Every Dog Has Its Day

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Ian Wells sighed as the crowd around him danced, laughed and talked; it was nothing new for him to feel isolated at this type of social function. For as long as he could remember he had been an outcast, infants school hadn’t been too bad, junior school had been upsetting, but high school had been hell from the word go and all because he had a disfiguring birthmark on his face. Ian had hoped that things might change when he went to university, if anything they got worse, even some of the tutors had joined in the gibes at his expense, yet he had got his degrees, with honours, despite all the ridicule at his looks. At twenty-two he was well educated, moderately wealthy and a virgin. This particular function was a reunion of his university class, it was obvious why he’d been invited, as free entertainment, but he was not going to give them the satisfaction of seeing how much their gibes and jokes hurt him. No way!

“Hey Ian,” a voice said behind him, “how’s the face?”

Turning Ian found himself facing Alan Gardner, one of his worst tormentors from the ‘old’ days.

“Still red.” Ian replied while forcing himself to smile.

Ian noticed the beautiful woman hanging on Alan’s arm, she certainly was a stunner, but he knew that he would stand no chance of even getting a dance with her. Alan started to tell his companion about Ian, waffling on and laughing at his own witticisms making Ian wince with embarrassment and annoyance. Then, to the surprise of both Alan and himself, the woman smiled at Ian and asked him to dance, dumbfounded Ian led the way out onto the dance floor and took her in his arms to dance to the slow music.

“I’m Candice by the way.” the woman smiled.

“I guess you already know my name is Ian.” he replied.

“Um,” Candice responded, “by the way, I’m sorry about Alan and his, well, you know…”

“Only too well.” Ian replied bitterly, “It’s not your fault, this face of mine has….”

He fell silent, surprised that he had been about to tell this woman all his woes, something about her seemed to make him trust her.

“Why have you never had treatment for it,” she spoke into his silence, “plastic surgery or something.”

“I did try it once,” he confessed, “the surgeons tried a test patch, it didn’t take.”

“How about the new treatment then,” she smiled, “I hear it’s extremely good, practically no failures.”

“What new treatment?” Ian asked.

He was surprised when Candice told him about a new form of laser treatment, it was not cheap, but it seemed to work, yet he had not heard of it. Candice was a mine of information on the subject giving him the details of where to contact for the treatment.

“I’m sure they can help you.” she finished, “In the meantime how would you like to get back at Alan?”

“How?” Ian istanbul escort asked.

“Easy,” she grinned, “I could dump the arrogant bastard and spend the evening with you. That would drive him potty.”

Ian couldn’t believe her words, she was offering to dump the handsome Alan in favour of himself, not exactly a fair deal on her, but the thought of Alan’s face when she did the deed was too tempting to resist. He agreed and Candice immediately led them over to Alan to break the news to him.

“What!” Alan exclaimed when she’d told him, “You can’t be serious.”

“I’m perfectly serious.” she grinned, “See you around.”

Linking her arm in Ian’s Candice walked away from the shocked and belittled Alan, belittled because he had been with a large group of people at the time Candice had dumped him, they’d all heard and seen his embarrassment. Much to Ian’s surprise Candice seemed perfectly content to spend the rest of the evening with him, it was almost as though she didn’t notice his disfigurement.

Later that evening Candice cuddled close to him on the dance floor, her head resting on his shoulder as they drifted to the slow, dreamy music. For Ian it made the evening perfect, but he soon discovered that the best was yet to come for as the record ended Candice turned her head and brushed her lips lightly against his. The contact, brief and light as it was, sent a thrill through him out of all proportion to the event; it was his first kiss.

“Would you take me home?” Candice whispered.

“What?” Ian gasped in surprise, “I mean, of course, if that’s what you want.”

“I do.” she sighed.

Ian let her lead the way off the dance floor, following her to the cloakroom where she reclaimed her coat and then out to the car park. Taking the lead Ian guided her to his car, opened the door for her and closed it behind her before taking his place behind the wheel. As he started the engine Candice told gave him directions to her home and as he drove she chatted gaily about everything and nothing.

“Coming in for a drink?” she asked as they pulled up outside her home ten minutes later.

Ian accepted the unexpected offer and followed her into the house. Candice pointed him in the direction of the living room while she went off to change into something more comfortable; her parting words were for him to pour them a drink. The living room was an average size, but was laid out in such a way as to make it seem larger than it actually was, Ian quickly found and poured the drinks then sat on the sofa to gather his thoughts. Being honest with himself Ian was more than a little confused by the recent events, he began to fear that this was all part of some joke at his expense, that at any moment Alan would spring out and ridicule him as kabataş escort had happened so many times in the past. Candice returned, took her drink and joined him on the sofa; she had changed into a long flowing kimono that did little to conceal her luscious curves.

“Cheers.” she smiled raising her glass.

“Cheers.” Ian responded doubtfully.

They sat in silence for a few minutes, sipping their drinks while Ian grew more concerned that it was all a joke at his expense, though he hoped it wasn’t because so far the evening had been very pleasant.

“Penny for them.” Candice interrupted his dark thoughts.

“Pardon?” he responded in surprise.

“Penny for your thoughts.” she smiled, “They must be unpleasant by the way you’re frowning.”

Ian wasn’t quite sure how to explain his fear, after all if he was wrong she would be annoyed with him. However, he never had a chance to explain, while he was still pondering the problem Candice put down her glass, leant over and kissed him full on the lips. Ian was surprised at her action and at first stiffened, but as she drew out the kiss he relaxed and enjoyed the moment, enjoyed and became excited. He was tempted to put his arms around her, to feel her body pressed against his, but he was afraid that this might offend her.

“I don’t bite.” she whispered parting their lips a while later.

Confused Ian looked at her wondering what he should do, what she was expecting. Again he felt her lips meet his, his mind was a turmoil of excitement and bewilderment as she pressed herself to him, her breast pressing against his ribs. Hesitantly he enclosed her in his arms and returned her kiss, when she made no protest Ian became more daring and let his hands slide up and down the silky material of her kimono, feeling the warmth of her body through the material. His hand traced the outline of one of her breasts, and then he cupped it, feeling her pliant flesh give beneath his fingers, her nipple press into his palm. At his touch Candice sighed and pressed her breast into his hand, thus encouraged Ian gently squeezed her then traced her nipple with his fingers, he felt her hand slide slowly down his chest, tugging and pressing at him, but he was so rapt up in the feel of her breast that he paid her movements no mind. Her hand dropped to his lap as her took her nipple in thumb and forefinger and gently squeezed it; he felt her press against the fast growing bulge in his trousers than rub her hand up and down on it. Suddenly she sat up, Ian at first thought that she was going to scold him for his boldness, instead she stood up and held her hands out to him. Ian rose and took her hands in his, it was only as he stood that he noticed that his shirt was flapping open and his trousers were sliding down his legs, kadıköy escort her hands had been busy indeed while they had kissed. Releasing his hands Candice shrugged off her kimono to reveal that she had been naked under it, Ian stared open mouthed at her, his eyes drinking in the sight of her body, the swell of her breasts, the untidy ‘V’ of her pubic hair and then she was pressing against him, her hands pushing and pulling at his clothing until he was as naked as she was.

Ian was lost in a world of sensation, Candice was pressing her body to his, her nipples hard against his skin, her hands guiding his to various points of her body, teaching him and exciting him at one and the same time. He felt her guide one of his hands to her breast, the other she guided to her pussy, then her hands were moving on him as he savoured the feel of her naked breast and the warm moistness of her pussy. As his fingers probed into her tube Candice enclosed his cock in one hand and slowly rubbed up and down its length sending shivers of delight coursing through his body. Ian could feel her pussy tightening around his fingers as he slid them in and out, his thumb pressing and rubbing her clitoris, then she shuddered and gasped and he knew she had climaxed.

Candice was pushing at him, after a moment Ian realised that she was trying to get him to lie on the floor. Laying down he gasped as she straddled him and in one thrust engulfed his cock in her pussy, he gasped at the pleasure she was giving him as she started to slide up and down his shaft. Gradually Candice’s movements became faster, Ian moved in time with her, thrusting and twisting his cock within her, savouring every moment, every gasp, every squeeze of her pussy on his flesh until with a gasp and a groan Ian felt a warm rush along the length of his cock and then a burst of pleasure as his seed erupted inside her. At the first sign of his climax Candice had thrust down on him, her pussy muscles gripping and milking his flesh and as his seed was released she cried out and shook into another orgasm. For a while after his climax Ian continued to move his cock in and out of her pussy feeling the after thrills of pleasure as he did so, then his cock began to shrink and with a wet ‘plop’ fell from her.

“That was wonderful.” Candice sighed laying her head on his shoulder.

Ian smiled at her words, happy to no longer be a virgin and even more happy that Candice had praised his performance. To his disappointment Candice stood up, her hand reaching down to him in invitation to join her. Taking her hand Ian rose and looked at her.

“Thank you.” he said softly.

“Silly.” she laughed and kissed him lightly on the lips.

He had thought that she would now ask him to go; instead he felt her tugging at his hand indicating that he should follow her. Like a child Ian let her lead him out of the living room, up the stairs and into a bedroom that was obviously hers. As he lay on the bed beside her Candice ran her hands over his skin.

“The night’s still young.” she whispered lowering her mouth to his now semi-erect cock.

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