Early Morning Muffins Ch. 01

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Early Morning Muffins: Day 1 – Discovery

I suppose every young girl you talk to will tell you that they have a best friend. A long time acquaintance with whom they do not hesitate to trust and confide in with things of a personal nature too sensitive to even discuss with their mother. That pretty well sizes up me and Lori. We’ve been friends forever or at least since before high school.

We are sophomores in college now, so we are eligible to live off campus. No condos for us, but we are comfortable in the little efficiency our parents agreed to share rent on for us. Of course, we have to make good grades, yada, yada, yada. I’m sure you are familiar with the usual parent bullshit.

It is Sunday morning and we slept in just to break the rigid daily routine of up at 6:00 am and out and about by 7:30 am. The apartment as I mentioned is quite small so we share, among other things, a double bed. We don’t travel a lot in our homestead because everything is just THERE.

We went to a campus party last night, so that was another reason to sleep a little later than usual. Anyway, here are a couple of reasonably attractive young women who came home a little tipsy last night, striped off there clothes and fell into bed. The booze acted like a sedative. We slept sounded until nearly 8:00 am.

“Lori?” I said clearing my throat. “Are you awake?”

“Yeah, I was just lying here wishing you were a varsity football player lying next to me nursing an eight-inch hard on. I was doing real well until you spoke to me and popped my bubble.”

“Sorry about that. Besides, I gotta go pee.” I declared.

“Me too,” Lori announced.

“It was my idea first,” I reminded my good friend.

“We could go together,” Lori said. We had done that before just acting up, but this time we both had to go so bad that we jumped out of bed and dashed the ten feet to the pot. I reached the toilet first so I got to sit on the throne. Lori faced me, straddled my legs, and sat on my lap. In this position my stream went directly into the water in the bowl. Lori’s stream of hot urine was forceful enough that it sprayed directly onto my belly just about where my pubic patch started. From there it made its way through my fuzz, down my crotch and into the bowl. Oddly enough the sensation brought on by the warm liquid traveling across my private parts in that way was somewhat of a turn on.

“Oh, my,” I exclaimed. “That felt good, girl.”

“What did?” Lori asked.

“Your pee running over my pussy turned me on. Look at this if you don’t believe me.” I thrust my chest forward showing her my hardened nipples.

“Neat,” Lori squealed as she leaned forward and took one of my nipples into her mouth. “Feels like a big hard raisin, Angela.”

“It feels a lot better than that from this side of the fence.” Her mouth on my titty that way sent ultra warm sensations up and down my body. It felt something like Lori’s warm urine running down my crotch, only this time the heat was all over my body.

“Do me,” Lori said pushing her bosom forward. Of course, at this juncture casino şirketleri in our vast sexual experience we had no idea where we were heading. Angela had no objection to returning the favor for her friend. Lori sighed a little, and pushed her soft breast against my mouth. Instinctively I sucked on her boob again. Another sigh and without noticing I placed my hand on her other breast. Lori covered my hand with hers. “That feels nice, Roomy.”

“Then do mine the same way,” I demanded playfully. Lori did exactly that, and we had just initiated a much closer bonding than we had ever experienced before. Lori wiggled her pussy against my belly, and moved closer.

“Are you game?” Lori asked with sparks in her eyes.

“For what?” I asked innocently.

“Kiss me.”

We both cautiously moved closer until our lips met. The sensation was not at all what either of us expected. Four lips melted together until I got brave and slipped my tongue into Lori’s mouth. She took a deep breath, and immediately began sucking on my tongue. There was that surge of warmth again only this time it came with a yearning,

I wanted her to do something to me, or I felt I should do something more for her. Then Lori twisted one of my nipples between her thumb and forefinger. That caused a pang of ecstasy to course from one breast to the other.

“Hey,” I cried, “do the other one.” This was getting very exciting, and I was getting hotter by the minute.

“I’m getting hungry,” Lori said out of the blue.

All of this excitement was putting me in several moods. One of them was being silly.

“I have a muffin. Wanna eat that?” I said and I chuckled at my suggestion.

“Will you show me how?” Lori asked very seriously.

“What do I know about oral sex, girl?” The mere thought scared me half out of my wits.

“Let’s go back to bed and learn together, Angela. My body is on fire.”

We patted our pussies with toilet tissue, and scampered back to bed. Once there, we turned and faced each other.

“What do we do now?” I asked.

“I’m not sure,” Lori said nervously, “but I do know this was nice.” She moved closer and kissed me softly on the lips. The contact was warm and exciting. I could feel her lips beginning to part so I seized the opportunity and slid my tongue into her mouth. She sucked on my tongue and massaged it with hers. Then she pushed my tongue out of her mouth as hers entered mine. We repeated this process three or four more times until it became comfortable and extremely more arousing.

We automatically established a rhythm for prodding each others mouth with our tongues only now we were working our lips together because this caused added arousal. We didn’t really notice that our kissing was causing us to breathe heavier, but we did respond to our breasts pressing against one another’s.

I reached up and cupped one of Lori’s soft but firm young breasts about the same time that she did the same to me. We became bolder and began to massage each other’s breast gently at first and then with more vigor as our arousal increased. casino firmaları We continued kissing more and more passionately as our intimacy grew.

Lori was the first to break our embrace and move her mouth down to my breast. I lay back to allow her better access, and not knowing sure what to do with my hands I placed one on the back of her head, and the other at the small of her back. I always knew Lori to be soft and warm, but this morning her skin felt hot to my touch.

I tenderly patted and stroked her body as she busied herself at my boob. She gradually squirmed closer to me until her body was pressed against mine. I pressed back sealing our pubic patches at the crotch. Somewhere in this maneuver, Lori had managed to work her leg in between mine. I couldn’t stand it any longer so I rolled Lori onto her back, and devoured the first breast that appeared.

I sucked her hardened nipple into my mouth, and instantly started moving it about with my tongue. Lori’s moaning convinced me that she approved of my attention. I cupped her other breast with my free hand and caressed it ardently. Lori was grinding her pussy against mine, and we were both moaning seductive tunes of joy as our passions rose.

“Angela,” Lori cried as she pushed me away from her breasts, “eat my pussy before I explode. “Please love. I’ll do the same for you.”

I had heard a little about oral sex, but I was definitely not prepared for my first solo flight. “You know I don’t know any more about this than you do, but I know we’ve both come to a point where we can’t turn back. If what I am doing doesn’t feel good, you stop me.”

“Okay, okay,” she cried, “at least kiss my pussy.”

I moved down between her legs and positioned my self as good as I could under the circumstances. After all the years we had been close personal friends, this was the first time I ever looked her pussy straight in the eye. Her entire crotch seemed to be wet, and it made me think of the times that we had double dated and went to a drive-in movie. We both came home complaining about wet panties.

I inched my body closer to her crotch until I reached a point where I could reach out and press my lips against her lower lips. Lori gasped, and I almost jumped and ran. Then I realized that her gasp was an indication of pleasure. She liked my lips on her slit. With much more confidence, I kissed her pussy again. This time I even extended my tongue and trailed it in the grove of her slit. Lori’s audible response to my action was invigorating. I pushed my tongue more firmly into her fleshy slit, and worked it from side to side from her asshole all the way to her pussy hole.

She was bucking against my face by now, and I was getting almost as excited as she was. On my next trip, I paused at her pussy hole and jutted in my tongue as far as I could. Lori squealed at the surprised intrusion, and her reaction caused me to impulsively thrust my tongue deep into the mysteries of her womanhood.

“Oh, my God, Angela,” she cried. “I think I am coming. I know I am coming. Hang on . . .” she drenched my face güvenilir casino with her juices.

The unexpected splash of her juices on my mouth and face startled me. As I realized what had just happened, I giggled like a high school teenager. She joined in almost immediately.

Our laughter and frolicking on the bed caused us to end up facing each other once again.

“Kiss me, Angela,” Lori pleaded breathlessly. “That was wonderful.”

“But Lori,” I protested, “I’ve got you all over my face.”

“Shut up, Love,” she said tenderly, “and give it back.” With that she jockeyed her upper body over mine where our breasts were pressed together again. Her kiss was hot and passionately demanding. I responded with equal intensity, and I could feel my juices begin to flow once again.

Without any resistance at all I managed to maneuver Lori’s pussy on top of mine. Once there I could feel her grinding her snatch against mine. The contact was such that we were massaging our clits against one another’s.

I can’t describe the sexual exhilaration caused by this coupling, but I felt every spasm and quiver of the orgasm racing through my body.

Lori was still smothering my face and mouth with hot kisses while her hand was busy at my breasts. Without thinking I managed to urge her body downward until she was between my legs. Once there her instincts took charge. I gasped from sheer delight when I felt her lips make contact with my pussy. I hunched my hips to bring my crotch hard against her mouth.

When her tongue found and penetrated my pussy hole, I squealed with joy. Somehow she managed to maintain contact with my crotch as I almost violently pitched and bucked in response to the ecstasy brought on by her tongue.

My first experience with back to back orgasms was nothing short of overwhelming. Surprisingly, I withstood the explosive impact of the climax, but it did take me considerable time to absorb and appreciate the breathtaking sensation of the event. After a while, I lay listlessly recovering from my unbelievable double orgasm while off in a distance I could feel Lori kissing her way up my sweaty body to my mouth.

“Now I have a mess . . .” she attempted to apologize for my juices all over her face,

“Shut up you magnificent animal,” I gasped as I pulled her lips to mine and buried her face with warm, wet kisses. “If it gets any better than this, I’m not sure my heart can take it.” We both laughed, and kissed, and hugged each other tightly, but I was serious. My heart was still pounding while Lori’s hot, sweaty body was deliciously smothering my breasts and my crotch.

Later, as regular breathing gradually returned to our suck-racked bodies, Lori managed to speak coherently.

“Later today I am going down to the adult book store and get a video tape or an illustrated book on this new form of pleasure. Wanna go?”

“I’d better not, Love. Visual aids would probably entice me to jump your bones right there in the store.”

“That’s encouraging,” Lori said sweetly as she rolled off the bed and headed for the toilet.

I lay there on the bed basking in the encompassing bliss of total sexual satisfaction at least as we knew it today.

Then Lori’s voice broke the silence from the bathroom.

“Wanna pee on me again, Lover?”

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