Eddie’s Sexual Adventures Ch. 07

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Anri Sugihara

ESA Phase II, Part II

Beach Vacation

Eddie and Mia had spent the better part of a year hooking up with each other. The sex was fantastic which was good given the lack of options due to nationwide lock downs. Mia’s bar had taken a hit given the inability to open and while other places got by on food pick up and delivery, her business didn’t excel in that department. When the vaccines and the states began to re-open, Mia seized the opportunity to get her place back to making some cash. Her ideas for extended happy hours during the week paid off beautifully as the regulars returned. New customers began coming to the bar and enjoying the little bar ran by sexy women.

With her business picking up steam, Mia spent more time between the bar and her home than she did with Eddie. They tried to make it work at first with him spending the night with her or him stopping by the bar and the two ducking into the break room for a quick fuck. Ultimately, the relationship and meeting the demands of her career began conflicting. Eddie was understandable about her decision to break things off and the two remained close friends.

It was getting late into August and an old military buddy had reached out to Eddie about joining him and his family on a beach trip. Initially, Mia was part of the plans but with the split and her business needing to be her primary focus, it was suddenly just him. Despite it all, he decided to go and meet with John and his family in Florida.

John had met up with Eddie a few times since he had left the military and went their separate ways. It wasn’t long before he settled down and started a family. Eddie attended the wedding and aside from a couple of visits over the years, it was the only time Eddie had met and got to know John’s wife. He didn’t even meet their daughter. Of course, John had only know her for just over 10 years. It turned out that early in his career, he impregnated his now wife in what was supposed to be a one night stand.

However, things didn’t work out the way they had anticipated and they found themselves with a baby girl. John’s wife withheld the information from him until she was six months pregnant and to his credit, he did what he could to take care of her. The two kept in touch but were not romantically linked again until a few years later. This was after he was discharged and the two met so he could be introduced to his daughter. Needless to say, it was love at first sight and the relationship between the two influenced the feelings that resulted in John marrying the mother of his daughter.

She was named Angela and was a wild child of sorts. She had her share of getting into trouble as a teenager, but nothing that was considered too serious to her parents. When she turned 18 in late spring, she let her wild spirit out. Her parents freaked when they saw she got her nose and navel pierced. What they didn’t know was she had done the same thing to her nipples and clit. Despite the piercings, her parents knew that she was an adult and they couldn’t make decisions for her any longer.

When Eddie arrived at the hotel to meet his longtime friend, he quickly noticed Angela and knew she was trouble. She was wearing a tight blue tube top that showed off her midriff, daisy duke shorts and black boots. If her parents didn’t know about the nipple piercings, they knew now. Her long blond hair was tied back in a ponytail. She met his gaze with her piercing blue eyes. Eddie shook her hand.

“It’s nice to finally meet you,” he said.

“I’m sure,” she replied in a flirtatious manner.

The next few days went by as most would expect a vacation to do. They took in the local sites, ate at some nice restaurants, went to the beach and played some golf. The latter being done by Eddie and John. After dinner on the last night of the vacation, John and his wife walked the beach, Angela was hanging out with some guys she had met and Eddie drank some beers on the beach before returning back to his room. He had spent the next couple of hours packing his things and relaxing. He was watching the highlights of a ballgame on the television and drinking a beer when he heard a knock on his door. He looked at the time; it was almost midnight.

He got up and answered the door.

There stood Angela in a pair of short shorts, a buttoned blouse with a pink bikini on under it. Her full, C-cup breasts glistened from the sweat of being out in the humid night air. Her blonde hair adorned her shoulders. She had her right leg crossed behind her left, her foot dropping her sandal on the pavement. Because of this, Eddie towered over her already petite 5’5″ frame.

“What are you doing here, Angie?” he asked.

“My parents think I’m already asleep in the other room,” she started. “When I got to the door, I could hear them fucking. I wasn’t about eryaman genç escort to walk in on them doing it.”

“So you need a place to crash?” Eddie asked.

“Please!” Angela said as she placed her hands together in a pleading way.

Eddie let out a soft sigh and welcomed her into his room. She walked over to the fridge. “Do you have any beer?”

“There should be a few inside the door,” Eddie replied.

He walked over and put a shirt on since he was only wearing a pair of board shorts. Angela noticed this and smiled.

“You don’t have to cover up on my account,” she said. “I enjoy looking at your bare chest.”

She had completed her sentence at the same time she made her way back over to him. She took her finger and traced a line down his sternum. “Nothing wrong with this at all,” she said softly.

Eddie felt his cock getting hard. To get laid on his vacation would be one thing, but to do it with his buddy’s daughter, that was something else. He decided to change the subject fast. He pulled the desk chair over to the armchair that was next to the window.

“You can sleep on the bed. I will sleep on the chair,” Eddie said.

Angela looked at him as she finished her beer. “Don’t be silly. We can share the bed.”

She sat the beer can down and unbuttoned her top. Eddie’s eyes widened as she removed it and tossed it on the floor.

“W-what are you doing?” he asked nervously.

“Getting ready for bed,” she said matter-of-factly as she unbuttoned her shorts.

Eddie watched as she turned around and slid them off; her curvy ass exposed to him for the first time. A pink bikini thong and top were the only things she had on, but that was about to change. Angela reached behind her back and untied the string to her bikini. She turned around as she did so and stretched out her arm as she dropped it to the floor. She turned around with her hands covering her breasts.

“Am I being a bad girl?” she asked, her eyes and lips displaying a pouty look on her face.

Eddie was speechless. His cock was not rock hard and there was no way to hide it; not that he cared. He watched as Angela removed her hands and revealed her breasts to him. Her nipples decorated with a barbell each. There wasn’t enough time to process what he was seeing before she undid her thong and it dropped to feet. She guided her hand down to her shaved pussy and lightly flicked the clit ring. She climbed into bed and looked at him.

“Your move,” she said slyly.

Eddie turned off the lights, leaving the bathroom light and the television as the only sources illuminating the room. He walked over to the bed.

“Uh uh…,” Angela started. “You have to be naked to sleep in the same bed as me.”

Eddie untied the strings of his shorts and unzipped the zipper. He slid the shorts down with his rock-hard erection standing tall before Angela. She gawked in amazement and covered her mouth.

“Oh my god…that is big,” she said.

As he climbed into bed, Eddie realized this was the first woman other than Mia he had seen naked and been in bed with in a year. The effects of the lock down became evident as it highlighted the lack of social interaction and his sex life. Being with Mia was awesome and her body was smoking, but now, he was put in the position of banging a different girl and she was hot as hell. The fact that it was his friend’s daughter didn’t matter anymore. He was hard. He was horny. He wanted to fuck.

He got into bed with Angela. She had her back turned to him but she slowly inched her way towards him. It wasn’t long before Eddie felt his cock pressing against her sexy round ass. Angela smiled, knowing what awaited her.

“Are you going to put it in or tease me?” she asked.

“I guess foreplay is out of the question,” Eddie joked.

“I just blew three guys under the pier. I need a cock inside me now!” Angela exclaimed as she grabbed Eddie’s cock and guided it into her tight, wet hole.

“Uhhh, oh god! Yes! UHHHHHH!!” Angela screamed.

Her young, tight pussy engulfed his cock. There was no need for teasing. She was dripping wet. Eddie held her right leg up as he banged her pussy hard. He felt her leg shake with the recognizable response to an orgasm.

“Oh fuck…yes, keep going!” Angela cried out as she felt her pussy cumming.

Eddie increased the speed of his thrusts as Angela gripped his waist making her moan louder and louder.

“Fuck meeee…yes!” Angela cried out.

Eddie was more than happy to oblige and slid his shaft deeper inside of her. Other than the her moaning and his grunting, the only sounds in the room were the slaps of his balls banging against her pussy. Both of them were drenched in sweat at this point, but neither one cared. Eddie slowed down as Angela moved her body away from him.

“Lay on your back,” she ankara escort bayan said.

He did and Angela pulled back the covers and sheets on the bed. The sweat on her body glistened, her hair now disheveled. She straddled him. Eddie took her in. Her tight body. Her nipple piercings. Her clit ring. He stroked his cock with anticipation as she slid herself down onto him. She slowly worked her pussy against his cock, taking it all in as she enjoyed the feel of it inside her. Then, she placed her hands against his hips and began to ride him hard.

Eddie could feel her pussy clenching against his cock. He grabbed her breasts, feeling the barbells in the palms of his hands.

“Yes, squeeze my titties,” Angela said, her voice immersed in ecstasy.

Her body began to shudder again as another orgasmic wave consumed her. However, there was more. Her pussy dribbled out a small stream of fluid before a massive blast was unloaded all over Eddie’s abdomen.

“OH MY GOD!!” Angela cried out in disbelief.

The revelation was short lived as Eddie had gripped her waist tightly and was fucking her hard; he was more turned on than ever after she squirted all over him. He felt himself ready to blow and discharged a massive load inside of her dripping wet pussy.

“Yes, fill my pussy up baby!” she said as she ran her fingers through her hair.

She collapsed on top of Eddie and rested there, his erect cock inside her and dripping cum from her pussy, down his shaft and onto his balls. When she recovered, she sat up and slowly milked the remaining cum out of his cock.

“You came a lot,” she said as she fell onto the bed beside him.

“Yes I did,” was his response.

Eddie got up from the bed and went over to the mini fridge in the room. He pulled out two beers and gave Angela one of them when he returned to the bed. As they lay there, they drank and talked for awhile. Angela took her foot and began rubbing it against Eddie’s cock. It wasn’t long before he was hard again.

“Looks like you’re ready for round two,” she said with a grin; her foot continuing to rub his shaft.

Before he could respond, Angela straddled his face and placed her pussy on his mouth as she took his erect member into hers. Eddie could taste his cum, but he didn’t care. He glided his tongue across the lips of her pussy until he got to her clit ring, where he flicked it with his tongue.

Meanwhile, Angela was taking every inch of his rod into her mouth. The gulping sounds affirming her enjoyment. When her lips reached the base of his cock, she stopped. Then, she went a little further down, the back of her throat meeting the head of his cock. Eddie was impressed.

“Holy shit!” he exclaimed.

Angela came back up and took a deep breath. “I thought you would like that,” she said turning her head to look at him.

She allowed her pussy to grind against Eddie’s mouth for a few minutes before she slid herself down against his body and eased herself back onto his cock. After she slid the meaty prick inside of herself, she looked up at the mirror in front of them and began to ride it slowly.

“Mmmmm, watching me ride you is so fucking hot,” she said.

Eddie couldn’t see their reflection so he took her word for it. Besides, he was too busy looking at her ass as she gradually increased her pace. When she began riding him hard, he watched her ass shake from the impact.

“Oh fuck, this feels so good!” she squealed.

She continued riding him until her body was rocked by another orgasm. Her pussy desiring more. Eddie was hoping she would squirt again, but he had to settle for an extremely wet pussy that was dripping down his shaft and all over his balls.

“I have an idea,” Angela said as she got off Eddie’s cock.

He stroked his cock as he watched her get her phone from her shorts. She walked over to the table that was across from them and placed it on its side with the camera on.

“What are you doing?” Eddie inquired.

“I want to film you fucking me from behind,” she answered. “That way I can masturbate to it whenever I want.”

Eddie got up as she positioned herself on the bed so the camera could capture the action. Between the mirror and the phone camera, both of them were getting turned on by their naughty exploit. Rubbing her ass with his right hand, Eddie slid his cock effortlessly into her tight, wet hole.

“Oh god, yes!” Angela said.

Eddie wasted no time making his thrusts fast and forceful. Angela was appreciative of it, too. As he slammed his meat into her, he looked at the mirror to see her reaction. Angela’s eyes were closed as she moaned louder and louder. Her head alternating from facing up to looking down at the bed. Her breasts bounced back and forth in perfect unison.

Angela reached back and grabbed his wrist as he continued sincan escort to fuck her. She was really into this and wanting to feel that hot load sprayed on her. Then, she had an idea.

“Oh god, hold on a minute,” she said.

Eddie pulled out as she got off the bed and grabbed her phone. She handed it to him.

“I want you to record yourself cumming on my ass,” she said as she resumed the position.

Smiling, Eddie held the camera as he slid his cock back inside of her. He focused on the mirror and zoomed in to get a closer look at Angela’s face as he fucked her from behind. Her face contorted in various phases of lust and desire. He felt his cock stiffening, ready to explode. Angela felt it, too.

“Yes, give it to me!” she said.

Zooming the camera lens out, he rested the phone on her back to capture the pop. His cock blew copious amounts of cum onto her ass; including one that nearly got on the phone.

“That feels so good,” Angela said as she waited for Eddie to finish depositing his seed all over her.

When he did, Eddie handed her phone back and gave her ass a light smack. He grabbed a towel and wiped the cum off her ass and lower back.

The two curled up together and watched their homemade movie. Eddie got hard again and masturbated as he watched. Angela got turned on by him and began fingering her pussy. Both came again; Eddie blew his load onto her thigh and her pussy as Angela experienced her self-induced orgasm.

Exhausted and spent, neither one bothered getting up to clean themselves and fell asleep in each other’s arms on the wet and sticky sheets. It was just after 7AM when Angela got up and jumped in the shower.

Hearing the running water, Eddie got up and walked into the bathroom. He saw the naked figure of Angela behind the shower door. He opened it up and saw her lathered up in soap.

“Are you going to stand there and gawk or are you going to join me?” she asked as she winked at him.

Eddie stepped in and was handed a bottle of soap. “Can you get my back?” she asked.

As he applied the soap and lathered her back, he let his hands start exploring. When he cupped her breasts in his hands, he was erect and slid his cock into her pussy. “Oh yes,” she said is a low voice.

The sound of water being displaced between their bodies and moaning joined the flow of water falling from the shower head onto the shower floor. Eddie fucked Angela as she leaned closer and closer against the wall. After a few minutes, she stood up straight and turned around. She took his cock into her hand and stroked it. Leaning down, Eddie took her pierced nipples into his mouth one at a time. After he completed his tongue play on her nipples, Angela stepped out of the shower and got on her knees.

“We need to hurry,” she said before taking his swollen and erect penis into her mouth. She bobbed up and down on his cock furiously, her hand jacking him off as she ran her tongue across his shaven balls. Deep throat, tongue up and down on the shaft, jerk it while licking the balls was her technique. She continued this until Eddie was ready to blow.

“I’m going to cum,” he said.

Angela backed up and watched as Eddie blasted a load of cum onto her breasts. She began rubbing it in as he drained his cock and balls of any additional semen that was left. She looked up as she finished massaging the cum onto her breasts and Eddie helped her up from the floor.

They completed their shower and Angela put her clothes back on. Eddie was wearing only a towel as he brewed a cup of coffee.

“I have to get going,” Angela said walking to him. “You were a lot better than I imagined,” she said giving him a kiss on the lips.

“Are you going back to your room?” Eddie asked.

“No, I am going to the diner across the street and get something to eat,” she replied. “I think it might be better that way. Fewer questions.”

“I see,” said Eddie. “Well, I had fun last night.”

“Me too, baby,” was Angela’s response. “Maybe we should do this again sometime?”

“Definitely,” said Eddie.

He watched as she walked to the door and left. His mind was buzzing about what had transpired over the last several hours. While he did enjoy fucking Angela, he felt a bit of regret that he had just banged his best friend’s daughter three times. He hoped that her dad would not find out about it.

Checking out was a bit awkward for Eddie. He was trying to remain cool as he said goodbye to his friend while not trying to be distracted at the lustful looks Angela was giving him.

“Maybe we should do this again next year,” John suggested.

“Sounds good,” Eddie replied in agreement.

He hugged them with Angela being the last. She subtlety brushed her hand against his cock as wrapped his arms around her. “Take care,” Eddie told her.

She winked at him and headed towards the car with her mom as Eddie and John said their goodbyes. Soon, it was just Eddie standing there in the lobby. He was tired, sore and was not looking forward to the drive ahead of him. Taking a deep breath, he began the journey back home.

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