Eva Likes the Supermarket Staff Ch. 02

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Six months had passed since Eva first saw her Safeview dream, Jonathon.

They had spent that time in a loving relationship that often included one of his co-workers, Becky, who also was in a relationship with Eva.

Unfortunately for both women, Jonathon had left for a new job in another state.

Eva and Becky couldn’t convince him for one last three way, and he left them unsatisfied.

Time passed and soon Becky had her eyes on Raul, a new bagger who was tall and muscular, and had a nice ass, which she often starred at in his tight work pants.

Becky continued living with Eva, and they were still girlfriends who sometimes stayed inside to entertain themselves.

Last time Eva made the plans with Jonathon, this time it was different, and Becky talked about it over dinner at their home.

“Eva, oh my, have you seen this new bagger? Raul? He’s hot!” Becky said.

“Beck, are you kidding me? I’m getting wet talking about him,” Eva said with a giggle.

“Yeah! I want to get him for us!”

“Go for it. I’d love to suck Raul’s dick,” Eva said. “Me too, but I’m going to taste him first,” Becky said laughing.

They continued their conversation over wine sitting outside on the porch.

In a few days, Becky put their plan into action. She walked up to Raul in the break room, and brushed her breasts against him passing by him to clock out.

He turned around, and finally saw Becky in a new light. She was a petite redhead with long hair, a great little body, sweet ass and small boobs. She had the body Raul liked the best and he planned on asking her out.

Becky was giddy with delight, as she liked Raul on first sight. He has a rock hard body, which he showed off with his slim black pants, his tight white shirt with sleeves rolled up. She liked his dark features, and wanted to be close to him.

“You smell great, what is it that you are wearing?” he said.

Becky blushed. ” It’s a special French antiperspirant that is hard to get around here. It’s so kind of you to ask.”

“You really are beautiful Becky. I guess I haven’t noticed. Would you like to hang out sometime?” Raul asked.

Becky had butterflies in her stomach, she was so flummoxed. She really liked Raul and managed to say yes. She gave him her number and left the room.

When Raul was back on the floor, he walked by Becky and told her he clocked her back in. She smiled and Raul winked back.

Eva was in the store that day and she walked over to her best friend.

Becky saw Eva, smiled and started to cry.

Eva touched Becky’s shoulder, and asked what was wrong?

“Just my emotions are all tied up. He’s right over there.”

Eva looked and said, “Damn that boy is red hot!”

“He’s 21, and started here recently. He wants to hang out! Should I bring him to us first?”

Eva thought about it, and said, “Sweetie, you are a strong woman, and you can handle that man. When you casino şirketleri are ready, bring him to me.”

Before leaving, she gave Becky a hug and kiss on her cheek, then checked out with another bagger working there. She wanted to keep a little surprise for Raul.

Two days later Raul walked up to Becky at the grocery store, and asked if she was free the next night. He said he had something planned and they could have dinner and drinks later. She wrote her address in a slip of paper and gave it to Raul, and then he walked away with good feelings coming his way.

Later that night Eva brought Becky to her Country Club for a spa evening. They talked while in mud baths.

“Raul is going to be one fine piece to fool around with. He looks like he’s really strong,” Eva said.

Later in the hot tub, Becky curled up to Eva and kissed her.

“Life has been hard on me, but you make it all better,” Becky said.

“I love you little sweetness. It’s too bad Jonathon had to go. That man was all man. Have fun with Raul, and we’ll take it as it comes.”

The day of their date, Raul picked Beth up at her home and said he wanted to take her to the drive-in theater for a casual dinner and watching the latest horror film.

“That’s sounds fun. I like scary movies,” Becky said.

Raul parked his pick up truck, got some hot dogs, drinks, nachos and cheese and popcorn at the concession stand. He walked back and set the box on the front dash. Becky grabbed a hot dog and orange drink, and talked with Raul during the concession stand commercial.

Raul asked Becky to talk about her family, any past jobs she had, and then grabbed the popcorn bucket.

Suddenly the film took a excited turn, causing Becky to flip the bucket up and spilling some on her lap.

She scooted over on the bench seat to get closer to Raul. “I thought you liked scary movies?” He said with a smile.

“I do, I do, it scares me right to my soul,” she said. Raul reached around her to grab some popcorn and left his arm there.

Becky leapt into Raul’s arms a few more times during the film. Having finished the nachos, they drove out of the theater with Becky still seating as close as she could to him.

“How would you like go swimming?” He asked.

“Yeah that sounds fun,” she said. “What about swimsuits? I don’t have one?”

“Don’t worry. We will find some.”

A little worried what was being planned, Becky was relieved to think she felt good with Raul.

They pulled up to the aquatic center at a nearby college.

“I used to swim here, and know a way to sneak in,” he said as he parked the truck. Raul got out and assisted Becky out, then grabbed her hand as they walked through a few hedges and were in front of a window. Raul tipped it open and fell down the 10-foot drop. He caught Becky when she entered, and walked with her to the front desk. He grabbed some trunks, and picked out a sexy body swimsuit casino firmaları for his date. He said it would be safer changing in one locker room, and they entered the men’s. Becky changed into her suit around the corner from Raul. The suit was tight on Becky, she had to breathe in to get it on. She walked over to Raul who was putting on his trunks. She got a glimpse of his hot ass and her mouth watered with desire. They walked into the pool area, which was dark, and walked in the shallow end.

Raul started to swim and looked back to see Becky tying her hair up in a bun, then dove into the pool and quickly caught up and passed him by. They swam for five minutes before Becky got closer to Raul and said she loved swimming. He looked up to watch her petite body go by. Raul admitted her ass when she swam past, the material in back having disappeared in between her cheeks.

When they were done, Raul guarded the shower in case and security guard showed up an allowed Becky to shower first. She came out wrapped in a towel and another over her hair, smiled at Raul and said she would change while he showered.

Becky put her white mini dress over her bra and panties, and waited for Raul.

He came out and Becky met him, got up to her toes, looked up and kissed him. He grabbed her around the waist and brought her lips closer to his. He slipped his tongue in her mouth and she flipped out with excitement, kissing him more enthusiastic.

She got in a squat position, yanked his towel off and gave him blow job. He was big, and Becky could only get a little inside of his cock head in her mouth. She licked the underside of his cock with her tongue, and used her hands to help jack him off. Raul grunted a few times and let go with a huge blast of cum landing in her mouth.

He picked her up and kissed her, then got dressed and they walked out a side door. “This has been the most fun I’ve had,” Becky said.

“Why don’t we go back to my place?” Raul said as he picked Becky up and placed her inside the truck’s cab. She sat next to him as he drove off. He put his right hand on her left thigh.

At Raul’s apartment, two of his brothers were there playing computer games. He introduced them to Becky and then they went to his room. When he shut the door she jumped on him, wrapping her arms around his neck, kissing his lips and neck. He kissed her back, unzipped her dress and stepped to his bed, dropping her on his bed.

Taking off his clothes, he laid on the bed and took his underwear off. Becky climbed on top of him, kissing and rubbing her self on his body. He reached around her and removed her panties, feeling how she was very wet. She placed her pussy on the head of Raul’s cock and she slid down. Rocking back and forth, Raul held onto her ass with one hand and played with her tits with his other hand.

Moving wildly and moaning, Becky kept eye contact with Raul, and soon she had an orgasm which spilled out of her güvenilir casino pussy, dripped on Raul’s balls, and created extra lube for Raul’s cock. Becky kept moving on and riding Raul’s big cock like a piston. Raul and he held back until his balls forced out large spurts of cum, filling Becky’s pussy. Becky felt weak and passed out on Raul’s chest. He stoked her hair, massaged her back a little and patted her little ass for 30 seconds.

She yawned and woke up, asked how long she was out for? “Just a couple minutes,” Raul said.

They dressed and left to go to a bar for a couple beers. They played a round of darts, with Becky winning. Raul was secretly annoyed, but hugged Becky and told her he would get her next time.

Then he drove Becky home and went back to the bar to meet with some of his friends.

Becky talked with Eva about her night with Raul over a bottle of wine.

“We had a great time. He took me to a drive in. It’s not my favorite, but I get jumpy at scary films and we started getting close there. Then he brought me to Lakeside College, and we climbed through a window opening and swam in the pool. He found swimsuits for us. I love swimming. He got a thank you BJ there, then I fucked him hard at his place and passed out. We had some beers at a bar. I beat him at darts. He’s a great guy!” Becky said. “Oh, and I let him cum in my pussy, haha!”

“You are a dirty girl, aren’t you?” Eva said laughing.

“Yeah, I guess I am. You know I’m on the pill, don’t you?” she asked.

“Of course, my little girl, but you didn’t tell him, so he doesn’t know. You will always be my sweetie.”

“Want a preview of what Raul tastes like?” Becky said with an evil grin.

“Now you are a filthy girl. Get up on the table and spread em,” Eva said.

Becky removed her panties which were wet and smelled of cum and her orgasm.

“You need a bath,” Eva said with a giggle. You smell so dirty, but you taste so divine,” said Eva, who stuck two of her fingers inside Becky’s pussy and brought them to her mouth. She then kissed Becky, and pushed her back on the table. Eva stuck her tongue out and licked Raul’s cum off her plump outer labia.

Eva looked up and said, “Baby girl, that Raul has some tasty cum!” She spread Becky’s pussy open and tongued her way inside. She pressed her tongue up and found Becky’s G-spot, and was playing with Becky’s clit with her thumb. Soon she had Becky writhing on the table, arched her back and was breathing heavy and soon screamed as she came, squirting out her orgasm onto Eva’s face.

Eva leaned over and kissed Becky hard.

“You are so delicious darling. I’m sure Raul thought so, too,” she said.

“Oh gosh, Eva, I love you,” Becky said as she leaned in to press her breasts against Eva’s chest.

They got up and walked to Eva’s bathroom, got undressed and relaxed in a bath scented with Lancôme La Vie est Belle Relaxing Fragrance Bath Oil, Eva’s favorite.

They cuddled up cuddled and Eva used a washcloth to clean Becky’s pussy, ass and the rest of her tight body.

“You’ve had a long day, Becky, please rest in my arms. I love you, too, my sweet baby,” Eva said in a soothing voice.

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