Elena, Alexis, Honey

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She opened the door and walked into the hallway calling out her daughter Alexis name.

Hearing no answer she walked towards the kitchen stepping out of her heels and feeling a relief to be home. There on the kitchen table was a red envelope, from her daughter’s stationary, with the showy large swirls of handwriting that indicated it was from Alexis. She slipped her manicured nail under the flap and loosened it.

“Damn it!” she said under her breath as she read that her daughter had decided to go to Vegas for the weekend with her girlfriends.

Elena thought to herself “What a selfish little bitch. Now what am I supposed to do.”

She had convinced her daughter to go on a date with an 18 year old young man she had met at the mall several weeks ago. He had helped her change a tire on her car and she offered him a ride home. On the way she had discovered that he was very shy and was having a hard time with girls.

Apparently he had asked several girls at his junior college to go to party with him they had made a big deal of rejecting him publicly. She told him “You’re an attractive young man, just lacking in experience and confidence. You just needed to keep trying.”

Elena instantly decided to help him and told him that she would ask her beautiful 19 year old daughter to go to the party with him. “If you do it John the other girls think they were missing out on something and will quickly make you popular.”

Several days later, after convincing her daughter with a bribe of a new outfit, she introduced John to Alexis. She could see instantly that John was very attracted to her daughter but that Alexis, being somewhat shallow, wasn’t attracted to him.

Alexis had already bought the new outfit and so she had agreed to go on the date.

Elena talked to John on the phone, even actually dropped by the mall to give him a little encouragement and coaching for his “Big Date.”

He confessed to her “I told some of my friends that I was bringing a beautiful blond girl to the party, in fact I bragged we were going steady.”

“Now he’s really going to be embarrassed in front of his friends and I’m the cause of it!” she said out loud to herself. “Oh why do I have to get so involved?”

She went upstairs and had changed out of her business suit and was standing in her underwear when the phone rang.

Sure enough, it was John. “I took your advice and got the nice shirt and slacks you had pointed out.” She could hear the excitement in his voice and dreaded having to tell them that his “Date” was off.

Out of the corner of her eye she got her reflection in the full-length mirror, the she turned slightly from side to side she thought she could pass for a college girl. The countless hours of Pilates and swimming had kept her figure youthful and firm.

Suddenly a plan hatched in her mind and she told John in a hushed voice “OK show up at 8.”

She looked more closely in the mirror and thought for 36 she looked pretty youthful, no wrinkles and maybe if she wore her long blonde fall that fell over her shoulders it might work.

She elmadağ escort took a quick shower, applied a youthful sexy makeup look and put the long fall on.

“It just might work” she whispered and then walked over to her daughter’s bedroom to look in the closet for an outfit. She reached in and grabbed the new garments her daughter had just bought. She held it in front of her and looked in the dressing mirror. “It serves her right” she smiled and then nervously laughed. “The skirt’s too short, and the top will show a lot of my tits. But that’s the way Alexis and her girlfriends dress.”

As she took the outfit out of the clear plastic she discovered a matching bra and thong set of sheer black lace. “What the hell! OK, when in Rome.” she said as she slipped out of her bathrobe and stepped into the tiny thong and pulled on the pushup bra. The panties just barely covered her bush and her nipples and breasts are clearly poking out of the bra. She pulled on the tight Lycra tank top and then wrapped the skirt around her hips. She had to push it down a few inches lower on her hips to make her feel comfortable with the shortness.

She turned around a few times in front of the mirror admiring how she looked while moving her head from side to side watching how the hair swayed so seductively.

It was incredible, she looked like one very sexy college babe. She just finished strapping on the three-inch summer sandals when the doorbell rang.

As she looked out the peep hole she could see that John was very nervous. He had bought the shirt and slacks she had pointed out. He looked hot! She took a deep breath to steady her nerves and opened the door.

John said “Hello” and was obviously trying not to stare at her cleavage when she let him into the house.

He asked “Is Alexis ready?”

“Come on in John and sit down.”

Elena sat next to him on the couch and explained that “Alexis has been called away on emergency.”

“So John, if it is OK with you I’ll go as your date and be Alexis for you tonight.”

“I don’t think anybody will notice that I’m older than you, I think the guys will be staring at this outfit and we will pretend to sneak away early. I mean if you want to? So John it is up to you!”

Then she stood up in front of him and did a couple of quick turns leaned over towards him, smiled and then finally said a little nervously “Well John, am I good enough to be your date?”

John blushed, gulped and squeaked out “Oh yeah, you’re beautiful!”

Elena smiled and said “Well then let’s go, honey. Isn’t that what you call your steady.”

As John got up from the couch she noticed a definite bulge in his pants. She felt herself blush a little thinking “Well I can still turn a young guy on.”

They went out of the car and he opened the door for her. After she sat down she realized that he’d been able to see everything up her skirt. As he walked to the back of the car she smiled as she watched him in the mirror readjusting himself in his pants.

On the drive across town to the party she esenyurt escort told him “John, if this is going to work you will need to treat me just like I was your girlfriend. You need to hold my hand, and then, occasionally, slide your arm around my waist. OK?”

When he parked the car and opened her door this time she took her time getting out letting the skirt slide way up her thigh. She was starting to really enjoy this.

At door he rang the bell. She said impulsively “When they open the door kiss me.” Throwing her arms around his neck she pulled herself up against him and gave him a long kiss as they waited for the door to open.

They both blushed when the door opened. A girl in a bikini invited them in, pointed out where the bar was and then dropped into her boyfriends lap and went back to necking with him.

John took Elena by the hand and went over to the bar, asking her “Honey what would you like.”

“Some of the cold punch would be great.”

He got two tall glasses and as they took their first sips they realized it was heavily spiked with Vodka. He led her over to a group in the corner and introduced her as “Alexis.”

One of the girls asked her “What school do you go to? I’ve never seen you around here.”

Elena improvised “Oh. I’m new to the area but I’m Junior at the University.” She then slid her arm around John’s waist and leaned into him.

Whispering in his ear “Quick, lets get out on the dance floor before anybody asks us another question we don’t have answers to.”

As they danced to the fast songs she noticed many couples making out and some of them into some pretty heavy foreplay.

When a slow song came up she asked “John please get me another punch.” Then she kissed him on the lips again.

As John walked away a couple of obvious Jocks walked up to her and started hitting on her. Within a few minutes they were trying to corner her, openly running their eyes over her body, trying to get friendly and telling her what she needed was a real man or maybe two. “You look like you know how to party. We could show you a really good time.”

By then, John had come back with the punch and she reached out for him pulling him against her, gave him a kiss on his lips and said “Thanks boys but I got all the man I want right here!”

As Elena laughed and led John toward the dance area she gulped down the punch plunging into the frenetic crowd. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was from those guys staring at her breasts.

The floor was much more crowded now with the dancers much closer together than before. As they danced they repeatedly rubbed against each other, accidentally at first and then as the rhythm picked up and the dance floor became more crowed they were almost body to body, enjoying the music and the pleasure of moving against each other.

Then the lights went down and a slow song came on. Elena slipped her arm up around John’s neck and he pulled her tight against his body. She realized then that the punch was much too strong for her and she was a little etiler anal yapan escort drunk.

As she moved she could feel his erection had returned. She thought she was pushing the edge now but didn’t want to stop just yet, She was having a good time, she hadn’t felt this sexy in years. In fact she hadn’t felt this turned on in years.

She looked around and saw the bikini girl with her top off giving a blow job to her boyfriend and several guys and girls touching her as she did it.

Elena felt herself suddenly shudder and become very aroused. She let go of John’s hand and slipped her arm around his neck as well. She looked up and kissed him again, only this time she let herself really enjoy it. She sent her tongue into his mouth and was met with an equal eagerness.

Now their bodies were moving erotically against each other, she felt him pressing his hard against her and she opened her legs to enable them to get closer together.

He pulled her further up on leg with his raging hard grinding against her pussy. Her nipples were as hard as rocks. Then one of his hands had drifted down to her ass while the other began stroking the side of her breast. When he lightly touched her nipple she let out a slight moan. She began grinding herself even more aggressively against his hardened penis.

She could feel him becoming more aroused and urgent with every thrust. She slid her hand down his chest and reached down to touch his hard cock, she heard him groan and suddenly both of his hands were massaging her breasts.

She thought “Oh my God , What am I doing? I need to tell him this has to stop!”

Breaking off the kiss she looks up into his eyes and almost against her will whispers “Fuck me, take me somewhere and fuck me. Now!”

They quickly move from room to room. Finally finding an unoccupied bedroom. As he closes the door she drops to her knees and unzips his pants, pulls out 10 inches of rock hard cock. She starts pulling on it and then takes it into her mouth, First only the tip and then more greedily the whole thing.

He plunges it into her mouth more and more quickly. Then just as she feels he’s about to cum she pinches it between her fingers, pulls back and says “Now I want you inside me.”

He lifts her up and pushes her back onto the bed. His hands untie the skirt and pull off the top, as his mouth finds her breasts and nipples.

She quickly pushes her thong off and roles on top of him guiding his erection into her. She’s never been this wet, never wanted to fuck this badly and never given herself so wantonly to any man.

As she holds his dick between her fingers she raises and lowers herself slowly and then more rapidly up and down on it. And then she begins to moan and begs him to “Fuck me! Harder, harder!”

She lets go of his hard and feels his pace accelerate. He roles her over as she urges him onwards and feels herself starting to cum in waves of pleasure.

Then suddenly he cums deep inside her, she feels him explode within her and she has the most beautiful overwhelming orgasm of her entire life. She clings to him and finally stops shuddering.

After a few minutes she looks up at him and he says “Elena, Alexis, Honey can we go to another party tomorrow?” And before she can answer she feels him start to harden again inside her.

“Oh yes, definitely!” And her hips begin moving slowly again.

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