Ellen’s Secret Life Ch. 02

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Ellen and I had ratcheted up the intensity of our relationship once we had both come clean about our sexual natures. You see, we were a perfect fit – she was a slut and I adored her for it. But there was more than a simple co-dependency at work here. Our mutual revelation had brought a welcome honesty to other levels of our relationship as well. When not engaged in the throes of impassioned lovemaking we were talking constantly, sharing the details of our lives openly and with complete candor. What can I say? We were in love and life was good and about to become even better.

Ellen asked me endless questions about my sexual history and enjoyment of other men servicing my women. She was particularly keen to learn more about the arrangement my ex-wife Kiki and I had had with Jim, her big-cocked lover from before our marriage. Jim had continued as her lover after our marriage and the three of us had developed a very close, if non-standard arrangement of friendship with fantastic benefits. It was not uncommon for Jim to pop over after work and the three of us relax with drinks and a casual dinner. At some point Jim and Kiki would inevitably find their way to the bedroom and he would service her as only he could. Needless to say we kept several extra sets of sheets on hand. On occasion the two of them would enjoy an evening to themselves while I made myself scarce. Jim and I also enjoyed hanging out together from time to time and I even met several of his girlfriends. I thought it rather charming that Kiki seemed possessive of him and his cock, her reaction on occasion bordering on jealousy.

It was all-good, although Ellen couldn’t really get her mind around the fact that Jim was regularly in our lives nor could she fully understand that I both loved to watch and occasionally participate. Even with our new openness, she obviously still considered infidelity to be inherently shameful. Her flings had always been one-night stands, the men being disposable pleasures. While it was clear that she would take other men to her bed, the why’s and wherefore’s of how this was to be undertaken was not at all clear. I resolved to set matters in motion.

The idea came to me that weekend at her Catholic school reunion. Ellen enjoyed herself immensely and being something of a flirt, enjoyed the attention that her fetching schoolgirl outfit received from the other men in attendance. That Saturday evening at the hotel our sex play revolved around her outfit that she had purchased at a costume shop. Though quite the genuine schoolgirl attire, the fullness of her breasts straining the fabric of the cotton blouse clearly showed that the wearer was a full-grown woman. The contrast of innocence and sexuality made for great sex that evening. And it gave me an idea.

We were somewhat struggling with finding a good way to proceed in finding another lover and also somewhat at cross-purposes. She could of course simply show up at a bar as she had done with Rick, the man she had seduced while I was on my business trip. But I think for her the thrill of engaging in clandestine sex would somehow be lacking if I knew beforehand. For us to make things work we would have to do this etiler otele gelen escort as a couple. I thought I had the answer. The trick was to find a man for her who was attractive, highly skilled in bed, discreet, and most importantly knew his place. I had just the guy. His name was Joey. He had been skillfully serviced a previous girlfriend so I knew his qualities. He had unmatched stamina and a large, thick cock with a G-spot pleasing upward curve that my girlfriend had enjoyed immensely. Better still, he had a girlfriend himself and had been in a ‘committed’ relationship with her for several years, save for his occasional playtime with couples. He was in that sense ‘safe’ and that was important for me as I wanted Ellen to be taken bareback. And he knew when to leave – also important. I contacted him and he quickly agreed.

Ellen was obviously both terribly excited and equally anxious about the arrangement I was attempting to fashion. I had to continue to answer endless questions about my sexual history. I answered patiently and honestly her every question. She could not get her mind wrapped around my enjoyment of sharing my women with other men, especially my watching. She was especially questioning of my relationship with Kiki, my ex-wife. We had maintained occasional contact with each other though it was totally platonic. I had long since lost contact with her lover Jim though I knew that it was unlikely that he was still in her life, or her pussy, as she had remarried. Ellen was deeply intrigued about the intensity of our triad and frankly both jealous and suspicious. I suppose it was a function of her insecurity and her history of clandestine, secretive couplings with other men. Whatever the reason it was enormously vexing and so for the time being I just relaxed, made clear my commitment to her, and didn’t pursue arrangements with Joey.

Ellen had come into a rather substantial settlement from her ex-husband and sought professional advice to manage her financial affairs. She had met with a financial planner named James several times and was more than pleased with the investment advice she was getting. I frankly didn’t ask about her finances so I didn’t give it much thought. I knew he was a good bit younger and had a nice way about him but that was about it. It was a Friday and while we had plans to spend her childless weekend together I was relaxing at home that evening after a long week at work. I was about to head to bed sometime around midnight when she called.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Not much. Going to bed. How was your day?”

There was a pause. “I miss you so much. Come over, please.” Ellen’s voice was soft and plaintive.

“What, now? I’m really tired, baby. I’ll be over early tomorrow morning.”

“James took to me dinner after our meeting.”

“Really? That was nice of him.” Where was this leading? I wondered though somehow I already knew.

“He just left.”

“He just left?” I was instantly awake and aroused.

“Uh huh, just a few minutes ago.”

“Did he fuck you?”

“Come over please – won’t you?” If a voice could have etiler rus escort a ‘just-fucked’ tone to it, hers did.

“On my way!”

I didn’t bother to shower and simply threw on jeans and a shirt as I sped over to her house, which fortunately was only about 10 minutes away. I parked in her driveway and used my key to come in the back door. The house was dark but I knew the way to her bedroom. She had lit several candles and was tucked under the covers. Not a word was spoken as I shed my own clothes and climbed in under the comforter to find her body naked and warm. As I moved to pull her to me, my leg brushed against the fitted sheet and it was unmistakably wet. My god, she had clearly just been fucked!

I didn’t say a word but simply took her in my arms and kissed her. She felt amazing but her skin, while warm and delicious, was slightly sticky. Her breasts melded into my chest as our bodies joined together in a passionate embrace. I moved her slightly onto her back and moved to caress her pussy.

“Don’t touch me there – please.” I hesitated for a moment, but I was not to be denied. I parted her legs slightly and caressed her neatly trimmed vulva, which seemed a bit swollen. It took only the slightest pressure for my finger to enter her pussy. There was no mistaking the wetness I felt immediately – it was another man’s cum! She had taken James into her bed and into her body tonight. And judging by the sloppiness of her vagina and the rather obscenely large wet spot on the sheet, he must have emptied quite a load into my girlfriend.

“Are you angry with me?” she whispered. “I didn’t know we would go this far. It was supposed to just be dinner.”

“I love you, Ellen. No, baby, I’m not angry at all. You feel amazing. You are beyond desirable.”

“I wanted so much to tell you what happened. I also wanted to just forget it happened and go to sleep but I had to call you. I am so ashamed that I cheated on you. Please, please, forgive me.” She was weeping now. I brushed away her tears and kissed her.

“You didn’t cheat on me, Ellen. I’m proud of you. You’ve come a long way, asking me over. This will make us closer – really, it will.”

And I meant it. I moved on top her but she resisted.

“Oh, please don’t!” Her body stiffened. “Another man has just been there.”

“I need to reclaim you, Ellen. I need that so bad.” With that she relaxed and melted into my arms. As I entered her, my cock was instantly coated with James’ seed. It was insanely erotic to experience the liquid warmth that enveloped my organ. Ellen was now totally receptive to my overpowering need to be inside of her. The look on her face was so sweet, so grateful that we were connecting after her indiscretion. Though I wanted to know the details of her infidelity, now was not the moment for a chat. It took only a few minutes before I added my own load to the one which had been so freshly deposited only an hour or so ago. Without another word spoken, I withdrew from her body and wrapped in each other’s arms, we both fell into a deep, contented sleep.

When I awoke the next morning, I heard Ellen puttering around etiler türbanlı escort in her kitchen. I threw on my jeans and saw her in her robe preparing coffee. I wrapped my arms around her and gently kissed her neck. She turned and pushed me away.

“I suppose you now think it’s okay to cheat on me, don’t you?” Her voice was shrill and the look in her eyes was malevolent. I was stunned.

“What are you talking about? I don’t want to cheat on you, sweetie.” My heart sank. She totally didn’t get it.

“Well, I’m getting a new financial planner – and a new boyfriend too! I want you to leave!” She was in earnest but I knew her well enough to know that she was dealing not so much from anger as from fear. I also knew better than to try to engage her when she was this worked up.

“I’m not leaving until we’ve talked this through.” With that, I calmly poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down on a chair in her living room. Ellen stalked off to the bedroom. I heard her getting dressed and slamming down makeup at her vanity. This was one very upset lady. Without so much as another word she stormed out of the house and drove off. I tried to just stay calm, knowing how volatile she is. So I just watched a bit of TV and relaxed. Sure enough she returned about an hour later, still on edge but fortunately subdued. She sat down across from me and just looked at me, without saying a word. It was up to me to defuse the situation.

“I know you’re upset and I think I know why. You want me to react like your ex – but I’m not Lee. I’m not like any of the other men you know. I want us to be together. And I am now and will be totally monogamous with you. Look, I know you want to be ashamed and secretive about your infidelities, but you have to relearn how to handle that side of yourself if you want to be with me. It’s just that simple. I know you, love you for who are, and just want to be close to you. But I’m not you. I don’t feel shame about my needs. Neither should you – unless you get off feeling ashamed.”

Ellen just sat there staring at me. I felt a bit sorry for her – she was trying to understand what for her was incomprehensible and what for me was completely clear. Finally, she spoke, averting her eyes.

“It won’t happen again,” she whispered.

“Of course it will,” I said evenly. “It’s not easy to take when someone loves you and accepts you, is it? And I do.”

She sat down next to me and put her arms around me. She sighed as she rested her neck on my shoulder. “Will you spend the whole weekend with me? We have so much to talk about and I don’t want to be alone.”

I brightened and said cheerfully, “Of course I will, baby.” And we had the most awesome weekend together as we truly bonded. Much as I wanted to know the sordid details of her tryst with James, I knew better than to go there. Delightfully she did open up a bit and shared the general story of Friday’s seduction. She didn’t offer up the more erotic specifics and I didn’t press her. It was enough that we simply became more deeply intimate with each other. We napped in the late afternoon on Sunday, making love and dozing peacefully. I awoke to her gently stroking my hair and looking at me with loving eyes.

“Tell me more about Joey and how you want that to work,” she whispered.

“You want to go ahead with that?” I was surprised.

“I’ve been thinking about it all afternoon. See?” With that she guided my hand to her sex. She was wet with desire. This was going to get very interesting indeed.

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