Dear Diary

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Anal Solo

Dear Diary…

I had dinner with a new man and it was a wonderful evening, he is very passionate and I am truly enjoying our exploration of each other, it is an adventure. This is a how the day went…


I showered and washed my hair…the conditioner made my hair smell of almonds and the soap I used was a new addition to my bathroom aroma…the tangerine smell pervaded the house now. Trying not to be too flustered I stood at the door to the wardrobe and tried to decide on what to wear. I eventually chose a dress and slipped it over my head forgetting that I had just finished blow drying it…I was going to need to brush it back into shape before Mike arrived. Wriggling into the dress and smoothing my hands over my curves I looked in the mirror and decided to wear my tiny black beaded cardigan to complete the look. I dabbed some Chanel number five on my pulse points and carefully slipped on my sling back shoes and I was ready.

Preparations of the seduction dinner started at about three in the afternoon, I made a beautiful. Entree.. a antipasto platter of delicious and textural delights Main course … French cut lamb rack with a red wine reduction served with asparagus, and roasted potatoes flavored with rosemary from the garden fresh green beans and rocquette with vanilla bean ice cream and a Rich Chocolate pudding for desert

I had set the table with candles and vine leaves and put the champagne in the ice bucket in readiness. There were flickering candles throughout the house and no lights were needed. The soft light and the warm air were indeed very sensual.

The door bell rang and I made a quick glance into the mirror on my way down the hallway to the door. Opening it slowly as not to let too much be seen all at once. He stood there looking sexy in his dark blue suit. He has glorious long legs and the cutest arse, giggle. His dark eyes shone an evil grin was obvious. We kissed deeply as he made his way across the threshold. He scooped his hands around my waist to hold me closer as the kiss become more intense. Our tongues danced and I recall the sensation of breathlessness as we breathed through each other.

The connection broke momentarily as we separated to walk down the hall to the lounge. The Champagne was waiting perfectly chilled. He uncorked the bottle with great verve and within seconds of the bubbles sliding down the sides of the flutes we were toasting to lust and fantasy and my new lingerie…I just had to tell him! I have to admit I get a little giggly drinking French Sparkling Wine…and he was aware of my condition as my cheeks were hot and blushing as was my chest. He kissed my hot cheeks to cool them and then worked his way down my neck to my shoulder blades maltepe escort and along the front of my bosoms. Reclining on the plump blue velvet couch was the perfect place to lounge and be pleasured. We spoke of our days achievements and then enjoyed feeding each other the morsels that were inf ront of us. More champagne and more kissing and we were almost going to skip dinner altogether but I insisted on completing our promise to eat dinner before we were naked.

We sat down at the table across from each other, He poured the red wine and we clinked our glasses and sipped whilst still starring into each others lustful eyes. The meal was superb but I was rather distracted by where he was placing his foot under the table. He had slipped off his shoe and was rubbing the inside of my calf muscle with his foot. While we carried on an intelligent conversation as if nothing was happening. He moved higher and I tried to remain composed as I felt his foot search past the inside of my knee and along my right inside thigh. I reached down and lifted my dress slightly as to allow him an easier journey to where he was hell bent on arriving sooner rather than later. I edged forward moving my hips closer to the chair’s edge. By this time he had put his knife and fork together and declared his intention to undress me right there in the dining room.

I winked shyly as he left his seat and came and stood behind me. His hands were warm and a little unsteady from his anticipation. He slid my cardigan off my shoulders and bent to kiss the back of my neck, sweeping my hair away from that warmest of soft spots. He ran both his hands down my sides as he continued to caress my neck and shoulders with his soft sensual mouth. I stood and turned to face him as he lifted me to the table and spread my legs, he stood in-between my legs and made movements towards my breasts with his mouth, letting his tongue leave a trail from my shoulder to my cleavage. I lifted my dress up higher and he completed the movement and unwrapped me fully.

Now sitting on the table in my new lingerie, A satisfied grin came across his face as he admired the lace work, well that is his explanation. My skin was now tingling and hot from the arousal and I was sensing some dampness gathering. We kissed in a hurried and frantic lustful twirl. I held the back of his head to ensure the deepness of the kiss. He is THE best and most passionate kisser. His hands moved from my knees along the insides of my thighs to my awaiting sex. He moved the edge of my pants and ran his finger along the softest crease where my leg meets my torso. I quivered slightly as he again kissed me deeply our tongues entangled in a delicious moment.

I mecidiyeköy escort reached his shoulders with my hands and gently dragged my fingers down his chest across his erect nipples. I could feel his finger make tiny circles near my sex and I was aroused listening to his breathing and feeling his breath escape and rest on my neck. He reached over and put his hand around my waist and lowered me onto the table just beside where our plates lay almost finished. I reached my hands above my head and stretched out and writhed a little as he again went closer to my wetness. In a quick and confident movement he lifted my hips and removed my underpants. I was lying there happily knowing exactly what he had in mind…no sooner had I begun to prepare myself for the next step I felt his mouth on my belly…his tongue making swirls around my belly button, it tickled but felt wonderfully intimate.

He moved ever so slowly down my middle with his tongue flicking cleverly, his hands were at my sides making circles of my soft skin. He moved his hands to my knees and lifted them so my feet were resting on the table…he gently but firmly parted my legs and moved to position his mouth over my wet sex. I felt his mouth first over my mound and his hands were moving closer along the insides of my thighs to keep me steady as he darted his tongue inside my lips. I let out a soft slow moan and he quickened his movements in time with the hurried moments that were now evident.

My writhing helped me stave off a quick explosion, as I wanted to savor this a little longer…I felt his hands massage my sex and I knew exactly where his tongue was as he sucked on the hood of my clitoris almost making me scream. He moved his finger along my opening and started to edge inside me while flicking me steadily with his masterful tongue. I felt his finger slide deeper and he moved it in such as way as to make me hold my breath. He then slipped a second finger deep inside my hot wet pussy and I jolted my hips as the pleasure hit me. He was moving his fingers inside me and had found my g spot and was massaging me. I gripped onto his shoulders as I undulated from the intense orgasm…my inner muscles clamped his fingers as the waves of direct pleasure hit me over and over.

I could hardly breath and was quivering as he moved up my body to kiss along my sides to my breasts, he sucked on my nipples as he continued to finger me with great expertise, I felt him bite me and the tinge of pain mixed with the delirious lust was more than I could run from. I began to shudder as another orgasm began to wrack my body. He moved his mouth from one breast to the other sucking and biting gently as I arched my merter escort back from the intense sensations my body was experiencing.

He now had one finger deep inside my sex and his thumb on my clitoris gently making circles. I was in heaven and had no idea how my return to earth would affect the air pressure…giggle As my body slowed the frantic rhythm…I was able to breath less frenetically and just lie back and enjoy the soft warmth of the all over nice feeling. He then kissed his way from my breasts to my chin and then made tiny kisses along my neck to my mouth. We kissed again this time for minutes, his hands left there mooring and he lay on top of me on the table, entangled in a passionate kiss, he fully clothed and me in just my bra and suspenders and stockings.

We again kissed a passionate dance and I sat up and began to unbutton his shirt as our mouths kept time to the breathing that was becoming faster now.

I sat up from the table and we embraced this with animal lust. I kissed my way down his chest and knelt as I carefully unzipped his trousers and slide his erection into my mouth….taking all of him with my wet hot lips….sucking slowly and skillfully while my hands found the tufts of hair around the base of his shaft and tugged on them moving my hands up to where my mouth stops to arouse him further, keen attention paid to the softest most delicious part of his manhood….licking slowly and carefully along around the head tasting the saltiness of his body, moving in a circle around my moist lips and then hurriedly capturing in my mouth for a tongue lashing of the most delirious kind….feeling him move inside and out, hearing his breath escape with force as his body grinds near my face…his skin is hot and the shivers begin….now deep in my throat I take another strong movement to secure his arousal….moving in closer to him, constantly caressing the length of his manhood, sucking greedily, slow then faster, as the tension mounts until he can resist no longer….we shuffle our position and He is now on the floor, as I undo the buttons on his shirt and remove his clothing one piece at a time…we connect again our mouths searching each moist soft place…

I edge up and lift myself on to him and encase him with my hot dripping sex….moving steadily now and with assurance that he is near the edge…plunging inside me I clamp him from deep inside and I feel him begin to shudder….his back stiffens and I hold his shoulders firmly as my shuddering begins… and fervent we slam the dance of a melodious union….wet and warm moist and so wild. Our movements slow and I continue to shudder quietly as the heat surfaces across my heaving breasts…..I feel him cum and I am satisfied….we are relaxed and satisfied. We slip our cloths back on and take our place at the dinner table to enjoy the next course…the smell of the chocolate pudding cooking has awakened our hunger for sweet things. The fourth course in the dinner is to be served in the bedroom…..

to be continued…

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