Double Your Pleasure

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I’m no longer married since I divorced my wife almost three years ago. It wasn’t entirely her fault because I’d known she was an incredibly sexual woman. She apparently needed more than one man could provide. I don’t believe for a moment that I wasn’t satisfying her because every night was a marathon for us that left her quite satisfied and me too.

I honestly believe that she was faithful for the first two years or so of our six year marriage. Somewhere she’d found an additional need not for one man but for at least eight and possibly ten or more. I sometimes think they must have taken turns outside my door — standing in line to experience her. She was beautiful, witty and possibly a nymphomaniac. She couldn’t seem to ever get enough.

I came home unexpectedly one afternoon and when I got into the house I heard noises from the living room. She was fucking a guy on the floor. I left quietly and got back to my car. While I sat there, I saw the guy leave and was thinking of going into the house again and either confronting her or ignoring the event. While I was making up my mind, another car pulled up out front and a guy went into the house with a key to the door.

I waited ten minutes and quietly entered through the back door again. They were in our bed and I watched amazed for more than ten minutes while they exercised sexually. While I watched I wondered and finally went back out to the car without saying anything. I waited until I saw the guy leave with a smile on his face and then decided to call her on my cell phone and let her know that I’d be extremely late. I told her that I’d call before I left work.

It wasn’t an hour before another guy pulled up outside and knocked on the door. Apparently this one didn’t have his own key, or had forgotten it. I went back to the door, opened it and listened to screams of passion from her. I assumed they were in the bedroom again, but I didn’t go in. He was in the house longer than the second guy, but ended up leaving a little more than an hour after he arrived. Another thirty minutes and another car and another guy. This one was there only thirty minutes and he drove off. When the next guy arrived, I’d made up my mind what to do.

I called saying that I was coming home and the guy left ten minutes later. It usually took me almost thirty minutes to drive home. When I pulled forward and into the driveway, I went in the front door and everything was normal. I heard her in the shower and went into the bedroom. She came out ten minutes later and looked radiant with nothing but the towel. When she saw me she ran to me, dropping the towel to the floor, and threw her arms around me. Shortly thereafter we were making love in the bed. I suspect she must have just gotten warmed up when she had to chase the last guy out and was still hot and in need of another fuck.

The next morning I stopped off at a friend’s house and asked about his divorce. He gave me the name of a good investigator and I went to see him. When I arrived the guy had just gotten off the phone with my friend who’d called to introduce me. After paying a fee and completing some paperwork I left. The investigator wouldn’t start his surveillance for two days yet. I went home and parked where I had yesterday.

Sure enough someone was there and left fifteen minutes after I arrived. I had no idea how long he’d stayed. Ten minutes lapsed and the guy that referred me to the investigator showed up and went inside. I went back to the house and listened for a moment while they made love. This time I found an investigator out of the yellow pages and called and cancelled the first guy’s surveillance. The new guy was ready to start immediately.

He filmed six guys in the first day and I couldn’t identify them because the ones I’d seen were too far away. Needless to say she didn’t fight the divorce.

I came in here Saturday afternoon for a week of customer consultations beginning Monday morning. The company had booked me an executive suite in case I needed to entertain customers. I’d only traveled about eighty miles, but there was nothing pressing at home and I enjoy it here usually. Southern California can be a beautiful place and so Sunday morning I’d checked the hotel lobby and found a rack of brochures for entertainment spots and tours.

I settled on an afternoon tour and an evening tour. I’d been on the afternoon tour to the Queen Mary and just gotten back to the hotel, cleaned up and returned to the lobby to wait. The desk clerk pointed to a group already waiting. It would be forty-five minutes before the tour left so I took a seat away from the rest of the group and near a long hallway.

About ten minutes had passed when I saw a lady of about forty, I’m a terrible judge of a woman’s age, walk in and up to the reception desk. The desk clerk hurried to help and then pointed down the long hallway next to my chair. She smiled and apparently thanked him and started toward me. The brochures I mentioned earlier, courtesy phones and access to the restrooms was immediately in front of me.

She was dressed in a thin beige long-sleeved button front sweater beylikdüzü escort and short plaid skirt. The buttons looked to be only about an inch apart and ran from waist to neck. What I noticed first was the way the sweater fit. It looked as if she was wearing a pushup bra that was straining at its task. The upper portion of the sweater seemed to sit on top of her breasts. She had honey-colored hair and beautiful eyes. She was definitely not plain looking, but not a glamour beauty queen. She looked like a nice wholesome woman with a pretty face and a gorgeous body. Her high-heels made her appear taller than she actually was, and accented the calves of her legs.

The legs looked bare and not as if she was wearing stockings. The skirt had a slight swish as she walked and I longed for a strong wind. She smiled at me and continued as I smiled back. She was just past me when as if she’d forgotten something, she stopped and retraced her steps and turned into the alcove and I presumed entered the restroom.

A few minutes later, I looked up as she came out of the room and walked from the alcove, smiled again and continued down the long hallway. I wondered what was down that hallway. It extended toward the front of the hotel and so I imagined a meeting room or possibly a bar. I wanted to follow, but resisted the urge.

Several more minutes passed and I noticed another lady walk in and up to the desk clerk. She had reddish brown hair and mischievous eyes. It was almost a copy of what I’d seen earlier, except this gal was wearing all black. She had on black fishnet stockings, a short black skirt and a kind of long leather looking jacket. The jacket had many buttons and ran from waist to neck also. The neck was kind of a mandarin style and the jacket flared at the waist and ended a couple of inches above the skirt hem. Her black high-heels also accentuated her calves. Her ass was definitely well formed.

This gal was only slightly stockier than the first and had perhaps a C cup breast size. Her step was shorter and faster than the first gal. She too smiled at me and I swear that she did the same double-take and return to the restroom. When she exited, she too smiled and I beamed one back in return.

Now I was interested in what was at the end of that hallway. I sat for maybe ten minutes and with only fifteen minutes until tour time I made up my mind and walked down the hallway. It was a restaurant. Perhaps it was semi-formal and half filled. The aroma of food coming through the doorway was intoxicating and reminded me that I hadn’t eaten all day.

I made up my mind and entered. While I waited to be seated, I looked around and didn’t see either of the two ladies I’d seen enter. Disappointed, I started to turn when I noticed a small extension of the main room that had only three tables. Astonished at my luck, the two ladies I’d followed were sitting together at the only table in front of the window, and the other two tables were clean and empty.

When the maitre d’ returned and asked how many I replied one and asked if I might sit at one of the two empty tables next to the ladies. He smiled and said by all means and asked if I’d like to seat myself. Of course I replied and walked over to take a seat facing the window at the table closest to my beautiful pair of ladies.

A waiter crossed the room, presented me with a menu, a glass of ice water and a setting of silverware and left. The two ladies had been seated facing each other and glanced up to see who’d joined them as I picked up the menu. They both smiled and then leaned forward across the table. I watched two faces and two sets of great boobs squeezed by the edge of the table as they leaned over and whispered. After they’d straightened and I’d stopped peering over the top of the menu in what I thought was a stealthy scrutiny, one of them turned toward me and asked if I was eating alone.

I replied that I was and they asked me if I’d like to join them since they were not expecting anyone either. What an opportunity I thought as I thanked and joined them. When the waiter returned, the three of us were chatting and hadn’t really looked at the menu. We hurriedly selected something and he departed.

One gal started by introducing herself and the other and telling me that they’d left their husbands enjoying the replay of today’s football games. Beige sweater was named Paula and black coat was Hollie. They’d gone to school together and were now next door neighbors. They were nearly identical in height and each frequently completed the other’s sentences. It was fun watching them talk and gesture and I followed the conversation with my head and eyes as they switched back and forth. Occasionally my eyes would fasten on their breasts instead of their eyes. Each time I looked back up I found a pair of eyes and a smile shining back at me.

I was a bit self-conscious each time they caught me staring, but they merely smiled and continued talking. I tried to keep my eyes up, but it was impossible. Dinner came and we continued talking as we ate. Soon they asked about me and so I told them beyoğlu escort but not after warning them that it would be boring. Hollie stopped my story and looked me straight in the eyes and asked if I was undressing them in my mind. I stammered and stuttered and they broke into laughter at my effort.

Then Hollie smiled and apologized for embarrassing me and then she said that it was okay. She said they enjoyed men looking at them because their husbands had started taking them for granted. I didn’t understand that at all, they were enticing ladies with tremendous appeal to me. Paula also smiled and continued that they’d only meant that a man who enjoyed looking at them was a very pleasant experience.

I felt free to stare, and long, at will as we ate. When dinner was over, the waiter made an impromptu appearance and asked if we’d like dessert or an after dinner drink. I asked the ladies and was amazed again. Paula asked if I was staying at the hotel, and I replied that I was. Hollie asked if the room was large enough for three to sit and talk. I told them of the suite and they smiled and told the waiter nothing else was required. I insisted on paying the bill and thanked them for their company and we got up to leave.

They waited as I settled the bill and then walked with me. As we returned to the lobby, I turned to thank them again and they each took an arm and said that they thought we might have a drink in my room. Certainly! I smiled and surrounded by pulchritude I escorted them to the elevator. More than one pair of male eyes followed us enviously.

When we’d reached the room, had entered and I’d shut the door they asked where the powder room was. I pointed and they walked off together. I sat on the sofa and waited. I remembered the honor bar in the corner of the room and checked it to make certain it was stocked and then returned to the sofa.

I heard water running and the toilet flush and then they reappeared just as pretty as ever. As I started to stand they told me to stay seated and walked over to stand one on each side of me. Paula asked Hollie if she was still certain and Hollie said yes. I had no idea what they’d referred to. Paula asked if I didn’t think it customary to assist a lady in removing her sweater in a warm room. Again I started to stand and Hollie said for me to just assist while staying seated.

I paused for Paula to unbutton the sweater and she told me that she always had trouble with the buttons on that sweater and asked if I could help. I was confused but agreed and reached to undo the bottom buttons. As I approached her breasts I slowed and then stopped, assuming that she would unbutton those by herself.

She asked if I no longer wanted to help her and I tried to explain. She told me something about a job once started . . . So I continued cautiously trying not to touch her ample breasts. When I’d finally approached her neck I glanced down and the sweater was parted only slightly, but it looked like I saw her bare tummy. When at last I’d finished, she turned and asked me to help her out of it. From behind, I took the collar and pulled the corners apart and she shrugged one and then the other shoulder and pulled her arms out through the sleeves.

She was wearing only a beige pushup bra almost exactly as I’d imagined when I first saw her. I stared hard, swallowed a lot, tried to talk but nothing came out. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder turning me around and then a voice was asking if I would help her, too. Hollie said that her jacket was far too warm. I wanted to turn back and stare, but I reached out and started at the bottom button of the jacket. The jacket was tight and opened as I unbuttoned it. When I got to below her breasts Hollie insisted that I go on. I knew almost immediately that she was not wearing a bra.

When I’d helped her out of the jacket they were both beaming at me and I was in shock. Paula then asked where her turn was, because she was still warm and had turned to have me assist in removing her bra. A comparatively petite pair of breasts stared at me from Hollie and an ample pair from the Paula. Both pair were from my dreams. Hollie’s were perfectly pointed and proud with huge nipples and large areoles. Paula’s were equally proud and slightly rounded at the nipple. Paula’s breasts were larger and the nipples were hard and pointing at me but the areoles more demure than Hollies.

They asked in unison if I liked what I saw and I couldn’t answer with my mouth so dry. They dropped to their knees on the couch at each side of me and brought those breasts much, much closer. Paula asked if I thought her nipples were hard enough and when I answered that they looked as if they were she smiled and asked me to touch them and give her my honest opinion. I did touch and they were hard, and I could feel them hardening further as I held them.

It was Hollie’s turn and now she wanted to know about her nipples. Were they as nice as the Paula’s? She took my hand and guided it to a nipple and it was firm. One hand on a nipple on each gal, was I dreaming?

I felt my head surrounded bomonti escort by arms and pulled forward to a breast. I took the nipple between my lips and started to suckle and felt a pair of hands at my waist. Suddenly I was being held and I felt my zipper being opened. The arms held me as I nursed that breast and then pushed my mouth away and against the second of the pair. The hands were removing me from my pants. My briefs were pulled down slightly and hands were inside and lifting my balls gently out and fondling my cock.

I vaguely heard a whispered conversation that I didn’t understand and then I was released and they both stood next to me. My cock was ramrod stiff and my balls were swelling. Paula asked me to remove her skirt and I did. Then Hollie asked for the same favor and I found that she was wearing nothing beneath. Paula was wearing a thong and asked for help removing it. Still dumbstruck I helped her as I pulled them down and reached around to spread her cheeks as they dropped.

Paula smiled as Hollie dropped to her knees and started removing my shoes. When my feet were free she grabbed my pants by the cuffs and lifted my legs as she pulled them free. Paula told me to stand as she worked at my briefs. She hugged my ass and then grabbed them by the elastic band and pulled them down and off. Except for my socks and their shoes, we were all naked. The shoes and socks went next.

Hollie asked if I would do them a favor. I replied that I’d love to and she asked me to masturbate for them. I was astonished and amazed at the question and as I sat stunned they started to tell me a story.

Their husbands, they told me, were fine men and they loved them, but sex from their husbands had almost eluded the two of them for more than three years. Hollie and Paula had talked together as friends during the entire time. They offered suggestions to each other and experimented in an effort to arouse their husbands and get what they wanted so much.

The men would come home late after a hard days work and sleep through the evening and go to bed early to sleep some more. Their husbands would only occasionally provide sex and then it was usually of the ‘Speedo’ variety. Two minutes and the men were done. When asked to experiment or provide oral or to watch him masturbate the guys would just go to sleep.

After that first year the ladies had decided to have an affair, separately. Apparently they’d had no success because they’d neither one had anything but a non-rewarding flirtation or two. Another year and they were desperate and hit upon the idea of going together and if one scored she was to come back and tell everything to her friend.

Still nothing happened and they fantasized together and talked about what they wanted to do, and what they wanted to happen, and what they needed. They’d never seen a man masturbate and it was high on their list. They wanted to excite a man so much that he’d jack-off in front of them and they could watch and help if they chose. They wanted oral sex, lots of oral sex. They wanted to find a man with a larger than average cock and play with it, taste it, suck it, and be filled with it. They wanted hard sex and they wanted wild sex. They wanted to experience everything that a man could provide.

After the last year they’d started going together to dinner once a week while their husbands watched sports of every kind. They’d each wanted to pick up a man, but now they’d decided last week that the two of them would go together and find a man. They’d agreed to share him in every way and to drive him mad with lust and passion. They had never had sex with each other or another lady and were not interested in each other except as friends and as co-conspirators in tonight’s fun.

After they’d seen me, they’d been talking about me at the table as I came in. They said that they’d noticed me looking and interested. When they’d found a table and started talking, they’d determined that both were talking about the same guy in the front lobby — me!

Now they’d each seen my cock and decided that it was indeed larger than either of their husband’s and so I was to be their toy if I would. I swallowed hard and said that I’d be glad to do what I could and Paula returned to the question of whether I’d masturbate for them and let them watch. She added quickly that if it would help me then they would masturbate with me and let me watch them. How could I refuse two such beautiful ladies?

They started telling me what and how they wanted me to do it. Take my balls in one hand and hold them up while massaging them. Use a finger or two on my other hand to circle my head, and then the flat of my palm to rub it hard. Then to take it in both hands and begin stroking.

As I began, they each reached down and began fondling their clit. Paula seemed to reach a climax first and her eyes closed and she moaned but quickly opened them again and stared at what I was doing. A moment later Hollie also climaxed and then they smiled and winked at each other. They removed their hand and replaced it with the other as they each brought the first wet hand to my lips. As they fondled themselves and watched me stroking I tasted those wet fingers and licked them clean. They seemed in ecstasy at my actions. Meanwhile I could taste the difference in the two gals. One was slightly sweeter and the other slightly more aromatic. Both turned my heat up a full notch.

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