Exploring Sex Ch. 1

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Jaime was the hot virgin at her school, never having kissed a boy until she was 17 at junior prom. Her family wasn’t incredibly religious or anything, she was just always busy studying, acting in local theater, doing service projects, or working for her licensing as a nursing assistant at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix. She was just a busy teenager, not that she didn’t have raging hormones. She just wasn’t interested in high school boys. She didn’t even bother with prom again.

Who did interest her was Shawn, an EMT who was working toward his JD at the Phoenix School of Law. She noticed he was moderately well built from work. Twenty-five and he still mowed her parents’ lawn with his top off on this Sunday afternoon, his tan muscles covered with a thin layer of sweat.

“Hey Shawn!” she yelled at him as he mowed her grass. She ran out to him in jean cut-offs and a tight, black ribbed tank that hugged her B breasts, accentuating her slight cleavage. He immediately cut the engine upon seeing her bare feet kick up grass shavings, her tanned legs moving briskly, her auburn hair tied back in a pony tail. In her hands, she held onto a bottle of red lager.

“Hey there, cutie,” he said with a devilish grin. “If there was ever a reason to work here, it was to see your smiling face.”

She blushed.

“I thought you could use a little refreshment,” Jaime said, handing him the beer. “You’re working up a sweat again.”

“What are you up to?” he queried. “Shouldn’t you be at a beach cooling off in the ocean on a day like this instead of sitting inside with the air condition blowing.”

“I’m studying for my SATs,” she said “Now that I’m 18, the parents want to send me to college. I am just thinking I’ll get my B.S. in nursing. Who knows, then I could shoot for the Ph.D.”

“You are ambitious,” he said. “I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind me coming by a different time and giving you some pointers… on the test. I got a 2000.”

Shawn’s eyes drifted beyond her dimples and brown eyes to her firm breasts before noticing his gaze. Jaime giggled as she handled his chin and pushed it back up.

“My parents will be out of town next weekend, so I could get a lot done before the test the week after,” she said. “I also have off until Sunday, so we could really catch up on a lot of things.”

“I can work the A.M. shift on Friday,” he replied. “I’ll come over around 7 if that’s bahis firmaları okay with you.”

Jaime twirled a stray lock of hair on her index finger; something she found weird because she rarely does things like that.

“That sounds great,” she said, taking the empty bottle from his hand. “I’ll order the pizza. Right now though, we should get back to work.”

“Alright, gorgeous,” he muttered as he watched her walking back to the house.


The next Wednesday, Jaime was nearly giddy as someone who was not a cheerleader could be. One of her only close friends, Sarah was over at Jaime’s house after school.

“It’s not like I’m planning to have sex with him!” stated Jaime, her feet tucked under her plaid boxer shorts-clad butt. “It’s just that He’s the only guy in which I’ve been interested in. He’s funny, handsome, and is making a future of himself. I just want to absorb his charm and have some fun.”

“That’s were it starts: interesting guy, hot nymphet, alone time,” Sarah replied. “I bet that you’ll at least try to French him. Damn, you’ve been rather uptight about sex. I lost my virginity when I was fifteen.”

“What’s it feel like?” asked Jaime, after lightly smacking a couch pillow against Sarah’s shoulder.

“First time always a little awkward if you don’t have a guide,” Sarah said. “Let me show you a little.”

Sarah reached over and grabbed Jaime’s right breast through her thin T-shirt, looking the virgin right in the eye.

“If you have a little experience,” Sarah said, as she began to trace a line with her finger across Jaime’s cheek with her finger. “Sex can go a little smoother.”

“You’re going to show me?” Jaime asked with a degree of incredulity. “I’d like to see you try and get me to preview the joys of sex.”

After daring Sarah to make a move, Jaime blushed with a bit of apprehension. She realized over an rather awkward pause that her curiousity outweighed her fear, if only by a little.

“That’s a dare I can handle,” Sarah replied with a hint of sarcasm.

The concerned look on Jaime’s furrowed brow melted as Sarah’s fingers grasped Jaime’s breast and gently twisted her nipples. Slivers of heat started to tickle her chest, and Jaime felt warmth rush to her abdomen and to her labia as she pursed her lips and gazed back at Sarah.

Jaime had to admit that even kaçak iddaa if she considered herself straight, Sarah was rather hot. Sarah inched closer to her on the couch, plaid short skirt rising up her thighs and button down shirt tied into a simple knot above her navel. The more experienced girl gave a wicked smile back with her green eyes twinkling and her black hair tied back in a pony tail from her tanned face.

Jamie noticed that she was getting wet between her thighs as Sarah put her hands under Jaime’s shirt and expertly tweaked her nipples.

“Maybe we should…, ” gasped Jaime as she lost her thought and began to rub her thighs together slowly.

“You may or may not have your first time with Shawn,” Sarah replied. “But I’ve always been curious about showing you more about sex. Do you want me to help you know what it feels like.”

Jaime bit her bottom lip and simply nodded as her eyes closed gently.

“Lay down on your back then,” Sarah commanded.

After doing as commanded. Sarah took off Jaime’s shirt and climbed atop her, straddling her on the couch. Sarah lowered her head, taking Jaime’s large pink nipple in her mouth as her hands gripped Jaime’s developed abs.

Jaime loved the sensations coursing throughout her body, her legs writhing as she grasped Sarah’s thighs. She wasn’t sure what she was doing, but instinct seemed to be taking over. Jaime’s hands slowly went up Sarah’s thighs to run behind as they grasped Sarah’s ass cheeks. She squeezed softly as Sarah swiveled her hips and pressed her labia against Jaime. Jaime could feel Sarah’s lubrication seeping through her panties as a musky smell drifted to her nose.

Sarah looked into Jaime’s eyes as Jaime give her a look that was all bliss. Jaime nodded as a smile erased all Sarah’s worry that they would later regret their play.

Sarah then scooted down on Jaime’s legs grabbing the waist-band of her boxers and sliding them down her long legs. She then grabbed the top of Jaime’s panties with her mouth before pulling it off.

Jaime’s pink labia peered from under a bushy mound as Sarah took in her fragrance. Sarah’s own crotch lay at Jaime’s feet as she slowly kissed up her thighs to taste her virgin lips.

As Sarah parted Jaime’s public patch and licked the salty juices wetting her vagina, Jaime nuzzled Sarah’s clitoris her toes as the two girls began to squirm in sync with each other. kaçak bahis

Jaime ran her hands through the hair on her scalp before pinching her own nipples with her fingertips. Sarah stuck her middle finger into Jaime’s tight hole as her tonue lapped up the flowing juices. Jaime felt electricity moving through her thighs as her toes left their manipulation of Sarah’s clit and curled uncontrollably.

Jaime cried out as a flood of juices hit Sarah’s face and the entire room smelled of her fragrance. Sarah giggled as Jaime’s eyes grew wide and her gasping grew louder. Jaime’s fingers dug into Sarah’s thighs as her first orgasm subsided. Sarah quickly kissed Jaime on the lips as their tongues intertwined and they tasted her juices.

They both smiled, eyebrows arched, and little giggles escaping their lips.

“Thank you,” whispered Jaime before she kissed Sarah on the lips.

“Anytime,” replied Sarah. “I’ve been curious about you for a long time. And if you enjoy you’re time with Shawn, we can see about a manage a trois.”

“What’s that?” Jaime excitedly asked, genuinely unaware.

“That’ll just have to wait for another lesson,” Sarah deadpanned. “Let’s get you cleaned up. I love bush. But I think boys like their virgins shaven.”

Sarah led still-naked Jaime to the bathroom as she casually un-tied her blouse and left it on the floor. She instructed Jaime to lean back in the tub as she lathered up Jaime’s pussy. Sarah carefully shaved her virgin, taking in Jaime’s lovely body as they smiled at each other.

They sat back in the living room as Sarah rubbed some moisturizer on Jaime’s tender lips, kissing her newly shaved labia and taking in the mixed scent of a freshly shaven and satisfied woman. Jaime pulled her boxers back before the two girls reclined on the couch and cuddled, chit chatting until 11.

“I should probably get going hon,” Sarah whispered into Jaime’s ear, getting up and putting her blouse back on.

They got up and walked slowly over to the door.

“I really appreciate you,” Jaime said after pecking Sarah on the cheek. They hugged as Sarah gave her freind a gentle pat on the behind.

“Just call me after your night with Shawn,” Sarah said. “I’ll want to know how my competition is doing.”

Jaime kissed the air as her friend walked away. Bouncing on her toes to keep warm as chills still coursed through her body. She closed the door and headed to her room.

Jaime placed her hand on her clitoris, caressing it softly as she thought about her night with Sarah, the adventure to come, and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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