Fever Dream

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I pulled into the garage, parked, and hopped out of the car, flu meds in one hand and Rain’s bag of cereal in the other. I stepped up and into the kitchen, only to have Chernyi start barking at me through the sliding glass door.

“Shut up, Cher,” I muttered, fully aware that nothing short of letting her and Ashi in would stop her from barking as long as she could see me.

I placed the cereal on the counter, then reached over and opened the fridge to retrieve the cold gallon of water inside. Closing the door, I fumbled in a cabinet in the low light until I found a glass. “Gotcha,” I exclaimed when I found one, and I proceeded to pour the clear, frigid liquid into the glass. With a full glass of water, I opened up the little medicine box, took out a dosage of pills, and started down the hall to our room. When I opened the door, I was so surprised by what I saw that I simply froze in the frame.

On the bed, Rain was on her hands and knees, facing the window. She was naked. And she wasn’t really on her hands, but more her elbows, her face down on the bed, her left hand stretched out above her head, the other reaching back under her belly and between her legs. The fingers of her right hand were busy working their way in and out of her, glistening with her wetness in the soft glow of the Christmas lights. The only sounds to be heard were Rain’s soft, shaky moans, an almost indiscernable squelching as she fucked herself, and, in the distance, Blackie barking.

A rush of hot, pounding blood surged to my penis, making it swell and pulse in my pants. I stood mesmerized, the glass of water and the pills still in my hands, taking in the sight of her, ass raised high and inviting, fingers emerging and then disappearing once again into her slick pussy. Her lips were huge and swollen, engulfing her middle and ring fingers as she fucked herself, which meant she had probably started right after I had left for the store, something like 15 or 20 minutes ago.

“Shut the door,” she breathed, looking back at me with a devilish grin. In my surprise, I had forgotten how the cold air from the hallway could feel like a winter breeze blowing into the room when it was warm. It was more than warm, though; because Rain had been getting chills, I had turned the thermostat way up before leaving to the store.

I stepped into the room, set the pills and the glass down by the TV, and shut the door behind me. Rain’s eyes were half closed now, as she went back to focusing her attention on the fantastic sensations she was experiencing.

My eyes drank her in. I followed the length of her powerful calves up to her finely curved thighs and ass, lingering on the sweet, swollen mound between her legs, and then on to her back and down to the graceful curve of her neck. I stopped at her face, her eyelids flickering, her mouth small and slightly open as she breathed heavily through small moans of pleasure.

The look on her face, the sounds of her fingering, and the sweet, musty smell of her juices mixed with sweat set me to trembling with excitement. I reached out with a shaky hand and caressed the back of her right thigh–fever warm to the touch–then up to brush against her fingers and the swollen lips between her legs. Rain gave a little gasp when I touched her there, and then her eyes were open again, and she gave me an almost drowsy smile.

“Do you want to lick me?” She almost slurred the words, and for a moment, I was worried enough about her fever that I almost told her to stop and take the medicine right away; however, all control was wrested from me when Rain rocked back and pressed her pussy hard into my open palm. I swallowed and nodded, not trusting my own voice not to crack with excitement. “Do it,” she purred. I knew, at that point, that either I was dreaming, or the fever was affecting Rain’s thinking: she didn’t enjoy me giving her oral sex nearly as much as I enjoyed licking her, and she had certainly never voiced a desire to be eaten out.

Regardless, I eagerly dropped to my knees squarely behind her, put my hands on either side of her ass, and spread her wide to make room for me. Rain didn’t even notice that my hands were frigid. I leaned forward, made my tongue as fat as possible, and started in by giving her lips a full, slow lick, from the base of her mound and almost all the way up to her anus. Her fingers were still plunging in and out of her, but they paused for a moment as I licked and Rain shuddered in pleasure.

My tongue was slick with her wetness, and her sweet taste flowed through my mouth. Her tantalizing sweet-must filled my nostrils and I closed my eyes for just a moment to breathe her in and to focus my senses on her taste and smell. [God damn,] I thought, [I could eat her out every night!] Then I set to work with my mouth.

The angle was slightly awkward, but I paid no mind as my tongue lashed over the inside walls of her lips: in and out, up and down. My rhythm was slow, matching Rain’s sarıyer escort fingers, and every so often I would pause my licking to plunge my tongue directly into her hole, squeezing in with her fingers and sampling more of her sweet taste.

After a few minutes of this, I used my mouth to force Rain’s hand out of the way and I used the tip of my tongue to tickle her enlarged clit. She squirmed with every little flick of my tongue, but she didn’t make a move to stop me. Emboldened by this, I buried my face farther forward, latched on to the base of her mound with my teeth and lips, and sucked hard on her clitoris, pulling it into my mouth. Rain’s body bucked as she gave a yelp, but again she didn’t stop me, so I began to suck and tongue her with near-violent passion. Each hard suck rewarded me with a gasp and a shudder through Rain’s body.

It was difficult to breathe, hunched over as I was, suffocating myself so willingly between Rain’s legs, but I didn’t want to stop. I wrapped my arms around Rain’s thighs so that they were positioned under her waist, and I lifted her ass up and back as I leaned back to an upright position on my knees. I moved my hands to her hips to support her and she helped by stretching out her legs and arms to stand on her toes and palms, her body now an inverted V. I could feel her trembling, her breath coming in ragged gasps, as she struggled to stay up.

There was something else, though, a different tension I could feel in her, a rigidity, that told me she was near orgasm. Her pussy began to contract around my face, while more of her juices flowed out, making it ever more difficult to breathe again, but I only increased the force of each suck inward and the speed of my tongue over Rain’s slick clit. My jaw ached immensely and my tongue burned with effort so badly that I feared it would simply stop working, but my penis throbbed in time to Rain’s pulsating vagina, and I pressed on, hoping she would cum soon.

And, right when I started a particularly aggressive suck, Rain very nearly screamed as she came: hot, thick juices actually spurt out of her and on to my face, forcing me to close my eyes; her body bucked and shuddered wildly; and then she collapsed, tearing away from my mouth, to land as a heap on the bed. I pulled my sweater over my head and used it to wipe my face clean, and then I tossed it aside quickly so that I could see Rain.

She was breathing in short, shallow breaths, her body occasionally twitching in the aftermath of her orgasm. White, filmy cum oozed out of her and down her legs on to the bed. She lay face down, twisted at her center so that her right hip lay on the bed, and her right leg lay straight out while her left was bent at the knee and pulled up closer to her tummy. Her pussy was still clearly visible, and I watched, fascinated, as her labia fluttered open and closed. I drank in the sight of her like a man in the desert drinks of an oasis.

I reached down and pulled off my shirt, throwing it over with my sweater, and then I quickly set to work unbuckling my belt. Rain’s eyes remained closed, but I could see rapid movement behind her eyelids, and I saw her hands slowly begin to clench and release the comforter underneath her.

With my belt unclasped, I unbuttoned my pants, and reached in to grab my rock hard cock. My penis and my underwear were drenched in clear precum, more than I had ever seen before. As swift as I was able, I stood up, tore off my pants and underwear, and was back on my knees behind Rain, squeezing hard on my erect member. Her mouth opened just a bit, a small sound escaping her lips, but I couldn’t make out any words. I scooted closer to her and pressed the tip of my dick against the inside of her right thigh, swirling my fat head in her cum. Rain’s eyes remained shut, but this time I heard her say something.

“Wait.” It was barely more than a whisper, but I heard it all the same. The word seemed to trigger something in me, and I forcefully rolled Rain on to her stomach, tangled my right hand into the hair on the back of her head, and used my knees to force her legs apart. Rain’s eyes snapped open and she struggled against me faintly, but she barely had the strength to speak, let alone really move. Still, being more violent than was necessary, I pulled on her hair enough to raise her head off the bed, then shoved it back down, all the while spreading her legs as far apart as they would go with my knees.

“Wait!” It was a hoarse croak this time. I leaned forward, so that my mouth was right near her ear, and growled “no” as I pushed down on her head and rammed my cock roughly into her pussy. Rain gasped and choked back a cry of pain, and a single tear formed and fell from her exposed left eye, clenched tightly shut against the pain. With my penis skewering her to the very base of my balls, my right hand eased off Rain’s head slightly as I finally felt a moment’s hesitation at the sight of her tear. But silivri escort as I let up and prepared to pull out, with the beginnings of shame, Rain’s next outburst stopped me: “God, no, don’t stop! Fuck my brains out,” she half moaned and half growled.

I needed no further encouragement. My hand tightened in Rain’s hair once more, and I pulled her head back as I started to fuck her in earnest. Her eyes were still clenched tightly in pain, and with each thrust her lips peeled back in a small grimace to reveal clenched teeth; despite that, though, and despite small grunts of pain, Rain continued to growl and hiss “fuck,” “yes,” and the occasional “fuck me.”

Her vagina was super wet and burning hot with fever, and so despite my greatest efforts, I came inside her a little with each inward thrust. I grit my teeth and dug the nails of my free hand into Rain’s ass to keep from going altogether. My abs burnt with effort, and I knew that if I continued to pound her at this pace I would cum explosively in just a matter of seconds, but her aggressive tone and her coaxing words were too much for me.

I fucked her harder than I had ever fucked her before, my dick jetting almost all the way out of her to reveal her gaping hole, only to slam back deep into her pussy, my balls slapping against her thighs and my pelvis grinding against her clitoris. And with one last mighty push, I buried myself inside of her and shuddered violently as I filled her with my semen, breathing as though I had just run some marathon. With each wracking convulsion of my body, I yanked back on Rain’s hair and squirt more cum into her, to mingle with her cum. Our juices overflowed her pussy and squished out by the base of my cock to run down her legs and my scrotum, finally ending in a puddle on the bed.

After what felt like minutes of spurting and shuddering, my grip in Rain’s hair and on her ass finally slackened, and I eased my aching, sweat-sheened body on to her back. With my penis still inside of her, growing softer now that it had been expended, I kissed Rain’s shoulder, then her neck, then her ear lobe, and softly whispered “I love you.”

A small smile played across Rain’s lips, and she whispered back: “I love you with all of my heart. I’m just going to take a little nap now…” And she trailed off as she slipped into sleep. I found myself drowsy and blissfully following her into slumber. [Ah, what the hell,] I thought, [I’ll make her take the meds after a short nap.] And with that, I fell asleep on top of my beautiful, sexy wife.

* * * * * * * * * *

I don’t know how long I slept, but I do remember that, at some point, Rain rolled me off of her and on to my back. Normally, I can’t sleep without a blanket draped over me, but the jungle-like air in the room was too thick and warm for any sort of cover, so I continued to sleep fitfully in the nude.

I woke with a start to the sound of Rain crying. The Christmas lights were still on, my body was still covered in a fine layer of sweat, and the mixture of mine and Rain’s cum that lathered my entire pelvis area had not yet fully dried. Of course, since the room was still warm enough to have me in a sweat, the still-wet juices didn’t mean a whole lot, but I figured I must have been asleep for less than an hour.

I propped myself up on my right elbow and blinked away my sleepiness, to find Rain, also still naked, sitting up against the wall. She had her knees drawn up, and she hugged her legs to her chest, as she rested her forward on her knees and cried. I pulled myself up, awkwardly conscious of our nakedness, and scooted over to her. I sat with my back to the wall, much as Rain did, and put an arm around her, pulling her to me in a hug.

“What’s wrong, baby?” I asked worriedly. “Did…did I hurt you too much, before?” Rain shook her head in response, but she didn’t look up and she didn’t say anything. “Baby?” I formed it as a question and gave her just a slight shake, hoping to get her to look up. She mumbled something into her legs, but I wasn’t able to catch any of it, so I gave her another little shake.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” she repeated, looking up. Her eyes were red with fever and puffy from crying.

“What do you mean, baby?” I was generally confused. “You probably have a flu, that’s all. Here, I brought you medicine–” I made as if to move to get it for her, but Rain interrupted me.

“I took it,” she said. I looked over to the TV and saw that the pills were, indeed, missing. “And that’s not what I meant,” she continued. She sniffled a bit, but I held my tongue, waiting to see if she would explain. “I…I just need you to make love to me,” she said plainly. “I need you to fuck me.”

I swallowed in surprise, somewhat taken aback, but already I could feel my loins stirring, my mind having to play catch-up. “Well,” I started, “that’s not a bad thing, is it?”

Rain shook her head. “No, not normally; but şirinevler escort you don’t understand: I NEED you to fuck me.” She gestured emphatically with that last. “Like…” I could see her struggling to find a way to explain, but it was apparent it was a battle she was losing. “I don’t know,” she sobbed, shaking her head again.

I hugged her close, trying to ignore the soreness of my cock as it grew harder. “Shh, shh,” I made the sounds reassuringly as I pulled her face to mine to give her a short kiss. As our lips parted, I saw Rain’s eyes dart down between my legs, and her face gained a look of lustful hunger when she saw what she wanted standing up, ready for her. Her eyes came back up to meet mine, and I didn’t break away from her stare, even when her hand dropped down, snakes between my knees, and wrapped around my dick.

“It feels like I’m fading,” Rain spoke softly as she slowly stroked my shaft, “and the only thing that I feel can keep me…real…is to have you inside me.” At this, I closed my eyes and tilted my head back to lean against the wall as I focused on what Rain was doing with her hand. I ached with each stroke, like I always did when we went for a second round.

“God, baby,” I almost croaked, “I want you so much.” My eyes were still closed, but I felt Rain move out from under my arm, and then I felt her positioning herself in front of me, spreading my legs open. I felt her hair brush against my balls right before her teeth scraped gently against the tip of my dick, and suddenly I was enveloped by her mouth.

I sighed with pleasure as Rain gave my cock a hard, slow suck, from the base of it all the way out to its head. I came out of her mouth with a slight popping sound, and then she was living me. She worked her tongue in little swirls on my head, and then licked down my shaft until she reached my sack. Using her left hand, she took hold of my scrotum, lifting it up gently, while her right pumped up and down my penis in a steady rhythm. My eyes still closed, I felt Rain place her head on the ground right between my legs, and she continued her lick on my shaven balls. I moaned and lifted my bottom a few inches off the ground, to give her more room to lick. Rain slid her face farther under me as her tongue worked magic on my soft skin. I felt her wet muscle work back and back, until she licked the sensitive area between my balls and my anus. I yelped a little and shot up a bit higher on the wall, but when Rain pulled her tongue back I dropped back down.

“Please,” I whispered, “keep going, right there.” Rain’s tongue reached out and touched the spot again, and I squirmed, but didn’t pull away. Encouraged, she started to lick the area more confidently, and each movement of her tongue sent a chill down my spine. The sensation was always my favorite: almost a tickle, but completely sexual and indescribably pleasant–I preferred this to a blowjob anytime. Each magnificent stroke of her tongue was accompanied by a hand stroke of my member, and her rhythm was increasing in tempo. Precum spilled over my head with every passing moment, oozing down my shaft and coating Rain’s hand.

My breathing was becoming more and more shallow, and I could feel an incredible pressure building in my testicles and threatening to explode through my penis. Even as good as this felt, I was still surprised at how quickly she had managed to bring me to the edge, considering that whenever my penis was as sore as it was now, it normally took truly vigorous sex to make me cum; however, it seemed as though we had just started in this time, and I was already sorely tempted to release and make a mess of myself. But I remembered Rain’s tears, and her desire to have sex, so I pulled up again and reached down to take her wrist, arresting her manipulation of my cock. Rain understood and stopped to let me regain some of my self-control.

I took a few deep breaths to calm myself, and then gasped and sucked in air hard: Rain had raised her head, put her mouth over my right testicle and sucked. A small amount of semen erupted from my dick before I could stop it, and then she released me, laying her head back down. I blew out all the air in my lungs shakily, opened my eyes, and looked down. Rain was smiling up at me.

“Oops,” was all she said.

I shook my head and grinned back at her. “Oops? You stay right there, missy, while I get a condom. Then I’ll show you ‘oops’.” The condom would help desensitize my penis–an aid I knew I would need after already ejaculating a bit, if I didn’t want to cum as soon as I entered Rain. I used the wall to push up, and then I stepped over Rain and opened the bathroom door. Remembering the temperature difference, I stepped into the little room and swung the door mostly shut behind me, to keep the cool air from rushing out into the bedroom.

I took a little moment to lean on the sink counter and look into the mirror. “Holy Jesus,” I whispered, and I shook my head, chuckling. This was going to be a wild night. One for the history books, I thought. [It’s just too bad we don’t have any good film equipment, or a decent way to film anyway.] I shook my head again, reached down, opened the cabinet under the sink, and retrieved a condom. Our last, actually. Must be a sign.

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