Dirty Thursdays

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I was nineteen at the time, just finishing up my second year at university. Those were lean days, and to save some money I rented a room in a house with four other people. My timetable wasn’t too bad, but there was much more extra work to do at home. I was in class three days a week, and always off on Tuesdays and Thursdays for independent study. My housemates were all doing business courses, which meant they were in class all the time, so I usually had the house to myself on my days off; except, of course, when Rosa came.

Our landlord, not trusting the hygiene of a bunch of students, had recently hired a cleaner to come into the house every Thursday. The first couple of times I had slept through her visits, awakening to find the place impossibly tidy and sweet-smelling. Then, one morning, I decided to get up early and actually do some work for a change. I had completely forgotten what day it was when I strode out of my room in just a towel.

She was crouched down by the skirting-board, plugging in the vacuum. I gasped and froze on the spot. She turned her head sharply, almost as shocked as I was. Then it all came flooding back to me: Thursday – cleaner – not a burglar. I managed a weak smile. She smiled back, which put me at ease. She looked to be in her early thirties, with deeply tanned skin and hair the colour of dark chocolate. She was wearing a pair of faded jeans and a white tank top, but she still looked incredible. For me it was instant. I wanted her. I said hi and introduced myself.

‘My name is Rosa,’ she said. Her Spanish accent seemed to melt all over my naked chest. I nodded and made my way quickly to the bathroom, my face burning with embarrassment. As I passed her, I glanced down to where she was still kneeling and noticed that her eyes were fixed on my towel. As I opened the bathroom door, I knew she was staring at the shape of my ass.

When I came out of the bathroom she wasn’t around. I couldn’t hear any noise from downstairs, so I assumed she’d gone. I went into my room and started drying off. I’d been thinking about her in the shower and had got pretty aroused. I couldn’t help fantasising about all the ways I wanted to fuck her. As I turned to reach for my deodorant, I caught a reflection of something in my mirror. I quickly looked to the door and saw it open. Rosa was standing there.

I expected her to run away, or at least say something. But she just stood there, looking at me. I was shocked. I knew that I should probably have been yelling at her to get out. Instead, I looked back at her in silence. She wasn’t smiling, exactly, but her eyes seemed to twinkle. Her eyes dropped to my crotch, where I was holding on to the towel, then moved back up to meet my own gaze. I understood what she wanted.

Very slowly I let the towel drop. My heart was pounding. Rosa was staring right at my cock as it stiffened. I wasn’t very sexually experienced, but I had never been so aroused in my life. I was determined to have her. As I took a couple of steps toward her, she held up her hand to stop me. She said, ‘I just want to look at you.’ I stood still, not knowing what to do. ‘Touch yourself,’ she said, lifting her top.

I began to stroke my balls, concentrating on her fingers as they pulled down the cups of her bra. I had never seen nipples as long and hard as hers. They jutted out from her full breasts, inviting me to suck and bite. As she played with them, I started to masturbate for her. My hand gripped my shaft and pumped it long and slow. My legs were shaking, so I decided to sit down on the edge of my bed.

With my legs wide open, I worked my cock faster, grinding my butt on the bed. Rosa popped the front of her jeans and lowered her zip. Then şirinevler türbanlı escort she pushed her hand inside her panties and began to masturbate with me. She leaned against the doorframe, moving her hips in circles as she held onto the wood above her head. I kept looking from her breasts to the hand going like crazy inside her pants, and lingering on the smooth expanse of stomach in between. The feeling of her eyes on me as I jerked off was incredible. It was as though I could actually feel her gaze moving over my naked body.

I came before her, catching it in the palm of my other hand. I collapsed back on the bed, and I heard Rosa grunting on the other side of the room as she got herself off. When I opened my eyes and sat up, she was gone.

The next week was surreal. It had happened, I was sure, and yet I still found myself questioning it all. I was dying to tell the other guys in the house, but I didn’t. There was a part of me that loved the secret. And if nothing like it ever happened again, at least I would have that private memory all to myself.

By the next Thursday I was strangely unsettled. I desperately wanted to confront Rosa and ask her what the hell was going on. Did she want me? Had it just been a one-off? Had she left so quickly out of embarrassment? Disappointment? I got up and showered early. When Rosa arrived, I was playing my guitar in my room. I took a deep breath and went downstairs to the kitchen.

She was cleaning down the countertops when I cleared my throat to get her attention. She showed me that same warm smile, but said nothing.

‘Listen,’ I began, ‘about what happened . . .’

I trailed off. She put down the cloth and turned to face me. She was wearing a low-cut short-sleeved shirt with a pair of very skimpy denim shorts. Her long brown legs looked shiny in the light from the kitchen window. My mind went completely blank.

Rosa walked slowly towards me. ‘I liked what we did,’ she said. ‘I was thinking about it all week.’

‘Me too,’ I replied.

She stopped two feet away from me and flicked her hair back from her shoulders. ‘You have a beautiful cock.’

Stupidly, I almost said thanks, then thought better of it.

‘I’d like to see it again,’ she said, brushing her hands over her breasts. ‘If you want to show me, that is.’

I was feeling braver this time. ‘Can I see your pussy?’

She shook her head, smiling. ‘Not yet. But you can touch my breasts.’ She walked past me, towards the living room. I followed her, my attention fixed on her ass. I wanted to tear of her shorts, rip her panties down and fuck her against the wall. My jeans suddenly felt much too tight.

‘Sit,’ she said. I sat down on the sofa. She stood in front of me and undid the buttons on her shirt. This time, she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her breasts came into full view. ‘Take it out,’ she said, looking down at my crotch.

I fumbled to get my jeans open, and felt an enormous relief as my cock popped free. Rosa dropped her shorts and climbed on top of me, straddling my legs. She was wearing a pair of white, satin panties, and I groaned as I felt them come to rest against my throbbing erection. Her breasts were level with my face, and I placed my hands on them, gently at first, as though they might shatter under my touch.

She pushed my t-shirt up and stroked my stomach and chest. I fondled her, moulding my fingers to her shape, stroking softly, then more firmly. Her long nipples were pointing stiffly towards my mouth. Quivering with barely contained lust, I asked her for permission to suck them. She nodded yes, and I took them in my mouth. As I sucked and flicked them with şirinevler ucuz escort my tongue, she began to move her crotch against my painfully hard cock. Through the satin I could feel the shape of her pussy, and the dampness of her hot slit.

She moved faster, grinding and riding the underside of my erection. Gingerly, I moved my hands down to her ass. She didn’t stop me, so I squeezed her flesh, moving my hips in time with hers. I was gently biting her left nipple when she started to come. She pulled me tight to her breasts, her pussy throbbing as though pulsing with electricity. It was the first time I had ever felt a woman orgasm, and I felt it right against my cock.

The sensation was too much for me, and I uttered a half scream against her skin as I reached my own breathless climax. I came all over the front of her panties, which seemed to excite her even more. As I sat there recovering, she stood up and stepped out of her sticky underwear. I caught a brief glimpse of her bare sex, and was slightly shocked to find that she had shaved it completely.

Again, I had no idea what to say. I sat there while she dressed, feeling slightly awkward about my now semi-limp, wet cock lying against my stomach.

‘Don’t jerk off for the next week,’ she said. ‘No matter how much you want to.’

‘Why not?’

She smiled. ‘Because I want a lot of come to swallow when I suck you.’

With that, she dropped her wet panties onto my lap and left the room to continue cleaning the kitchen. In a dazed state, I went upstairs to my room and shut the door.

Not masturbating for the next week was agony. In my teens, I jerked off as much as any guy – which was pretty much every chance I got. I would pick up Rosa’s panties and smell the inside, and my cock would get so hard I sometimes had to go to the bathroom and stick it under the cold tap. I was desperate to lie naked on my bed and just pump my dick till it exploded. But I wanted to do as Rosa had instructed. The chance of having her take me inside her beautiful mouth was too incredible to waste.

Thursday finally arrived, and when Rosa walked through the door I had a surprise for her. I had got up early that morning and had done all the cleaning myself. There was nothing for her to do but come to my room. She was delighted, and she kissed me passionately as thanks. Her hand drifted down to the front of my pants. I had been hard on and off for most of the morning, excited at what was to come. She felt the bulge and smiled.

“Let’s go upstairs,” she said.

She was wearing a very short skirt, and as I walked up the stairs behind her I could clearly see the black thong that clung tightly to her little pussy mound. By the time we actually made it to my room, I was so hot I could have shot my load on command. She led me inside and shut the door. Then she told me to undress. As I took of my clothes, she sat on the bed and watched me, lazily touching herself.

When I was naked, my dick jutting out desperately from my body, she stood up from the bed. She was wearing a skimpy, strapless top, which she pushed down to reveal her breasts. Then she pulled her skirt up, and slid her panties down. Sitting back on the edge of the bed, she put her hands on my waist and pulled me gently toward her. I looked down at her, breathing hard, my whole body trembling.

She looked up at me, her sweet brown eyes filled with playful lust, then she pushed out her tongue and licked the underside of my quivering erection. I held my breath. She stroked my balls as her mouth travelled the length of my twitching cock. When she took it inside her mouth, I groaned heavily. It felt like I’d been şişli escort waiting months for this, not just a week.

She sucked me hard, one hand jerking off my shaft, her other hand fingering her pussy. The sight was incredible. I reached down and fondled her breasts, then brushed my fingers through her hair. I moved in time with her mouth, fucking her expert lips. Then she slid her hand from my cock and took as much of me in her mouth as she could. It was amazing. And when I felt her tickling my asshole, it became too much. I was shocked by how hard I came, and she swallowed every drop.

When she let my wet cock slip from her mouth, smiling and licking her lips, my knees were so weak I almost collapsed. I had finished way before her, and she was still working away steadily at her clit.

‘Can I return the favour?’ I asked.

She nodded, and took her hand away from between her legs. I knelt in front of her and gazed at her swollen cunt. I’d never eaten pussy before, and I wasn’t exactly sure where to start. Rosa sensed this, and guided me.

‘Just start nice and slow,’ she said. ‘Ease into it. Explore a little.’

What struck me first was the scent. Once, a girl I was seeing in high school let me put my hand inside her panties and finger her a little. I hadn’t made her come or anything, but the experience of actually touching a girl’s pussy stuck in my mind for a long time. But what I remembered more was the way my fingers smelled when I got home that night. It took the whole of the next day to fade completely, and I found myself putting my fingers under my nose in class and getting instantly hard.

Rosa’s pussy-scent was even stronger. And as I put my face closer, I could actually feel heat emanating from it. My mouth watered as I pushed out my tongue and touched it to her outer lips. They were soft and smoothed where she’d shaved them, and I licked them from bottom to top, as though enjoying ice cream. After a few strokes on either side, I parted her lips and licked around her wet opening. The taste was as powerful as her scent.

‘Now put your tongue on my clit,’ she said. ‘Move it in circles.’

With a little more direction from Rosa, I got the hang of eating pussy very quickly; and I loved it. I loved concentrating on giving her pleasure, and hearing the sounds she made as I varied my speed, or flicked her a little harder. She lay back and moaned, muttering to herself in Spanish. When she came, she grabbed the sides of my head and pulled my face tighter into her pussy. At first, I thought I was going to suffocate, but then she eased off and I was able to breathe again.

When I stood up, my cock was hard once more. Getting her off had been such a turn-on, and I was ready to keep going. When Rosa saw my fresh erection, she smiled to herself and pulled me onto the bed with her. As we kissed, she held my dick and slowly jerked me off. I pulled off her clothes until she was completely naked, then I lay on my back and she got on top.

I’d only had sex a few times at that point, so I still didn’t have much self-control. But Rosa watched me closely, and every time I looked as though I might be ready to come, she would ease off and let me settle, then start again. Her pussy was so wet, and her full breasts felt so good in my hands as she rode me. It was the culmination of every masturbation fantasy I’d ever had.

When I felt Rosa coming for the second time, her hands on my chest as she bounced up and down on my young cock, I couldn’t hold back anymore. I gripped her waist and gritted my teeth, spurting inside her again and again, until we both lay there spent in each other’s arms.

Rosa and I kept our affair going until I moved out of the house. After that, I never really saw her again. We had a sort of unspoken agreement that it was great while it lasted, but it was done. A couple of months later I met a really fantastic girl and we ended up moving in together. I’ve never forgotten Rosa, though. And sometimes just the sound of a vacuum cleaner is enough to get me going.

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