Dr. Jane

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The doctor opened the door, chart in hand. Upon first glimpsing her patient, her breath got caught in her throat. The patient was 20 years old, blonde, lovely, and rather large-breasted. She was sitting quietly on the examination table, wearing a hospital gown.

“Doctor, what’s wrong?” Jane realized she had been standing frozen in the doorway for about ten seconds.

“Oh, uh, nothing. Sorry.” The patient (Christi, according to her chart) relaxed again. After the usual small talk, Jane began performing the physical. She checked Christi’s eyes, ears, throat, neck, and knees before returning to her chest. She anxiously opened Christi’s gown, trying to keep her breathing normal. Christi’s breasts were magnificent: large, round, symmetrical, and with just the tiniest sag. Jane felt them, afraid that she might be caught spending too much time on them. Christi’s medium-sized, pink nipples hardened during the examination. “God, I want to suck on this girl’s tits,” Jane thought. She blushed slightly at her own dirty mind.

“Uh, could you lean back and put your feet in the stirrups? I’ll need to check your v-vagina.” Jane blushed again. “Why did I have to stutter on that word!” she screamed in her head. Christi cooperated willingly enough. Jane got her first view of her patient’s pussy as she slipped on a rubber glove. It was cleanly shaven, tight, and beautiful. “Ugh, why didn’t I jill-off this morning?” Jane thought.

She examined casino şirketleri Christi’s vagina. Jane knew she was only doing her sworn duty, but her fingers were nevertheless inside the vagina of a gorgeous young woman. How could that not be sexual? She finished her test and was about to tell Christi that she was in perfect health and that she could go, but another thought occurred to her. She couldn’t just let Christi leave. Not this time.

“Um, Christi, would you mind if I tried something a little unorthodox?”

“Like what?” she asked nervously.

“Well, I want to check for traces of a certain substance around your vaginal area, but the only way to do that is by taste. So, you see, I would have to use my tongue–directly.” Jane’s mind panicked: “This’ll never work. I’m in big trouble. I’m a fool; I’m weak; I–”

“Yes, of course. Do what you need to do, doctor,” Christi answered, interrupting Jane’s train of thought. Jane brought her head down between her patient’s parted thighs, her heart beginning to pound heavily. After a brief hesitation, her tongue darted out of her mouth and prodded Christi’s clitoris, making her jump. Jane slid her tongue along her patient’s labia, causing her own pussy to awaken. With another quick motion, she dipped her tongue into Christi’s pussy, making her gasp aloud. Jane smiled.

Making her face serious again, she rose up from between Christi’s legs. “I’m sorry, that must’ve been casino firmaları very awkward,” Jane said. Christi shrugged shyly.

“It’s alright. It had to be done,” she answered. Jane looked at the innocent girl exposing herself on her examination table and sighed.

“Christi, I need to be honest with you.”

“Oh God, what’s wrong?”

“Oh, no, it’s not that. You’re in perfect health.” Christi relaxed and smiled. “It’s just that I… I lied to you about that last test. I wasn’t checking for any substance. I just… I wanted to lick you… down there.” Jane looked at the floor, embarrassed.

“Oh. Oh wow,” Christi said, blushing.

“I was completely overcome, and I’m very sorry. Any action you might choose to take would probably be justified.”

“It’s… it’s okay. I’m very flattered. Look, doctor, do you still… still want to?” Jane’s eyes shot up to meet Christi’s.

“You’re serious?”

“Yes, well, I mean, if you would pick up the bill for this visit…”

“Oh yes, of course. You won’t be charged.”

“Then, yes, I would enjoy it. You’re a very good-looking woman, doctor.”

“Thank you very much.” Jane couldn’t believe the turn-around that had just occurred. Christi removed the hospital gown completely, leaving her fully nude. She turned and edged her bottom slightly off the table, lifting her legs into the air. Jane took off her white robe and approached Christi. She kneeled in güvenilir casino front of Christi’s bare crotch and began licking her, from her anus to her clit, wanting to taste all of her. Christi lay one hand lightly on Jane’s hair, pulling her head softly. Jane ate Christi fully, leaving no square-inch untouched.

Jane stood up and moved to eat Christi’s wonderful breasts. She sucked on her nipples and kneaded her hot flesh with her delicate hands. Christi moaned, enjoying the attention.

Jane returned to Christi’s wet cunt, unable to resist it. She pressed her tongue as deeply as possible into the young woman’s vagina while rubbing her clitoris with her soft fingers. She even managed to stimulate Christi’s anus with her pinky finger. With all three zones being worked on smartly, Christi’s body was powerless to stop the orgasm that struck her then. Her legs shook and her back arched. She nearly fell off the table but Jane steadied her with her arms. Caught up in the moment, she kissed Christi on the lips. Christi kissed back once she was conscious enough again. Jane stepped back and stared at the result of her passion. Christi lay diagonally on the table, one leg hanging off, her hands rubbing her abdomen, trying to bring her breathing back down. Finally, she was able to speak.

“Thank you, doctor. I feel much better.” They both laughed.

When Christi was dressed again, she caught Jane’s arm before she left. “You have my number, doctor, don’t be afraid to use it.” Christi left the room with a wink of her eye.

Jane copied the phone number on a separate piece of paper and put it safely in her pocket before rushing off to the bathroom to attend to herself.

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