her mother, much to Becky Grace’s delight. Jacob had later joked to his friends that he thought it an appropriate gift. After all, he intended to deflower her daughter.

Instead of going towards town, though, the couple had headed out to Jacob’s family hunting land. The teen’s father had purchased a one-bedroom single-wide trailer three years ago and parked it on the one-hundred-acre lease. Skyler Renee Grace had made love to a man for the first time in the back bedroom of that mobile home while laying on a lumpy mattress sitting atop a noisy old bedframe. The atmosphere had been anything but romantic, the room smelling stale and the bedsheets musky. Skyler had laid there on her back, her long and lithe legs spread wide while staring up at a brown stain on the ceiling as Jacob had lain atop her, his seven inches of manhood thrusting into her barely moist womanhood.

What was usually considered a seminal moment in a woman’s life, a memory she would always treasure, hadn’t proved true for the beautiful teen. Skyler had been very unimpressed. She’d been relieved when Jacob had finally filled the tip of the condom he wore while grunting like a rutting pig.

On later reflection, Skyler realized that Jacob had made only the most token effort at an act of foreplay, by briefly fondling the sexy auburn-haired teen’s breasts. Her anxiety high when her handsome young suitor had entered her, it was of no surprise that the virginal young beauty’s arousal level had been severely deficient. Jacob had merely rubbed a little of his spit on the head of his hard cock before plunging into Skyler’s pink depths, her maidenhead giving way to his cock.

It was a bit better the second time that night for Skyler. casino şirketleri Her apprehension level was significantly less, and she’d encouraged Jacob to take his time. He’d at least sucked at her breasts while rubbing his hardon against Skyler’s clit. Both had felt nice as the sexy teen lay there with her eyes closed, ignoring the stain on the ceiling as her pussy moistened slightly in response to the stimulation.

Jacob had fucked her that second time with no pretense at romance. Skyler had felt him go through his entire repertoire, limited as it was, of short jabs mixed with long pistoning strokes, his hips gyrating and grinding against his beautiful young lover.

It was…nice.

There had been two more dates where the two had sex that soon followed, one more trip to the cabin, and a spur of the moment fondling and groping make out session that had evolved into sex in the basement of a friend’s house. Both occasions had proved better for Skyler, but she still failed to reach the exciting levels she often heard her friends brag about experiencing. She hadn’ t come close to climaxing on any of the three occasions, leaving the sexy teen flustered and unsatisfied.

An older friend in town from college for the weekend, a girl named Kasey who had mentored Skyler the first year she made the cheer squad, had offered the auburn-haired beauty a naughty solution to her problem when Skyler had confided in her about her issue. The two had set up a time for Skyler to sneak a little over an hour southeast to visit with her where she went to school. Kasey had assured her that college men knew how to pleasure a woman and that Skyler would soon understand what real ecstasy was.

So two weekends later, Skyler had borrowed her mother’s car under the pretense of attending a Christian rock concert in Atlanta with friends. Instead, she drove down interstate eighty-five until she reached the campus of Auburn University and her friend Kasey.

The beautiful teen had changed out of the jeans and blouse she’d worn when she’d left her parents home, putting on a short black dress that she’d surreptitiously purchased at a second-hand store and kept hidden from her parents. It hugged her curvy frame like a second skin; it’s short hem ending several inches above her knees. She added a pair of three-inch heels to complete the ensemble and piled her hair on top of her head at Kasey’s suggestion. She then put on far more makeup than she usually wore, the look making her feel somewhat slutty. A splash of her favorite perfume later, and the eighteen-year-old beauty was ready to go.

Skyler had assumed the two would be hitting up a Frat party so the sexy teen could find a man that excited and aroused her. Kasey had surprised her, though, by announcing she had a much better idea. When the two pulled out of the parking lot of Kasey’s apartment, her friend promised Skyler a night that would change her life forever.

Skyler had been nearly a nervous wreck when the two had pulled up in front of an off-campus bar, reminding her older friend how she was only eighteen and wouldn’t be able to get inside. Kasey had given her a coy smile and explained that the establishment catered almost exclusively to the black athletes who made up most of the spots on the football and basketball teams on campus. She caressed Skyler’s cheek and told her that her beautiful face and hot body would be the only ID needed to gain admittance.

She’d then made the sluttiest comment that the still somewhat sheltered and virtuous Skyler had ever heard, saying that the black athletes on campus loved white pussy, and that the discerning white female students quickly learned to love their big, black cocks.

Skyler had entered the dance club and bar both nervous and excited, yet fully expecting to be ignored by the men in attendance. After all, there were dozens of beautiful college-aged white women in present. Why would any man here want to concern themselves with an inexperienced eighteen-year-old who’d never even climaxed with another human being?

But Kasey had brazenly announced to several black men around them how Skyler had never experienced a black cock, rendering her fears mute, and very quickly, her dance card was full. The sexy teen had spent the next three hours dancing and grinding against men that made her large boyfriend seem like a boy, and it had been exciting sexually. Not so much because she felt a spark of romantic or sexual interest in any of the admittedly handsome men, but because of her obscenely willful deceit at being here and the blatantly taboo nature of the scene. Here was sweet and wholesome pastor’s daughter Skyler Grace window shopping for a handsome black man to burst her interracial cherry. A man who would fuck her hard and then likely never see her again. It was wholly nasty and erotic.

Kasey had ended up with a starting power-forward on the basketball team, apparently having worked her way through the black men on the football squad. Although she felt unsure of what she was casino firmaları doing, Skyler had selected a good looking and well built young black man named Kenyon to be her paramour for the night. He was the starting tailback on the Tigers football team, and his cocky and somewhat arrogant nature said that it got him plenty of play around these parts.

Skyler and Kasey had separated in the parking lot with the agreement that the first one finished for the night would contact the other by cell phone. Skyler had then called her mother and lied, saying that she would be spending the night with a friend, a lie of omission for sure, but still a lie.

She had gotten in Kenyon’s SUV, and he’d driven her to the off-campus apartment he shared with a teammate. It wasn’t anything special, but it was still light years beyond Jacob’s musky trailer.

Skyler had reclined a little stiffly on the bed in Kenyon’s bedroom while the young man rolled a blunt. It was proving to be a night of many firsts for Skyler, her first interracial sex, her first one night stand, and her first time smoking anything, including marijuana.

After getting used to holding the sweet and sickly smoke deep in her lungs, Skyler soon began to relax as the pot began to take effect. Once the blunt was extinguished, she and Kenyon quickly kissed, his long tongue threatening to escape down the back of her throat as he undressed her fully.

Skyler had sat on the edge of the bed once she was naked as Kenyon stood in front of her his shirt removed to expose a muscular and defined chest, his smooth black skin appealing to Skyler in a way she couldn’t quite quantify. Kenyon had looked down on the sexy teen as she’d unbuckled his pants and pulled them down, exposing the sizeable bulge in his boxer briefs.

Skyler would have to always admit to being impressed by her first sight of a black cock, much more so than she had been the first time she laid eyes on Jacob’s white member. Kenyon was a dark-skinned black man, but his cock was truly ebony, the bulbous head so dark it was almost purple. It was at least four inches longer and substantially thicker than her boyfriend’s.

Skyler could still remember looking up at the handsome black man as he’d fed the head of his cock into her mouth. It was another first for Skyler, never before having performed oral sex on any of her boyfriends. She worked her head up and down his shaft diligently, wanting to pleasure her partner, but the sexy teen hadn’t enjoyed doing so. It had just seemed somehow wrong to the inexperienced young woman. It wasn’t that performing the act was terrible; it just didn’t feel right for Skyler herself.

But her opinion of being on the receiving end of oral sex got marginally higher marks from Skyler. She lay back with her legs spread wide as Kenyon’s long tongue stuffed her opening and slathered her labia and clitoris with attention. Her eyes studied Kenyon’s bedroom walls as her arousal built steadily towards her first climax with another human.

Several colored lithographic posters depicting various interracial scenes between muscular black men and beautiful white women decorated Kenyon’s walls. One of a sexy blonde kneeling submissively at the feet of a thickly muscled black man as he fed his turgid, long, and thick black shaft into her mouth. The blonde in the picture stared up at her black lover with complete love and adoration in her eyes.

In another, a beautiful white woman with fiery red hair and pale skin faced straight ahead as her dominant black lover drove into her depths from behind. The redhead’s eyes were forced into the back of her head as she seemed to cry out in ecstasy.

But the one that grabbed Skyler’s attention the most was a full-length shot of a voluptuous white woman with wavy auburn-colored hair, and a lean and athletic-looking black lover behind her, clearly impaling her on his cock. The woman was on her knees, her large heaving breasts kneaded by long black fingers, her back arched with her arms reaching behind her and around her lover’s neck. The sexy woman’s head tilted back, her lips in search of her black lovers. The look on the woman’s face was one of complete and utter rapture. It spoke to Skyler in some strange and primal way, calling to something deep inside her.

Skyler came on Kenyon’s tongue as she cried out, her eyes never leaving the look of ecstatic delight on the face of the auburn-haired beauty in the poster.

Kenyon had then fucked Skyler, his long black member stretching her tight hole as he pounded into her opening. The handsome black running back’s skills as a lover far outstripped those of her boyfriends as did his tool of pleasure. They swapped positions several times. Missionary and doggie style came first, followed by Skyler riding her lover’s black cock in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Regardless of what sexual alignment they were in, the sexy young teen’s eyes always sought out the illustration between the voluptuous auburn-haired beauty and her lean and athletic güvenilir casino black lover.

Skyler achieved two small but satisfying orgasms as she rode Kenyon, staring up at the poster intently as she ground her hips back and forth.

It was nearly two-thirty in the morning before the two were through. The pair shared another blunt as Skyler lay there knowing this was the closest she’d come yet to sexual gratification, but also innately understanding that something wasn’t quite right.

There was still a missing piece to the puzzle.

Skyler had contacted Kasey and then waited outside with Kenyon for her friend to pick her up. Kenyon had given her a sweet kiss goodnight when Kasey had finally arrived but hadn’t asked for Skyler’s number, which was okay with the sexy young teen. She’d gotten what she’d come looking for tonight precisely—a somewhat gratifying sexual experience with no strings attached.

After a couple of hours of sleep, Skyler had thanked Kasey and wished her goodbye. She’d then made the drive back, her makeup scrubbed off, and her club clothes stored inside her backpack. She was once again the pristine Christian girl next door when she got home to her parents, who thankfully appeared none the wiser of what she’d been up to doing the previous night.

Skyler resumed her relationship with Jacob, feeling little guilt for cheating on him. What little she had felt quickly faded when she began to hear faint rumors that her boyfriend was stepping out on her with girls from a neighboring town. The auburn-haired beauty briefly considered breaking up with him. But she didn’t, deciding that a sham relationship with Jacob was acceptable to her provided he didn’t rub her nose in his infidelity by being too obvious with his carousing. Having him fuck other girls prevented Skyler from having to have unsatisfying sex with him, which to her mind, was a plus.

Her parents liked the courteous and intelligent teen, believing him to be a stalwart Christian and an acceptable match for their daughter. That meant that by maintaining her relationship with Jacob, she wouldn’t have to deal with her parents pressuring her to date other boys within their congregation.

At least with Jacob going away to school in the fall, Skyler didn’t have to worry about putting up a front for much longer. She could just pretend to be pining away for his return as she went through her senior year of high school. Then she could graduate and move on with her life, whatever that might entail.

Skyler snapped out of her reverie as Jacob stopped almost a block shy of her house because he wanted to show her a brochure full of pictures and information about the dorm he’d be living in soon. Skyler was feigning interest when something over her boyfriend’s left shoulder caught her eye.

It was a young woman, but one like Skyler had never seen before. She was tall with cocoa-colored skin, and even from a distance, Skyler could tell that she was beautiful, but those traits weren’t what caught her attention, not really. It was everything else about her that drew the young woman’s gaze.

She was buff and muscular, not grotesquely so, but in a way that was appealing to Skyler’s eye. She’d never seen a girl built that way before and she strangely found herself wanting to have a closer look.

The second was her hair. It had been bleached almost white, the sides shaved with the top long and thick, and the way she had it pulled up, it almost looked like a mohawk.

With her cocoa-colored skin, white hair, and delicate features, the beautiful young woman reminded Skyler of the superhero character that Halle Berry had played, Storm.

And then there were the tattoos. Both of the pretty woman’s muscular arms lined with them, colorful shapes and designs interspersed with line art, most of which Skyler couldn’t distinguish from a distance. It wasn’t a look that the teen would have ever considered attractive before, but on this woman, it just seemed to fit.

The cocoa-skinned beauty was standing behind the bed of an older pickup truck, but when she pulled a box out of the back and stepped gingerly towards the house, Skyler spotted a bulky brace on her knee.

“Earth to Skyler…” Jacob said, sounding exasperated as he turned to see what his girlfriend was staring at so intently.

Skyler was already heading towards the woman, who was struggling with the load on her injured leg, when she heard her boyfriend say, “Damn, she’s hot.”

Skyler rolled her eyes and turned back to him. “She’s also clearly injured, so do you think you can keep it in your pants long enough to give her a hand?”

She then turned back towards where the attractive blonde struggled her way along in front of the older home without checking to see if her boyfriend was following.

When the blonde Nubian goddess looked up to take notice of her the first time, she stopped and smiled, the sight of it seeming to brighten up what had been a dreary day so far for the teen.

“Hi,” the blonde said, “can I help you?”

Skyler realized her heart was racing the closer she got to this exotic looking young woman, for reasons she didn’t understand. Her mouth was suddenly dry as she went to speak to the tattooed blonde beauty.

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