Faye takes charge

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Divorce day play time.

So this happened the day I got my paper work back that the divorce was final. I don’t have a celebration or do anything special. Just a regular day. Apparently the ex on the other hand had posted on her Facebook that she was having a divorce party. Only reason I knew about it was that Faye contacted me to let me know what a cunt my ex was acting like after seeing the post.

Faye and I dated in high school it was short, but emotionally and sexually intense. We remained acquaintances for some years and reconnected after I got out of the army and before I met my ex. At the time she was married to this guy that was what I can only describe as a the country guy that discovered Bob Marley and Sublime in his senior year in high school.

They were a nice couple and I found out soon enough they were in an open marriage so Faye and I played together a lot. Sometimes her husband was with, but mostly it was regular casual sex with her. They had gotten divorced the year prior when she found out he was playing with a side piece without protection and got the woman pregnant.

To describe what she looked like the closest thing I can compare would be if Betty Paige was skinnier with big blue eyes. Pale skin and not much in the way of curves but nicely shaped tits and ass for being so petite.

She invited me out for drinks and I agreed. We met at a dive bar that was owned by her brother and less than a 4 minute drive from each of our homes. I didn’t bother to dress up. Just my flip flops, cargo shorts and an old band shirt of a band that probably doesn’t exist anymore.

She was wearing one of her hippy type, knee length skirts that looked like multicolored patch work, a loose white top and the quilted shoulder bag/purse I had gotten her as a gift a couple years back. She wasn’t wearing a bra and if I knew he she wasn’t wearing panties either. She rarely did when we had a date or play time planned. Her tits were small and firm and barely any sag for being in her 30s. She gave me a quick hug and a peck on the mouth that turned into a tender lingering kiss. I knew she had a boyfriend now and she made him aware that I would always be her friend with benefits and he had to come to terms with it.

We went in the bar got a couple rounds of tequila covered by her brother. She took my hand and put it under her skirt when we were sitting at the end of the bar after her brother left for the night. We made out sloppily as I fingered her. We whispered how we couldn’t wait to fuck each other stupid.

We weren’t trying to hide what we were doing. Some people took notice, but looked away. I knew she liked to be watched when we fucked, but I didn’t see anyone in the bar, other than Kim, I knew that we could invite back to my apartment when we would eventually go that direction.

I tell her I think we are both ready to make each other cun again, but she tells me she needs to make sure it’s a nice long night and takes my hand and leads me to the women’s bathroom. I look at Kim, the şişli üniversiteli escort bartender as she shakes her head and smiles. I just shrug and smile back. Kim looked like a nerdy girl, but she was an anal addict. More than once she’d call me to “help” her close the bar. Really it was for me to fuck her ass as she leaned on the pool table.

As soon as we got into the bathroom she closed the door and squatted down pulling up her skirt so it wouldn’t touch the ground and she told me to get my cock out for her. She makes it clear that she knows after I’ve had my quick first cum once I can usually fuck the rest of the night. She said she wanted to feel sore for days after we were done that night.

I pulled my cock out and she started by licking the precum off the tip and then just started to hammer my cock into her mouth and twisting her hand around my shaft that was a mix of her saliva and my precum. I’m not going to lie. It had been nearly a week since I had cum and it did not take her long to make me cum. Just as I started to cum she gave me the most beautiful look and kept her mouth open so I could watch as spurt after spurt shot in her mouth. She swallowed every drop and then moved her purse from across her shoulder and get a stick of gum.

I adjusted myself and we stepped back out into the bar and I could tell some more people were in since I think it was a pool tournament night. I paid for the drinks we ordered after the first couple free rounds and left a hefty tip for Kim. I told her we were going back to my apartment and she was welcome to join us after she got of work.

We get in my car and drive the handful of blocks to my apartment. The entire time she was playing with her pussy with one hand and rubbing my cock through my shorts with the other. Not an easy task since I have a manual transmission.

We get to my apartment walk in and don’t even get to my room. She has me put her ass on the armrest of my couch as she leans back and pushes my head down. He always loved when I gave her head so I got to work immediately. And the orgasm that followed from my mouth was just as good as I remember. Her legs shook so hard and she would collapse. On her self and try to slap my face to her me too stop should would be so sensitive.

And her it is happening again. Rather than give her a break I would force her to keep riding that wave like I had done so many times. I picked her up and carried her to my room and put her down on the bed as she was still quivering and looking at me with those loving eyes that made her husband jealous when he couldn’t get her to cum like I could. I pulled down my shorts and took off my t-shirt and got in bed with her. I easily spread her legs as she started to play with her nipples. She looked into my eyes and told me she wanted my cock inside her.

So many memories came flooding back of us fucking over the years from the first time at a friends house during a party way back in high school when we were taksim anal yapan escort both just getting out of relationships. The first time after seeing each other after I got out of the army when we met up for brunch and ended up fucking in her garage. Or the first time as a threesome with my ex as I fucked her doggy style as she sucked on my ex’s clit.

Every time we fucked it was always so perfect. This time would be no different.

I kept her legs open and positioned myself right at the entrance of her pussy and she grabbed my cock and guided me in. She was perfectly wet, but there was always some resistance the first time we fuck during our sessions. She’s already had two kids and still tight enough that she needs to adjust to my girth. So to be clear when you hear a guy say a woman isn’t right enough he’s full of shit. A few slow pumps into her and I could feel myself bottoming out inside her making her eyes widen and make that guttural moan when she felt me so deep. I used my head board to anchor myself and my other hand went to her neck to apply just the slightest pressure that always made her more receptive to reaching her orgasms. Her legs hooked behind mine and I began the part of us fucking that made her call me her master.

Every thrust upward into her on my bed was met with her entire body’s intent on getting me as deep inside her as possible. Her hands exploring me again, alternating between pleasing herself and making sure I fucked her deep and hard. It wasn’t a franticly fast fuck. This was a steady, firm, deep fuck. Occasionally she would put her fingers in my mouth to taste her juices. I would remove my hand from her neck just long enough to grab her by the hair and pull her head back and bite her neck or lightly slap her face.

I could feel her pussy start to spasm again with her whole body tightening up. I don’t know how much time had passed, but we were both breathing heavy and drenched in sweat. I still wasn’t close to cumming, but she started her throes of her orgasm. She pulled the arm that I was using to anchor myself and I nearly fell on top of her and we kissed deeply and she continued to flow into her orgasm begging me to cum inside her, demanding I fill her up. I couldn’t though. It was that issue I have. I had cum already it would be at least another hour before my body let me cum.

Exhausted, I rolled off of her and we lay in bed. Both sweaty as hell even with the ceiling fan going. She put her head on my shoulder and put on leg over my body with on hand firmly on my cock sliding up and down the shaft and occasionally on the head. Some women think it’s that they aren’t good enough, but my regular partners understand and they know I’m doing so much to please them even if I can’t cum they appreciate it.

Faye was one of them. She knew I would be ready to cum again soon. Just as I felt myself start to nod off she took her hand off my cock I felt her moving so I opened my eyes and she was getting up to go use the taksim bdsm escort bathroom. When she came back she climbed in the bed and kneeled next to me. Before I could reach up to play with her nipples she asked me if I still had the restrains under the bed. Of course I did.

I reached under the mattress and got them out. One on each corner side of the bed. Lengths adjustable as needed. She asked me to help her put them in me. I paused for a few seconds. I rarely let myself be the one in bondage. Very rarely and only with a handful of women in my life. I trusted Faye, but this was new. She was usually the one that wanted to by tied down. And to be honest she didn’t trust her ex or even her current boyfriend with it.

I allowed myself to be put into this situation. My wrists were restrained and my ankles. My legs were spread out some, but she made sure I had enough slack in my ankles that I could move if I needed to. My hands though. It would be so hard to not grab ahold of her when I wanted. Once I was secure she went to work on me with her mouth. She would alternate between playing with my cock, nipples and balls. It was so intense. It was driving me insane. Every time I wanted to grab her the restraints reminded me that it wasn’t going to happen.

By the time I was almost begging for mercy she straddled me and smoothly slid down onto my cock. She didn’t s ride me like she had in the past to show off to our respective exes on how good she was. This was for our mutual orgasms. She ground into me and used her hands between pushing down on her clit or playing with her nipples. She was looking me in the eye and smiling as she did it. I kept fighting the restrains and moving my legs and hips to get more control. She wasn’t going to allow it.

She kept grinding down hard, putting her weight into it and I could feel myself bottoming out in her. She was also reaching back and playing with my balls. It’s was getting to be too much. And then it happened that moment when I could feel like I was going to be able to cum again. And I stared into her eyes. I think she knew it before I did because she started grind-sliding. My cock felt alive again. She rode me beautifully again her hand playing so hard on her clit. And then it happened.

The beautiful noises of her orgasm pushed me over the top and I let her know I was going to cum, but they fell on deaf ears because she was in her own world at the same time. There she is grinding out her own orgasm while I started to cum deep inside her. She just kept grinding and I could feel he mess growing between us and I had to scream it was so good. When we both finished cumming she collapsed on me and then weakly released my wrists from the restraints. She didn’t move. I stayed inside of her both our juices making an absolute mess and dripping onto my bed. We fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of my phone vibrating. Faye was sound asleep next to me so I didn’t want to move and wake her.

Found out later it was Kim calling to see if we were still up to have her over. I apologized and explained the situation and she got it. We made it up to her another night.

Faye and I are still friends, but we don’t fuck anymore. Her current boyfriend isn’t as open minded. She seems happy so I won’t interfere. Although she still sends me texts randomly in the middle of the night some times. We will see what happens.

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