Digging Up The Truth

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Kathi clung to the handrails on either side of her as the truck flew perilously down the dirt path. In the back with her were seven fellow adventurers, spread evenly around three sides of the open-air truck bed, all of them clutching the handrails as if their lives depended on it. And it did.

Thirty six year old Kathi was particularly anxious for the two female college students in the group, neither of which had been on this type of excursion before. The youngest, Hannah, seemed to be taking it in stride. Her short, jet black hair whipped behind her head as she leaned out for a better view of what was approaching. Hannah’s smile indicated to Kathi she was equating this to a thrill ride at an amusement park instead of what it truly was—a paleontology project.

Sitting next to her was Megan, who was a little bit older and much more mature than Hannah. That put her in the group of people somewhat fearful for their safety. The four male students bravely hung on, attempting to make light of the situation.

Douglas, a fifty two year old professor and organizer of the trip, sat next to Kathi. She saw him watching Hannah, her loose fitting top buffeted by the wind. Kathi knew from her experiences with Douglas that he would be paying extra attention to the pretty, young girl. She knew he would enjoy the occasional flash of skin and bouncing breasts this truck ride would offer him.

Twice before, Kathi and Douglas had been in this part of Germany with students. It was famous for its fossil discoveries, and lousy roads.

“Quit staring, Douglas. You’re going to creep her out,” Kathi said while leaning towards his ear.

He looked over at her. “What?!”

“You heard me,” Kathi said. “She could almost be your granddaughter.”

The truck lurched off the ground and landed roughly, the occupants in the back following suit. Amid shouts and nervous laughter, Douglas laid his hand on top of Kathi’s leg; half of his hand on her bare thigh and half on the bottom of her fairly short shorts. Kathi nonchalantly moved the hand away.

“And keep your hands off her,” she told her colleague.

His wry smile was the answer she expected. Not an agreement, but an answer.

Kathi Cullen and Douglas Pratt were both PhD’s in paleontology, but Douglas’ seniority made him the lead professor on these trips. Still, Kathi felt an obligation to protect the students, chiefly the females, and she went out of her way to rein in Douglas when necessary. Hannah and Megan were two of the better looking girls they’d had with them in a long time. Kathi expected to have her hands full.

That was especially true with nineteen year old Hannah. She had proven to be an outgoing, fun-loving girl, traveling to Europe for the first time and, overall, being the life of the party. Kathi fully expected Hannah to latch on to one of the guys before now, but it hadn’t happened—at least not to her knowledge. Experience told Kathi that a month in the German countryside with a small group of people could lead to anything.

Mercifully, the truck approached the dig site and came to a screeching halt at the camp where the eight fossil experts would be housed. A dozen identical cabins were scattered around the wooded grounds. Large white numbers painted above the doors appeared to be the only means of distinguishing one from the other.

Kathi had many tales to tell of people, both students and professors, attempting to enter the wrong cabins at night; allegedly by accident.

The group quickly jumped out of the truck, trailing luggage and backpacks behind them.

“Gather in front of cabin one, please,” Kathi shouted. Douglas was not into the administrative stuff very much, so Kathi gladly handled it. She enjoyed it.

Once they were assembled, she pulled out a sheet of paper and began reading: “Tom and Eric—cabin 3. Scott and Tony—cabin 4. Hannah and Megan—cabin 5. You have one hour to organize your cabins. Meet back here at,” she looked at her watch. “Five o’clock.”

“Can we trade cabins with anybody?” Tony asked amid mostly male-led cheers and laughter.

“Strictly prohibited,” Kathi said, having heard the same question twice before. “Punishable by a free flight home.”

The students grabbed their stuff and disappeared inside their assigned quarters. Kathi and Douglas headed for cabins one and two, respectively. The cabins were three-room cottages. Three fourths of the interior was taken up by a combined living/dining room and kitchen. A tiny bathroom was in the back. The only other room big enough to move in was the bedroom, and it was tiny.

Kathi threw her suitcase on the bed and opened it. She immediately searched out her hair brush. A mirror on the wall, barely big enough to show a reflection of her head, offered a chance to put her blonde hair back in place. She checked her t-shirt and shorts for any debris from the wild ride in the truck, and deemed herself dirt free.

She unpacked and checked the shower for hot water, a trick she had learned from a previous trip. casino şirketleri If she discovered it didn’t work early enough, it was fixable before the month was over, barely.

Kathi had learned a lot about herself and other people since obtaining her PhD and making the month-long expeditions. Among them: no man could be trusted, regardless of age, when you’re a good-looking blonde in your mid-thirties—and single. Actually, she doubted that being single had much to do with it, except make it easier for the guys to hit on you.

She learned that she was capable of recognizing the signs of a guy about to pounce; the looks, the comments, the ‘accidental’ contact. Kathi always displayed her disinterest in non-threatening ways, not wanting to feel threatened herself in the backwoods of Germany.

The toughest thing she learned to deal with was her occasional interest in a guy on the trip. Temptation was an unrelenting beast. She was human, after all, and human weakness had overtaken her before. Kathi was not proud of that moment.

At five o’clock, the group gathered outside her door. Kathi carried several plastic grocery bags, which the students were very interested in.

“This is dinner,” she said, holding up the bags. “Luckily, the people we work with here in Germany got the e-mail about stocking my refrigerator. There’s hot dogs and, of course, brats. I think some frozen hamburgers, too. Anyway, we’ll walk down to the shelter and see if we can make it edible.”

“Lead the way, Doctor Pratt,” Kathi said. He carried the grilling supplies and would prepare the meal, part of the agreement that had Kathi doing the clerical work.

On the way through the woods to the shelter, Kathi noticed that both girls had changed clothes already. Kathi found this typical of most female students. They over packed and went through clothes way too quickly. The girls would soon learn that the laundry facilities were less than ideal.

Kathi also noticed, from her position near the rear of the group, that the girls’ change had not gone unnoticed by the guys. Their looks and covert conversations offered her no end of entertainment. But the reaction may have been warranted, as both girls were now in quite revealing running shorts and tops. If the trend continued, Kathi might have to address it with them. She made a mental note.

The shelter area was small, like most things at the camp, but functional. Picnic tables were lined up in front of a stone fireplace and a couple of iron grills. A rickety roof offered some protection, if the rain wasn’t too hard.

The students found seats while Kathi and Douglas began the process of cooking. Once the fires were going, Kathi got out of the way. The rest of the evening was spent eating and discussing the overall plan for the month ahead, concentrating on the upcoming few days. Both professors described what the students could expect to find and what specific specimens they were after. Most of the information had been shared long before the trip, but Kathi knew a refresher was always helpful.

The sun was beginning to set when they finished.

“You know how to get back, right? The rest of the night you’re on your own. Meet in front of Dr. Cullen’s cabin at eight o’clock tomorrow morning. Be on time,” Douglas said. “Any questions?”

Each student shook their head. Kathi and Douglas grabbed whatever needed to go back to the cabins and left the kids in charge of the shelter. It was a troublesome exercise for the professors, but one they had to live through each trip.

A short time later, while Hannah and Megan were also on their way back, Hannah said, “Dr. Cullen told me once there’s a lake nearby, down the other road we pass up here. Want to find it?”

“If you think we have time,” Megan answered.

“We have until eight o’clock tomorrow morning. And there are only two roads. How lost can we get?” Hannah said.

Megan shrugged and said, “I’ll trust you.”

They came to the ‘Y’ in the road and turned down the narrow path. It was really just two ruts in the grass, rarely used by anyone besides campers. A short walk among the trees brought them to the edge of the half mile wide lake. Tall grass and assorted swamp-like plants hid the lake from view pretty well, but there was an opening closest to the road that allowed the girls to get down to the shoreline.

The quiet isolation of the lake was exceeded only by the oppressive heat that lingered in the late evening air. The surface of the water looked like a mirror in the stillness and the only sounds were insects, frogs and birds.

“This is great,” Hannah said, slipping her foot out of her sandal and dipping it in the water. “And the water’s cool. Must be fed by a spring somewhere.”

She looked around a spotted a nearby log. “Want to sit down?”

“Sure,” Megan agreed. “I don’t think this log got here by accident. It’s too conveniently placed.”

“I know,” Hannah said. “It’s a little suspicious, isn’t it?”

The girls talked for a casino firmaları few minutes, their occasional laughter seeming to echo in the trees around them. During one of the infrequent lulls in conversation, Hannah said, “That water’s too inviting. I think I’m going in. How about you?”

“Nah,” Megan answered shyly.

“C’mon.” Hannah already had both sandals off and was pulling off her shirt. Megan got a view of Hannah’s bare breasts before Hannah bent down to remove her shorts. Standing in just her panties, Hannah looked splendid in the dim light.

“Get in and tell me what it’s like first,” Megan said, watching the younger girl begin to wade out into the lake.

Hannah was quickly up to her waist in water and continued wading out until it was up to her breasts. She turned to face Megan, the water seemingly supporting the small, round tits.

“It’s perfect,” Hannah said. Then, in an athletic leap, she dove forward and glided under the water for a second. When she resurfaced, she stayed under the water so that it was up to her neck. Her short hair was plastered back as if it was styled that way.

“Come on, Megan.”

The long day, persistent heat, and Hannah’s invitations made the choice easier for Megan. She, too, undressed to her panties and stepped gingerly into the lake under the watchful eye of her new roommate. Megan walked past the still-submerged Hannah until the water rose to her chest. Hannah turned to watch.

In a far less agile move, Megan simply bent her knees and allowed her entire body and head to get wet. By the time she came back up, Hannah had moved towards her.

“Can you swim?” Hannah asked.

“Yeah. I’m not great, but I won’t drown,” Megan said.

Hannah dove towards the center of the lake and took two strokes before she heard the splash of Megan behind her. They swam about twenty yards and stopped, dog paddling to stay afloat in the deep water.

“Isn’t this great?” Hannah said, a little out of breath.

“We might have to do this every night,” Megan said to Hannah’s surprise.

Hannah led the way again, swimming back into shorter water. Just as she was about to stop, she felt something on her leg. She knew Megan was close behind and started to turn in the water. But a hand had hold of the top of her panties and was giving a powerful pull backwards, down Hannah’s legs.

“Hey!” Hannah yelled.

The panties got to her knees and were pulled completely off while Hannah struggled to keep her head above water and keep from drowning while she laughed. Once her legs were free again, Hannah settled her feet onto the sandy bottom and faced the smiling Megan.

“That’s not very nice,” Hannah said in feigned disgust while Megan rolled the wet panties in her hands. With an overhand throw, the panties were tossed toward the pile of clothes on the shore.

Before the panties even hit the ground, Hannah was under the water and tugging on Megan’s bikini briefs. Hannah could hear Megan’s shrieks the entire time she was getting Megan naked. As soon as she was done, Hannah swam a couple feet away and added Megan’s panties to the stuff on the shore.

“We’re even,” Hannah said, getting her first good look at Megan’s full breasts. They were certainly bigger than Hannah’s own ‘average’ tits and had nipples that made hers pale in comparison.

“You need to swim faster next time,” Megan said.

“There might not be a next time now.”

Megan splashed water onto Hannah’s face and the water fight began. The once-tranquil lake was alive, at least in one tiny segment, with sprays of mist, waves, and high pitched yelps. Hannah tried to momentarily escape by swimming, but a firm hand around her ankle stopped her immediately. Hannah made an effort to kick before she was hauled backwards with surprising ease.

“That will cost you,” Megan said.

With a loud slap, Megan’s hand fell onto Hannah’s wet, bare ass.

“Owwwww!” Hannah screamed.

“Shh! Somebody will hear us,” Megan warned. And then she spanked her naked friend a couple more times.

Hannah yelled again, but got her hand around and managed to somehow capture Megan’s wrist while it was above her ass. With an awkward tug, Megan was pulled into the water next to Hannah. The two girls wrestled for position, their bodies bumping together many times in the process.

Hannah tried to return the spanks under the water, but Megan easily stopped her by grabbing her arms. They faced each other, panting, and stationary for a change. Water dripped off their faces, down their necks and onto their chests. They looked at each other, half smiling.

Megan pulled Hannah towards her and leaned into the cute girl. Their mouths met. Megan’s tongue forced its way between Hannah’s lips and she accepted it with uncertainty. The kiss lasted only a few seconds.

“Another one?” Megan asked softly. “Please?”

Hannah’s shock wore off about the same time she caught her breath. She answered by initiating the next kiss herself. Megan let go güvenilir casino of Hannah’s arms and the girls came together naturally. They touched under the water, their hands eventually sinking to each others ass as the kiss became more passionate. Hannah’s mind spun wildly with sensations and thoughts she’d never had before.

When that kiss ended, Megan asked, “You’re so beautiful, Hannah. Can I touch you?”

“I thought you just did?” Hannah said with a little smile.

“I want to feel your breasts.”

Hannah bit her lower lip, and then nodded silently.

Megan looked at her new friend’s chest before raising her hands and putting them around the outside of Hannah’s breasts. Slowly, she cupped them in her palms and slid her hands up until they completely covered the youthful tits. Hannah never looked down. She gazed at Megan’s face, and once or twice at her shimmering, wet breasts. But Hannah could not make herself watch her own breasts being massaged by another girl.

“You’ve done this before,” Hannah said. It was a statement, not a question.

Megan nodded. Her fingers compressed the soft skin that comprised Hannah’s tits. “You haven’t?”

Hannah shook her head.

Megan said, “It’s about the same as when a guy does it, only better.”

Hannah finally looked down when Megan took her hard nipples and rolled them between her fingers. Hannah took in a deep breath and felt her entire body react to the squeezing and pulling.

“Can I lick them?” Megan asked.

“I think I’ll get mad if you don’t.”

Megan smiled and leaned down to take a nipple in her mouth. The lick quickly became a mouthful of Hannah’s breast. Megan’s tongue and teeth worked their magic on the sensitive nub and Hannah moaned her approval the harder Megan sucked on the tit.

Amid the incredible pleasure she was feeling, Hannah became aware of standing naked, waist deep in water in a lake, and it wasn’t completely dark out. Yet, she didn’t dare look around and give the impression that she wanted Megan to stop. The last thing she wanted was for Megan to stop.

Hannah’s attention was brought back to her immediate surroundings when she felt one of Megan’s hands on the top of her thigh. It moved up and only stopped once Megan felt the start of Hannah’s pussy.

Hannah’s mind screamed ‘Stop!’, but Megan’s constant nibbling on her breasts made her body say something else. Hannah spread her legs. Without ever taking her mouth off Hannah’s body, Megan put her fingers on her friend’s pussy.

The first time a finger crossed over her clit, Hannah let out a soft whimper. When Megan rubbed the spot harder, Hannah’s body stiffened. She pushed her hips forward so Megan had better access to the whole area and Megan gladly kept going.

Megan lifted her head off Hannah’s chest and said, “Relax. Let me do this.”

Hannah probably couldn’t have responded if she wanted to. She felt a single finger slide inside her cunt and begin to hit every responsive spot she knew she had, plus some. Megan slowly finger fucked her for a few seconds, before returning to the clit.

Hannah tried to gasp, but Megan’s mouth was back on top of her own and they were kissing harder and stronger than before. As if acting on their own, Hannah’s hands reached out for Megan’s tits and began to frantically squeeze them. Mutual moans and groans filled the quiet night.

It all seemed wonderful to Hannah until it became apparent to her that she might have an orgasm, and soon. Kissing and fondling each other was one thing, but she knew that if Megan kept going, she’d cum eventually.

“Megan,” she tried to whisper. “Megan, I’m…I’m…”

“Shh. It’s OK. Relax,” Megan assured her.

Hannah wondered how she was supposed to relax. Fingers were either inside her cunt or rubbing her clit and she was about to have an explosive orgasm. Relax?

“You’re going to make me…oh God, Megan. Oh God!”

Megan kissed her again and the orgasm began. She plunged two fingers inside Hannah and fucked her wildly. Hannah clung to Megan as her legs got weaker and weaker the longer the orgasm went on. She did a decent job of not yelling out at the top of her voice. Instead, several short cries of joy echoed around them.

When it felt like Hannah was almost done, Megan rubbed her clit and the orgasm continued. Only when Hannah begged her to stop did Megan remove her hand.

Their eyes met. Hannah’s seemed to be asking what just happened. Megan’s wanted to know if Hannah was alright.

“Oh…my…God, Megan.”

“I wonder why Dr. Cullen told you about the lake,” Megan said.

“Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?”

“We better get back,” Megan said sadly.

The girls had taken a couple of steps toward the shore when they seemed to stagger simultaneously. Hannah was the first to utter a sound of disbelief, and Megan added, “Where are our clothes?!”

Glances in both directions proved fruitless. The clothes were gone.

The girls never felt as naked as they did standing there in the dark with no apparent hope of getting dressed. Water trickled down their legs and onto the ground beneath their bare feet.

“Shit!” Hannah muttered.

“It had to be the guys,” Megan said with slightly more composure. “It had to be.”

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