Dad’s Friend

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It was the summer after my junior year of college and I was going to drive across the country by myself. One of my first planned stops was to stay with one of my dad’s olde college friends at his cabin in Montana. The trip started out well and I was making my way up to the cabin. I was a little bit nervous to be staying with an old friend of my dads that I had never met. I hoped that he would leave me alone and I could spend the two days kinda of checking out the area. As I pulled up to the cabin I was impressed by the location. It was on the edge of a big meadow with a small little pond next to the cabin. I thought it looked like a great place to spend a few days relaxing and being outside. I had no idea what was really in store for me.

As I got up to the cabin door it swung open and a muscular man introduced himself as Rich. He said I must be Sam and helped me with my bag. I was a little surprised by how good of shape Rich was in and figured he must work out quite a bit. Rich showed me to my room and told me to make myself at home. After a while Rich came back and asked if I wanted to have a tour of the place. He lead me around the place showing me the kitchen, living room, weight room and the hot tub. He told that I could use any of them when ever I felt like it. Next he took me over to the pond and showed me his dock and said that the fishing was usually good as he kept the pond stocked up. Soon, I was feeling tired and told Rich I was going to take a nap.

I awoke from my nap and went down to the kitchen to see what Rich had to drink. In the fridge were a few beers, some pop, and some milk. I grabbed a cola and closed the door. As I turned back toward the bedroom I looked out the window and saw Rich was in the hot tub. He had his laid back and I could see his upper body. I was really impressed by how built he was and the water seemed to make him look even bigger. I paused and watched him for a minute and kind of looked like he was stroking himself in the pool. I felt a little weird watching a guy mastubate, but I continued to watch. Soon it looked like he was finished and reached for a towel. As Rich stood up I saw the biggest cock I had seen hanging between his legs. My jaw dropped and I just stared at it for a second. Rich was making his way toward the house and I hurried back into my room.

As I casino şirketleri unpacked some of my things I could get the image of Rich stroking his big dick out of my mind. I had never really thought about another guy that way, but I was beginning to get a hard on of my own. I figured I would try to get my mind off of it and go watch some TV. I saw Rich in the kitchen making dinner and asked If I could watch TV. He said that the cabin didn’t get any TV, but that I could watch any of the movies there. I open the cabinet under the TV and looked at the movies. The were a bunch of action movies and some porn looking ones. I looked at some the porn titles a out of curiousity and noticed that some of them were gay porns. I was kind of shocked, but also a little aroused. I decided on an old karate flick and put it in.

About half an hour later Rich said dinner was read and we ate at the table. We had pretty a dull conversation about college life and what I was planning for my trip. After dinner Rich said he was going to lift weights and asked If I wanted to join him. I said I wanted to finish the movie and went back to the TV. He said ok and told me he would be working out for a few hours. As soon as I heard him start working out my thoughts went back to him in the hot tub jacking off that big cock of his. I soon got really horny thinking about it and decided to put in a porn. As I looked at the porns to decide on one I found my interested in the gay ones and put one in.

The movie started out with two guys playing pool. The were betting each other on the shots and before I knew one guy bet the other a blow job for the winner. I began to get a hard on and was glued to the movie. Soon both guys were naked and one guys was sucking the others cock. I coulnd’t believe how hot it was and began to get a little nervous about Rich finding me. I turned the TV off and headed to my bed room. I was still hard and decided to releive my pressure. I bagan stroking myself and was thinking about the porn when I began fantasizing about me and Rich being in the porn. I thought about giving head to Rich the way the guy on the movie was.

When I was through jacking off, I decided I would take a shower and go to bed. I open the door to my room and headed down the hall to the bathroom. Just then Rich came out of his room casino firmaları naked holding a towel. We were face to face and I was kind of looking down at his huge cock. It looked even bigger up close.

Rich said, “Oh sorry, I’m not used to people being in the house.”

I didn’t even move, I just sttod there looking at his cock. Rich tried to get my attention and said, “Hey, Sam. You ok?”

I kind of snapped out of it and said, “yeah I’m fine. Why?”

“You were staring at my dick,” Rich said.

“Umm, sorry,” I said as I shook my head.

“It’s ok,” Rich said, “Did you like what you saw?”

I didn’t know what to say and then Rich said, “He was sorry for the comment.”

I said, “Its ok, I am a little impressed by the size.” I had no idea where I got the nerve to say that.

“Do you want to touch it?” Rich asked.

I looked up at his eyes and then back down to his cock, which was beginning to grow in size. I looked back up at Rich and shook my head. He said, “Go ahead,” and stepped toward me and pushed his cock toward me.

I reached down and touched the head of his cock with my finger. I was surprised by the warmth and soon grabbed his cock with my whole hand. Rich let out a little moan and his cock grew in my hand. I began stroking his cock and it grew to about 9 inches. I was getting really horny myself and felt my cock pushing against my shorts. Rich let out a big moan and put his hand behind my neck and pulled my head toward him. He kissed me on the lips and I felt his tongue pressing into my mouth. I was so horny now and kissed him back. The first time I had kissed another man and it felt great.

I was now stroking Rich with both hands and he said we should take this into his bed room. Rich grabbed my hand and led me to his room. He sat on his bed with his huge cock pointing straight up. He reached for my shorts and pulled them off. My 7 inch hard on slapped against my stomach. Rich took my cock in his hands and pulled me toward his mouth. I let out a big sigh as he began sucking my cock and I put hands on his shoulders. After a few minutes of the best head I had ever had Rich stood up and kissed me again. He then whispered in my ear to suck his cock.

He pushed me down on my knees and pointed his cock at my face. Here was the biggest dick güvenilir casino I had ever seen, hard as rock and inches from face. I slowly leaned toward the huge member and opened my mouth I licked the tip and began to slide my mouth over the head and town toward the base. I got about half way and couldn’t take anymore. Rich pulled back a little and then grabbed my head. He held my head still and began fucking my mouth. Rich was moaning loudly and I was trying my best to take more of him in. Soon Rich’s cock began to grow more and he pulled my head down on his dick and began to dump cum into my mouth. His first load splashed against the back of my throat and I tried to swallow. My mouth was filled with cum and was over flowing faster than I could swallow it all. Cum was dripping off my chin when Rich pulled his cock out and shot another load on my cheek. He pulled me up and licked off my face and kissed me again. His cum was being swirled around by our tongues.

Then Rich told me he was going to fuck me. I was kinda of nervous but he told me to get on all fours on the edge of the bed. I was still hard and didn’t wat to disappoint so I did as I was told. Rich grabbed my hips and began licking my asshole. I let out a moan as he pressed his tongue into my hole. Rich shot his tongue in and out a few times and then inserted a finger. It hirt a little at first but he began moving it back in forth and I started to tak pleasure in the feeling. Then he removed his finger and I felt the head of his cock against my tight hole. Rich pulled back my hips as he pushed his cock forward and impaled me with his giant dick. I let out a scream and my ass seemed to burn. Rich shoved all of his nine inches in and just held it in my ass. Soon the pain turned to a warm sensation and Rich began to pull out and push back in. Soon I was in heaven as he was thrusting into my ass harder and harder.

Rich was moaning loudly as he was fucking my ass and I could tell me was about to cum again. He shoved his cock hard into my ass and let loose another huge load into my ass. Just as he did I lost it and shot all over the bed. Rich kept filling my ass and I felt cum running down my thighs and Rich hunched over on top of me.

We fell asleep in a spooning position and I was awakened by Rich’s huge cock pressing up against my ass. I turned toward Rich and kissed him as he pushed into my ass again. I ended up staying for two weeks and Rich fucked me in every room, in the hot tub, in the pond , and in every position we could think of. As I left Rich said to stop by whenever I wanted, which I still today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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