Dyke Bar Heaven

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Ahead of me as I walk the street towards my favourite bar is this babe. In fact just looking at her from behind (and her behind!) I am in major lust. Oh, great goddess, I know this feeling. My trousers are getting wet, my nipples are erect and I’m gonna have to do something about it. Hey ho! Oh shit. She’s walking right past the bar. Just another het tramp out for….oh oh, she’s turning back…!! Missed it! There’s a line to get in. Then the big mean butch bouncers on the door gotta let you in. This is a definite scene bar, and it’s no holds barred. Anything goes once inside. It’s my regular.

My name’s Lezlee Dikes. Yeah, yeah, I changed it. Tatiana Tomkinson-Patteelee didn’t kinda fit my image. Ever. I changed to Lezlee when I was 12 and knew where I was headed. The Dikes bit came later. Why keep ’em guessing is my motto. My favourite things in life are women, dancing (with women), working out (at the women’s gym), gardening and writing (about women). It’s the second last of those where I earn a living. I’m a gardener. Actually, I’m a ‘celebrity gardener’. On TV. I do garden makeovers. Funny how many women you get to meet that way who want to make out when you’ve finished making over their petunia beds. But I never drop my dungarees and overalls if she’s married. Just not worth it.

Enough about me. Let’s get back to that bar. I’m in line behind this really hot babe, and she drops her hankie. Jeez, I mean, surely things have moved on since that was a come on! Oh, you mean maybe she just dropped her hankie and wasn’t coming on…..? Whatever. I just leaned back and watched. She bent forward to pick it up, and whaddya know! Her skirt rides right up ,and there’s this cute little bare ass poking out, poking out at me! And what an ass. I bent down to do up my shoe lace right then , and my face bumped against her ass. She didn’t even react, just raised herself up and turned back to the door bouncer. Tonight it was Polly – have known her for years – so I flicked her a look, using my eyes to indicate she let this babe in. A barely imperceptible glance in babe’s direction, and she thumbed us both in.

I checked my leather jacket as I entered. Underneath I was wearing a new leather bodice vest. It is black, soft and covered in studs and rings. Those rings casino şirketleri can come in handy for all sorts of attachments. I’m fond of my tits. I like to show them off, so the vest had big round cut-outs for them. It was cut low enough so you could see a couple of my tatts as well. Ya couldn’t see my fave one tho, cause I still had my jeans on. . Tight ‘n’ black, ripped round the back so my ass fell out a bit. I’ve got a real cute one right behind my ear too, and you can look at that all you like. Good thing I like to shave my head…just a stubble on top. I used to have a kd lang cut till I decided I wanted the tatt. Tonight I also wore a new pair of cowboy boots, studded to match the vest.

Kaz the woman at the bar set up my usual. I sauntered over, sat on a stool and swivelled round to check out the crowd. Pretty full tonite…and a good mix. The band, the Dykesters, were playing, and quite a few were playing pool or pinball. A group of lipsticks were gossiping in a booth. But my honey babe had disappeared. I turned back to the bar, and started to banter with Kaz. Next I knew there was breath on my neck. A voice barely whispered “Will you dance with me?”

Turning slowly, I found myself eye to tit with “my” babe, whose name turned out to be Dora. Apart from the shortest skirt I’d seen in some time, she was wearing an electric blue lacy top with a plunging neckline. If you looked close enough you could see her pierced nipples were poking out two little lacy holes.

We went out on to the dance floor. We slow danced, me pushing up her skirt and clasping her ass in my hands. She ran her fingers along my ass cheeks where my jeans were ripped. I pulled her real close and began to rub my thigh between her legs. My jeans were getting all wet – both from inside and on the leg; her cunt was awash with slick.

Dora then released her hands and pushed away from me. I tried to grab her by the tits, and managed to glance my hand off one of those rings, but she was too quick. She started to shimmy alone on the dance floor, the spotlight trained right on her. Her bush and ass were bare, her skirt pushed up over her hips. My friend the butch bouncer, having her break, slid across the floor and started to swing with Dora. She picked her up and placed casino firmaları Dora’s legs over her shoulders. As Dora’s head hung down, my friend started to eat Dora’s pussy. I propped myself against a pillar and watched, smoking a joint and drinking a beer.

Dora moaned and gyrated in time to the music, but before she could cum, bouncer’s break was up. I wandered back over, and Dora begged me: “Let me be your slut”. I nodded and said first up she had to whore the crowd. Without a word she went and sat astride a butch who was already packing. She banged that dyke’s dildo while the dyke sat unmoved, sucking the tits of her tomboy friend at her side. Frustrated, Dora called over a sweet babydyke who had been watching with rapt attention. Dora removed her top and told baby to massage her tits while she, Dora, continued to ride the strap-on. She looked at me, pleading me to pay attention. “Fuck me”, she mouthed.

I sauntered over and pulled her off the dildo. I stood astride, and told her to kneel. I then ordered her to undo my jeans. She obeyed. I lifted one foot and motioned for babydyke to remove my boot. I repeated it with the other foot. Then I wriggled out of my jeans. Time to make use of the rings on the vest, and Dora’s nipple rings.

I told Dora to push her fingers high in my cunt and see what she could find. It took a few thrusts, but eventually she pulled out two delicate gold chains. I fastened one end of each to rings on the side of my vest. The other ends I attached to Dora’s tits, so now we were joined. Every time I moved, her nipples were pulled and tugged. It was up to her how much to resist, how hard to have the chains pull, or how close to stick to me. Babydyke was still looking for part of the action, so I moved with Dora and her to the pool table. I lay Dora on the table, her legs spread wide. I motioned Babydyke onto the table, where she continued to suck Dora’s tits. She used her tongue well; she’d been to a good school! She flicked and licked, and tugged the attached chains with her teeth. Dora was wildly tossing and arching, begging me to make her cum. Kaz the bar attendant brought me my strap on from behind the bar. I told a hovering femme to tie it on for me, which she did. I then told her to get on the table and replace babydyke, güvenilir casino while baby I had come round behind me. I thrust out my bare ass and Baby immediately began to caress and fondle it. She dropped to her knees and started to use that expertly stiff and soft tongue on my ass. At the same time I started to probe Dora with my tongue. I pushed my nose inside her cunt and rubbed my stubbly head on her inner thighs, labia and cunt hole. So wet, dripping and squirting she was. So I stood up, and banged the dildo inside her. Babydyke thrust a finger in my ass at the same time. Dora jerked wildly, the chains on her tits pulling and straining every time she bucked or I thrust. The dykes around the table watching were counting each time I banged into Dora. 10…..11….20…..23, and then, and then, and then…………………..

Dora came with the loudest guttural moans I’ve ever heard. She shuddered and bucked right off the table. Her cum drenched out of her. I dropped to my knees and lapped at her juices, filling my mouth with her taste and wetness. When I could hold no more, I unhooked the chains and jumped on the table myself, and kissed Dora passionately and deeply. She drank her own juice, then with great strength, pulled me upwards so my bare cunt ended up over her face. I sat and then pivoted, turning so I was facing her pussy. I lay down on top of her and we gobbled and gulped and ate each other. I lifted my head and inserted a finger, one single finger….it slid in with no effort. Dora continued to tongue me, but added a finger in my ass. I licked the length of her cilt in long broad sweeps, and right inside her. Then I pushed two fingers in. Dora met them with an upward thrust, and in the next move, I had 3 fingers inside her, fucking her. She had copied me, but in my ass, and now I was sliding my hand deep inside her…..then balling it into a fist………..

Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez, I glanced up and there were two cops standing over us. I froze. Dora moaned, and wriggled, willing me to keep going. All the other dykes had melted into the booths, back on to bar stools, or out into the night. Those cops clamped cuffs on me and Dora! We were helpless while they rode us. Their heads were shaved bald – oh, yeah, I remember reading it was Crop A Cop day -the day all the lesbians in the force come out for charity!! And I thought I was tough! The breed ’em real real real tough in the force! Maybe when they give up copping, they can teach me a few lessons in hard butch!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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