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“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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“I don’t mind that most people think I’m really obese,” she murmured to me as she started to slide out of her muumuu. “But I want you to know the truth. I want you to know the real me. I hope you don’t mind my little deception.” She was grinning mischievously as she slid the muumuu over her head.

I had met her earlier in the evening at a bar. She was with some friends of mine. She had just moved to town and they were showing her some of the night spots.

‘Chuckles’ is a great little bar not too far from my apartment. And the bar tenders are all really stacked! Which I, for one, appreciate! Watching them bend down to get a glass or shaking a martini is a cheap thrill. And if I spend more time than I should dreaming about what could happen, well, there are worse ways to spend an evening.

I found out early that everyone of them is either married or in a committed relationship. Didn’t matter too much to me. They were still eye candy. And they didn’t mind the patron’s leers. Though they were known for having anyone who was too persistent tossed out on their ass.

But I was a regular and I limited the flirting to a minimum.

So I was enjoying a Guinness when my friends showed up. I noticed her at once. She was a real cutie! Blonde hair pulled into a pair of pigtails. Minimal make up that made her look fresh off the farm. The biggest set of blue eyes you could ever find and a pair of lips with a natural Cupid’s bow that just made me melt. But then it all fell apart.

From the shoulders down she was encased in a tent sized muumuu! And not for nothing, either. She was what generous folks would call “a big girl”. She was almost my height, about 5’10” to my 6’2″, in those sensible two inch heels she could almost look me in the eye.

So I was polite, but not really interested. We spoke to each other as the bar grew more and more crowded. We actually had a lot in common. And some things not. She was a Green Bay fan while I was a die-hard Eagles fan. So there was that to kid each other about. She was remarkably knowledgable about football for a girl. I know, I can’t help it. I’m a little sexist that way.

So the evening passed. I occasionally ogled a fetching cleavage behind the bar. And in passing, I noticed a few nicely presented pairs among the patrons as well. Once I caught Ernestina smothering a smile when she saw my tongue hanging out as an impressive pair of Triple D’s bounced by in a tight, low-cut sweater.

A little later Allison, one of the bartenders, motioned me to join her at the end of the bar.

“You should get to know that new girl,” she told me. “We chatted in the Ladies Room. She told me that she likes you and I think you would like her too, if you got to know her better.”

Allison was the queen bee bartender. She was the best looking. best built bartender at Chuckles. She had never, ever, said anything like that to me before. I looked at her with questions trembling on my lips.

“Just take my word for it,” she confirmed with a nod and a wink. “You should really get to know her. Better.”

“Sure, okay, thanks, Allison.” I responded.

As it turned out I almost had no option than to get to know her better. It turned out that she lived in the same apartment building I did! A few floors lower than my apartment, but still… Coincidence? Perhaps not. Perhaps it was fate!

Anyway, about an hour later she announced that she had to get to bed and as she was saying her goodbyes she asked me to walk her home. “Just to feel safe,” she said.

It wasn’t that far to walk and I was about ready to call it a night anyway so I agreed and we struck out into the warm night. I caught a glimpse of Allison giving me a thumbs-up as we left.

We strolled toward out mutual destination. As we went Ernestina clutched herself to my arm. And once I put my arm around her to help her over a rough patch in the side walk but then she went back to holding my arm.

When we got there she invited me in for a night cap. I figured, what the hell, Allison had been direct. I was to get to know Ernestina better. So I agreed and I had settled on the couch while she grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge. Not Guinness, but not some horrid ‘lite’ beer either.

It was as we were half way done that she turned to me.

“I don’t mind that most people think I’m really obese,” she murmured to me as she started to slide out of her muumuu. “But I want you to know the truth. I want you to know the real me. I hope you don’t mind my little deception.” She was grinning mischievously as she slid the muumuu over her head.

“I saw the way you were looking at some of the girls at the bar. Do you think I would catch your attention if I dressed like that?” she asked as the muumuu fell to her lap.

To paraphrase Clement Clarke Moore, what to my wondering eyes should appear but a gigantic bra that was elmadağ escort barely containing two even more gigantic breasts! Ernestina was carrying more boob than any two or three of the bartenders at Chuckles! I mean, it wasn’t even close! I’d never seen, never imagined, any woman could carry chest ornaments of her capacity! Let alone do it without giving it away! My GOD, she was big!

Ernestina was watching my reaction as I slowly started to come to grips with what I was staring at.

“I know you like big tits,” she announced. “Allison and I spoke in the ladies room. I asked her about you. She told me you were a great guy, that you liked well built women. She just said you were a little shy. So I decided to take things into my own hands. So to speak.” As she spoke she slid her hands under that overburdened bra and lifted up. It took some effort but she managed to push the upper slopes of her tits to be even with her shoulders.

“I may not show them off, but I am proud of these glorious globes,” she bragged. “Now watch this!”

Then she did something I’d never seen but had always wanted to watch!

With a proud smirk she DROVE her face down and between her immensities! Shaking her head side to side she motor-boated her pontoons for my enjoyment! All I could see was the top of her head! Her entire face was mashed between those twin monuments of excessive breastage!

Her pigtails flailed in the air as she shook her head left and right.

Those amazingly large ovoids shook and bobbled as she kept motor-boating herself. Bigger tits than I had ever hoped to see were quivering in front of me while I stared in wonder!

I was so hard it hurt. Just as Ernestina was coming up for air I adjusted my dick to a less painful position.

“Oh, good,” she gushed, “you’re ready to go! I like getting my men excited! And you look about as excited as any man I’ve ever met!” She had a huge grin on her face as she reached out to run both her hands over my big, bulging stiffie.

“So do you like big tits?” she asked with a smirk while jutting her chest out toward me. “I know mine are really, really big. I’ve never met anyone who has tits bigger than these! Not even Allison has anything like these big fat beauties!” she bragged. “Do you want to play with my boobies? Do you want to suck and lick and fondle my giant sized titties? I hope so! I love having my tits played with! Are you ready”? “Damn right, Ernestina!” I groaned as she kept up her ministrations to my dick.

“Oh, please, call me Tina,” she begged me. “Or Ernie, if you prefer. I hate Ernestina! I think it’s an ugly name. And it certainly doesn’t do all this any justice!” She arched her back toward me, allowing her vastly oversized breasts to completely overwhelm my senses. I’d never seen anything like her. Not even in my dreams! What size! What sweep! What projection! She was sitting so far away from me and yet her boobs were right in my lap. And my face! That muumuu had to have some magical properties to have hidden her figure from view.

Without thought I dove forward and repeated what she had just done. I motor-boated those Brobdingnagian uber-boobs! Back and forth, back and forth I shook my head. Striving to drive deeper and deeper into her endless cleavage! Vaguely I could hear her giggle and laugh as I worked my way further between her hooters. It was amazing! I couldn’t get enough!

My hands came up to push her titties against my head. Her hands were already hard at work trying to press herself even tighter around me!

Only the prospect of passing out from a lack of air forced me to pull out from between her massive breasts! I was gasping for air and Tina was laughing and giggling at me while I tried to catch my breath.

“That was fun,” she told me. “Now watch this.”

Slowly she swung her shoulders from side to side. Her boobs reacted by quivering heavily, they were restrained by her bra but they wobbled and shook as she swiveled her shoulders faster and faster. I thought that the bra might collapse from the movement of her massive tits but it held itself together despite her bouncing, bounding boobies best efforts to free themselves.

Smiling broadly Tina was chuckling as she watched me stare at her. She slowed and then, with both arms, stopped the shimmy and shaking of her giant boobs. She pressed both hands strongly against her breasts, causing them to flatten out and bulge to the sides, top and bottom. Handfuls of flesh were pushed out from underneath her bra in all directions.

“I can tell you love my titties, don’t you?” she challanged me. “I’m glad! Guys that are crazy for my big boobs are my favorite. I love to tease them and flaunt myself in front of them while they drool! Just like you are doing now!”

“But it’s time to move on.” she declared.

“Here, darling, why don’t you do the honors?” she asked, turning her back to me.

There, spanning her back was a wide stretch of fabric joined in the middle by six esenyurt escort hooks. Even so, as wide as it was, I didn’t see how it could support those leviathan boobs.

I reached out and grabbed each side of the back. It took all my strength just to squeeze them together so that I could unhook those six hook and eyes one at a time. But I did it!

Tina turned around and, smiling broadly at me, stood up.

“Are you ready, honey? Are you prepared? I hope so! Cause here I go!”

She leaned forward just enough that the shoulder straps fell down her arms to catch at her elbows. Smiling down proudly at me she crossed her arms in front of her. Pushing her arms together, she forced massive amounts of tit flesh to bulge excitingly above the bra cups. Her hands caught the underwire on each side and she began to slowly, ever so slowly, pull the bottoms of those incredible bra cups up the under slopes of her breasts. More and more under boob was being exposed as she kept pulling her hands up.

I stared in amazement as she continued to pull. She was exposing more and more of the largest set of tits I had ever hoped to see.

All at once she reached the point of no return! With little warning her boobs surged free from their restraints. Both of her megalithic mammaries bounced free, exposed at last to my eager gaze! And what a sight it was!

Humongously large as they were I had expected that they would avalanche down her torso to cover her stomach, hips and pussy. I thought they were going to reach her upper thighs!

But I had not realized how firm they were! There they were, quivering in front of me! Her nipples, rock hard with her excitement at teasing me, were well over a foot from her chest. The breasts that they crowned hung proudly in front of her. They were much wider than her shoulders, now that they were not constrained by her clothes. The bottom curves were just lower than her navel which I could still see between her lower breasts. The volume was just amazing! Each was easily the size of a child’s beach ball!

They hung from high up on her chest. They swept out proudly, crested at the point where her nipples pointed proudly up and outward! Just her breathing was causing those enormous mounds to quiver gently.

As I stared she shook her shoulders to put them into motion. I was thunderstruck as I watched her magnificent titties shake and shiver in response to the small movements she made.

As Tina took a small step toward me I reached up reverently and pressed my self back between her boobs. This time, from the bottom! I could feel my shoulders become covered by her glorious largeness. My head was almost entirely enclosed by her tits. I would have died happily right there! Her fingers were running through my hair and she was cooing in delight as I paid homage to this breast goddess.

She pulled me closer and closer to her. Deeper and deeper I was drawn between her mounds. The air was scented with her perfume and my cheeks were being warmed by these massive breasts.

I finally extricated my self from her and leaned back on the sofa to take in the view. It, she, was amazing! So sexy, so stacked. So pretty too I realized as she spoke again.

“I love having my breasts played with. I like all the attention I get when I show off. But I don’t like to do it too much because getting hit on by every Tom, Dick and Harry that thinks he’s God’s Gift to Women, well, it gets boring after a while, you know.”

She pulled strongly on her nipples, bring them to even larger prominence.

“But when i meet a nice guy. A guy that is polite and considerate, if I think he would enjoy some time with a woman like me,” she gestured to her enormous tits that swung gently in front of her. “Well, I like having attention paid to my amazing tits too, you know!”

She had been fondling herself while she spoke. Now I joined in to run my hands over her vast breasts. They were so, SO big! Vastly large, firm and smooth. They were the most amazing tits I had ever seen! I’d never had the chance to play with boobs anywhere this size! Not even close. The girls at ‘Chuckles’ were much smaller than Tina. Much, much smaller! I felt her up with both hands. I roamed over the massive acreage that was gently swaying in front of me. I palmed her tits, her nipples centered in my palms as I worked.

She groaned with lust as I pulled and twisted her nipples that were hanging so proudly in front of me. I used both hands to squeeze and fondle one and then the other of her beyond immense tits. I struggled to lift them up so I could suck heavily at her erect nipples.

“I’ve never seen anything like these, Tina”, I told her in all honesty. “So big, so firm! I love big tits and I’ve never even imagined anyone having tits like these! You are a Goddess, a Breast Goddess. I’m unworthy of worship at your breasts. But I’ll do everything I can to earn the honor!” I was pouring it on pretty thick but I could see that she was loving every etiler anal yapan escort word of it.

For the next few minutes I played with her to my hearts content. I had her lean over and I pushed those amazing tit bags from side to side. Making them swing heavily from side to side below her. She was sighing and gasping with pleasure as I worked over her breasts with my hands, lips and tongue.

Again and again I pulled and sucked on her nipples. I pressed her tits against my face and mouth, I moaned in excitement as I fondled the most amazing set of tits I had ever dreamed of.

I had her stand up so I could press her fun bags against her rib cage. They flattened out a little bit. But they always bounced back to their original, amazing shape. Stepping behind her I watched over her shoulder as I continued to manipulate her tits with both hands.

But eventually Tina pulled me away from her chest. She was panting. I could see that there were tears in her eyes as she caught her breath. I thought that she might have come close to having an orgasm as I was playing with her immense boobs.

“It’s my turn now, darling,” she told me. “I want to see you naked. I like to undress my men, so you just lie there and let me do all the work!”

But first we had some other things to do. As I sat there she leaned over me and, while grinding her boobs against my body she laid a scorching hot kiss on my lips. Her tongue took my mouth hostage as she delved deep into me. Licking my lips with her tongue, she quickly brought me to a fever boil.

With out taking her mouth off me she managed to unbuckle and unsnap my pants. Wriggling against me, letting me feel how big and firm her tits were she pulled my pants off and tossed them away. My underpants quickly followed and her belly caressed my heavily leaking prong while her incredible boobs were mashed all over my torso. I could feel her rock hard nipples trace patterns over me while she spent some time nipping at my nipples and licking my neck.

She drew back then, allowing my cock to drag thru her cleavage before snapping free to quiver, fully erect, in front of her.

“Oh, I love it,” she gushed. “It’s just so pretty! And so hard,” she continued, admiring it as she grabbed it with both hands. And there was room for both hands! I had never seen myself so hard, or so long! I was more aroused than I had ever been in the past. Tina was getting more from me than I had been able to provide to anyone else.

“So pretty,” she repeated. Pulling my dick to her she planted a light kiss on the head of my cock. Her tongue flashed out to run around the head and lick up all the precum that I had been leaking. She hummed in her throat as she pulled it all in. Savoring it all, she swallowed a couple of times to taste it all.

Tina proceeded to give a masterful demonstration of cock sucking! Every inch of my hard on was treated to the feel of her lips and tongue. She took the time to slowly swallow all of me down her throat. She apparently was a deep throat savant, as she took all of me, repeatedly until I was on the verge of an epic explosion. That was when she decided to back off and show me what a master of tease she was.

Her blue eyes flashed and danced as she worked. She licked and teased me with her tongue. She licked my balls. She slapped my rock hard dick against her nipples and boobs. She whacked my hard on against her lips and cheeks. She trapped me between her titties and gave me wonderful tittie fuck until I was again on the verge. I was quivering and shaking with desire as she stroked my cock.

“Are you ready? Can you cum now, lover?” she asked. As if she had no idea.

“Uh, yeah, I think so,” I responded sarcastically. ??”Oh, goodie!” Her grip became firm and she energetically jacked me off!

Within a dozen strokes I was blowing a load larger than anything I had ever experienced! Five, six, seven, eight times I ejaculated under her expert ministrations. Spunk was flying every where while she laughed and smiled at me. Ropes of cum landed on her hair, on her face and all over those immense breasts! As I started to relax back against the sofa cushions Tina shoved my softening dick against her nipple. First the left side and then the right she pushed me deep into her voluminous breast flesh. It felt so good! ?Before I knew it I was back at full strength!

“Mmmmhhhhm,” she smiled. “I like a man with stamina!” She slithered back up, letting me feel those boobs as they caressed my body. In seconds she was straddling me, pushing her giant tits into my face.

As I sucked and licked her titties she grabbed my erection and fed it into her dripping cunt. I had nothing to do but worship the largest, most amazing boobs in the world while the sexiest woman I had ever known rode me like a dime store horsy. Back and forth she went. Up and down, side to side, she shifted her weight. Up and down, side to side, those beyond immense breasts heaved and shivered. Although they were moving thru large motions they were so big that they were never in danger of being removed from my sucking mouth. I pulled her nipples to extreme erection, licked her excited nubs and, using both hands, mashed her tits against each other and my face. I worked those tits over as hard as I could! She loved every thing I did!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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