Experienced Teachers Wanted

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It was at an annual school convention when we met. I had been there several times before through the years, but never had I seen her there before. For those who never attended those annual conventions…they are usually packed with suppliers and services of all kinds. Everyone is trying to sell their latest inventions or gadgets. When I came across this booth with a banner that said “Experienced Teachers Wanted”, I was suddenly attracted to it. My curiosity got the best of me and I quickly walked over and introduced myself. There stood a lovely young lady, in her mid 30’s, who introduced herself as “Heart”. I laughed and said…”is that your real name”?

She smiled and softly replied…”all my good friends call me Heart.”

I was intrigued by this young lady and wanted to know more about her, and the products or services she had to offer…I continued to converse with her and asked her what seemed to be a multitude of questions. She answered everyone of them patiently. Shortly afterwards, she started to question me about my accent. I was trying hard to conceal it, but I guess after so many years of speaking it, it was almost impossible to hide. I told her I was French. She quickly responded….really? She told me she had visited France once and that she found the city, and especially the men , so romantic! The conversation quickly changed from school curriculums to different cultures. Needless to say, I always like pangaltı escort to discuss cultures, good food, great wines, etc…..

By this time, the clock indicated that it was almost time for the day’s activities to end, and I could tell she was eager to find out more about my culture and seemed particularly interested in my foreign accent. I had always heard that American women liked foreign accents and I thought this would be an opportune time to find out why? At this point, she told me that her day was done and asked me if I would be interested to join her for a glass of wine. Perhaps a “Bordeaux”, “Beaujolais” or “Merlot”? As a born Frenchman….how could I resist such an invitation? I gladly accepted!

Much to my delight, I was pleased to find out that the wine in question was in her private room she had reserved in a 5 Star Hotel! As we walked into her room….she took off her business jacket only to reveal a nice white satin silk shirt. Her breasts were small but seemed to be very firm and commanded all my attention. While she poured me a glass of red “Merlot”….she asked me a surprising question? “Is it true that the French invented the “French Kiss”? I was caught off guard and gently replied…

“Oui Mademoiselle”… which means… “Yes Miss”.

With a grin on her face , she then asked?…

“would you kindly teach me some French?”

I replied…”Avec pendik escort Plaisir” which translates…”the pleasure would be all mine”.

As we slowly finished the bottle of wine, I had taught her several key words which would help her out if she’d ever visit Europe again. The basic things like.. “Bonjour” (Hello), “Comment va tu?” (How are you?), “Qu’elle heure est il?” (What time is it?)…..so on and so forth. She seemed so delighted and impressed with my French lessons! Just as I was ready to leave….she reached across the sofa we’d been sitting on and whispered in my ear. “Can you kiss me……the French way?” About that time, after several glasses of fine wine, I was in the mood to Kiss!

As we started kissing, I was so enthralled by the sweetness of her lips. Perhaps, the wine had made her lips so soft and sensuous. I could’ve tasted her sweet tasting lips for hours…….as we stopped for a moment, I pulled myself back a little only to find that her lovely small breasts were displaying the nicest looking view my eyes could behold. Her nipples were as erect as can be….and they pierced through the white silk shirt she was wearing. At this point, I wanted to touch them, feel them, and kiss them. I started to unbutton her blouse and kissed every inch of her neck downwards as I was doing it. Much to my surprise….she was not wearing a bra….and those hard dark pink nipples seemed to rus escort beg for my lips and kisses. As I started to caress them….and kiss them, I heard “Heart” moaning in delight…..she was whispering “une autre fois, S’il Vous Plait” (one more time, please!).

As I continued to kiss and suck her hard nipples in my mouth…..she had lifted her skirt and was playing with her pussy. When I noticed her fingers playing with herself….I started working my way down on her stomach….and was looking forward to taste her.

As I approached her pubic hair…..I reached out for my glass and poured the rest of my wine on her hot pussy. I then proceeded to slowly lick it off…….it tasted so good and sweet! She arched backwards on the sofa and spread her legs wide open for me to have full access. I took her clit in my mouth and sucked on it repeatedly….as my fingers entered her wet, swollen pussy. Her hips were gyrating back and forth and she was so overwhelmed with excitement that she let out a scream!! As I kept sucking and licking her hard clit, I could tell that at any moment, she would explode!! I kept licking and sucking harder and faster, while she was pulling on my hair…..suddenly, like a flash of lightning, she let out a big scream and shouted….”I’m Cumming…I’m Cumming”!!!

As the juice started dripping from her pussy, I brought my mouth right down to it….and tasted as much of her as I possibly could. To my surprise….she tasted even better than the fine wine we just had…..at this point, she was shaking and trembling with excitement, while uttering these words..”Tu est le meilleur Professeur” (You are the best Teacher!)

I was proud of her…she was the best Student!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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