Dana Breaks Rule #1 Ch. 01

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Dana slipped silently into Tyler’s room trying desperately not to stumble over the piles of clothes strewn wildly around the room. Tyler never kept his room in very good shape, she snickered as she made her way over to Tyler’s bed. She had planned this weeks ago with her boyfriend Lane. Tyler and Lane were best friends and shared a house together, they had lived together for almost a year now and during that entire time Tyler maintained one rule, no sex in his bed.

Dana had never dreamt of sleeping in Tyler’s bed until he had mentioned it, and since that day she had been dying to have Lane in Ty’s bed. Tyler was a nice guy but a venerable idiot with women, he hadn’t been with a women since Dana had known him and that was pushing two years now. Meanwhile Lane had been delivering great sex night after night in the room just two doors down. It was no secret that Tyler had crushed on Dana before Lane had made his move, and since it was no secret Dana mercilessly flaunted herself in front of Tyler.

Just this morning before work she had slipped out of Lane’s room wearing nothing but a long T-shirt. Tyler as usual was getting ready for work, while watching ESPN as always. She came out walking seductively around the room while Tyler silently ignored her eating a dry piece of toast. She strolled by the TV he was engrossed in, lifting her arms high over her head in a fake stretch, letting her shirt ride up her smooth tanned legs to stop just short of her bare pussy.

Tyler took it all stoically only allowing his eyes to linger for a few seconds before he buried his head in the morning paper. She smiled to herself as she slithered sexily into his bed. She almost wanted Tyler, just to see if his lusty glare equaled his bedroom fervor.

Her mind strayed to thoughts of Tyler slipping his tongue inside her, that same sex filled look on his face as he forcibly fucked her for everything he was worth.. Dana’s hand drifted to her wet box as she seductively teased herself beneath her red panties with the word slut embroidered on the ass of the panties. Lane loved her slut panties, and matching beylikdüzü anal yapan escort red bra. She took her hand from her panties and gave herself a look over. Lane would be here soon, they were going to have to do this quick because Tyler would be home in another hour. Her long brown hair hung just short of her shoulders, almost framing her perfect C-cups. Her olive brown midsection highlighted by the diamond star stud she had in her belly button. The panties she wore framed her wide hips nicely giving her the hour glass shape that men adored so much. Then her pride and joy Latin jewel, her beautifully shaped ass, which drove men wild everywhere she went. She looked good, and knew Lane would be more then turned on for this naughty little fuck.

The door opened and Lane’s figure slipped into the room, he expertly maneuvered the dark room silently making his way for the bed. He slipped his shirt off over his head and dropped his pants as he made his final steps to the bed. Dana’s hand shot out caressing his leg as he started to sit down on to the bed, she almost shrieked as Lane jumped at her touch.

“It’s ok baby it’s just me, I can’t see very well I just wanted to feel you,” her voice dripped with sex, as she gently reached back out and caressed his bare thigh. He sat back down on the bed and his hands went wild. They began roaming all over her body, as if exploring her for the first time. He gently massaged her breasts through her bra, as he sucked her neck with a carnal desire that had her body shaking with sexual pleasure. One hand made it’s way to her bra snap unfastening the bra and allowing her gorgeous tan breasts freedom. The cool night air from the open window in the room had her nipples standing out sharply begging for attention. Which they received in a hurry from Lane’s mouth and one of his free hands.

“Lane, o….baby, you really wanted to do this in Tyler’s bed didn’t you?” her breath came in short gasps as Lane’s hand found the entrance into her panties. His hand wasted no time slipping a pair of fingers inside beylikdüzü balıketli escort of her and working her moist pussy with slow almost exploring strokes. His mouth continued working her breasts while his hand began to become more comfortable with its task, as he now used his thumb to caress her clit while his fingers went deep inside of her.

“We need to be quick baby, Ty’s going to be home any time, and I don’t want him to catch us in here breaking rule number one,” her voice flirted with lust and a bit of humor as she smiled inwardly. She could see Tyler come in with a look of rage on his face as he watched the object of his affection getting fucked hard in his bed. She felt Lane’s mouth leave her breasts, and then she felt a tongue glide down the length of her labia. She felt the tongue penetrate her outer lips and she let out a sigh as his tongue worked magic all over her sex.

His tongue would dart in and out of her pussy and then move swiftly up to her clit giving it some loving attention that she wasn’t used to. She felt Lane’s warm mouth completely cover her clit and she let out a deep guttural moan that made Lane giggle in between deep penetrating licks. The orgasm hit her harder and faster then she had ever felt in her entire life. Her legs flailed wildly as she screamed into one of Tyler’s pillows. Her body was gelatin, as Lane stopped his assault on her sex, just to easily lift her in his arms and spin her onto her stomach. Dana’s head swam, she was a small girl but she couldn’t remember Lane ever manhandling her like that before. Her slut panties were torn down and she felt a hand spread her pussy lips, she raised up on all fours to allow better entrance for the cock she yearned for. Lane pulled her body in tight and positioned the head of his cock so that it barely touched her wet lips.

One hand grabbed her shoulder as he leaned in close to her ear, as he teasingly pushed his cock just barely inside of her only to pull it away from her again. He leaned in even closer and Dana could feel his breath on her beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş ear.

“I don’t think Lane made it off work in time Dana, but don’t worry your about to get fucked in my bed,” Tyler’s voice was thick with sexual tension, anger, and maybe even a little sadness. Dana tensed as she felt Tyler’s cock slam inside of her, Tyler was larger then Lane in everyway and it was no different with his cock. He buried it inside Dana, and she screamed again as another orgasm racked her body. She tried desperately to fight each stroke but her body was on fire as Tyler masterfully fucked her with all the passion she had ever wanted. Each thrust had her seeing stars, as his strong grip pulled her into him giving him a leverage she had never experienced before in sex.

He whispered her name as he drilled into her doggy style. He stopped suddenly only to turn on the lamp by his bed. He looked down at the sight before him and began to move with an abandon born of years of sexual teasing. He had wanted her for so long and now he was going to take out all his frustrations on the nubile beauty in front of him.

Dana stared in disbelief at the picture unfolding in the mirror before her. This man who had been this close to her all this time was giving her the fucking of her life only 10 feet from her boyfriends room. She knew it was wrong but nothing mattered more then the feeling Tyler was giving her. Tyler began to speed up and she could feel his cock stiffen even harder inside her. She could feel him as he quickly made his way to orgasm. Tyler suddenly grabbed both of her hips and pounded into her with all his might as his orgasm took control of his body. Dana felt him explode inside of her and her body was again struck with an orgasm as she felt Tyler’s cum gush inside of her.

They both collapsed onto the bed, Tyler still laying on top of Dana his cock lodged comfortably inside her convulsing vagina. Tyler finally rolled off her, and made his way over to his drawer to find a pair of fresh boxers.

“I’d go clean up before Lane gets off, I doubt he wants to see his girl laying on my bed with my cum leaking out of her,” with that he through on the boxers and went into one of the two showers in the house.

Dana looked herself over in the mirror, she looked thoroughly spent and she frowned at herself for so obviously enjoying what just happened. She grabbed her red Slut panties and shook her head again. Was she a slut…?


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